A New Dawn Begins ~ Nest & Robin Gifts of Growth & Renewal

You can imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered this little nest tucked above the front door two days ago. We had no idea that a Robin family had made our home theirs until I was prompted to follow a nudge to check outside. For some reason I felt that a package might have been delivered to our door, but when I went out to follow that instinct, the package I discovered was a very different one.

I was greeted by the sound of happy chirps, which made me step further out the door and follow the sound with my eyes. As I looked up I found mama Robin feeding her three little ones in a sweet nest perched high above the entryway.

If I hadn’t gone out to explore what I felt, we may never have known this nest existed, nor have had the pleasure of experiencing all the rest that was to follow with these baby birds.

Mama Robin left not long after being discovered, to forage some more, and also to watch me from the branch of a tree. She wasn’t sure yet, after being discovered, if her babies were now in danger so she called out to them to stay quiet. The babies sat back, nestled together, wide-eyed and watching me. They listened to my voice and I assured them they were safe. I knew next I wanted to assure mama the same.

Well, I had my chance, as later while I went out to water the garden, she dropped down next to me on the lawn just a few feet away. She no longer was worried, but instead sat silently listening to me with curious energy, as I told her how happy I was about her little ones and that she chose our house as their home. I let her know they were safe and I would watch out for them. She kept hopping close just cocking her head to hear for truth in my voice. She continued to follow me until I finished watering and put the hose away.

I had no idea at the time, how old the babies were. They looked quite large when I first got glance of them stretching to mama’s beak to feed. But when they had settled in together, quietly, they looked much smaller.

Having a nest around is so beautiful to me. I love their meaning and energy. You might remember that I created a nature mobile indoors with old nests I found abandoned and fallen on the ground. Eventually, after the season, I’ll likely add this nest to the mobile, too, since it won’t be used and will make room for a new one.

They are considered a lucky symbol to have in your yard or on your home, bringing good fortune to everyone living there. They represent life, growth, health, love, warmth, family stability, beauty, and a happy home. They are also known to reflect good karma returning to you for your care and responsible keeping of your environment. 

As you might recall, when we first got this home and land, I made a promise to the Faeries and forest dwellers that I would take care of them and create a sanctuary here. So I’m grateful for all the little gifts they give me in return for following through with that promise.

Depending upon where the nest is located, can determine what area of your life will get an added boost of good energy and luck. In Feng Shui, the use of a bagua map can help to identify the nine main areas of luck. The front entry of the home represents career and life path. So having this bird nest above the front door points to things coming in this area. Interesting! As things are shifting with this for both Dave and I.

Robins carry fresh energy of joy, hope, renewal, simple pleasures, contentment, new beginnings, growth, transformation, power, passion, movement, rejuvenation, warmth and the sweet song of life. They strengthen your own voice, inspire prophetic visions, and assist moving forward with a heart full of laughter, grace, and perseverance for life.

When Robins show up in a prevalent way this can herald a new phase of life, may be motivating guides that encourage you to be brave again, and bring messages to you to let you know that you’re being watched over.

I had no idea that the adventures would continue in the vein that they would with this little family, but yesterday (the day after discovering them) I went out front to check on them in the morning, as I’d made a promise to watch over them and ensure they make it safely to the next phase.

I found the three of them standing upright this time and I could see what originally I had thought – that they were in fact quite big. I talked to them and they listened quietly, their eyes looking much brighter on this day. I snapped a photo and went in to show Dave, telling him that I felt they were getting ready to leave soon.

We both remarked on how they looked like wise little wizards perched there.

I checked in on them again just before our leaving to go to the beach in the afternoon, as I heard them chirping. They were sitting there still tall and alert and I continued feeling an adventure might be about to unfold.

We were only away for about two and a half hours, but upon return I found the nest empty. My instincts had been right. They were ready to fly.

Apparently around day 13 to sometimes up to 16, is when the babies turn to fledglings and get ready to leave. So, again, it was quite timely that I discovered them just the day before they were about to depart, as otherwise we would never have known they were there and wouldn’t have experienced all of the magick thereafter.

I felt like mama Robin, eager to know how they were and to make sure they made it safely. I immediately heard their little chirps, recognizing their sweet little voices, just like a mama would and went out to see if I could find them by their sounds.

I could hear all three calling to each other from different directions and knew that they were keeping in touch with each other and also communicating with their parents. I found one of them sitting on a branch of our tree just behind the garden. The others I couldn’t see, but heard.

I ended up having a call to do, but took the call in my office where I could see the little one through the sliding glass door. He stayed there the whole time until the last ten minutes, when he flew down to the top of the fence, and then disappeared.

I went outside after the call to hear for them. They all three continued chirping from new locations. I found the same one I’d been able to see before, now on an even higher branch of a tree just outside of the other end of our yard, on the forest side.

I was glad to keep hearing them and figured they were stretching their wings and practicing. Dave reminded me there was nothing I could do to help, but I still felt a natural protectiveness and desire to see them all make it safely.

