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Keys to New Experiences Do Exist – How Much Do You Really Want Them?

andaraMost nights I sleep with a crystal under my pillow – one that jumps out at me intuitively as wanting to join dream work time – and I have to say that the nights I sleep with my crystals provide a ton of clarity to my dreams, as well as recall, and are deeply rooted in current energies I am working on to support my processes – not to mention reveal some collective themes.

Last night I slept with quite a large one under my pillow and boy were the dreams interesting, so much so my crystal even transformed shape when I awoke. I love my crystal friends!

The crystal I slept with was one of my Andaras – a giant cosmic blue Andara Mother God channeling crystal. This also happens to be one of the crystals that joined on the last Bimini retreat in December and specifically wanted to come out on one of the dolphin boat days on the crystalline aqua waters that she mirrors in essence and color. (11:11 am here as I write this). I actually took her with me in the water while swimming, holding her in my hands so she could absorb the energies there.

It wasn’t until the Bimini retreat (pointed out by one of my very dear and intelligent friends) that I came to see her very clear, natural depiction of what appears to be Mother Mary to me with arm extended from her Heart Chakra, or it could be an angel with wings at her side, a cloaked Goddess, or maybe nothing to someone else.

However, if you click on the image to enlarge and look at the bottom, center to right area, what do you see etched into this crystal?

This crystal is full of peaceful, compassionate and unconditionally loving energy. She restores harmony, supports peaceful change, awakens work you’ve done long ago and helps integrate it into the now, and channels Divine energy.

And that’s exactly what she was bringing more of into my experience in deeper ways. Oh yes, we can continually expand our breadth of perspectives and feelings.

Not surprising, last night one of my dream sequences was about Bimini and the upcoming retreat in June. In part of this dream a few of us were arriving for the first charter and I clearly saw four people including myself getting ready to embark on the plane over to the island. My baggage was lost (seems I had left it behind on my transit to the airport, which in this dream was over the water – the planes were taking off from water, which all holds its own symbolism) and I remember I looked briefly for it, but was peaceful in not worrying and settled easily into that. I knew I had everything I needed and that everything would come when I did. The people with me were excited and two were dear friends that were supporting the energy of this trust and all that was to come.

I loved the feeling when I awoke, and was reviewing all of my dreams I remembered, of releasing the “baggage” and of meeting the adventures and experiences ahead with nothing but myself and my heart full of courageous readiness and embrace, no matter what was to come. And I loved that trust that came over me that everything was perfect no matter how it appeared to me or anyone else, and that I could create what I needed, if and when I needed it.

Speaks insightfully not just to my own personal journey I am choosing to create everyday, but shares a collective message that when embraced fully, really makes a difference.

I really don’t care how often we hear things or your ego wants to say I know that already – did that years ago – etc., as from what I hear from others (and my own experiences), these messages need repeating over, and over, and over…until they actually take root and click! I can see how challenging it is to surrender to something you don’t want to admit, or to say, “you know, you’re right” and embody humble integrity of accepting what could be that key you kept telling yourself didn’t exist, because you tried everything there is to try.

This was just one dream, of several, that were providing messages perfectly aligned with things I was meditating on last evening before bed.

Did I mention I love my crystal friends?

This brought to mind how so many people are currently at a crossroads with their journeys. Even those that have been immersed heavily in spiritual practices and paths, finding everything turned upside down, shaken up and then turned back around while all the pieces are trying to find a way to integrate into wholeness again. This is leaving people both excited and frustrated, and also feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under them.

Some feel they have come to a place of doing everything they know how and ready to give up and give in to another more mainstream path. Some are discouraged altogether and find the shaking up shook up the pieces hidden that they have been avoiding…and may still want to avoid looking at. Some are finding pleasure in the shake up because they know it means something fresh is in the making and that creation of the new is up to them to rebuild to their pleasure and liking. And some may be feeling all of this simultaneously!

Perspective shifting is key and the willingness to accept your shadow. It is not the enemy! It truly is your friend assisting you to be all that you can be.

