Reflections on the Equinox Change of Seasons & How Life is Evolving

As we approach Monday’s Autumnal Equinox, here in the Northern Hemisphere, I find myself coming full circle with things that have been important in my life and am seeing how much has changed.

Astrid and I have been like the little forest creatures outside already beginning their Winter prep. We’ve been clearing the slate, harvesting the abundant gifts, and putting into motion the next wave of inner journeying that we feel beginning over the next six months.

I’ve been harvesting due to the cold and freezing night temperatures setting in, to create some of my favorite dried herbal blends for cooking, baking, and teas during these cozy months ahead.


The weather has mirrored the need to do this now and so we tune into that inner “nature” while getting ready to walk through the doorway between Summer and Autumn.

A season of the soul beckons and everything that doesn’t serve this journey is released in order to be with what matters most to prepare for the renewing cycle to come.

We let go, just as the trees effortlessly allow their leaves to shift colors and float off in the wind.

We embrace the only permanence, which is change.

We breathe in the beauty and grace of who we really are underneath the temporal layers.

We trust in the natural cycles of balance and gently nurture the inner world of wonder and curiosity our child within whispers.

And we take grateful stock of what we do have, while preparing for a new birthing that will be incubating during the symbolic stillness.

Seasonal transitions mirror the evolution of human consciousness and the dynamic shifts of life cycles.

It’s so interesting to reflect on how just a year ago Laura was here and we were prepping for the Living a More Magickal Life mini Equinox Retreat of 11 women who showed up to anchor in a new paradigm and then continued integrating what was next for us.

A month or two ago I felt the potential of my traveling to see Laura this Autumn, but we both saw the next several months as integral to focusing on individual projects to anchor for next year and there also being a lot of transformation happening around us and to those close to us, taking the place of this.

So much has changed since that last Equinox, which had me following different twists and turns than I might have imagined.

Two years ago, to the day, I finished my first manuscript draft. Yes, two years ago! It’s so wild it’s been that long already, but as you writers know, books go through many, many edits and drafts before completion and on top of this I took a deliberate long break from it in order to allow things to percolate. It was a sweet reiteration when my editor told me she loved that I left the manuscript to go exploring, saying it was key to the creative process.

I’m glad I did let it go for a while, as upon revisiting it I can see how my original intentions with it at the start are no longer valid and I’m being open to the journey that feels to be taking me in a completely new direction with it.

During the last couple of months I had also transitioned back into offering client sessions, which had not been on my radar and that has proved to be extremely enriching and valuable to the bigger picture unfolding as well.

I even journeyed with creativity’s spark over the last year and opened a new Etsy shop to channel my joy of creating and love for rabbits to inspire others.

And I released so many of my paintings and other special pieces, finally feeling ready to let go because they were needed “out there” and they did all move on.

The latest one being The Child In Us, which is still available and feels so aligned with current energies and this transitional season.

If it speaks to you, it’s open to the best offer + shipping. This is a 24″ x 24″ original painting and can either be sent as is (more pricey), or removed from the canvas frame and rolled to send very inexpensively – to then have stretched at your end. (Payments available and $ to go to rescue rabbits). I’m grateful for all of the beautiful compliments, reflections, and interest (as I shared it first via Instagram/Facebook).


I felt protectiveness around it and wasn’t sure I’d let it go, but porcupine has shown up a lot in my life (finding a couple of them transitioned along the side of trails and road) and inner child themes are ever-prevalent in the collective.

Porcupine’s wisdom is that of innocence, renewed sense of wonder, and trust in Spirit. They speak to creating your own path, knowing and honoring your boundaries, and compassionately allowing others to walk their own path.

To me, they speak inner child.

Loving and being present to your inner child will support healing the darkest experiences by shining light on the beauty that was always there. This opens doorways that the Universe will support you with when you are willing to partner with it.

That protectiveness was indicative of porcupine’s boundary-focus and having established this finally, I feel able to surrender into my vulnerability, knowing I have the ability to move in and out of expanding and contracting my energy at my own accord.

Inner child work continues to be a huge door opener for people who have had challenge moving beyond things they’ve worked on for long periods. It’s something that I’m very intimately connected to and facilitate with clients ongoing.

In returning to her/him, we remember the wholeness of our being and start to relax more into life.

