A Walk in the Faery Realm

Ireland 2008 255All of yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite Celtic music CD’s, “Celtic Lamentations” by Aine Minogue while I was flowing through my work day and especially while I was painting. It felt like the perfect mirroring energy for the day, my work, and even the grey clouded skies that reminded me of some of the mystical days I spent in Ireland in 2008. (I’m continuing in this vein today with another favorite CD, “A Celtic Tale” by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna, as the sun is shining quite warmly, in contrast to yesterday)

Ireland 2008 256As I just wrote 2008, I got a huge flash of that year’s experiences, which were really potent in my life. 2008 was a big year for me in SO many ways – experiencing the passing of my twin soul Nestor, the end to a marriage, powerful healing integration that took me from being depleted to feeling optimal, the onset of major life path shifts and new beginnings in all areas of my life that continue in expanded form today, and much traveling including Ireland, England, the Bahamas, Sedona, and Peru, to name a few. Hmmm, no wonder the title of that CD seems very fitting to many things. 😉

And remembering such a powerfully transformative year holds its own significance and messages for the current energy field we are collectively moving through. It was one of my years where I demonstrated my own strength in adversity, came from the depths of nearly complete physical deterioration to rebirth, and reminded me of how resilient we are and how capable we are to shift even the worst experiences into something beautifully empowering. It also reminded me how my unwavering beliefs, openness, and connections to the “magickal realms” were my life-savers and supportive guides.

Ireland 2008 257This is the experiential season of magickal alchemy and one beautiful way to embrace your abilities with this is to connect with the elemental realm and use your heart key to walk through the dimensional doorways of experience.

In resonance with yesterday’s post by my special faery friend, Laura Bruno, who shared a short, really interesting and enchanting documentary, six-part series: The Fairy Path (you can watch them at the link and the other four parts are listed in the comment section) about faeries, I instantly was transported to some of my own enchanting moments and it called up my wanting to share a few of my photos with you from some of the places I’ve visited that aligned with the energy in the videos. These photos capture, what I feel to be, enchanted elemental and faery realms, including doorways to these other dimensions by which they/we can travel through. I strongly felt the presence of the faeries at these places, which include Ireland (a good majority of the photos are from here), Oregon, Sedona, Maui, Toronto, Tahoe Meadows, and Santa Monica.

And as you explore the images, I’ve included some beautiful Celtic music to accompany you on your journey into the Magickal Realm of the Fey. I suggest you play the music and allow it to take you on a journey as you feel into the photos for the faery energy that is present and explore what you can “see.”

magickal tree in high park, torontoThere is a whole world of illuminated wonder you can invite into your experience that has transformative healing light to share with you. The faeries have much to offer in way of teaching gifts. Some helping you to reconnect with the innocence, purity, and joy within so you can experience a more playful and lighter life. Some are genius weavers of dreams and will teach you how to weave your own new reality forms from your creative heart desires. Others may be supporting your integrative healing or helping you to empower your gifts so you can be of service in partnership with them in the healing of Mother Earth/Gaia and all of her beautiful animals and plants.

However you choose to dance with the faeries, do so from a true and vulnerable heart and you will come to experience their delicate ways of powerful awakening that will assist in clearing the illusions and veils. You will also reconnect with more of your organic authenticity and find the rhythm of your heart beating with that of Earth’s.

Everything will feel possible. All things you desire become probable, if you truly walk (or fly) in integrity and responsibility of a consciously aware and “light” foot. Believe. Be True.


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photo (88)photo (90)portland japanese gardenIMG_2901

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  1. Love, love, love! And, synchronously, I am wearing that Irish sweater and wore the tweed cap today after doing some reading about old faery folklore. Oh! and I also had on the Anastasia necklace. It must have been my energy, because the outfit itself wasn’t really that odd. People were stopping mid-conversation, even though I was not in their full line of sight, turning around and just staring. Too funny! I know it was the Irish and faery energy on overload.

    Also, the documentary has six parts. I just posted the first two, but then linked to the other four in the comments section. xoxo and love ….

    • thanks!

      of course you are!! lol! you must look so cute too! love the experiences of the people with the energy you shared.

      and thank you for adding that about the parts!! i went and edited it so people know to look in the comments for the other 4 parts. phew!! always good when a faery friend has your back! 😉 love and xoox!

  2. Trees are magikal and magical 🙂

  3. This post totally gave me chills! Thank you for sharing your courageous open heart with all of us.

    I wanted to share this picture with you yesterday but wasn’t sure if it was fitting. Its from a hike on Washington side of Columbia river headed up Mt Mitchell and was one of the most connected moments (as an adult anyway).

    Their presence was palpable! And it was a very subtle fork in my journey.

    🙂 Heidi

  4. Beautiful Tania, thank you! Im so inspired.

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