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Last Day to Receive Special Discounts to Join Us in Bimini this Summer!

Bimini dolphinsIf you’ve dreamed of waking to crystal clear, warm aqua blue waters, soaring in bliss with your dolphin brothers and sisters, exploring the magic of Atlantis, connecting with a family of like-minded souls, or simply gifting yourself a transformational journey of a lifetime, don’t miss out on taking advantage of this opportunity to live the reality of your dreams.

What is experienced and integrated into your life from a sacred journey like this is priceless. Having experienced many sacred journeys in power spots across the globe, I can personally attest to how empowering these experiences can be and they continue to work their magic in unforseen ways, long after the experience itself. Bimini is one of those magical places that lovingly supports you into integrating and being more of who you really are.

You can read what our past guests had to say here about how their lives have been touched through this experience: Testimonials

You, too, can receive this and more, as the journey is an individual experience that works its magic relative to each.


Register on or before Friday April 12th, 2013 and receive $100 off your retreat package price.

Bring a friend or loved one with you and you’ll each receive $100 off your retreat package price.


Register by 4/12/13 AND bring a guest along and you’ll each receive $200 off your retreat package price!

All details about the upcoming retreat can be found here:

Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat – Bimini, Bahamas

Contact me at with questions and to register


Dolphin Magick

Lavender Jade Dolphin –
It is super sparkly magickal when the sunlight hits it!

Dolphin energy has been showing up prominently lately. Perhaps others are experiencing this as well? They have always been big in my life, but more in cycles. Recently, they seem to be continuously around.

I can think of many reasons for their showing up as much as they are, in mirror of the energies currently pervading our experience of the now.

Nearly every time I go to the beach dolphins have shown up in the waters (which around here, in Southern California, has never really happened much for me), playing in the waves, or following in unison with me walking on the beach. Being a Pisces, this cetacean energy is very much home to me and often I work with dolphins in my Reiki sessions, as well as have channeled them in two of my paintings, Water and Visions of Atlantis. I wear their energy in several Larimar (dolphin/ocean energy) pieces of jewelry I have (yesterday I just realized that Larimar is the most prominent stone I have in pendants and rings – 9 pieces total!), and have cherished my time spent with them in the wild, on a previous trip in Bimini, swimming and communing with them.

It is no wonder I was drawn back to Bimini to offer a retreat there this coming December over 12/21/12 – Cosmic Heart Activation with Reiki, Raw Food & Wild Dolphin Communion. Right after making the arrangements for this, I was greeted by dolphins at the beach the next day. Such beautiful confirmation.

And equally beautiful is this lovely Lavender Jade Dolphin (pictured above) that was gifted to me upon my partner, Allison Jacobson’s  return. She was in Hawaii with her husband for vacation and transformational openings where she had the opportunity to swim with dolphins for her first time off the Big Island. I was excited, yet not surprised, to hear about her heart-opening and empowering experiences. I knew she would fall in love and consider it one of the best experiences of her life – and indeed she did! Since she will be joining the Bimini trip in December in assistance with the retreat, with her husband, this was a lovely introduction I felt and she is ever-more excited for her continued connections with the dolphins to come! So much so, that like myself, she feels her next sacred tattoo design will be of a dolphin. I have twin dolphins on my lower back that I got maybe 8 years ago, long before my Bimini trip, in honor of my connection with them and the beautiful love and harmony of partnership and collective connection they represent.

I loved the backdrop of this painting in our house. It felt like a beautiful environment for this lovely dolphin and perfect with the full moon, since Allison’s trip in Hawaii was over the Full Blue Moon, where she got this for me.

Synchronously, I remember the first day Allison went out with the dolphins in Hawaii, I simultaneously during the time she was out swimming, heard dolphin whistles/clicks, as they make when they echolocate. I hear their playful, almost giggly sound quite often and so clearly and loudly in my inner ears. Dolphins are not only connected to the waters of Earth, but to other worlds and entities, including those of extraterrestrial origin. They were prominent and sacred in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis – times when telepathy was the natural means of communication and the people could communicate in “dolphin codes.”

