Being Present to Guidance & Support

I’ve shared a lot about messages, signs, symbolism, prophetic and revealing dreams, and even Earth angels in disguise over the years. The one thing that always stands out in receiving these reflections and guidance, is presence. When we are willing to be more present in our lives, we are more open to seeing, hearing, feeling, and receiving the gifts all around us. We often are being shown answers to questions we’ve asked, are receiving guidance about things we’ve been wondering, or are being gifted little treasures and pearls of wisdom when we think we are all alone and without hope.

I find that more and more people are interested about finding meaning in things they experience in one form or another and I often get a lot of messages asking me my take on things showing up for them.

I’ve been seeing how more and more people are experiencing these synchronous and uncanny occurrences and noticing repetitive things showing up – or at least their serendipitous timing.

I also find the other side of the coin with many people being too busy or distracted to notice the gifts all around them and/or have challenge with trusting what the meaning is to something they have noticed.

Retraining yourself to be more present, not only opens up these channels more for you to experience, but overall will enrich your life and the connections you have with others, yourself, and everything around you, including Nature and beyond. It also draws your awareness more to the “now” moment and creates clarity of observation and perception.

There is so much going on all around you, but it isn’t all just happening to you or fitting into a stress category theme. There are a lot of really great things and sweet little treasures that can redirect life away from simply going through the motions and can be a way to discover your own empowerment in creating the life you want to experience.

Life can become more engaging, more enjoyable, and full of wonder when you teach yourself to be present to all the little nuances and vibrationally different occurrences that are taking place. In this way, you are able to spot the messages and signs that are guiding and supporting you.

These don’t necessarily have to be seen as something outside of yourself trying to get your attention, but rather a way you are drawing to yourself or manifesting reflective versions to get your own attention.

They may come through things that reflect recurring themes taking place in your life currently that are trying to get you to take notice and either make changes, adjustments, are aiding inspiration, or simply are reiterating you’re on the right track and being supported. In all, they mirror a flow of alignment and that your intentions toward manifestation are working. They also point to this kind of experience being accessed and naturally experienced even more with greater presence.

Then being open and willing to accept the messages you receive will take you to the next level, as if you have a pattern of denial this can be the very reason the messages or reiterating signs keep showing up.

And sometimes the messages and signs are simply little sweet gifts along the way to let you know you are loved, supported, and being thought of – these could be seen as coming from an outside source loving you, or are manifesting as your own inner self loving you.

So how do you become more present?

Here are some ways to help you live more in the now with greater conscious awareness and appreciation:

  • Check in with yourself consistently – how are you feeling? where in the body do you feel tension? are you allowing yourself to be with an emotion? what are you thinking right now?
  • Celebrate the little things in life and especially the accomplishment of steps you complete
  • Really listen to others
  • Really listen to your inner dialogue
  • Practice living with intention, patience, and presence – consistency is key to retraining yourself – perhaps you create your own mindfulness practice, start meditating a few minutes a day, join a group that focuses on mindfulness, engage something like yoga, gardening, learning a musical instrument, journaling, painting, breath work, walking a labyrinth, walking in nature, etc.
  • Create a clear space around you at all times – organizing your work space, special room, home, etc., removing distractions, minimizing life helps to stay focused
  • Savor and appreciate each moment – even the small things like the textures and tastes of the food you eat, feeling the sand on your feet, listening to the sounds in the forest, the feeling of your favorite sweater on your skin, a crackling fire, scents of your favorite things, the color of someone’s eyes, a long hug, etc.
  • Be open to flow and spontaneity
  • Create a gratitude practice
  • Create “you” time and some moments of stillness
  • Focus on detaching from outcomes and not worrying as much – knowing things are happening in perfect unfolding
  • Bring more forgiveness through for what is already done and now can be done anew

I’ve continued to experience a lot of synchronous messages, signs, and wild dreams lately although don’t always share them as I used to.

Around the Pisces Full Moon a lot was showing up including some of my most treasured bird friend feathers and a wondrous find – a hornet’s nest.

About a minute after hearing a hawk screeching overhead, my own hawk eye caught sight of this feather while I was biking by quickly. I stopped to retrieve it knowing one of my main spirit guides was messaging me. The messages of hawk that stand out, not only for myself, but others include: navigating and staying on path with deep presence and awareness, being open to and taking in wider perspectives, trusting insights as they speak your truth, taking decisive actions with strength of vision and initiative behind them after surveying all creative possibilities, knowing you have the ability to move through anything with grace and that you are being watched over by divine guardianship. You have the courage available to do anything. It’s both the time to go bigger and do the things you’ve put off. Temper action with alignment so that you can catch those air stream propulsions to soar.

An amazing hornet’s nest. I’ve never seen one up close, but it felt significant. Its honeycomb, a hexagon, symbolizes the heart chakra (reminds me of the human heart actually) and represents life’s sweetness.

