In Between Spaces ~ My Creative Process & Processes Created for You

This theme, of the in between, is one that so often pops up. I know I’ve written about it many times over the years and yet, here I find myself moved to share it again. Perhaps it was yesterday’s hike with Nature reflecting both Autumn and Winter in the landscape draped around me. Or, perhaps it’s feeling into the deep collective waters that run through me that speak to all things in process.

I can sense so many people wondering what’s next in their lives and in general, surprised by the changes rapidly rushing in, or worried how to get there or even if it’s possible.

Things “out there” aren’t providing the same kind of reassurances you once might have looked for. So what’s “in here” – inside of you – is going to keep asking you to trust what you feel (body and heart), despite what anyone else says or what’s playing out.

It’s getting harder, on the one hand, but clearer on another – because I KNOW you can feel when something doesn’t sit right. And with so much exploding in almost nonsensical ways, making sense within may actually become easier.

Distinction lies in vibrational resonance.

We’re in extremely shifting and unknown times that create a worldwide in between from where we’ve been as a planet, to where we’re going, and even a deep gorge in between very distinct personal and group paths unfolding before our eyes.

It all points to the here and now and the incremental steps needing your focus. Those pauses, breaths, and gratitude for anything you can stretch yourself to embrace amidst the rubble crumbling around you.

I felt called to share this sound channeling from four and a half years ago to support a deep pause and breath for the moments in between that you’re experiencing right now. Please join in the long, deep, and intent-filled breaths.

Nature’s Breath ~ The Space Between Worlds

I, too, am in a huge in between right now….with the two sides to my canyon growing wider by the day.

Yet, rather than fret about depths I keep digging my gorge in between, I take solace in knowing the strength of this new and essence-rich foundation will endure. I welcome the old to crumble away, as I do not wish to build atop the roots of the past.

In the meantime, I find creativity to be an effective dredging process that helps clear and move my energy when those steps are needed.

Creativity helps me to take steps without boundaries and enjoy the journey.

So, amidst the craze of things yet to come, and things in process, but not yet manifested, I am working with what is at hand – creative energy at large.

There are infinite ways to approach life, the steps, the paths, and to choose how to embrace it all.

I always flow with what shows up and morph where resonance magnetizes me even if it’s different than where I was first headed.

And with the Aries Full Moon today and its energy leading up to it, I’ve found things accentuated and pronounced in depth of feeling and resonance. I also feel an extra inspiration and gusto behind creativity wanting to move through me and I’m listening to that alignment of essence.

Like the Sibyls (from which the ancient heritage within me is rooted) who lived hidden and out of reach in order to filter the energies that accessed them so they could remain devoted to the sacred purity of their connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos through sound vibrations, there is a place within…calling me there again.

This is a raw, primal, and sacredly harmonious energy that this Moon feels in many ways aligned with.

And I love that the environment and seasonal shifts outdoors feel to be singing the same song.

The dual seasons straddling one another, experiences woven into each other, old and new simultaneously alive….all in the humming of a seed within the dark, nurturing womb that knows to reach through the dirt to touch its tendrils to the light.

This is about the moments in between and the deliberate presence of breath during the transmutation.

So, I find my energy wanting to create things right now and I’m honoring that flow. In my space in between things I am enjoying a little creative upswing that I sense is supporting the evolutionary journey right now, while also gifting me joy and peace with the process of transformation.

Creating beautiful, artsy, and sacred things is its own portal opening through the vortex of my heart. That said, I may have some creations to share in the coming weeks with you, including a rare, magick crystal wand commission that felt oh so right to accept. I love when things line up in resonance when I least expect it.

With holidays coming, there’s chance some of these creations may take form as possible gift-giving art.

Today, 10/20’s Full Moon is the last day for early registration discounts on the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum. Originally there were two choices plus an option for both, but I’ve updated the page to reflect recent changes for greatest energy resonance.

In speaking with people who reached out with questions, it was interesting to see a shift as I discovered that in contrast to the energy of the online classes, the live sessions were now presenting new challenges that exposed “vulnerability” as a theme popping up, as well as time availability.

So, only the recorded sessions remain an option to support greater flexibility in joining when ever aligns with individual schedules and for complete anonymity.

You can still register by 10/31 for these, but today is the last day for early registration discounts:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

If you haven’t spoken with me yet and have questions about this change, please contact me to discuss.

People asked if there was any possibility of opening up individual sessions or Reiki support and so I sat with this, in light of the Forum changes.

Due to freeing up a little time with not doing the live sessions, I am opening up some modified support systems only through December 3rd.

I haven’t had chance to put these on a separate, new page on this website, so for now you can only sign up for them below – UPDATE: THERE’S NOW A DEDICATED PAGE TO REGISTER SO I REMOVED THE LINKS IN THIS POST

Limited Time Reiki & Phone Support

I want to make things as accessible as possible because from what I’m hearing there’s a lot of stuff people are moving through right now that would benefit from that added momentum, clarity, and boost.

That said, I’ll make available modified, individual phone sessions and Reiki support at discount.

You can purchase up to 4 of each, but they also need to be used between now and December 3rd of 2021.

I will customize the Reiki support to your needs when you register and share with me your intents.

I’m going to make Reiki support available at the discounted rate of $33 each instead of the $55-$85 they can run for Reiki Healing Attunements or sessions.

I’m only going to be offering 1/2 hour focused phone sessions, rather than 1 hour sessions. 1 hour sessions are normally $226 and included follow-up Reiki support, but these sessions will be straight phone sessions at the special rate of $88 each.

You can also gift any of these to others. Please contact me after registering to set up details.


Embrace your process, journey, evolution and all the spaces in between.

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  1. What beautiful scenery to inspire and ground you while you navigate the in-between energies. Happy Autumn Tania! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‚

  2. Absolutely wonderful scenery, oh, I would paint there for sure!

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