Soaring Through a New Shade of White

white owl4


As mentioned in the post about my time in Joshua Tree over the long Thanksgiving weekend and visiting the Integratron sound chamber, White Owl appeared while integrating the sound bath experience, and she has been very energetically present with me since. And interestingly, a very closely connected friend of mine recently shared how White Owl flew above her when she was meditating with the Moon, the night before Solstice.

Perhaps White Owl is abound for others too. I do know many that have connections to Owl, so it would be interesting to know how many have been visited by White Owl recently, given the journeys people have been on recently.

Some of the images you see here I have on my cell phone for now, to see and connect with each day so that I can continuously reflect on White Owl’s message.

In the vision I experienced in the Integratron, White Owl appeared before me and lingered, looking piercingly into me and then opened its wings, much like this image you see above and remained as such for a couple of minutes.

Again, that white symbolism appearing, like the White Jaguar and White Conch from my dreams. White symbolizes purity, cleansing, innocence, clarity, new beginnings, wholeness, truth, sacredness, enlightenment, awakening, protection, is traditionally associated with death more than black, and connected to male/yang energy.

And yet, this white feels to be a “new” white, experienced from a completely different and more all-encompassing perspective. More on this later.

I also yesterday just received a magickal Christmas gift in the mail (symbolizing my connection with and energy of Joy and Nestor, as well as the Sacred Feminine) from one of my dear cosmic friends, and along with it a sweet Opalite, which is a milky white, iridescent stone (reminiscent of moonstone with its opalescence). White again!

This is a “stone of eternity”, supports understanding of the true self and spirit to assist in freeing the spirit, imbues the knowing that one can soar higher than thought and reach any dream, teaches being and exploring within, that there is a wisdom in all things, brings peace, gentleness, and serenity, helps one to face hopes and fears together with acceptance for growth, attracts light and angelic beings, and embodies the message, as Katie Jacqueline shares, “I am inside you, all around you and as you are, look within and you shall find me, you shall never be alone, as I shall never be without you” – all of this so energetically synchronous and connected with the messages and energy of all that is around me right now.

And so it seemed aligned to explore the White Owl more today on this, as tomorrow I will be heading back to the desert for the long Christmas weekend – this time out in White Waters, just skirting Palm Springs – and may revisit the Integratron where it all began. If so, I am curious as to what will show up.

Another synchronicity – on 12/12 when I visited the Gem Faire here with my friends, my friend Steve had been drawn to some little stone Owl statues because the Owl is an important spirit guide for him, which we connected in a session I once did for him. I was called to check them out with him and discovered they had just a few white marble ones! Of course I knew one was to come home with me, and did. And a darker grayish/brown one went home with Steve – he and I now have two connected crystals in our families.

white owl stoneI immediately was drawn to the one you see here, as it was the only one that had a slight cock to its head and felt alive and with personality (you’d likely not notice unless placed side by side with the others). But she was so sweet that I took her home.

Upon bringing her home I explored the stone more and feel that it is actually white onyx marble. She has a beautiful darker black grain on the back of her head that flows from her crown to her root/end of wings.

This is very synchronous given that white onyx “is associated with linking the base and crown chakras to have balanced energy throughout the chakra system.” 😉 And I love how the black is merging through the chakras of the white owl, as life force and vitality…one needing the other to “be”.

White marble is a more common and plentiful stone that comes in a variety of colors, but when I explored its properties it felt perfect. As a “common” stone it also provides “good common sense” with in all areas of self, heart, home, and others.

Marble is a crystalline stone, with each piece as unique as snowflakes. They were formed millions of years ago in the depths of Terra and are very helpful to gain great clarity and heightened states during meditation.

Marble also supports serenity, mastery, total dream recall, tantric activities, and actualizing thoughts into being. It provides access to unused portions of the brain, is cleansing (including physically to blood and skin), aids with increasing flexibility in life on all levels, strengthening of self control, character, and mastering of thought, physically and emotionally protective, and supports greater stability and grounded structure physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s a very balancing, centering, grounding, securing stone that is used frequently in Feng Shui within the home to stabilize weaknesses and places of insecurity, as well as in Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

I have slept with my new friend under my pillow and she sits on my desk with me daily.

All of these energetic connections tied to White Owl and its essence.

Along with embodying all of the general owl symbolism, White Owls are also considered messengers of the gods or underworld, messengers of change and transition, appear as a sign of things to come, are guardians allowing us the ability to see with clarity past fear and illusion, to see in the “dark”, and see what is hidden to others, and can mean that you’ve attained more wisdom recently and that you’re evolving/maturing.

There are legends of the White Owl for many ancient peoples, but to the Mayan it is a messenger of warning that things are far off balance in the world and change is imminent and necessary now. The need for spending time communing with Nature is not a luxury, but a must in returning things to natural harmony and to transcend the dominance of fear, damaging ego, and imbalanced male dominance.

One of the main messages of White Owl that stands out to me is that of personal evolution that she seems to herald. This seems heightened for me at present, and very symbolic of this year of 2014.

Owls message change. The White Owl, sanctity.