The thing we fear the most has the answer to who we are at our shiniest. ~Tania Marie (I truly believe this with all of my heart and have experienced its truth)

Ego will put up a good front. Oh yes. And convince you otherwise. It is afraid you’re close to realizing it doesn’t have to run the show, and yet doesn’t understand it will have an even more powerful partnership in its new role as the energy force behind the intuitive drive. But listen we must, not only to the wisdom within, but to that wisdom being mirrored to us by others when we can’t hear it inside ourselves. We’re all connected and only reflecting each other. So it doesn’t matter where it appears to be coming from, as it truly is coming/channeling from you even if shared through the mouth of someone else.

Does it matter what the “perceived” source is anyway, if in fact you end up where you want to be? Think about it.

Where ever you are, is perfect and relative to you. There are no right or wrong choices. Just choice…and choice will lead you to the next and the next. We simply need to keep the ball rolling and try not to get stuck and bogged down with things. Challenge our creative faculties to produce more and more from that unlimited well of Divine inspiration! This also keeps us engaged from the heart, as we “grow” out and expand the self-created boundaries walling it up.

There is always another perspective and treasure to uncover. As I wrote in a Facebook post this morning:

We get in our own way when we think we know it all or have tried everything. First off, this is not possible, as the universe is unlimited and it is self-deceptive to think you have explored all possibilities. You may have gone as far as your current perspectives are open to, but I assure you that they always have more room to expand…limitlessly in fact.

So if you find yourself hitting a wall, learn to love this wall, as it is there for a reason, take a break and allow your feelings and mind to refresh and let your subconscious percolate with the feelings and frustration for a while. When you separate from the need to have to get a solution then you work with and align with your energy instead of against it. It’s this embracing and love that will enable you to see more than one solution and from your heart you can find your creative power to create something new.

As always I start out in one direction and end up sharing a lot more. I share what is in my heart and like with anything it is relative to each of us how we interpret what we hear.

I know everyone is in a different place with their journey and I know timing for things is also relative. I also know that there are a lot of limitations being placed on how those journeys “could” unfold and that people tend to choose the paths that don’t ask much from them to give to themselves. Many times people spend their time, energy, and resources in every way possible other than targeting the bullseye, but haven’t yet understood how to more efficiently focus it all for optimization, nor have shifted the focus of resources to more optimal support.

It can be a challenging, self-sabotaging, and confusing journey at times, leading us in circles. We all desire relief and pleasure. The questions lies in if you would rather that continue being temporary or long-term? When you are ready to commit to answering that with action, you can make the choices reflecting your answer.

Again, it all is perfect to each person’s journey, but realize you are not at the mercy of the same ol’ journey unless you want to be. You really CAN choose differently.

And when you do, trust in the process you’ve chosen, being supported.

I’m always continually guided to offer support in the ways I can , which includes the services, writings, and creations I channel, as well as the free gifts both literally and of my time, offers of discounts, specials, and payment plans, etc…whatever would be assistive to those parts of people that may be timid to embracing more, or to support a variety of current life circumstances to help people get over the challenge, hurdle, block, or wall. I know many others also are lovingly providing doorways through what they offer in services so that people have ways to walk through and start living in the light of their truth and freedom.

That’s the only thing we can do, alongside living our lives as an expression of what we believe as optimally and consistently as we can.

There has to be an equal partnership and responsibility that comes into play with what you desire in order to create it. I know this personally that when you truly make that commitment on all levels, it really supports the shifts desired. Commitment to the process is the first part of the journey. Trust, doing what it takes, and be willing to embrace each piece uncovered will take it to the next level.

What you truly desire is reflective in your choices. So whatever we are seeing in terms of frustration, truly can be traced back to a root of a decision that has or has not been made.

I love each and everyone of you, but I can’t take the journey for you. None of us can for anyone else but ourselves and so it is important to create yours as optimally as you can. This will give you the opportunity for an amazing experience and will allow others the ability to tap into the same energetic well you’ve plunged into since we’re collectively connected.

You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you’re wanting to be of an advantage to others, be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be. ~Abraham Hicks

You Don’t Need to See Clearly Ahead In Order To Move Forward

crystal cove

Standing at the edge of your truth – Photo I took at the beach this weekend

Another recent theme that has been circling in the ethers and percolating to share briefly about is that of confusion, frustration, and/or the desire to want to know what’s ahead, what you’re here to do, and to have a clear idea of, in order to move forward.

