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My Full Moon Evening of Connection

The Full Moon this evening outside my house

This is just a short  post of gratitude and connection to follow up on my earlier post that shared the energies of today. I hope that each of you have experienced an empowering and sacred communion on this Full Moon. I, myself, am feeling increasingly connected to the collective, as I return from my time in ritual.

I had a most beautiful sacred ceremony gazing at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this evening as I released, seeded, and deepened my commitments and sacred responsibilities. I did this in tandem with many others at a specific time that had been chosen.

As I stepped outside I found that it had rained a bit and the sky was completely cloud covered. The Moon had been hidden, but when I emerged to greet her, the clouds started to reveal her beauty to me. Then, after my initial connecting, covered her once again. It was a beautiful acknowledgment in divine timing.

Accompanied by my giant cosmic blue Andara Mother God channeling crystal, I was guided to have join, and an enchanting cricket friend who came to assist (staying the entire time a couple of inches from my foot in silence) I’d say it was a magickal and sacred experience. Crickets are good luck symbols, protective icons, and also representations of rebirth.

What culminated was an anchoring of what is innately seeded inside and as tears of love came forth, my heart was one with all.

I am grateful in more ways than I can share for what unfolded and what I feel to come.

Magickal blessings to each of you.

11/28/12 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – Creating a New Story of Responsible Cooperation

Gemini Full Moon image from – artist unknown

Yes, another Full Moon we have arrived at and it is the 2nd to last of the year, before December 28th’s Full Moon puts closure to 2012.

Full Moons are significant times to get connected and be conscious of the subtle messages you receive. It can also be a heightened time of emotions, healing, and passion, helping to bright to light emotional wounds and how best you can express, follow, and release them. This is a perfect time to do a sacred ritual of intents, wishes, healing, and letting go of self-sabotaging behaviors, old habits and limiting beliefs that you then release (perhaps literally writing down and burning) that you desire help in transmuting. I know I’ll be creating a special little ceremony myself. Hope you will join, as this is a time for the personal and collective to be synchronized and anchored in responsibly, more than ever.

The Lunar Eclipse can bring added sensitivity especially related to the collective consciousness. This Full Moon is supportive for creating shifts in consciousness, using your higher mind and tapping into your higher self.

I always love Mystic Mamma’s Full Moon cornucopias of insightful astrological sharings from some of the best readers. You can read the full post here:

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini November 28th, 2012

Here are some of the highlights from that Full Moon Lunar Eclipse post:

The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now.
What activities earth you the most?
eclipses mark points where choices make a difference
we get to see how far we’ve come in our personal task of transforming our mind
How much light shines out will depend on each of us.
choose the story without the tragedy
a new story of responsibility and cooperation.
It is time to open our hearts to our heart’s desire!  It will lead us to our destiny.
stay open to other realities and other ways of knowing, such as the feminine, empathic, instinctual knowledge that our society has tried to ignore and make irrelevant
create a ritual of releasing
The emphasis here being on the elimination and transformation of inherent qualities in the outmoded structure.
dip into the depths of our beings
a return to that which we are that does not change.
Something that was just shy of your awareness will reveal itself. It is looking for you to become aware and then to transform it rather than distracting yourself away from it.
transcend duality and rise higher onto the Soul-level awareness
so much creativity exists.

Wishing everyone a powerfully transformative and magickal Full Moon!

Another Power Full Moon! – Time for Self-Transcendence

Every day is opportunity to embrace the energetic influences to new experiences, by choice. And a lot of opportunity is abound, if we are present and responsible with how we live through our hearts. A new way of living is available, as we shift our hearts and minds, release fear and the trivial, and focus on meaningful acts of Love for Self and Others towards a Unified Higher Good.

Today’s July 3rd Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn is a power-packed Moon, with the Full Moon Conjunct Pluto.

I thought I’d share the astrological insights for you to individually explore, found here:

The Full Moon of Cancer-Capricorn 2012 Pt. 1 – Time For Self-Transcendence!

by Robert Wilkinson

The stand out points to me were these:

So the illumination available via this Full Moon is through how flexible we can be when confronted with issues requiring strength of will or strength of character. We may be required to persistently plunge ahead into our lives in some way, and thereby be freed from “soft illusions.”

Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, says this is a degree of our “belief in (our) inherent supremacy over all other orders of nature” through our “normal confidence in (our) ability to deal with every eventuality of day-by-day activity and relationship.” He states that “any individual must rule his environment or surrender his own potentialities forever.”

He states that this is a degree where “practicality (is) brought to the point of ruthlessness.” He offers the keyword DETERMINATION. He states that when operating positively, the degree is an “exceptional steadiness and a high sense of self-responsibility in every issue of the moment.”

The Lunar degree symbol for the 13th degree of Capricorn is “A fire worshiper.” Rudhyar says this is a degree of “Firm establishment upon immemorial principles,” “consciousness of absolute unity,” “Depth of Soul penetration,” and “Self conquest.”

In the Astrological Mandala, he goes on to say that this degree is about “the subjective quest for ultimates beyond the interplay of life and death processes,” where we confront an “adventure in consciousness.” This is where we explore the mysteries of life and transformation through meditational techniques that could help us “to a stage beyond life itself.”

