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Crystal Infusion Fun – Magical Andaras and More Now Available

andaraThis is just a quick update that you can now find some of those amazing magical Andaras in my Etsy shop, Crystal Illumination.

Many of you have asked about them since I posted my first blog on them: Shift Your Frequency with Monatomic Andara Crystals and my more recent blogs: Riding the Frequency of Liquid Light – Heart of Atlantis Ancient Andara and Keys to New Experiences Do Exist – How Much Do You Really Want Them?

Since these posts, I have had many people starting to find resonance with the Andaras and interested in bringing some into their heart and home as well, and so I’m happy to be offering several powerful Andara friends that I know you will love.

You can find them, along with a few other new lovely crystal friends great for grounding, balancing, enriching, and revitalizing (very supportive for what everyone is feeling and needing these days), and Crystal Illuminations paintings at my Etsy shop: 

Crystal Illumination

When I return from Bimini I will continue my immersion in creation energy and there will be a large amount of new crystal infused sacred paintings to look forward to and more crystal magic fun. So keep checking in at the shop, as new crystal friends and creations are continually being offered.

If you have any questions, message me at

Keys to New Experiences Do Exist – How Much Do You Really Want Them?

andaraMost nights I sleep with a crystal under my pillow – one that jumps out at me intuitively as wanting to join dream work time – and I have to say that the nights I sleep with my crystals provide a ton of clarity to my dreams, as well as recall, and are deeply rooted in current energies I am working on to support my processes – not to mention reveal some collective themes.

Last night I slept with quite a large one under my pillow and boy were the dreams interesting, so much so my crystal even transformed shape when I awoke. I love my crystal friends!

The crystal I slept with was one of my Andaras – a giant cosmic blue Andara Mother God channeling crystal. This also happens to be one of the crystals that joined on the last Bimini retreat in December and specifically wanted to come out on one of the dolphin boat days on the crystalline aqua waters that she mirrors in essence and color. (11:11 am here as I write this). I actually took her with me in the water while swimming, holding her in my hands so she could absorb the energies there.

It wasn’t until the Bimini retreat (pointed out by one of my very dear and intelligent friends) that I came to see her very clear, natural depiction of what appears to be Mother Mary to me with arm extended from her Heart Chakra, or it could be an angel with wings at her side, a cloaked Goddess, or maybe nothing to someone else.

However, if you click on the image to enlarge and look at the bottom, center to right area, what do you see etched into this crystal?

This crystal is full of peaceful, compassionate and unconditionally loving energy. She restores harmony, supports peaceful change, awakens work you’ve done long ago and helps integrate it into the now, and channels Divine energy.

And that’s exactly what she was bringing more of into my experience in deeper ways. Oh yes, we can continually expand our breadth of perspectives and feelings.

Not surprising, last night one of my dream sequences was about Bimini and the upcoming retreat in June. In part of this dream a few of us were arriving for the first charter and I clearly saw four people including myself getting ready to embark on the plane over to the island. My baggage was lost (seems I had left it behind on my transit to the airport, which in this dream was over the water – the planes were taking off from water, which all holds its own symbolism) and I remember I looked briefly for it, but was peaceful in not worrying and settled easily into that. I knew I had everything I needed and that everything would come when I did. The people with me were excited and two were dear friends that were supporting the energy of this trust and all that was to come.

I loved the feeling when I awoke, and was reviewing all of my dreams I remembered, of releasing the “baggage” and of meeting the adventures and experiences ahead with nothing but myself and my heart full of courageous readiness and embrace, no matter what was to come. And I loved that trust that came over me that everything was perfect no matter how it appeared to me or anyone else, and that I could create what I needed, if and when I needed it.

Speaks insightfully not just to my own personal journey I am choosing to create everyday, but shares a collective message that when embraced fully, really makes a difference.

I really don’t care how often we hear things or your ego wants to say I know that already – did that years ago – etc., as from what I hear from others (and my own experiences), these messages need repeating over, and over, and over…until they actually take root and click! I can see how challenging it is to surrender to something you don’t want to admit, or to say, “you know, you’re right” and embody humble integrity of accepting what could be that key you kept telling yourself didn’t exist, because you tried everything there is to try.

This was just one dream, of several, that were providing messages perfectly aligned with things I was meditating on last evening before bed.

Did I mention I love my crystal friends?

This brought to mind how so many people are currently at a crossroads with their journeys. Even those that have been immersed heavily in spiritual practices and paths, finding everything turned upside down, shaken up and then turned back around while all the pieces are trying to find a way to integrate into wholeness again. This is leaving people both excited and frustrated, and also feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under them.

Some feel they have come to a place of doing everything they know how and ready to give up and give in to another more mainstream path. Some are discouraged altogether and find the shaking up shook up the pieces hidden that they have been avoiding…and may still want to avoid looking at. Some are finding pleasure in the shake up because they know it means something fresh is in the making and that creation of the new is up to them to rebuild to their pleasure and liking. And some may be feeling all of this simultaneously!

Perspective shifting is key and the willingness to accept your shadow. It is not the enemy! It truly is your friend assisting you to be all that you can be.

The thing we fear the most has the answer to who we are at our shiniest. ~Tania Marie (I truly believe this with all of my heart and have experienced its truth)

Ego will put up a good front. Oh yes. And convince you otherwise. It is afraid you’re close to realizing it doesn’t have to run the show, and yet doesn’t understand it will have an even more powerful partnership in its new role as the energy force behind the intuitive drive. But listen we must, not only to the wisdom within, but to that wisdom being mirrored to us by others when we can’t hear it inside ourselves. We’re all connected and only reflecting each other. So it doesn’t matter where it appears to be coming from, as it truly is coming/channeling from you even if shared through the mouth of someone else.

Does it matter what the “perceived” source is anyway, if in fact you end up where you want to be? Think about it.

Where ever you are, is perfect and relative to you. There are no right or wrong choices. Just choice…and choice will lead you to the next and the next. We simply need to keep the ball rolling and try not to get stuck and bogged down with things. Challenge our creative faculties to produce more and more from that unlimited well of Divine inspiration! This also keeps us engaged from the heart, as we “grow” out and expand the self-created boundaries walling it up.

There is always another perspective and treasure to uncover. As I wrote in a Facebook post this morning:

We get in our own way when we think we know it all or have tried everything. First off, this is not possible, as the universe is unlimited and it is self-deceptive to think you have explored all possibilities. You may have gone as far as your current perspectives are open to, but I assure you that they always have more room to expand…limitlessly in fact.

