Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: The Tower of Liberation

the tower.jpg

I was drawn to take this photo of Astrid two evenings ago and it lingered with me. Of course, when asking her if she had anything for her blog today or not, she directed my attention to this photo and I instantly understood. She’s so wise!

I always refer to this as her Castle Tower and it’s literally one of her favorite go-to places. She either lays to the left of it, comforted by the tower as protective shelter, lays under it, or inside the top floor of it enjoying the sun shining upon her and sometimes checking out the lay of the land as a lookout point.

I hadn’t thought of its connection to The Tower card in the Tarot deck and increasing collective experiences of change until this morning, nor had I realized so much symbolism in how she uses this Tower, as well as the set-up for it.

The Tower card often illustrates a tall spire sitting on the top of a mountain – interesting that we live at the top of a mountain and Astrid’s Tower looks out at another mountain peek and on the forest and garden here where she watches over the forest creatures. Lightning is depicted as striking the tower and people are being thrown out or desperately jumping from it to escape the devastating trauma and imposed destruction from what seems like a surprising event. Like with all things, including nature, symbolic and literal death/transformation of old things is inevitable to make way for new growth and opportunities. How we embrace this change, however, is up to us and in fact we can be so aligned with it that it becomes a natural rhythm rather than chaotic upheaval and devastating blow.

Inspiration that is embraced and trusted can lead one on this path of more natural alignment.

Ignoring those inner voices and feelings can lead to the experience of shocking truths that uproot our lives.

Some Tower cards depict a crown thrown off the top, but in essence the top of a Tower is in fact in the shape of a crown and this could reflect higher mind or consciousness, as well as ambitions and goals, materialistic beliefs and ideas, or focus on mental energies.

Sometimes the “Towers” we’ve built in our lives can provide a false sense of security, keep us prisoner to a certain way of life without feeling like we have a way out, or are built upon shaky foundations that threaten us around each corner of collapsing.

Many might view The Tower as negative, scary, and downright unnerving, but Astrid and her Tower tell me a different story. She always offers another perspective to life’s experiences.

She has many ways in and out of her Tower – with six doorway/window portals in fact – speaking to me that like her we are not in fact prisoners, nor does life have to feel that way. There is never only one way that life unfolds and along with perspective shifts and willingness to be open, and nurture curiosity and courage, we can create different choices and pathways. Astrid willingly places herself in the Tower, even with prey instincts that would not want to be trapped, because she senses these doorways/possibilities for movement through life.

I love the symbolism of the crown, as the Tower top, not only being our crown chakras or higher selves, but also as a reflection of being more humble and vulnerable with our sense of self, spiritual intelligence, and expression of that. Looking at how ego motivates or supports your life can be a part of that. And this can speak also to how material things consume your actions or how the idea around these things provide a false sense of self or security, rather than simply as an expression of your being.

Astrid points out another Tower connection that might get overlooked. She shares that a desire to always be “on top,” “one up on,” always having to express or preface things with the fact that you know something/knew it long ago that someone tells you now, or that you’ve already been there, done that, etc., are also ways in which you can shift into a softer version of humbling. Simply allowing someone else to voice things without your voice speaking louder can alter the Tower you live in to be more inviting and grace-filled. Your Tower of life doesn’t have to be menacing or a put-off, just as much as the Tower of your life’s experiences doesn’t have to be menacing or a put-off to you. Astrid is comfortable being on top, on the bottom, and off to the side (behind the scenes). She doesn’t strive for any one particular place over another, as she has a healthy sense of self and how to embrace the gifts of different positions, while allowing others to do the same.

Alongside Astrid’s many ins and outs to her Tower, she also has soft landings and extra support to get in and out. There are mats on the top and bottom for comfort and an extra cushy pillow to jump down to, which you see her on in the photo above. She also has a bed to the right that provides a step up and down, when she doesn’t feel like leaping straight up and down from the floor.

All of this demonstrating that although life can throw us “seeming” surprises and major transformational lightning bolts, we can experience a safe landing and being provided something even better, if we create more consciousness around our lives and take steps in our day-to-day to life with more awareness and aligned action. This can buffer the blows and surprises so that we reflect more of nature’s way of being with change.

To me, The Tower is not ominous and foreboding, but can be a state of incredible insights that lead you to hidden gifts and talents, as well as more amazing possibilities than you can imagine from where you stand now. When change hits, I feel it is a change we’ve secretly or verbally yearned for, but at the moment felt outside of our comfort zones to stretch into. When we create little daily pieces that take us in baby steps forward, as well as do or think one new thing each day, then these create a new sense of comfort that feels more authentic than the resigned sense of comfort we train ourselves to accept.

Astrid’s Tower top has four special stones placed in the four corners by me. Two are raw quartz and the other two are stones from one of the lakes – one shaped as a heart and the other spiraling of ancient sediment layers that create an eye image. They each have their own symbolism, but in totality create a sense of comfort and energetic support while she lays there. Rabbits like to be grounded to the Earth, but even at this higher and more foreign ground, Astrid feels nurtured and secure with inviting new energy and experiences in. Finding ways to gently be with more new energy can make change easier.

It’s no surprise that The Star card follows The Tower in the deck, as it promises hope and renewal to come from the major changes and that you will have all that you need within you to experience fulfillment. One more reason that The Tower card need not be seen or experienced as a bad omen or negative force sweeping in to ruin you.

Why does this feel important to share? Astrid and I both feel it’s because so much is about the old collapsing on a global scale and within the individual experience these days. Major transformation is at hand, and although change is constant, there are peaks to the mountains and we are climbing one of those now.

