11/28/12 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – Creating a New Story of Responsible Cooperation

Gemini Full Moon image from MysticMamma.com – artist unknown

Yes, another Full Moon we have arrived at and it is the 2nd to last of the year, before December 28th’s Full Moon puts closure to 2012.

Full Moons are significant times to get connected and be conscious of the subtle messages you receive. It can also be a heightened time of emotions, healing, and passion, helping to bright to light emotional wounds and how best you can express, follow, and release them. This is a perfect time to do a sacred ritual of intents, wishes, healing, and letting go of self-sabotaging behaviors, old habits and limiting beliefs that you then release (perhaps literally writing down and burning) that you desire help in transmuting. I know I’ll be creating a special little ceremony myself. Hope you will join, as this is a time for the personal and collective to be synchronized and anchored in responsibly, more than ever.

The Lunar Eclipse can bring added sensitivity especially related to the collective consciousness. This Full Moon is supportive for creating shifts in consciousness, using your higher mind and tapping into your higher self.

I always love Mystic Mamma’s Full Moon cornucopias of insightful astrological sharings from some of the best readers. You can read the full post here:

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini November 28th, 2012

Here are some of the highlights from that Full Moon Lunar Eclipse post:

The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now.
What activities earth you the most?
eclipses mark points where choices make a difference
we get to see how far we’ve come in our personal task of transforming our mind
How much light shines out will depend on each of us.
choose the story without the tragedy
a new story of responsibility and cooperation.
It is time to open our hearts to our heart’s desire!  It will lead us to our destiny.
stay open to other realities and other ways of knowing, such as the feminine, empathic, instinctual knowledge that our society has tried to ignore and make irrelevant
create a ritual of releasing
The emphasis here being on the elimination and transformation of inherent qualities in the outmoded structure.
dip into the depths of our beings
a return to that which we are that does not change.
Something that was just shy of your awareness will reveal itself. It is looking for you to become aware and then to transform it rather than distracting yourself away from it.
transcend duality and rise higher onto the Soul-level awareness
so much creativity exists.

Wishing everyone a powerfully transformative and magickal Full Moon!

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