So if you find yourself hitting a wall, learn to love this wall, as it is there for a reason, take a break and allow your feelings and mind to refresh and let your subconscious percolate with the feelings and frustration for a while. When you separate from the need to have to get a solution then you work with and align with your energy instead of against it. It’s this embracing and love that will enable you to see more than one solution and from your heart you can find your creative power to create something new.

As always I start out in one direction and end up sharing a lot more. I share what is in my heart and like with anything it is relative to each of us how we interpret what we hear.

I know everyone is in a different place with their journey and I know timing for things is also relative. I also know that there are a lot of limitations being placed on how those journeys “could” unfold and that people tend to choose the paths that don’t ask much from them to give to themselves. Many times people spend their time, energy, and resources in every way possible other than targeting the bullseye, but haven’t yet understood how to more efficiently focus it all for optimization, nor have shifted the focus of resources to more optimal support.

It can be a challenging, self-sabotaging, and confusing journey at times, leading us in circles. We all desire relief and pleasure. The questions lies in if you would rather that continue being temporary or long-term? When you are ready to commit to answering that with action, you can make the choices reflecting your answer.

Again, it all is perfect to each person’s journey, but realize you are not at the mercy of the same ol’ journey unless you want to be. You really CAN choose differently.

And when you do, trust in the process you’ve chosen, being supported.

I’m always continually guided to offer support in the ways I can , which includes the services, writings, and creations I channel, as well as the free gifts both literally and of my time, offers of discounts, specials, and payment plans, etc…whatever would be assistive to those parts of people that may be timid to embracing more, or to support a variety of current life circumstances to help people get over the challenge, hurdle, block, or wall. I know many others also are lovingly providing doorways through what they offer in services so that people have ways to walk through and start living in the light of their truth and freedom.

That’s the only thing we can do, alongside living our lives as an expression of what we believe as optimally and consistently as we can.

There has to be an equal partnership and responsibility that comes into play with what you desire in order to create it. I know this personally that when you truly make that commitment on all levels, it really supports the shifts desired. Commitment to the process is the first part of the journey. Trust, doing what it takes, and be willing to embrace each piece uncovered will take it to the next level.

What you truly desire is reflective in your choices. So whatever we are seeing in terms of frustration, truly can be traced back to a root of a decision that has or has not been made.

I love each and everyone of you, but I can’t take the journey for you. None of us can for anyone else but ourselves and so it is important to create yours as optimally as you can. This will give you the opportunity for an amazing experience and will allow others the ability to tap into the same energetic well you’ve plunged into since we’re collectively connected.

You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you’re wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be. ~Abraham Hicks

Riding the Frequency of Liquid Light – Heart of Atlantis Ancient Andara


Crystal Cove

I’ve been swimming in an ocean of flowing energy lately that feels soothing to my native Piscean roots and yesterday at the beach was gently nurturing, as the ocean always is. Getting back to nature this weekend after having been focused on channeling energy into recent events and projects has been invigorating and supportive in maintaining balance and an ever-replenished source of energy. Regardless of sun and warmth, or clouds and coolness, a day in nature is always rewarding.

The hill top hiking (at Nix Nature Center in Laguna Canyon) and beach strolling (at my favorite Crystal Cove) had me remembering my work in Atlantis and other ancient times, and connecting that with how crystal energy has evolved in my work as of late to focus on sacred crystal essence paintings from crystal jewelry.


Heart of Atlantis Andara with rainbows

Particularly prominent has been the voice of one of my crystals speaking loudly recently – a rare Heart of Atlantis Andara I’d like to share with you. Seems fitting with the way crystals have channeled through my healing art, with the profound shifts into new realms of my greatest joy service and how that is flowing through me core-passionately, the upcoming journey in Bimini, and integrating all aspects of my soul into the now, that this particular crystal friend was coming through to my assistance.

If you remember my posting about Andara Crystals before, they are unique crystals primarily composed of Prima Matra (first matter) that are used for healing and raising of consciousness, are self-clearing, and cannot carry negative energy within them or around them. Andaras are powerful Andarian Alchemy Masters from another world that have the ability to clear and energize all other people, animals, plants, and crystals in its environment. They are thought by some to be the highest vibrational crystals because they contain Prima Matra (which andaracombines 70 minerals).

In general, they support us to move multi-dimensionally through space and time, to increase our awareness and raise our vibrations to access universal knowledge and connect with beings from higher realms, to detoxify negativity and balance and cleanse the chakras, assist our ability for energy channeling, powerfully heal, and accelerate spiritual development, awareness and manifesting abilities. In addition, each unique Andara embodies specific properties that focus their energy and our work with them. They are translucent, luminescent glass-like crystals of beautiful transparent colors and share an energy simply not experienced from any other material. Their energy is an anchoring of bleed through connected to Mu/Lemuria and “other” multidimensional realms.

andaraThis particular “Rare Heart of Atlantis Elder Ancient Andara” you see pictured, had called to me immediately when I first came upon it. I discovered its powerful watery and spiraling emanation immediately, but it wasn’t until recently that its rainbows revealed themselves to me.

I loved what was shared about his energy that I found to be extremely accurate in working with him: The blueish-grey deep ocean color of this ancient and whimsical Andara takes you back to the time of Atlantis. The Heart of Atlantis Andara connects you to the angelic beings of the sea, the dolphins, whales, and other andaraoceanic beings of light and great love. This powerful Andara guides and protects the light within all beings. The Heart of Atlantis Andara’s are playful like the dolphins and love to change colors from blueish grey to a beautiful greenish grey color. A truly breathtaking and uplifting choice for anyone with a call for the water, ocean, and creatures of the sea. Elders activate, strengthen, and amplify and charge all other Andaras.

Needless to say, I am grateful to find myself being able to embrace all of the new energy waves of change in my life with peace and finding it beautiful to be able to ride them in much the way our cetacean friends do, gliding rather than treading the experiential waters. Seems a result of continuing to learn how to integrate more deeply yet gently, choosing differently, and honoring the truth that is in my heart. I can literally feel the liquid cool light essence moving in and around me at times, becoming unified with it, and I feel more myself than ever before.

In moments of reflection is when I can see how monumental frequency shifts have taken place that would be unrecognizable to “the old experiences” of each of us, as there is only the now moment.

Life may bring new challenges and interesting twists and turns, yet they don’t need to knock us off-kilter so harshly. And if they do, a little gentle embrace, some mindfulness, a lot less talk and a bit more walk, a little more presence, and a lot of compassion for self and others with true, core integrity and honor are helpful.