Needless to say, their showing up so much lately is a beautiful sign to me and I embrace their presence, support, love, and wisdom.

For those wanting to know a little bit about what dolphin wisdom imparts, here is a little insight to reflect upon:

Dolphin wisdom includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, playfulness, transcendence, gentleness, communication skills, contentment, freedom, trust, friendship, community, generosity, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water element magick…to name a few. The protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor of the dolphin is a message of well being to the pure of heart. 

Dolphins can express a need to embrace more playfulness and joy of life into your experience and to be in balance and harmony with yourself and others while reaching to connect more vulnerably and share of yourself. They are masters of the water element and hence, speak to the emotional and intuitive aspects of ourselves and to hone those energies more in order to create balance with the intellect and mind that is used more often…flowing, feeling more rather than over-analyzing. This trust of emotions takes practice, but will reveal where your heart’s joy and gifts are leading you.

Thank you my sweet and amazingly brilliant dolphin friends for your loving support and guidance in these times we are moving through!

Once in a Blue Moon – Could This Be Your Heart Calling Trip of a Lifetime?

Me flying under the 5-5-5 Super Full Moon – photo courtesy of Allison Jacobson

In my last post I shared my upcoming retreat offering for August 2012, Empower Your Heart, Transform Your Life Bimini Retreat – Healing from the Inside Out with Reiki, Raw Food and Wild Dolphin Communion, and all the exciting details. This trip will be taking place August 19-24th, 2012. But actually commencing August 18th since it is recommended to arrive the night before in Ft. Lauderdale before embarking to Bimini early the next morning of the 19th.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about the energy surrounding and supporting the journey to give you another aspect to reflect your heart upon.

The term “Blue Moon” can refer to the 2nd Full Moon in a given month. So, when people say “once in a blue moon” they are speaking about the rarity of the occurrence of a 2nd moon happening in the same given month. August 2012 is one such unique month because it will feature not 1, but 2 Full Moons! The only month of the year like this, but also a very rare occurrence in any given year.

Me under the 5-5-5 Super Full Moon – photo courtesy of Allison Jacobson

So there is a lot of powerful Moon energy surrounding August. Being one that is very connected to the Moon, when I discovered this just today, along with a bunch of nudges received previously, it’s no wonder I was guided to embrace this month, and these available days, for the retreat offered.

The week’s retreat lies not only between both Full Moons (8/2 and 8/31) of the month, but between the energy of August 17th’s New Moon and August 31st’s Full Moon with August 24th on the First Quarter Moon itself.

Me again flying with the Full Moon on our Super Full Moon 5-5-5 hike – photo courtesy of Allison Jacobson

New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud, set intentions, and create a vision. This is a time to begin new projects, new ventures, initiate contracts, make important phone calls, write up a proposal, or do anything that requires a starting point – a time to visualize where you are headed both spiritually and emotionally. A New Moon in any area of your life urges you to focus on issues that require your input. It is a time for planting new seeds of growth – a time of new beginnings and new directions.

First Quarter Moons are for using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling the vision. So it’s the energy of “taking action.” This is a time that the Universe sends you the power to “just do it.” Functioning with trust and knowing will empower you during this phase. Fearlessly drop all hesitation and move forward.

Full Moons are for releasing out to spirit your intentions, taking action, celebrating the fruit of your efforts, and for bringing manifestation of, or progress toward your goal. This is the time your efforts will bear fruit and come to completion. Full moons close chapters and often bring a sense of finality to your life so you can have a fresh start with closure. The energy of the Full Moon is like a little vacation before the harvest.

The effects of a New Moon are shown in outward changes whereas the effects of a Full Moon are more emotional and directed inward.

We will be catching the wave of this cycle and the valuable gifts you receive during this retreat can be instrumental for what you set forth with intention, at onset of embarking on your journey, and would like to manifest upon conclusion and returning home.

I know many of you are connected to the Moon’s energy, as I am, so I will let you explore these energies and influences yourself to find your own personal significance in relation to the energy of this month and/or the journey that may be calling you.

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