From Grenada to Bimini – Anchoring the Energy for Our Upcoming 12/21/12 Retreat

I will be away on vacation on the small island of Grenada (also known as the “Isle of Spice” and home to The Grenada Chocolate Company that creates organic, vegan dark chocolate 🙂 ) in the Southeastern Caribbean (just 12 degrees north of the equator and northeast of Venezuela) from Sunday 11/4 until Monday 11/12.

Grenada is considered a place to be, not a place to do, even though it is a tropical island with all the usual land and sea activities and day and nightlife. So if you have anything time-sensitive to contact me about, including signing up for the upcoming Bimini journey, please do so before I leave, as I will not have email access while away and intend to retreat from things even if I did. Otherwise, you can send a message, but please understand I will only be able to respond to anything received while away, after the 12th of November. Be assured I will answer all questions and messages promptly at that time.

Never having been to the island of Grenada (at least this life cycle), I believe it is not arbitrary to have been led to it now. The timing of this journey seems synchronously aligned with my personal, and the collective, energetic landscape, and as always, I know that where I am guided to be has a reason. I am excited to see what unfolds energetically and have been guided to take my group of 7 Andara Crystals along to work with while there to help anchor in the energy.

In part, I feel that this trip is in preparation for the upcoming Bimini retreat in December, being that Grenada lies Southeast of Bimini, Bahamas in the Atlantean energy region of the Caribbean. Seems I’m being called to this area to give and receive toward the energy we will be working with, come our journey 12/16 – 12/21. And of course, I can also sense some personal meanings it will support as well.

I find it no coincidence I’ve been receiving and being led to more information about the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini and the significance and impact of the upcoming journey on all those being called to it and for the collective. This energy vortex, where all time stops, is considered one of the most powerful vortexes with the presence of one of the most powerful crystal chambers on Earth.

I stumbled upon this cool little historical tid-bit on a Wikipedia about the Spanish Andalusian composer, Manuel de Falla (one of Spain’s most important musicians of the first half of the 20th century) that shared about his living and composing in Granada from 1921 to 1939. What I found particularly of interest was that while living here he started and completed what he considered to be the most important of all his works, although future generations have not agreed. This large-scale orchestral cantata was titled Atlantida (Atlantis), based on the Catalan text L’Atlantida by Jacint Verdaguer. It shares a mythological account of how the Atlantic ocean was created by the submersion of Atlantis, which separated Spain and Latin America in the process, but recounts how the Spanish discovery of America reunited what was always meant to be connected. The Granada/Grenada connection and the “Atlantida” composition, was a magickal little alignment that spoke to me.

A very cool little nudge and synchronicity for my upcoming trip. Being that I’ve spent extra time attending classical venues, listening to my classical and healing music cds, and sensing more about the ways I’ve impactfully utilized sound healing in this life and others, I feel my journey while in Grenada will incorporate and tap more into this aspect of my life and potentially may reveal inklings I’ve had toward providing in Bimini. We will see.

Needless to say, without going into greater detail, I am grateful for this upcoming trip to Grenada and what it has in store, as well as am heart-ecstatic for the journey that will follow in Bimini, to be shared with the group joining.

With only slightly over 6 weeks until we embark on our magical journey in Bimini, this is the perfect time to feel into your own heart and answer what ever voices are calling you. I know for myself, I have found that there is always a way to manifest what my heart shares as its desires. Things that are meant to be, guided by your Higher Self, aligned with the Divine, and supported with courageous trust, do come to be. I am following this trust implicitly right now on many things I, myself, am feeling guided to do.

There are other powerful spots across the globe as well and many will be led to where and what is right for them as we end this year and approach the 12/21 energies. Whether you feel drawn to Bimini with us, other places, or are feeling the need to create your own sacred journey within, I hope you will honor the messages you receive and follow the guidance of your Higher Self’s knowing of what is in your highest good always.

If you haven’t explored the upcoming Bimini retreat details, or if you would like to again, you can do so here: What You Can Look Forward To Experiencing – The Magic Of Bimini 12/21/12.

This will be a journey of the heart supported by Reiki, communion with wild dolphins, yoga, vegan raw or cooked foods, meditation, and loving new friends and family – an empowering opportunity to connect within, with others, and to support a global energy shift.

Space is limited, so if you are feeling called, contact me at with any questions and to secure your spot with a deposit. 

Together we can help transform our beautiful Earth into a radiant star.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Hi Tania,
    Love your energy. I am no expert but I am pretty sure Manuel de Falla lived in “Granada” Spain. On the other hand, Grenada is known for the famous Calypso songwriter Slinger Francisco, aka “The Mighty Sparrow.” You can Youtube search his music such as “Congo Man – I never ate a white meat yet.” Maybe you heard him on your trip to Grenada??

    Keep up the interesting trips and the soulful blog. PJ

    • hi pj!! thank you so much for your clarification. you are correct! there were so many synchronicities at the time of writing that blog, and yes, including hearing of him and music in relation to my trip…hence the connection. i will make the update on my blog thanks to you. the alignments of the name Granada/Grenada and the musical connection still proved magickal.

      i so appreciate your insights and connecting. love and blessings!!

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