One might have thought the story would end there with the fledglings making their way into the big world outside of their cozy nest, but our connection and journey together was to continue.

I had gone upstairs to tell Dave about them some more while he was doing his yoga stretches near the open sliding glass door of our room. The two kitty babies were sitting near. Boojum, atop the pillows and Sweet Pea at the screen door taking in the forest scents and sounds.

I could hear the little ones still calling out from afar and then suddenly the chirping became loud and I saw one of them land directly in front of the door next to the jacuzzi.

It was as if he sought me/us out and he just sat there chirping and chirping. He was so cute with little white feathers on both sides of his head sticking out, a very round, chubby little body, sitting atop little legs just strong enough to keep his cute roundness upright. He looked a little unsure, but stood steady crying out. After a couple of minutes, what I feel was papa Robin, appeared by his side.

Robin parents will assist them once they leave, to help teach them and make sure they are safe.

This can be a very dangerous time for the fledglings, as they practice flying and finding safe places to do so, as well as to perch since they won’t be returning to the nest. Both parents still feed them for a few days while they are learning and getting stronger. Eventually mama Robin will leave to lay a new round of eggs. Papa Robin will do a lot of the teaching until he, too, will need to leave to help with the new nestlings. At which time, the fledglings will learn from other Robins.

We were given an intimate, up-close look at the process right before our eyes. This Robin family had not only chosen our home, but chosen to reflect a beautiful gift of process, life cycles, and growth right before our very eyes.

This sweet little one kept chirping and papa Robin started talking back with a different little clucking noise and movement to get the little one to watch and learn. He hopped about and the fledgling watched. I could almost hear the whole conversation exchange, as they went through this ritual. Papa was very patient, but also knew he hadn’t much time because darkness was nearing in a few hours and the little one needed to get up high and safe before then.

Interestingly, before papa arrived, I had been telling the little one through the screen that he needed to get up high and that his father would want him safe. In arrives papa Robin, as if I already knew how this would play out.

Eventually, papa flew up to the banister as the little one looked on. Then flew to the side of the yard and suddenly the little one took off with a low fly across the trees, following. We didn’t see them again.

The whole time our kitties watched on too, with Boojum clucking along with the little fledgling.

I stayed where I was for a couple of minutes and suddenly I heard a loud, close chirping again – but it was a different fledgling!

A second one had made her way over to where we were, too, as she practiced.

Both of our cats now sat at the screen watching. I was happy we have indoor cats because I couldn’t bare anything happening to all the little forest creatures, regardless of it being nature’s way.

This little sweetie was a bit bigger and stronger than the last one and she chirped away as she hopped along. Then made her way to the stairs of the jacuzzi and then up onto the banister.

I moved to Dave’s office to watch her. She looked so regal and pure, even in her growth stage. The light was coming through the forest and upon her so beautifully, it was like a vision from heaven in a way. So much magick in this moment….and in all of these moments we’d been blessed to witness.

After a while she took off and I heard her high up in one of our back forest tree limbs. The chirping between little ones went on, as they called to each other and their parents until darkness set in.

I haven’t heard them since, including this morning, but I feel strongly they all made it safely and now nature will continue to unfold and the cycles of life will continue.

I’m excited to watch for them over the days, weeks, months and years to come, as I’m sure they will make this their home too. Or at least, some of them will. I will look for them by the bird bath and amidst the wild clover meadow lawn in the mornings.

Perhaps I will get to see them raise their families, as I saw their parents do.

However, it unfolds, to have witnessed this process has been such a gift.

It’s not often one gets an inside look at the life and adventures of the wild little ones.

It felt like a beautiful reflection for life’s opening into a fresh growth cycle of potential.

A new dawn has begun.

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  2. What a delightful gift and blessing for you and your home. You certainly have encouraged a menagerie at your homestead! I hope the Robin blessings continue for you and Dave. 😍 🐥

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey with your Robin companions. 🙂 And for your reminder and interpretation of Robin Medicine. ❤ I too have built up quite a relationship with a Momma Robin
    … I run a little animal sanctuary and have lots of mealworms at all times… I started offering them to her … it took a while for her to trust me, but soon she would come and take them from my hand… The feel of her little feet on my hand is so beautiful and I could feel her spirit working its magic on me… All I could remember was that the Robin brings a sign of spring and good things into our lives… She is now rearing her third clutch of babies and I can't go into the garden without her landing on me and demanding some food! Her daughter from the first brood is helping her rear the latest little cuties.. I wish I could add photos here… it's just so beautiful to have such a deep connection to wild animals… I have it every day with my captive rescued family… But this is on another level and their blessings are taking my life to new dimensions of love and so many amazing things are happening… Could this all be because of a little Robin? I just know it is! 🙂 ❤

    • aw i so adore this share from you! what a sweet story and connection you have with your robin friend! there really is something extra special about the relationship and bond we create with the wild ones. it does feel extra sacred to share that channel of companionship that truly demonstrates trust and honor on another level. what a beautiful gift!! definitely a spiral of beautiful things opening through the blessings of little robin! ❤ thank you for sharing this

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