I love my Atlantean Andara and all of my crystal friends that join in my daily work towards enlivened and fearless living.

I also really love these two quotes and would like to leave you with these thoughts for today:

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence. ~ Barbara Marciniak

I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit. ~Dawna Markova

High Vibrational, Transformational, & Awakening Quartz Crystals – Five New Crystal Friends “Lighting Up” My Life


Angelic rainbow hexagon orb sunset that greeted me upon arriving home in Reno – reminds me of crystalline energy and their rainbow light body frequencies of illumination – click on photos to enlarge for detail

Crystals have been a prominent part of my life for years and even when I was a little girl (not having been exposed yet to “crystals”) I was always drawn to specific precious gemstones I had seen on others for their energy, as well as constantly collected Mother Earth’s treasures of stones, rocks, and natural crystals I would find in nature. The unique, emanating, hidden and sparkly beauty of the natural gifts of the Earth were tickly pleasures to my heart.

Today, I can happily say that crystals and stones are my dear friends and I know I’m not alone in that affirmation either. 😉

I go through energetic phases of what I’m drawn to that matches my current frequencies and supportive needs. I’ve had periods in my life when crystals were coming at me from all directions and I couldn’t act fast enough to bring them all in to heart and home. And there are the phases of particular crystals, small crystals, very large crystals, and families of particular crystals.

It was hard to quiet their chatter, as I was such a receptacle for receiving their messages. I had times I couldn’t shut out their calling to me. Times I couldn’t differentiate who really needed to come home and who just wanted to come home, as there IS a difference. And of course, as a crystal keeper and bridge worker, there were ones I was merely to foster until their rightful keeper would show up – in which case I would be the channel for their journeys onward.

Luckily, I have learned to make that distinction and to only open my energy fields to who I could best support, alongside their supporting me and others. I also learned when it was time to give heartfelt bittersweet goodbyes to dear friends, thank them, and release them on their way.

To block the energy of a crystal on a mission of service, is just as stifling and sad as doing so to ourselves and each other. I also get sad when certain crystals have sat in waiting and haven’t been utilized and worked with, as they so long to assist and be recognized for the valuable gifts they have to bring into our lives.


Rainbow hexagon orb sunset – Reno

Crystals are here as our loving companions – gifts of the Earth infused with the etheric and Cosmos – much as we have animal companions and dear friends and family of flesh and spirit. Everything is alive and emanates an energy frequency we can learn and grow from. Crystals are sages of time, past, present and future, all in the now.

For a long time no new friends were entering my life, as I had reached a state of wholeness energetically with the family that had come to me. So it was interesting to me when suddenly new friends had arrived, of course exactly mirroring of where I was now at, and equally loved how they were crystals I’d not previously known about (and in some cases were crystals I normally wasn’t drawn to). I love how new discoveries are constantly being made and there are so many surprises around each corner.

I had a small surge of new crystal friends come into my life over the last few months, as well as said goodbye to many that had been with me through thick and thin, now ready to assist others on transformational paths. Like the cycles of life, change is always a thing to embrace if you desire greater flow.

While I was away in Reno I had opportunity to visit one of my favorite crystal shops, Stone Age, with my generous coupon they sent me in hand (as I wouldn’t have gone otherwise at this time) for some birthday friend home-comings (my small pre-birthday gifts to myself). I felt that probably one new friend was awaiting me, but instead I was surprised with four and so inexpensively too! Indeed gifts await when we are ready.

Recently, I’ve been united with a family of 20 Andaras, received in love-filled gifts of gratitude. They have been powerfully transformative and I usually sleep with, and take one with me, each night and on certain outings. Where I had mostly been attracted to large crystals, I now discovered my resonation going back to only the ones I could hold and place in my pocket or a crystal pouch to work and meditate with at any given time, utilize in my sessions and classes (as I find holding one helps me to channel more flow and clarity – you’ll often see me lovingly rolling one in my hands during Reiki classes), and place under my pillow to sleep with.


Gorgeous rainbow orb sunset – Reno

So, I wondered what specific crystal energy would be calling to me on my visit to Nevada, as I never have any specific in mind. I just allow the energy to speak to my heart and soul. Interestingly, the four I was drawn to were all within the Quartz family, very close in size, and mirroring in their icy hue. At the same time, one of the crystals in the collection of friends I had acquired to pass along to others, had declared its wanting to stay with me as well. This made five (my favorite number) all closely resembling each other and all of very high vibrational energy perfect for my current focuses and this year of shifting reflections.

I wanted to share a little about each of their properties, as I find that crystals I am drawn to usually have resonance with others on similar paths and so it’s a way to familiarize with their energy, if you haven’t already, or would like to know more. Three of them are new to me and I didn’t find out about their properties until after I took them home. I only allowed myself to be drawn to whom ever was perfect.

I hope you enjoy some insights into these lovely beings. I have found them to be amazingly powerful and look forward to my continued journey with them.

Ice QuartzIce Quartz – also known as Nirvana Quartz, Lemurian Scalar Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, as well as Growth Interference Quartz (because they do not grow in a normal way):

This is a high-vibrational Quartz crystal from the Himalayas. So interesting that I was drawn to three crystals connected with the Himalayas (since that region and Tibet is my personal sacred journey destination this year)

I love this information from Healing Crystals for You:

Nirvana Quartz is a variety of quartz that was only discovered in 2006 when the Himalayan glaciers began to recede due to global warming.

This type of crystal is also known as ice quartz, as many of the pieces have strange shaped forms and resemble pieces of ice.

They are very high vibration crystals with strong metaphysical properties which help you to move towards that state that is known as enlightenment.

Using them may help your spiritual awakening, as they have a powerful crystal energy that is easily felt within the higher chakras… and in particular at the third eye, crown and soul star chakras… as well as at the heart and thymus chakras, and at the lower chakras, if you choose to use them there.

They have a pleasing vibration… that helps you to make a strong connection with the loving energy of the heart. They are excellent to use in meditation… to aid you to create a deeper spiritual connection… that will move your spiritual growth forward in a profound way.

The word Nirvana comes from the Buddhist religion, and relates to reaching a state where you are able to let go of those things that bind you in the perpetual state of living life after life. It may also relate to the desire to experience a state of bliss, when you have released karmic debts.

It is said at this time you reach a state of enlightenment… and achieve a new level of existence known as Nirvana.

These crystals lay under the glacial ice on the Himalayan mountains in northern India, until the ice melted and they were exposed for the first time in thousands of years.