The first common error in this, of which I, too, have fallen captive to in the past, is the “idea” that you can’t do anything unless you can see the end of the road.

Why does this create a challenge? Well, first of all consciousness and life is an eternal evolutionary experience. If you think you need to see and know the end result before you can do ANY-thing, the truth of the matter is you will be sitting in frustration all of your life.

However, frustration perhaps is just the path you need to fuel an unfolding journey of growth, discovery, and learning that will inevitably keep you on the evolutionary road nonetheless. 🙂

This is likely a topic I could expound upon immensely, but for sake of this post I’ll keep it relatively simple.

As mentioned, this theme has been circulating from the collective around me and being that I have been “right there” in the same frustrated place, and because today a heartfelt prompting from someone very close to me had me voicing this experience to share in support, I felt once again it was a prompting that timing was “now” to just share a few words on this.

It was synchronicity like clock-work again that this theme came up today. I love the demonstration of our unity-connection and how one person’s journey is always collectively tied to a bigger picture process and experience.

Here is some of what I shared today, paraphrased for this post:

At one time or another I feel that we all go through the fluctuating increase and decrease in our confidence, see-sawing between feeling very “connected to” then feeling so lost, experiencing the flow and then the discombobulation, or moving between bliss and despair, as we move along our paths. All of this is not weird or means you have some strange mental challenge that no one else has and can’t ever be cured. It is simply part of your process of integration, which will be like that pendulum swinging back and forth to each side of duality, while also at times coming to know the experience of harmony at center.

Life to me seems to be a reminder of how we are all things and can, when we choose, learn to recapture a more sustained experience of that centered balance, while also learning how to move in and out of experiences with greater ease because we come to learn our personal processes and can then do so consciously.

We ALL have innate gifts. Even if we are doing things in a similar vein to others, we are still bringing to the table something unique that can only channel through us. So in that way, it is an individual talent that cannot be duplicated and is equally as valuable. Remembering the times when you have felt most empowered, joyous, in the flow, vibrant, and enlivened, and having gratitude for these confirmations help you to stay in that energy and create more of it. Remember the mirroring of what others have shared about you and what they received from the gift of you. These things are so only because they came through YOU. No other person can mimic what you have to offer. And if they try, see it as a compliment and not a competition.

This calls to mind the post I shared, Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Each Other – Lifting Humanity to the Next Level of Experience and how important the message and theme of that channeling feels still to be, especially with things I’ve been hearing and feeling swirling around.

I think sometimes we fear moving forward because we can’t see what we think the end result is and yet there never will be an end result, as things are revealed as we move along the journey and come about by us simply deciding to move forward with SOME-thing. Then that “thing” starts to evolve as we go along. It also starts to deepen or prepare us for other things, as some of the tools, skills and confidence we gain in the process are needed to get to the next step. We can’t just jump there prematurely, as either we won’t be prepared, the timing isn’t fully aligned on a Universal, big-picture level, or we may scare/scar ourselves far worse out of making moves at all.

That is why my own journey has evolved so much and continually changes, and I know it will continue to and completely shift altogether in some regards. That may look to some as though I am fickle, unable to commit, blow with the wind…but to me I am simply allowing my heart and Spirit to guide me where the greatest use of my talents and the greatest joy of my heart is needed and leads me. And in doing so, I am continuously supporting evolutionary growth and expanding upon perceived limitations that may otherwise be if I simply attached, anchored and set up camp for life.

While what I do may change in its outward appearance or in terms of the clothing it wears, the things I do in totality are along a similar vein of theme always. It just appears different in how it channels through at any given moment. Just as it has since the beginning.

I’ve been heard as saying over the last 6+ months, that I no longer try to see predictive visions and I have short term memory. 😉 What I mean by that is that I may get a strong feeling on where something is headed, but how and when is unclear and I have no attachment to it either, as what I have found is that in just being present with “what is” right here and now…it really doesn’t matter. The journey may take me there sooner, later, or never. But I’ll sure have fun and explore and grow a lot in between.