Check out the hexagon chambers. Hornet Spirit is solar magick, productivity, success and sun goddess energy. This feels foretelling of what’s ahead and also now to embrace.

Alongside hawk, osprey has a special place in my heart (2 of my favorite bird spirit guides alongside barn owl) and shows up at more rare, precise timing. Synchronously, they do symbolize just that and having keen sight for seeing through illusions to hunt in the waters of emotion, knowing when an opportunity is there and when to dive in with pinpoint accuracy to seize it. I love that they symbolize mastering the conscious and unconscious, as no other raptor/hawk family leaves its natural air element (consciousness) to dive into the water element (the unconscious/Pisces) Not even eagles enter the water and often steal fish from osprey. Osprey’s ability to travel to the Underworld of the unconscious guides you to find and unite with the lost parts of yourself. Because he is both of air and water, he provides the path, strength and power back to the conscious mind and ordinary life (air) so that you don’t get lost and endlessly descend while journeying deep into the abyss. Osprey supports fearlessness of the shadow and places most people wouldn’t willingly go because of fear or judgments. There’s opportunity to build a new foundation that enables you to ride any current of life in harmony.

I’ve also seen a lot of dead animals recently to include two raccoons, a deer, porcupine, hawk, lots of little ones like squirrels and even one rabbit, and butterflies and bees. Twice, I’ve found injured butterflies I moved to safer locations so that they could at least be at peace and not run over.

Dreams have been ongoing and so many people I know have been showing up in them. I keep feeling a profound shift anchoring and surprises upcoming.

This has also been mirrored in the vastly different weather and quickly shifting temperatures from one day to the next.

Two days ago when our first snow came leaving a slush of icy glaze on the ground of my garden

The snow stayed on the highest mountain tops, as you can see in the background, and is still there today, although melted fast here

Snow dusted garden guardian

Powdered snow owl guardians


Day after the first snow looking like Summer again

Owl and rabbit guardians shed their snow blankets

Blooms glowing in the sun

Earthy ground showcasing the vibrant blossoms, as if snow never happened

And has included a lot of people and animals transitioning, having health challenges that could lead to that or big life changes, people hitting rock bottom, but also tons of new beings birthing on the scene, amazing break-throughs happening, huge healing and opportunity taking place, things hidden coming to surface, and people stepping into their best lives yet alongside all of that.

My take-away in simple words is life goes on, cycles continue, death and rebirth is natural and part of the circle of life.

My deeper take-away would be too complex to write, but simply stated – there’s a lot of intensity right now, as new frequencies are streaming in and reconfiguring things, all pointing to something different on the horizon and it’s not isolated to just here.

The best way to be with this I feel is to anchor that presence and create your own sense of peace to anchor within. Live with gratitude, be all that you can be now, love more, and savor every moment.

When you are consciously aware of the reflections all around you, you will always be guided divinely.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. Gorgeous words and pictures…this is an era of information over load and many are exhausted by continually checking e mails/facebook and any media…time has become no time…it is a must if man is to continue to exist in health and wisdom to connect in person with people and nature in the truest sense~

    • so good to hear from you sherry ❤ thank you so much! what you say it so true…all of that does create anxiety, stress, and a focus outside of feeling, connecting, and being present. sending love to you ❤

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    I love this!! It’s so, so true!! The power of presence is really truly
    guiding me to all those sweet reassurances, signs, and soul delights I need to support and intergrade so much…. It is incredible how equally both the soft nuances (like you spoke of) and the more strong and obvious ones are everywhere! Stepping back and tuning into my inner child, her needs and heart, I see, is so key to creating a dynamic life and flow!! It feels so good to be experiencing all of life in this flowing, fluid dance- I am learning soooo much!! xx 💞

  4. Happy Equinox! This is a sweet, powerful and timely share from Tania Marie. She and I always tend to parallel, and not surprisingly, I’ve been having enormous levels of synchronicities the past few weeks. During our vacation week with friends, I also saw NINE dead raccoons on the side of the road, which seems significant in both the finality of nine, and the idea of the veils/masks dropping away. Tania shares some good insights about how to stay more present in life. Big hugs and enjoy the shifting energies, wherever and whenever they may lead. ❤️

  5. Oh, weird! I hit reblog. I’ll try it again and see if it works. 🙂 Love you!

  6. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Happy Equinox! This is a sweet, powerful and timely share from Tania Marie. She and I always tend to parallel, and not surprisingly, I’ve been having enormous levels of synchronicities the past few weeks. During our vacation week with friends, I also saw NINE dead raccoons on the side of the road, which seems significant in both the finality of nine, and the idea of the veils/masks dropping away. Tania shares some good insights about how to stay more present in life. Big hugs and enjoy the shifting energies, wherever and whenever they may lead. ❤️

  7. WOOOHOOO!! You are tuned in, tapped in and turned on. Go Tania

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