Most of the Nirvana Quartz that are found in that area of the Himalayan mountains, are either clear, white or pink… but there are some Himalayan Ice Quartz crystals that have tinges of purple or green in the stones.

These crystals are unique in many ways, as they will help you to move to a state where you can more readily stop thinking when you are meditating… allowing you to embrace a state of complete inner silence. At this time you may become conscious of your ability to connect with the flow of the powerful spiritual energy of the Divine mind.

Ice Quartz

Ice Quartz – with rainbow inclusion – reminds me of the Andaras

Nirvana Quartz crystals help you to gain an awareness of your spiritual destiny, and aid you to confirm, trust and accept your soul self. This may help you to distinguish more clearly between reality and imagination… allowing you to discover whether what you experience, feel or believe, is really true… and to recognize if your beliefs are truth or wishful thinking.

It is believed that the appearance of these high crystal energy stones at this time in earths history, is no coincidence. This was part of the Divine plan to aid you to achieve your destiny. These crystals may have come to the attention of spiritual minded people, so that those of you who would like to work with them can discover your future potential… and the reason for your existence on the earth at this time.

These crystals are powerful to use to make contact with spirit… and the best and most powerful way to use Nirvana Quartz is definitely in a crystal meditation. These crystals are powerful to move you quickly and easily into a state of inner silence, perfect for quiet contemplation and connection with the spirit world.

These crystals may help you to make a very strong higher chakra connection. This can allow you to make contact with both the beings associated with the individual crystal that you are using… as well as with other beings in the higher realms. This crystal may be used alone or with other crystals, and either color of these crystals will connect to both the higher chakras, as well as to both the heart and thymus chakra.

It is powerful to use the clear Nirvana Quartz at your third eye chakra or crown chakra, and at the same time place one of the pink crystals at your higher heart chakra… also known as your thymus chakra or at your heart chakra.

This may clear the energy and create a powerful flow between the heart and the soul star chakra. This connection has been described as heart-brain synergy… and may lead to immense spiritual change.

One of the well known results from this is for powerful psychic visions to come through. You may find that your clairvoyant abilities may quickly begin to strengthen, and you may receive visionary messages more clearly.

These feelings of bliss and deep inner peace are a quite common result from using these lovely crystals, and this is clearly why they were named Nirvana Quartz.

This energy can also help you with developing intuition of a deeper and stronger nature…. as it has a quite intense action to bring intuitive messages to your attention. They are excellent stones to aid you with finding your spirit guide… as guides may more easily make themselves known to you… if that is what you want.

An interesting affect that you may find happen, is that after you have used them a few times, you will feel a movement of energy in your brain. When it happened to me, it felt similar to the action of Golden Herderite.. which opens up new channels in the brain. It is like an alertness to what is happening in the world, and it feels like you can perceive more of what is occurring around you.

More than most other stones, it is important that you must ground yourself after meditating with these stones. Often when you are ungrounded you can feel your head spin, but you may not… and can be blissfully unaware that you are not fully present on the earth plane.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz:

I actually have one other Tibetan Quartz (just a little over 2 1/2 times the size of this one), which is a staple in my daily life. I have found it to assist in channeling clearly and receiving through my third eye. I also often hold this crystal in while teaching Reiki classes.

Tibetan Quartz crystals have been found in Tibet and have been transported “on the back of a Yak in a sack” 😉 to the China border for distribution. They occur as both double terminated and singly terminated crystals in the clear quartz and smokey quartz compositions.

In addition to the qualities of composition, the Tibetan Quartz crystals have been used to promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the user.

They have also been used to facilitate fasting and abstinence from that which one chooses. In addition, healing and meditation have both been enhanced.

Wearing Tibetan Quartz has induced total centering of the self and has, when accessed, produced an energy conducive to channeling.

The crystal tends to contain and exude the very sacred and powerful “OM” vibration of the Universe, prompting the inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance and can radiate the energy and verity of the higher-self.

Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz – hard to capture but this one has delicate pastel rainbows and light emittance at that top

Kirlian photography has shown that, when cleansed, these crystals emanate the total spectrum of color and can hence be applied to all energy medians for stimulation and cleansing, as well as be used in the healing of all energy centers.

Tibetan Quartz provides protection and purification, and are perfect crystals for cleansing and sanctifying a healing or meditation room. They expand the aura, raising the vibrations such that the physical body can attune to and assimilate the full spectrum of light. Tibetan Quartz stimulates clairaudient abilities when placed over the third eye.

They can be used to stimulate healing of any dis-ease, as its function is to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. It is believed that physical dis-ease is a consequence of disharmony in the energies of the subtle body. Tibetan Quartz can assist when treating dis-ease of the nervous system.

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz:

Susan Sullivan of Howl at the Moon shares:

Seer Stones are Quartz that have been naturally tumbled in rivers. Depending on the area where they are found, they can also be in forms of Quartz like the Amethyst, Citrine, Rose, or Smokey varieties. Most that are found in the U.S. are Clear or the Rose Quartz varieties. These crystals are found in riverbeds, rounded by the water and etched on the outside, and a portion is sliced off to make a window. Seer Stones (Quartz) are created when river-washed crystals have a face cut off and polished so that you can see inside the crystal. The outside of these crystals look as if they have been sand blasted by the river.

Their appearance is a frosty white outside that may seem insignificant to an untrained eye walking a river bed. When they are cut and polished on one end, these faces or “windows” show their clear inside. The most wonderful specimens are coming from Brazil right now. They are found along the Ema River, they have become known as Ema Eggs. These are some of the clearest.

These crystals are good for scrying/gazing. Seer Stones allow access to the knowledge of ancient civilizations. You can also focus on a certain era and area to connect to this knowledge. These crystals allow you to remember what you were given to learn in this lifetime before you came into this body. It can also help you to see your soul’s pathway after “death”.

Being naturally tumbled in rivers seems to add a very earthy, warm energy to these stones. When held, you not only feel a great connection with the earth, they seem to offer a broader connection to the heavens as well. Using them during meditation is very enlightening. They seem to stimulate a remembering of ancient knowledge and remind you that you still have much to learn.

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz

Some interesting history: Historic accounts share that Joseph Smith used Seer Stones for much of the translation of the Book of Mormon. He described it as two stones set in a silver bow and fastened to a breastplate and referred to them as Urim and Thummim. One of his revelations describes the earth as becoming a Urim and Thummim to all those who live upon it when it is sanctified after the last judgment. A white stone will be given to the faithful which will function as a Urim and Thummim to each individual that receives it.