I’ve also learned that my strong intuitive hits are usually so far ahead, it has become obsolete to even share them because so much shifts in the process, that it is more important to focus on the journey. And when and if I end up, or someone else I had a very strong intuitive hit on ends up, where I felt we would a few years ago, really doesn’t matter. I think the point here is not to get hung up on fixating on any one thing. It is good to know the essence of what it is you are bringing forth and intending, but to allow for all of the beautiful explorations and experiences to guide you along the way.

Intuition is key and important to keep an eye on, learning to listen to your first instincts with supportive action, but as long as you do so in the very powerful present, the “later” is inconsequential since all things unfold at once and are affected by the now. Continuously, moment to moment, trusting your inner voice will take you exactly where you need to go rather than getting caught up on something intuitive coming in 5 years from now and stressing over how the heck to do the things in the interim leading up to it.

One intuitive step at a time…..

And as far as my very short term memory goes, I feel this is a powerful confirmation that I have been embracing and integrating that power of being present right here and now.

I don’t have full clarity on how things will come together. I only “know,” in my heart of hearts, the essence of why I am here and the particular theme I am assisting by my committed soul choice and responsibility. How that comes through is a journey that I don’t fully need to know (nor could perhaps be capable of processing fully right now anyway) and can enjoy its blossoming as I cultivate each seed.

Besides, some of us are very multi-faceted and living integration lives. So it may seem even more challenging to pinpoint something to choose as the ultimate goal, but the beauty is you can just choose where you’re most drawn to right now and what brings you the greatest joy, moment to moment – sometimes doing many things at once, other times one or two. By taking a step in “some” direction, you open the possibilities for opportunities and more things to unfold. Doors will open. Doors will close. But standing still only creates stagnation, which opposes the very fiber of our existence and the totality of Universal Life Force Energy that is constantly cycling.

I came to see in my process that no one is going to tell us this ultimate answer either. Everything changes moment to moment and while an overall theme and likelihood of where you’re headed based on your trajectory so far may be possible, it all comes down in the end to the big mystery being right before you the whole time, just hidden behind a veil of uncertainty, unsupported need for nurturing, fear, and forgotten dreams.

I, too, have gotten caught up and frustrated in trying to know and see what it all was and felt the confusion and despair, rather than letting my heart just guide me. But please don’t feel discouraged.  There may always be an ebb and flow to the waves of feelings and experiences you come across, but this is natural and set up exactly as your soul knew would be for your highest good to really assist your chosen journey.

And sometimes the more you know and the more you’ve traveled down a spiritual and conscious path, the potentially more ingenious you are at really devising self-sabotaging ways to hold yourself back or even painfully lie to yourself, masked as road blocks, or even masked behind your own spiritual fluff. 😉 I have seen this constantly where we have learned so many big spiritual concepts and words that we can easily talk ourselves in a circle to avoid the very heart and core of the matter, which lies behind all of that and in the very deepest of vulnerable places inside of you. “There” is the real truth. The truth even you hide from yourself for fear of the power that responsibility comes with in opening the lock on that door you’ve kept closed for a reason that no longer has the need to hold power over you… if in fact you can be honest with yourself and live from your heart always.

I know self-sabotage very well and can spot it quite well now in others and learned my personal processes so that I can keep ahead of myself. Sometimes this turns into hitting a wall and not feeling able to move in any direction, but I’m wise on me now (LOL) and wish the same for you. It is possible to understand these deep and sometimes darker shadow parts. It just takes courage, patience, gentleness, and a willingness to really “want” to know the truth of yourself and your own inner demons. For some, it is easier to live on the surface. For me, I choose to get down and dirty whenever the occasion may arise.

There are even times when you will get to a really good place and hit moments of doubt or question. I know I have had those times where I wonder if anything I’m doing makes a difference. I think that is another common experience. But I then quickly realize that that is when I am stepping out of my heart’s essence and flow and being in my mind and in duality separation. Then I get back on track when I realize confirmations are not needed in the way we are taught to think they should come. The confirmation is in how I feel when I’m doing something I believe in and love wholeheartedly and in holding the space of what I know as my truth beyond all else.

The path needn’t be clear…only your heart does.

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