This all reflects in things I shared yesterday in my 2014 Blog Challenge post, but specifically this one thing I wrote, which is about something I lost, stands out:

“I lost my innocence in place of a new-found, undefined purity that is anchoring from my explorations and which I didn’t realize existed, but is even more precious and empowering to me.”

white owlI feel like the White Owl is a reflection of a deep, subtle, but most essence part within me that is voicing itself and wants a voice. It feels to be an inner knowing, something I’ve hidden from myself but no longer is contained out of fear, is being freed and released. She also feels to reflect the inner perception I blocked as a child, but is now being welcomed despite how raw, dramatic, and clear the truths I see are and this has increased my ability to smell out any subtle form of deception or manipulation, conscious or unconscious.

I think she mirrors that silent observer I’ve mentioned becoming more and more of these days, who is highly engaged and present, but does so through energetic embodiment.

The White Owl that is present within seems to also bring news of something to come that is in process of actualizing, reminding me/us to trust our intuition, and is there to help us learn about ourselves in the deepest sense. Awareness and openness to the message without fear is the best approach, as Owls are magickal, protective, way-shower beings (some connected to extraterrestrials) that can help us to navigate the “winds of change” and to remember we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

white owl5White Owl also represents an ability to see past deceit and illusion, providing guiding support during confusing times. When they appear, they bestow an ability to see beyond what others perceive and to see the things usually hidden to others, and ourselves, which includes the true motives people have.

Since Owls see in the dark, the White Owl brings a piercing illumination that can only be experienced if one has merged with the darkness to such a degree that you gain a totally new perspective that is spiritually endowed.

I do feel that things are being revealed to me and I’ve been much more attuned to listening and being discerning, where my Pisces nature would have boundlessly plunged. And this has provided more balance and harmony.

Because I often feel without limits, and can feel others as if I am them, White Owl not only demonstrates to me that I am in process of honing my skills better, but that I am being supported and guided with this intentionally.

Definitely a period of greater maturity that feels to have taken root in my life and is anchoring the power and greater stability of “emotional intelligence” or “emotional wisdom” that has been a lifelong cultivation.

white owl3I have increasingly been seeing and feeling a lot that I don’t have answers for, but I also don’t have a need to explain or to know the why’s behind what I personally know for myself. That’s all we can do is know our own personal experience. We can’t know another’s fully, although may understand based on foundational similarities, and we also can’t make someone “get it”, nor do our processes work as “the way” for others.

Since we are limitless by nature, there are limitless ways of experience and limitlessly creative ways to journey through those experiences. And so everything becomes a guide and opportunity for exploration to find that way for you.

White Owls have also been known to guide people from life to the otherworld. Traditionally, Owls are messengers of physical death, but also symbolic of major and important life transitions and change that are currently happening or about to happen.

white owl2I seem to keep receiving that message through much of the things around me. So I do know that, at the least, the largest shift to date is underway and upon me, and drawing in a greater life adventure – what ever that means and looks like.

And this does not feel exclusive to me either, but collectively we are in the midst of something new and the kind of change that will take place through intentional, creative action.

Since symbols are not solely personal, but also impersonal and collective, Owls offer us insight about the experiences of transition at hand or that are needed. This could mean personal transformation, but since all things are connected, it is tied into collective transformation.

So their presence assists us in being actively, co-creatively, and presently engaged with the process, rather than having things happen to us.

It’s definitely necessary to pay attention and observe what is showing up in your life, to listen to the winds of change, and flow with the ease of release Owls bring to our lives so that we can let go of the old that no longer serves, and welcome the new that only comes when we do so and in the form that most serves us when we are unconditionally open and detached from the form it needs to be in.

There is a definite presence of creative potency soaring through, I sense.

While white may be one half of duality, it, like black, also feels to be like a blank slate from which to create from when one has cycled back to reclaim what they symbolize, but from a new perspective.

When we forged ahead with our desire for spiritual enlightenment, we left behind parts of ourselves that we didn’t want to face, denied or hid from ourselves, or that we weren’t capable of working with then. Yet, in order to move beyond things currently, these need to be addressed and are the very things we keep seeing/feeling as harsh realities around that affect us deeply.

A new white is needed…A new black as well. And from our exploration of them fully, we will be able to realize the value within them both, and how we can utilize their fundamental empowered ingredients to create the new alchemy necessary to transmute to what’s available next.

I am feeling how I’m able to bring in and continue integrating the productive aspects of the white/yang/Sacred Male into the black/yin/Sacred Female now to hone in on their powers in partnership and reverence of one another. All of this white showing up, to me, is signifying this transmutation taking place.

It may appear to others as the “same” white, and yet it is not at all. It’s kind of like the Fool Tarot Card who “appears” as the Fool to most, and yet is quite something else instead. That is the ironic joke, as he/she is and is not the Fool at all, depending on the perspective.

When I was a little girl, it was white horses that first drew me. Then they became black for a greater portion of my life. And recently I’ve journeyed to white again, but it is from this new perspective of revisiting and reclaiming that which I left behind, in order to embody my wholeness and most authentic power. This comes from having ALL of our parts present and honored.

This white is not the white of before, but a transmuted white that takes the old and is alchemically creating something new. And as it transmutates with the new black, there are limitless, empowered shades one is able to explore from detached perspective and boundless things one can create.

But it is in the clear energy that we will recognize all of this. Be able to be in any of it, but not of it. Move in and out. Experience and explore. And do it all without attachment, and the most unconditionally loving energy we have yet to know.

In essence, the things we create will be of both and neither white or black, embodying the most potent, clear, diamond essence energy in their harmonious merging.

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  1. Thank you fot writing this post. Your message couldn’t have better timing for my journey. I hope you are holding Spirit ever closer every day.

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