Sacred Tattoo Design Evolution – Waiting List & 2014 Rates

back for coverMore and more, people are coming to find the process of sacred tattoo designing to reflect the current energy and to be another powerful tool to self-transformation and shifting into the frequencies of a new reality in creation. As people start opening to more of their authenticity and freedom, sacred tattoo designs are reflecting for them an expressive symbolism that matches the resonance of who they are finding behind the veils. And this also reflects in discovering greater depths to that expression, which is expansive and layered.

As this happens, the tattoo designs and designing process is expanding and deepening in mirror.

The Process Now:

Creating sacred tattoo designs combines several of my passions together – creative expression, the power of symbolism, alchemy, spirituality, mysticism, integrative healing, co-creation, and empowering others…to name a few 🙂

And the stories that I hear about the transformative experience people have gone through with the process of this, even if just to have a shift in perspective from reading my book, or feeling the energy from seeing sacred designs, is what continues to fuel my fire within to be of service for as long as that is of benefit to a greater good.

I embrace this role with utmost responsibility in partnership with each soul that I collaborate with. My ideas and ways about things may not mesh with the beliefs of others, including perhaps even the ideas of tattoo artists and their own visions, but that is the beauty of life – that we may all have valuable input and there is no right or wrong way – just unlimited ways to view, execute, and experience things. It’s a choice, not a rule.

When I am seeing the sacred symbolism, it is from the perspective of utilizing these designs as keys to unlock parts of yourself and therefore, to me they don’t follow a prescribed protocol or even a rule of thought learned in tattoo training. That may or may not be the way that your tattoo artist might see things, although still being an amazing artist and understanding the flow of the body for designs. So they can add their ingredients to the recipe of the piece in a way that feels good for you.

I know that likely the way my own tattoos have been executed may or may not be the way someone would have done them, but for me they are and have been a perfect tapestry that unfolded and work energetically in the way I intended. It is most important that YOU feel good with what you have. Nobody else’s opinions hold validity unless you choose them to. Including mine. I bring to the table a perspective and experience and from there it is a choice.

If the tattoo artist you choose to execute your piece shares different views with you, then you can choose to welcome their collaboration in on the execution as well. Either way, it ends up being a collaborative experience of the three of us in the creative expression of how the core essence ends up coming through in mirror to you. The design I create is the expression, as is channeled through me, from what I am receiving in connection with you, and acts as the core template. Some tweaks and adjustments usually take place in the inking process, as each artist has a particular vision or style, and if sizing shifts or the measurement flow calls for moving the parts of the design to align better, these easily come into being at that time. A team effort indeed, with each part being integral.

We are each unique and so to say that the service I provide is unique, may be redundant, however I do feel that it perhaps is one of the paths helping to pave “one” new way or perspective in the realm of tattoos that reflects the visionary I am. And, I believe is helping to create a new paradigm of experience.

The journey and process is very involved that we embark on with this and is just as layered as the designs themselves. It is sometimes hard to convey the totality of what goes into it all, which includes a lot of energetics, tuning in, and allowing the alchemy of percolation to come through, on top of the journeying down intimate roads with each soul that can span a lifetime and lifetimes. (An auto draft of this, as I write, was saved at 1:11:11) 🙂

Most people may not be aware of the layers to this process that goes on behind the scenes. And for those who have not experienced the process at all, in terms of what unfolds in collaborating with me, it is something I’m more than happy to discuss to help you understand if desired. It is a path that I didn’t contrive or try to create from the start, but came upon me as a natural part of who I am and what I have to share.

People may not realize the amount of work that goes into something like this that goes well beyond sitting down to draw, although I have only ever charged for the pencil to paper time and not the hours of preparation that goes into it, including the ongoing email consulting support. It is an extensive, simultaneous, intuitive, shamanic, mirroring , drawing out, and supportive coaching, along with drawing from Spirit, allowing the information to percolate in my day-to-day (as I find everything I do is seamlessly connected and affects the other), meditating, researching, and sharing – a very intensive, intricate, deep, sacred, time and commitment-dedicated experience. I care very deeply about the process, about each soul, and about doing all that I can to support that empowering experience. It is my service to others.

Some may do that through other forms of work and in this particular facet of my work, I am doing something that is going on behind-the-scenes and in deep energetic ways before the actual manifestation takes form. The effects are taking place in the ethers and translating into a natural expression experienced.

With Evolution Comes Change:

I find that things keep evolving with all facets of my work to reflect the changes taking place on so many levels, personally and collectively, and this has included an increase in depth of the work I am doing, as well as the energetic involvement that is part of each process. It becomes, as I’ve mentioned before, this seamless tapestry where life and service are not experienced in any contrasting differentiation, unless I specifically declare and put aside a time, out of time, for something in particular. But honestly, that still doesn’t separate the connection and how what we do is still tied in with everything else.

For me, however, I have chosen a life that is blatantly cohesive. Likely part of why I see so much symbolism and live by the sacredness and power of that symbolism.

And so, with that change I have seen the work with these sacred tattoo designs also increasing and extending in depth, content, and time-involvement.

I’m excited to also announce that one of my designs will be on the cover of an upcoming book. Details to come. I’m so honored and grateful to be part of this beautiful offering.

Rate Changes:

For anyone who doesn’t know, my hourly rate is $125 for the design work because I have wanted to help make this accessible to more people, whereas I could easily have charged a lot more for the particular kind of service (which combines a level of specialized intuitive support consulting) and amount of time I place into each loving co-creation – it is much more than a design process – it is a shamanic journey. And I LOVE the journey because I LOVE helping others.