Both Astrid and I have experienced huge breakthroughs in our lives in being willing to step into that vulnerable space and reclaiming the essence of who we are. It is an unfolding journey and everything in life reflects that relationship cultivated within.

I’ve seen how deeply it’s affected the way I write, too, and it’s very noticeable when I drop into that vulnerable voice or not with each passage.

Taking the time off and becoming even more ultra-aware and softening, has changed so much with how my book is developing. Dropping into surrender is allowing a natural unfolding to the story where agendas and intentions are put aside.

It’s a process, as everything is, but with practice it becomes easier. And why shouldn’t it? After all, getting to that essence space is where flow always has been.

I feel that Autumn and Winter are going to be about hunkering down and completing my book’s editing while I continue also with a healthy balance of supporting clients, as they feel very symbiotic.

If this is something you’ve been interested in, I still am not able to be unlimited in this regard, so for October there are two spaces remaining.

For anyone who has worked with me and would like to share a testimonial, I would be grateful for any words about your journey experienced. Feels like a good time to refresh with new energy on my web page.

Aside from writing and sessions, nature of course will fill my days this Autumn and Winter, maybe just a few new items will hit my Etsy shop for the holidays if I have time, and that’s it.

(BTW, there will be an Equinox sale starting Sunday 9/22 – 9/24 on the last 11 mini rabbit gardens remaining – all of which have an Autumn and Winter theme perfect for the season/holidays) I made 50+ to begin with, which was a lot of work and am moving more toward hand-painted items by following my creative energy flow. So if you’ve loved these, this is opportunity to gift yourself or someone you love, one of the very last magickal mini themed worlds.

I even explored the potential of taking over as facilitator for a local meditation group that asked if I’d be interested recently, but my gut said not to divide my time and to stay mindful of the alignment of energies that are diverging or aiding the current trajectory.

I have exactly what I want and need on my plate and that’s that. Boundaries in place.

Maybe you, too, have been feeling the strength and clarity of your own boundaries?

Originally we were going to travel this Fall and have visitors, but all of this changed as well.

It feels that things are pointing to important preparations, patience with things that are in motion, and anchoring for 2020 and Spring’s budding new potentials.

I feel very fresh and streamlined and with having the last few days to myself, I’ve been able to get everything done so that Equinox energies will take full hold with clarity.

As you reflect on the last year, do you feel you’ve also been drawn to clear and release things, create greater focus, and sense that 2020 has some surprises in store?

I’d love to hear how your life has changed or where you feel called to make changes.

If you haven’t thought about this much, then this weekend and Monday’s Equinox portal provides supportive energy to look at what you’ve been cultivating and taking grateful stock of enjoying the maturity of that work, or deciding what you’d like to shift and work toward in order to have blossom next Spring.

Yesterday my sweet wild bunny friend, Hope, showed up right outside my office while I was sitting in my reading chair reviewing my editing notes for my book.


She reminds me to keep focused, not give up, stay connected to my authentic voice and inner child, and to keep hoping, as rebirth is imminent.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. You sure do seem to have a lot going on Tania. Kudos on knowing and following your deepest instincts.

    • Thank you Brad. It’s been a full year and I’m grateful to have things slowing down and refocusing. Btw, you showed up again in my dream! This time I remember more. We met up with a group of people who we didn’t know. All coming together from different parts of the world in this magickal place. It was like a foreign country, but felt more like another planet similar to here, but where all things are possible. We were being briefed on the journey, provided sustenance and then boarded what was similar to a metro train, however it was shaped like an elongated nebulous bubble that just moved along quickly without tracks. We each were entering different compartments – or cells within this membrane – and told to just walk through the walls to get in and off. This challenged the brain thinking otherwise and took a little effort to release beliefs, but we did as they said and moved through the live walls to get inside. Then we relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Eventually we reached a platform to get off on the other side of some water and again told to just walk normally through the wall and trust. So we did and it suspended time and movement so we could walk over the water to the platform. Very fun!

  3. Hello Tania,

    I just wanted to drop a line.
    As everything I have just read was very empowering, touched me- beautifully and softly expressed. And I also learnt from it in not overwhelming way.

    Just wanted to really say THANK YOU !💐

    Sent from my iPhone

    • aw, you’re so welcome. i’m very grateful for your message Zuzana ❤ it really touched my heart. thank you so much for the comment about how this piece felt to you. it means a lot. sending love your way.

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