The term Urim and Thummim does not always refer to one specific instrument it seems. Apparently it can be the name given to different objects, but each seem to accomplish the same purpose. The names in Hebrew mean “lights and perfections.” The plural nature of both words had led some Biblical scholars to believe that Urim and Thummim refer to the “process” of divination rather than an object. The use of the word in Mormonism though seems to be singular and indicates a device through which revelation is received.

Melody, in her book “Love is in the Earth,” is of the opinion that when used for gazing, they provide access to sacred text of the ancients. There are references to Seer Stones in the old and new testaments in the Christian bible as well.

Seer Quartz

Seer Quartz

Susan Sullivan on Seer Stones: “It would seem to me that the use of stones in this manner has been occurring for a very long time and has been accepted across all spiritual paths. While the messages seem to be interpreted in many ways, there seems to be a common spiritual connection. For myself, I have now learned to listen when the stones speak. There are many times the message makes no sense to me but has been enlightening to the person I pass the stone and message along to.”

Rainbow AnandaliteRainbow Anandalite Quartz from India – New Stone of Transformation and Awakening (Also called Aurora Quartz or Iris Quartz):

Anandalite is a healing stone with a frequency that connects to all of the chakras. It stimulates and activates the entire chakra column, allowing the awakening of the Kundalini energies. Their vibrational frequency helps to activate your “light” body and stimulate your energy fields. It opens the third and crown chakras to help you tune in to your true nature, as well as allows you to feel connected to the group collective consciousness of the Universe. Anandalite energy acts on the heart chakra to produce emotional release that brings about feelings of divine joy and bliss.

Rainbow Anandalite

Rainbow Anandalite – this one looks like a flower and has tiny rainbows all over that are hard to capture in photo

Robert Simmons shares: The stone known as Anandalite is without doubt one of the most amazing and powerful stones to emerge in the past decade. The word Ananda means Divine bliss, and this stone certainly lives up to its name!

Anandalite is a variety of Quartz found in central India. It occurs as clusters of small points arising from grayish chalcedony base. The points vary from carpets of tiny sparkling druzy crystals to clusters of points up to 1/2 inch long. Most of these clusters are white, grayish, or colorless. A small percentage of these, known as Rainbow Anandalite, display iridescent reflections of multiple colors from just under the surfaces of its crystal points. The colors range from green, blue and violet, to yellow, red and orange. They are not the same as the “fracture rainbows” we are used to seeing in Quartz and other crystals. These colors flash in ways similar to those we see in Angel Aura coated crystals, but reliable Indian suppliers have assured us that the colors of Rainbow Anandalite quartz are completely natural.

Rainbow AnandaliteShell Alys Anwyn of Solstice Stones shares: Anandalite is a very special luminescent variety of druzy quartz, displaying beautiful spectral colours across its surfaces.  Its opalescence is suggestive of the rainbow sheens seen on lab-made “Angel Aura” quartz, however in Anandalite, the effect is entirely natural and subtly emanates from deep within the crystal.  This adularescence is caused by light refraction across thin lamellae with trace inclusions of titanium (not rhodium, as previously suggested).  Holding the crystal, one can easily see the magnificent iridescent play of colors under the light. These lovely crystals form as clusters, stalactites, and rosettes in basalt, and are a new find from Maharashtra, India.

Anandalite is a stone of deep peace and spiritual awakening.  It works with and aligns all of the chakras, bringing the body’s subtle energy systems into a balanced and harmonious state.  It lifts heaviness and distress from the aura, clearing energies which manifest in the emotions as depression and anxiety.  Anandalite has a calming and centering effect, and provides a gentle reassurance during times of upheaval.  Warming and firey, Anandalite stimulates artistic expression and dissolves fear blockages that inhibit creative growth.  Past-life memories are awakened, lending awareness to soul-purpose and a greater sense of the Self.  It is felt that Anandalite gently initiates the activation of kundalini energy, illuminating the path of one’s spiritual development.

apophylliteApophyllite: (The crystal that wanted to stay with me)

It’s presence in a room enhances the energies as it is a powerful vibrational transmitter. It enhances clear sight, stimulating intuition. This is a stone of truth, bringing recognition of one’s true self. It reduces stress and releases mental blockages and negative thought patterns. It overcomes anxiety, worries, and fears. Facilitates out-of-body journeys and spiritual vision. Best stone to assist in Reiki healing by taking client into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness. Good for respiratory system and asthma attacks. Neutralizes allergies and promotes the regeneration of mucus membranes and the skin. It rejuvenates the eyes.

Love and Light Reiki shares: Apophyllite is in the zeolite family, and is typically either clear or green in color. It is connected with the crown and third eye chakras but it can assist with other chakras too. When placed on the heart chakra for instance, it creates a profound sense of well being. When used in the crown and third eye chakra it helps to open those chakras and bring in a connected state of being.

Apophyllite is an excellent Reiki stone because it takes the client into deeper receptive states and moved the healers ego aside so transmission of energy is pure.

Apophyllite is an attunement stone, it creates a conscious connection between the physical form & spiritual realm. Apophyllite is an excellent meditation tool that will help with perceiving the connection of all things in creation, as well as your role in balancing the earth’s energies.

In meditation with Apophyllite, focus on entering the stone itself. Once you get in the stone, you can travel in all directions of past, present and future lives and knowledge.

Apophyllite has been used in astral travel and assists in providing a clear and definitive connection to the physical body during astral travel. This is one of the stones that allows one to remain fully conscious while astrally traveling and helps one with reading the akashic records, past life experiences and exchanging communication with the spirit realms.

Apophyllite clears ones vision and psychic abilities. It can enhance the clarity of remote viewing and connection with other dimensional beings. Aside from other spiritual beings Apophyllite is an excellent stone for used in a healing
sessions where spiritual understanding is necessary in order to recover from physical imbalance.

Apophyllite is also helpful for those that have seemed to lost their way in the light and need an extra boost to find their ways back. It can assist one with courage and purpose to find their way back.

Releasing, Mourning, and Transmutation – Seeing Change with the Heart

I, and many others, have written so much about the powerfully transformative experiences we are having and how the intensities for many is increasing as we near closure of 2012. I feel it, experience it, hear it from friends, from my clients, and from fellow healers and light workers who are constantly supporting clients with amped up challenges.

It’s happening. The shifts are now and we always have a choice in how to embrace them. Having just spent time with one of the beautiful people that will be joining us in Bimini for 12/21/12, again the messages were reiterated through the mirror of her sharing.