I also provide payment plan options for those who receive support from that and have donated 40+ hours of design work to help raise money for non-profit organizations close to my heart.

In saying this, I have been nudged and guided that come 2014, my design work rates will be mirroring an increase to reflect a balanced value of exchange. (Rates to be announced)

I will also continue to offer discounts and specials to look out for and continue to offer payment plans as well.

Waiting List In Effect:

That being said, I also need to share that I have had to start a waiting list for sacred tattoo designs, given the amount of work flow coming in, alongside the other facets of my work. So, if you have a particular time-frame in mind that you need your design by, then you will want to make sure to let me know so we can ensure making that happen for you.

The way to hold your spot on the waiting list is to provide the 1 hour deposit of $125 upfront, just as was needed before, or as you have done before, but it will keep you in line, as I create the designs in the order that I receive them. If you have a rush job that must take place sooner than the waiting list time, contact me to discuss details and to see if I am capable of working off-hours to assist that – which would equate to a higher rate fee, reflectively.

I hope you understand the changes in effect. Everything reflects the constant evolution we are going through and to meet the quantum leaps and shifts we are making energetically, I am always melding into synergy to harmonize with that flow.

What the future holds in terms of sacred tattoo designs and my role in it, I do not know, but for now I am embracing what is here and now and am grateful I can be of assistance with this time of shifts through what I can offer.

I’d like to leave you with a few testimonials from some of the beautiful souls I have had honor to work with on some amazing pieces. Perhaps their words help reflect what I may fall short in expressing, in terms of the process that takes place and the connections made between myself and others on these intimate journeys.

When I read these, tears swell within me because I can’t imagine a greater joy than to feel the joy reflected back from others.

Raquel's Tattoo Design (1)“Dear Tania, I don’t even know where to begin….It is BEYOND BEYOND ANYTHING I could have imagined.

Words really cannot express….I looked at the illustration for a long long time and I was like “Wow….That’s me. Here I am.” And I say that with so much pride and love. It feels like I am complete…like the closing of a circle in some way……I keep looking at it and I can’t believe that I will get to travel the glorious road ahead wearing something this BEAUTIFUL, this HEARTFELT…this AHHH-MAZING…. AND with a bird of paradise in it no less….my FAVORITE flower and I didn’t even tell you but there it was. Perfect. Just perfect.  

I entrusted a part of my soul to you and you turned it into the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined EVER….THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU…..DIVINE. DIVINE. DIVINE. DIVINE. My gratitude for you overflows like a cup full of water…” ~Raquel Griffin, Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Fine Art Photographer 

Venus-in-color“What a true blessing it has been to get my Sacred Tattoo designed by Tania. My gratitude cannot be described with words. I have searched for years for the perfect design, but never found anything close to what I was searching for, needed, or imagined. Yet, when Tania completed my design, it was exactly what I was seeking and needed.

Honestly, I’m not surprised at the perfection. The energy and consulting invested throughout the creation process was like no other I’ve seen or heard of; but exactly what I needed. It’s no wonder my design came out perfectly the first time. 

I even had a chance to learn about the healing aspects of tattoos which was new to me, but now makes so much sense.

On top of everything else she gave me the opportunity to donate and sponsor her in a very special cause for animals which is a true blessing. I’m honored to be forever connected in such a special way to Tania through her creation. Forever Humbly Grateful” ~Venus Banguela, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, NYC

Mari shaman necklace“To me, getting tattoos has always been about the spiritual meaning of them.  I would get to a point in my life when I would want to have a design that would signify an important accomplishment or change in my life.I have searched through many different means, ways to transform my life.  I have never experienced anything as powerful and life-altering in a positive way as the experience of tattoos as Sacred and Spiritual.I began to try to find out if anyone else had these same experiences, if anyone else cared about the Sacred and Spiritual Energetic shifts that can occur with Tattoos.  In my searching, I found Tania Marie who wrote a beautiful book called Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos More Than Skin Deep.  I was drawn to her book by the title, and it enhanced my experience even more.

Eventually, I was compelled to email Tania and discuss the possibility of having her work with me to design some Sacred Tattoos for me.

It is almost impossible to put into words what this experience has meant and continues to mean to me in my personal life.  The process of co-creating with Tania, Sacred Skin that is meaningful and life-changing, is so much more than just designing a beautiful tattoo.  So much more than mere ink on skin.  Any good artist can create a beautiful design.  But I know of no one who does the kind of work that Tania does.

Working with Tania is like working with someone on a different plane – someone who takes what you say about who you are, and listens to the energy behind your words.  Tania has the beautiful ability and gift of being able to read a client’s energy and also to read the energy that is coming through from the universe that is most needed for the journey of wholeness to be made complete in the sacred tattoo design.

My heart and soul trusts this woman with complete openness and faith in her incredible ability to truly listen.  This is a rare, rare gift, and it shows in the designs she creates for me.

My life has changed, and continues to change, in miraculous ways due to the Spiritual Skin designed by Tania Marie especially for me.  These Sacred Designs are so much more than beautiful ink on skin – they truly are portals to different depths of experience of the fullness and wholeness of life.

I am blessed and honored beyond measure to be a part of such a Sacred and Transformative Process – working with this beautiful human being to bring in the healing designs that are what I need at that time.

May you be blessed with your choice to work with this truly gifted and spiritual woman.  You will never regret one second of this choice.” In peace and love, Mari Braveheart-Dances

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

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