He asks us “Are we ready to demonstrate (our) will to transcendence?” He says this degree falls in the Span of Illusiveness, Act of Capitalization, and Scene of Crystallization on the Individual-Mental level.

Dr. Jones says this is a degree of our “inner strength through (our) realization of an inviolable tie with the creative power of the universe itself, dramatized by (our) continual outreach to the divine in a spiritualizing of (our) aspiration and a dedication of (our) talents and possessions to the over-all reality.” Here we know we must “demonstrate (our) ultimate independence of (our) circumstances or else surrender (our) own potentialities forever.”

He states “Here is ideality brought to the point of miracle.” He offers us the keyword MAGIC. He states that when operating in a positive manner, this degree “extraordinary skill in enlisting every resource of the world for the exaltation fo self and the consummation of its ambitions.”

From these symbols it seems we can see the light of seeing the need to be strong yet flexible as we plunge into life’s possibilities, and synthesize our humor and objectivity to see the deeper meaning in life’s events and experiences. These can express as forms of self-transcendence through connecting with “the creative power of the universe” and how we dedicate our talents and possessions to a greater sense of potential that demonstrates our independence in achieving our ambitions through forms of magic and skill.

For now, enjoy seeing how to mobilize your will and skill to utilize your capacity for self-transcendence and embrace a greater potential. Here we can even transcend our old personality strengths and habits, and embrace a new day dawning even if others don’t yet see it.

This is a great time to explore different perspectives regarding things we’ve suppressed before now, and overall productivity will be sky high in many life areas. There are so many favorable sextiles, quintiles, and trines that this should be a very harmonious period with a lot of harmony and stability within productive changing conditions.

And here is a very thorough, interesting and easy to understand article by Margaret Gray, British Astrologer, who shares insights into the Uranus/Pluto square and the Chiron/Neptune conjunction with some helpful suggestions at the end to co-create with the energy of these current transits and the impacts they may have on an individual level:

Prometheus Unbound Meets Hades Bound! ~ A Cosmological Drama in 7 Acts 


Once in a Blue Moon – Could This Be Your Heart Calling Trip of a Lifetime?

Me flying under the 5-5-5 Super Full Moon – photo courtesy of Allison Jacobson

In my last post I shared my upcoming retreat offering for August 2012, Empower Your Heart, Transform Your Life Bimini Retreat – Healing from the Inside Out with Reiki, Raw Food and Wild Dolphin Communion, and all the exciting details. This trip will be taking place August 19-24th, 2012. But actually commencing August 18th since it is recommended to arrive the night before in Ft. Lauderdale before embarking to Bimini early the next morning of the 19th.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about the energy surrounding and supporting the journey to give you another aspect to reflect your heart upon.

The term “Blue Moon” can refer to the 2nd Full Moon in a given month. So, when people say “once in a blue moon” they are speaking about the rarity of the occurrence of a 2nd moon happening in the same given month. August 2012 is one such unique month because it will feature not 1, but 2 Full Moons! The only month of the year like this, but also a very rare occurrence in any given year.

Me under the 5-5-5 Super Full Moon – photo courtesy of Allison Jacobson

So there is a lot of powerful Moon energy surrounding August. Being one that is very connected to the Moon, when I discovered this just today, along with a bunch of nudges received previously, it’s no wonder I was guided to embrace this month, and these available days, for the retreat offered.

The week’s retreat lies not only between both Full Moons (8/2 and 8/31) of the month, but between the energy of August 17th’s New Moon and August 31st’s Full Moon with August 24th on the First Quarter Moon itself.

Me again flying with the Full Moon on our Super Full Moon 5-5-5 hike – photo courtesy of Allison Jacobson

New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud, set intentions, and create a vision. This is a time to begin new projects, new ventures, initiate contracts, make important phone calls, write up a proposal, or do anything that requires a starting point – a time to visualize where you are headed both spiritually and emotionally. A New Moon in any area of your life urges you to focus on issues that require your input. It is a time for planting new seeds of growth – a time of new beginnings and new directions.

First Quarter Moons are for using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling the vision. So it’s the energy of “taking action.” This is a time that the Universe sends you the power to “just do it.” Functioning with trust and knowing will empower you during this phase. Fearlessly drop all hesitation and move forward.

Full Moons are for releasing out to spirit your intentions, taking action, celebrating the fruit of your efforts, and for bringing manifestation of, or progress toward your goal. This is the time your efforts will bear fruit and come to completion. Full moons close chapters and often bring a sense of finality to your life so you can have a fresh start with closure. The energy of the Full Moon is like a little vacation before the harvest.

The effects of a New Moon are shown in outward changes whereas the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward.

We will be catching the wave of this cycle and the valuable gifts you receive during this retreat can be instrumental for what you set forth with intention, at onset of embarking on your journey, and would like to manifest upon conclusion and returning home.

I know many of you are connected to the Moon’s energy, as I am, so I will let you explore these energies and influences yourself to find your own personal significance in relation to the energy of this month and/or the journey that may be calling you.

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