The new is already here. A new reality is alive and the experiences are that of getting all of your pieces on board fully and walking through the doorways in wholeness.

Some will choose to. Some will choose not to. And some will choose to be in other forms in order to assist, which may include leaving the Earth plane altogether. All of this is in divine order and perfection.

This year has been huge in many ways for everyone. And these last few months have taken all of the year and upped it to the 10th degree in terms of experiences. It can be both heavy and light all at once. The ebbs and flows exist simultaneously. There are some already experiencing the magick, some seeing the potential magick and continuing to trust the process, and some just opening their eyes, and some yet to. All are honored and respected for the choice to be here at this pivotal time, as each is integral to the journey.

For myself, the last few months have been very interesting and telling. I continue to follow my intuitive guidance with each choice I make and being led down new roads. I’ve watched even physical transformations take place in how I am morphing in look and just recently literally dropped several pounds, which for someone small already and not trying, is indicative of old energy releasing.

Before, I was needing more grounding to balance out and now, having been integrating for a while, I’ve intuitively been led to stay as light and clear as possible in general, for the upcoming trip I am facilitating, and the reality I am creating. My powerful Andara friends have been assisting daily, as have many of my otherworldly friends I’m grateful for.

Any remnants of old are being faced and released on all levels and I am not entertaining any of it except to integrate it when it shows up. It becomes clear where the challenging areas are, by which things move out quicker than others and which pattern round again to ensure I heal and release them. It’s all in perfection, nonetheless. If you can keep mindful and present, and catch the ways you hide from yourself, this will be of benefit. And I feel that what I heart-fully choose to be personally responsible for in my own life not only gifts me, but gifts the collective.

That energy of responsible co-creation is so meaningful to me. It is the fabric of my life and as the quote by Dan Millman shares:

“Responsibility is a grace you give yourself not an obligation.”

We are each in process of rebirth in our own ways. Like a caterpillar to butterfly or a phoenix from the ashes. Sometimes this means a symbolic death and in some cases, transformation can mean a literal physical death, which can present heavier challenges to understand right now alongside all the rest you may be going through. In either case, a cycling of death and rebirth, as we move from old to new is happening, relative to each.

This is a major time of releasing, mourning, and transmutation. In the darkness, yes the light undeniably coexists.

So many souls are choosing to transition during this time, both human and animal. Just in the last two days, two of my clients I was assisting, back-to-back, were going through this – the physical loss of a dear one in their lives. It is an intense time and souls are choosing where to be as things transform here on Earth.

Our minds can grasp why this may be, but our emotional attachments can be challenged to wrap around it. It is when we can feel with the Universal heart that the healing integrates. Being human definitely carries with it the very depth and spectrum of feelings and it can be hard to remember the source of all that you are when experiencing something painful.

You are not alone in feeling the depth of the changes taking place on a collective level right now. We all have been going through challenges and experienced loss and significant transformation. And each of you is learning to courageously face and embrace what is coming through and I honor you for that.

When the transformations take form in a physical death, the souls choosing this experience are freed to move on to more expansive journeys. But this leaves friends and family trying to piece together torn hearts. Being human can be such a beautiful and joyful experience, yet simultaneously so very painful. It is this full spectrum of experience we are capable of feeling that can either be a curse or a blessing, hinging on a simple change of perspective.

While the mind and spirit find more ease in understanding why things happen, the old ways of our emotions have not the luxury of such logic. Our hearts are transforming into higher heart experiences that can feel unconditionally. Yet, human emotions take time to make sense of it all and should be given the honor of their natural unfolding to do so, free of judgment that binds us to our suffering. And judge not judgment, as it is an opportunity for allowance. We have the power to choose our way of experiencing and in taking ownership of our suffering, we are led to peace and joy.

Human “Being” is a state of experience that is ever complex with duality, but was also meant to be a gift of harmonious union between physical and spiritual, which allows us the ability to experience and create in amazing ways. We as humans are gifted the opportunity of unlimited expansiveness and by design are extremely sophisticated, refined, and highly developed consciousness potentials waiting to blossom. And this IS your time to blossom.

Yet, for a long time we have chosen only to live a fraction of that potential, unaware of what lies just on the other side of that wall we either hid behind or straddled. What is the fear? Perhaps it is a fear of the promise of joy and what that could mean. This fear is a powerful thing that when chosen, surrenders your power to choose, as it can take over your life like a dis-ease.

We fear our own humanness, the very thing that is so beautifully powerful, and what it would do if unleashed. Fear creates the separation and hinders your ability to see other perspectives that could instantly disintegrate it. Our true hearts will never steer us wrong and reality can transform miraculously if we live in, and choose from, them always. We then come to understand the limitless choices of experience and continuity of life, beyond duality that lives with us from this state of being.

From our fragmented perspective, we fear death and endings as permanent and final. Like a door brutally slammed on our hearts, just as we were learning to open them. The secret here is that while a closed door might, in the realm of conditioned thought, mean the end to something and a desire to give up and never try again, the opposite is also true and might simply mean that a circle of life has completed a revolution and is about to pick up momentum for the next more expansive spiral of experience. The choice is yours.

Every pain has both the ability to sour us for life, or to sweeten the journey. The deeper we allow ourselves to explore the realms of watery abyss, the more beautifully we learn to swim with the grace and flow of our cetacean friends, through the turning tides of life.

Every coin has two sides and these two sides are part of the same coin. Yin and Yang are complete opposites, yet are integral to Oneness. One creates the possibility for the other and therefore, is not a separate experience. Together, they are grace in perfection; a feeling without words that is the expansive totality of consciousness “being” the essence of unconditional love.

Therefore, to know your pain is to know your joy. And in order to truly know the depths of joy, sometimes you will choose to walk in the shoes of pain, until the experience becomes a perfect fusion. The beauty is that the length of each season is determined solely by the perspective you embrace, until the season integrates into one cycle.

I have experienced the greatest loss in my life. That of my twin soul, Nestor, whom I’ve written about before. And in losing her, I actually truly discovered her and myself, and she is with me more now than she ever was. It was an instance of total surrender and vulnerability and like experiencing all stages of birth and death at the same time; coming to know the perfection and beauty of eternal creation and love.

We don’t have to say goodbye when we come to embrace how expansive we really are and can see beyond one single focus trapped in time.

magicThis is part of the new reality we are creating. Where magick, synchronicity, synergy, connection, and heart knowing is a constant experience. This shift helps us to realize that the timeless love we feel and share is perpetuated in the life force energy that runs through every experience we have, every encounter, and in everything tangible and intangible. When we see through different eyes, everything changes.