Yet, like The Star, and Astrid (who comes from the stars) indicate, liberation and softer ways of experiencing this can be a new way.

Do you feel trapped, chaotic and like everything is out of your control or happening to you?

Is life striking you in ways you’re unprepared for?

Would you like to construct a new Tower of life that provides more authentic support, nurturing, unlimited doorways of opportunity, and softer landings?

Trauma and disruption can be turned into inspiration and creation.

There is no turning back from change, but how you deal with it can be written as a new adventure story rather than a tragedy.

The more illusion and self delusion you have become saturated and comfortable in, the harder change is to embrace. Illumination can set you free and doesn’t have to be profound.

Nature reflects everything we need to know daily in front of us. The same miracles you see within Her, are within you.

You don’t need to go on some long quest or deep searching to see what is right in front of you.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    This one feels important to reblog. I’ve posted on the Tower card many times, but Tania and Astrid give some extra insights here that I’m sure will hit home for some people right now. Between Tower cards, foundation shifts and restructuring the deepest levels of the collective and individual, many feel challenged at this time. As Tania and Astrid share, the Tower also offers reason for excitement.

    “Trauma and disruption can be turned into inspiration and creation.” Yes!

    Tania and I were texting yesterday about her sense of not needing to know exactly which road to take — that it will become clear when she needs to know. I shared a dream from two weeks ago in which roads began to appear all around me, circling like spaghetti strands. In the dream, I tried to see down each road to find “the right one,” but they looped so much I couldn’t see that far. A voiceover said, “It doesn’t matter which road you take. All these roads lead to the same place. All these roads will take you home.”

    Same message, hers in life, mine in dream. In both cases, the message brings comfort and encouragement as towers and foundations shift.

  3. Interesting note: Christian Orthodoxy’s “Ladder of Ascent” icon bears a striking resemblance to the tower card. Check it out.

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    Tania and Astrid….I loved this share so so much!! The perspective is just so beautiful and relatable for me. It makes me feel in alignment with others who I respectfully and lovingly consider to be my awakened soul family. xx It means so much to me all the goodness and high vibrational work you all do which has such a profound effect on everyone/everything—(myself included), and raises a whole, supportive vibration for the collective to draw from!
    For me, I really notice there has been such progression in the way I embrace the many shifts, energetic/spiritual upgrades/ lessons as they come now, into my life. I feel so much flow and a deeper ability to relax into those (uncomfortable) spaces where I know will bring me the most, the highest, spiritual growth and ultimate joy. Sometimes the shifts are rapid and intense. But it reminds me of, and mirrors the experiences I had of having natural child birth. The more willing I was to listen to, and to trust my body’s perfect intuition and innate intelligence, and willingly relax into/go into those positions that were the most painful and excruciating, (without fear), that’s exactly what would open my body the best/quickest for the birth of my babies to take place!! Surrendering and intuitively flowing as a daily inter grated way of life, has changed the way I experience living on so many levels. Despite major trials, tests, life lessons, etc; etc; I feel free, sooooo happy, peaceful, and willing to look upon/embrace all these opportunities with gratitude and a higher perspective.
    Staying in touch with my inner child, keeping light-hearted about life—(not taking things too intensely serious!!) nature immersion and connection with our Earth Mother are key to this balance…..(I know Tania you are smiling as you read my words right now!! He he he…😊) Thank you, you incredible soul! You light up my heart and my life. I Love you so much sistar 💫✨💞💓🙏🏻🌟 xx I am so well!!

    • aw, sweet Des we love you too SO much! i’m really happy to hear from you and to know that this hit home in your heart. astrid really has such a beautiful way of expressing things to me so that i can share her wisdom in what seems like more tangible ways. we can’t thank you enough for the extremely sweet words you’ve shared here. it means a lot to know that you receive something of value from what flows through.

      it truly thrills us (yes we’re smiling big, as you knew) to hear how beautifully life is flowing for you. i absolutely LOVE your analogy between childbirth and the fluctuating shifts of life. that’s a really clear and tangible description to understand.

      i can’t express enough how wonderful it is to hear you so happy and truly enjoying life as you were meant to. i know you’re in the midst of a lot with your daughter’s wedding so we’re super grateful for your words and time here. and know that you, too, light up our lives and hearts with the love that you are. precious, dear, pure soul!! i/we love you so much too!! YAY!!! and WEEEEEEE! celebrating your wellness and wholeness!

    • What a wonderful reminder- the comparison to childbirth! That’s a great body memory to have to navigate the way through challenging times. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for this share, Tania and Astrid ❤ I have been feeling so nervous about my upcoming 9 personal year coupled with the 4 Universal year. All the 9 years I can remember have featured some huge, life-altering event…my mother died during my last one, my step father died during another one, my daughter was born during one (and I found out my then-husband was cheating on me), and yet another 9 year featured the loss of custody of my daughter, loss of my home, car, most of my family (through betrayal), and the start of a devastating couple of years. I have been looking for a way to re-frame the possibilities, given my growth and current circumstances, but the nerves have been sticking around. This post gives me some different lenses to looks at things through. ❤

    • you’re so welcome linette!! ❤ i can understand where that nervousness is coming from given all you've shared. i'm so happy you are focusing on reframing new possibilities, as i truly believe that you can rewrite a whole new experience for your 9 year upcoming. you're in such a different place now and all of that behind you. may this new cycle bring clarity, clearing and renewal for all that exciting stuff you are focusing on creating!

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