And the gateways approaching can only be seen with the heart. These are the different eyes I speak of.

Loss is always challenging when someone is in your heart so deeply. Whether that means a physical death or simply dear people leaving your life, as you each move on to new experiences that benefit both. Yet, in time, we can grow from the experiences and create new processes of how to move with greater ease and grace through life by embracing our new perspectives.

When we try to hold on to something or someone, all we do is hurt ourselves and stop the promise of new seeds to blossom. Our loved ones do not want us to live in darkness. They leave in order to assist our moving into our greatness and will be there every step of the way. That is the way of the collective heart. Everything for the benefit of the greatest good.

If you have been faced with loss of any kind, please do take gentle nurturing time to honor the natural mourning and healing, as that is important. The last memory may never leave altogether, but the way in which we view/feel it CAN.

I’ve come to see that many times physical loss, such as soul transitions, takes place at pivotal shifts and deeply transformative times in our lives. There is a web of life and magically supportive gifts within each experience for our perspectives to embrace. And within shifting perspectives, the opportunity for powerful soul growth.

It’s like that moment a butterfly emerges from the cocoon, discovering its chrysalis form has taken flight. It does not mourn the loss of its caterpillar self, but embraces the joy of this new and expansive creation it has become. Not a death; merely a transformation. A simple change of perspective.

My heart goes out to each and everyone of you choosing to be here right now and so bravely walking through the depths of change in your life. Releasing that which no longer serves you will benefit you greatly. Nurturing yourself and allowing the mourning process of  all that is transitioning in your life to move through you with grace and honor will bring you peace.

Surround yourself with support if you are feeling challenged. Keep trusting and believing despite how dark things get. Love with all of your heart. Transmutation of your very existence is at hand. This is not little stuff. You are not alone. We are in this together.

“If we are alive, we cannot escape loss. Loss is a part of real life…So you try to hold the moment quite still and not let it move on and show itself. Today might be tough for you. You might not want the next moment to show itself, to reveal the twists and turns of life’s mystery. But at least you have it. You still have life. A choice as to how you will live this precious day. Don’t wish it away. Don’t waste it. For the love of all that’s holy, redeem one hour. Hold it close. Cherish it. Above all, be grateful for it. Let your thanksgiving rise above the din of disappointment – opportunities lost, mistakes made, the clamor of all that has not yet come. And if today is so horrendous that the gift doesn’t seem worth acknowledging; if you can’t find one moment to enjoy, one simple pleasure to savor, one friend to call, one person to love, one thing to share, one smile to offer; if life is so difficult you don’t want to bother living it to the fullest, then don’t live today for yourself. Live it for others you love or for those that have lost in ways similar or greater than you.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

It is not the body, nor the personality that is the true self.
The true self is eternal. Even on the point of death we can
say to ourselves, “my true self is free. I cannot be contained.”
-Marcus Aurelius
Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.
Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade,
But do not be disheartened,
The source they come from is eternal, growing,
Branching out, giving new life and new joy.
Why do you weep?
The source is within you
And this whole world is springing up from it.

My Full Moon Evening of Connection

The Full Moon this evening outside my house

This is just a short  post of gratitude and connection to follow up on my earlier post that shared the energies of today. I hope that each of you have experienced an empowering and sacred communion on this Full Moon. I, myself, am feeling increasingly connected to the collective, as I return from my time in ritual.

I had a most beautiful sacred ceremony gazing at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this evening as I released, seeded, and deepened my commitments and sacred responsibilities. I did this in tandem with many others at a specific time that had been chosen.

As I stepped outside I found that it had rained a bit and the sky was completely cloud covered. The Moon had been hidden, but when I emerged to greet her, the clouds started to reveal her beauty to me. Then, after my initial connecting, covered her once again. It was a beautiful acknowledgment in divine timing.

Accompanied by my giant cosmic blue Andara Mother God channeling crystal, I was guided to have join, and an enchanting cricket friend who came to assist (staying the entire time a couple of inches from my foot in silence) I’d say it was a magickal and sacred experience. Crickets are good luck symbols, protective icons, and also representations of rebirth.

What culminated was an anchoring of what is innately seeded inside and as tears of love came forth, my heart was one with all.

I am grateful in more ways than I can share for what unfolded and what I feel to come.

Magickal blessings to each of you.

From Grenada to Bimini – Anchoring the Energy for Our Upcoming 12/21/12 Retreat

I will be away on vacation on the small island of Grenada (also known as the “Isle of Spice” and home to The Grenada Chocolate Company that creates organic, vegan dark chocolate 🙂 ) in the Southeastern Caribbean (just 12 degrees north of the equator and northeast of Venezuela) from Sunday 11/4 until Monday 11/12.

Grenada is considered a place to be, not a place to do, even though it is a tropical island with all the usual land and sea activities and day and nightlife. So if you have anything time-sensitive to contact me about, including signing up for the upcoming Bimini journey, please do so before I leave, as I will not have email access while away and intend to retreat from things even if I did. Otherwise, you can send a message, but please understand I will only be able to respond to anything received while away, after the 12th of November. Be assured I will answer all questions and messages promptly at that time.

Never having been to the island of Grenada (at least this life cycle), I believe it is not arbitrary to have been led to it now. The timing of this journey seems synchronously aligned with my personal, and the collective, energetic landscape, and as always, I know that where I am guided to be has a reason. I am excited to see what unfolds energetically and have been guided to take my group of 7 Andara Crystals along to work with while there to help anchor in the energy.

In part, I feel that this trip is in preparation for the upcoming Bimini retreat in December, being that Grenada lies Southeast of Bimini, Bahamas in the Atlantean energy region of the Caribbean. Seems I’m being called to this area to give and receive toward the energy we will be working with, come our journey 12/16 – 12/21. And of course, I can also sense some personal meanings it will support as well.

I find it no coincidence I’ve been receiving and being led to more information about the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini and the significance and impact of the upcoming journey on all those being called to it and for the collective. This energy vortex, where all time stops, is considered one of the most powerful vortexes with the presence of one of the most powerful crystal chambers on Earth.

I stumbled upon this cool little historical tid-bit on a Wikipedia about the Spanish Andalusian composer, Manuel de Falla (one of Spain’s most important musicians of the first half of the 20th century) that shared about his living and composing in Granada from 1921 to 1939. What I found particularly of interest was that while living here he started and completed what he considered to be the most important of all his works, although future generations have not agreed. This large-scale orchestral cantata was titled Atlantida (Atlantis), based on the Catalan text L’Atlantida by Jacint Verdaguer. It shares a mythological account of how the Atlantic ocean was created by the submersion of Atlantis, which separated Spain and Latin America in the process, but recounts how the Spanish discovery of America reunited what was always meant to be connected. The Granada/Grenada connection and the “Atlantida” composition, was a magickal little alignment that spoke to me.

A very cool little nudge and synchronicity for my upcoming trip. Being that I’ve spent extra time attending classical venues, listening to my classical and healing music cds, and sensing more about the ways I’ve impactfully utilized sound healing in this life and others, I feel my journey while in Grenada will incorporate and tap more into this aspect of my life and potentially may reveal inklings I’ve had toward providing in Bimini. We will see.

Needless to say, without going into greater detail, I am grateful for this upcoming trip to Grenada and what it has in store, as well as am heart-ecstatic for the journey that will follow in Bimini, to be shared with the group joining.

With only slightly over 6 weeks until we embark on our magical journey in Bimini, this is the perfect time to feel into your own heart and answer what ever voices are calling you. I know for myself, I have found that there is always a way to manifest what my heart shares as its desires. Things that are meant to be, guided by your Higher Self, aligned with the Divine, and supported with courageous trust, do come to be. I am following this trust implicitly right now on many things I, myself, am feeling guided to do.

There are other powerful spots across the globe as well and many will be led to where and what is right for them as we end this year and approach the 12/21 energies. Whether you feel drawn to Bimini with us, other places, or are feeling the need to create your own sacred journey within, I hope you will honor the messages you receive and follow the guidance of your Higher Self’s knowing of what is in your highest good always.

If you haven’t explored the upcoming Bimini retreat details, or if you would like to again, you can do so here: What You Can Look Forward To Experiencing – The Magic Of Bimini 12/21/12.

This will be a journey of the heart supported by Reiki, communion with wild dolphins, yoga, vegan raw or cooked foods, meditation, and loving new friends and family – an empowering opportunity to connect within, with others, and to support a global energy shift.

Space is limited, so if you are feeling called, contact me at with any questions and to secure your spot with a deposit. 

Together we can help transform our beautiful Earth into a radiant star.

Shift Your Frequency with Monatomic Andara Crystals

Luminescent Yellow Andara Crystal

Being that I am so connected with crystals, they always seem to find their way into my life and always in perfectly synchronous and aligned timing. There are so many variations of crystals and stones so it can constantly be a fun discovery when one I haven’t in this life worked with yet, shows up on my radar and wanders into my experience. There are several I gravitate towards in general, but I have recently been led to work with new crystals that, on a soul level, are so familiar even if seemingly new to this life so far.

I keep noticing how the shifts I am making and experiencing, keep calling for different energies. So to me, it makes sense that I would gravitate toward crystals with energy that aligns with this and can aid taking me the next leg of the journey.

I also move my crystals around in my environment so I can shift the Feng Shui and have those daily working with me, be right beside me. And of course, in waves,  there are those that at times are ready to move on.

The most recent crystals that have come to work with me (almost solely) are the Monatomic Andara Crystals. Everything in its divine timing, as their arrival is definitely aligned to have them in my current experience now, rather than before. I like to work with crystals personally before sharing about their energy, as I feel it important to relay first-hand experience.

These very special and powerful healing crystals arrive to us in a rainbow spectrum of gorgeous colors that each share very unique metaphysical properties, which access very high frequencies of light energy.

The following is a summary of information that is widely known about them and what I’ve recently come to learn. Andaras were originally found in the U.S. by Lady Nellie, a 90-year-old half Choctaw Indian medicine woman and shaman in 1967. These Monatomic Andara Crystal Glass come from one of the Earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Nevadas of northern California. (I loved learning this since I lived at Lake Tahoe and Reno for 4 years, which lies in the northern Sierra Nevada region and always felt such a strong tie there because of the energies it has). Another known place is in South Africa. Scientific testing of the soil in the location where they were found has confirmed it to be high in monatomic metallic elements.

These single atom metal elements behave unusually in comparison to normal metals, as in their powder weighing less, their atomic electron spin rate being higher, and highly specialized equipment being needed to even test them.

Solar Fire Monatomic Andara Crystal (red with yellow and orange inclusions)

Andaras are created by the natural heating of their elements – they are primarily composed of Prima Matra (first matter), monatomic metallic elements found in Etherium powders – to extremely high temperatures that transmute to produce a glass-like material. Monatomic elements have been confirmed with such properties as being able to pass their vibrational energy to other objects, being first-matter elements, and being used over the years for healing and raising of consciousness, to name a few.

The Prima Matra is the result of combining an inter-dimensional implosion taking place billions of year ago with natural factors such as heat and pressure later. This resulted in the crystal glass with enhanced properties of its Etherium Powders that resonates at the same proven frequency as the original Prima Matra.

Andara Crystals are known as one of the master crystals with healing vibrations that are from another world. They are thought by some to be the highest vibrational crystals because they contain Prima Matra (which combines 70 minerals). In general, they support us to move multi-dimensionally through space and time, to increase our awareness and raise our vibrations to access universal knowledge and connect with beings from higher realms, to detoxify negativity and balance and cleanse the chakras, assist our ability for energy channeling, powerfully heal, and accelerate spiritual development, awareness and manifesting abilities. In addition, each unique Andara embodies specific properties that focus their energy and our work with them. They are translucent, luminescent glass-like crystals of beautiful transparent colors and share an energy simply not experienced from any other material. Their energy is an anchoring of bleed through connected to Mu/Lemuria and “other” multidimensional realms.

I’m still discovering these amazing Andaras, but can say that from the moment one was in my hand producing chills, everything has shifted into another frequency and with great speed into a new experience of direct access aligned with my intentions and the Earth experience acceleration. I daily work with them, take them with me on hikes, sleep with them under my pillow and find them to be simply stunning in every way. I know that many others have been working with them for quite some time and more people are becoming aware of their powerful energy and feeling drawn to them right now too. They are definitely part of the new energy we are creating and will call to those ready to work with them, as crystals do! I can’t say enough about them and am grateful to have been guided to these amazing beings. I definitely recognize them as long lost friends.

The two shared here, are a couple of mine. I will post more photos soon, as I continue to work with the lovely group of 7 I have. If you are drawn to these crystalline beings, make sure to get them from a true source. Use your intuition and let your heart guide you, as to which are meant to work with you. They can definitely support all of shifts you are experiencing and would like to experience.

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