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There Will Be Magick! – Creative Fun to Come

As shared, I will be away Sunday 11/4 – Monday 11/12 on vacation and will not be checking emails and messages, nor posting while I am away. I am looking forward to going within and enjoying full days of communion with nature, especially the Caribbean Sea and the rain forests, which creates a deepening connection to the Universe. I love how my latest painting, “Dance of the Twin Flames” seems to set the stage for my time in the tropical water energy. I also look forward to the experiences and energy that will come through, as my travel journeys always bring great change with them that infuses my life and work.

While I’m away don’t forget the Bimini retreat continues to edge closer and when I return we will only be about a month away from embarking. You can review the trip here Bimini 2012 and drop me a message with any questions and your desire to register, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I return. Spaces are limited so don’t hesitate now that we’re down to the wire.

The opening reception celebration of Ménage MIXED…An Evening of ART+MUSIC+ WINE!!! featuring the Jill Warren Trio will be on Saturday 11/10, while I am away, where you have a chance to experience my series, Universal ARKitecture, in person and can meet my partner Allison Jacobson. I will attend the closing on 12/8 for a chance to connect as well. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join for one of them. You can find more information here: The Liberty Art Gallery.

And when I return, the magickal holiday season will be filling the air and a lot of new excitement stirring, as we approach the end of 2012 – an opportunity to infuse new sacred values and rituals that are more mirroring of your true nature, in place of the old.

Along with getting ready for our journey to Bimini, I will be a little faery buzzing around in my creative, crystal studio shop with tons of energy to infuse into many new things and sharings, just like Santa’s magick elves buzz around the toy workshop. 🙂

Upon my return, you can look forward to an enormous collection of new and amazing, individual crystals and crystal pendants from Joyful Earth Crystals that will “rock” your world, more details on the upcoming 2013 Creating Life as a Work of Art Workshop Series (info in the newsletter link found here), the Closing Reception Celebration at The Liberty Gallery on 12/8, which I will be attending, and more new developments I’m creating and intending. The more you nurture your inspirations, the more joy and abundance you will discover. Creativity is love! Stay tuned, as there will be empowering fun to be had and that equates to experiencing and creating magick!

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it. ~Johann Wolfgang von Geothe

I wish everyone a wonder-filled experience and will connect you with you again as soon as I return. If you need to leave a message while I’m away you can do so by emailing, but understand I will not be able to get back to you until I return


Autumn Updates & Reflections for the Inner You

It’s been a while since my last newsletter update. I post updates here on my blog consistently, but not everyone that I’m in connection with follows the posts. So, seasonally, and when a lot of new things and important messages come through, I take time to share them via my newsletter.

If you’ve missed out on some of the most recent blog posts, my current newsletter groups everything in one easy location to check out. Included are some reflections for the Autumn season and things I’m experiencing alongside all of the transitions others are as well.

In it, I also shared that I will be away on vacation between 11/4 and 11/12, during which time I will not be reachable and not be posting. Please connect with me before or after if you have something time sensitive to share.

An exciting announcement that I haven’t posted about yet on my blog is the upcoming “Creating Life as a Work of Art” Workshop Series. This will be an empowering 9-series workshop (using art as a medium) beginning 1/13/13 to nurture the artist within, as you stimulate your creativity and jump start your dream life. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Some details are in the newsletter, but I will share and individually post on this workshop series in greater detail, upon my return from vacation. The workshop is limited to only 5 students. Pre-registration is available now, and as with all of my classes, is required before it begins to hold your spot.

You can view the newsletter here: Autumn Reflections

If you would like to receive newsletter updates you can do so by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter where it says: Join My Mailing List. Or you can simply follow my blog by clicking Follow on the home page.

You can contact me at about anything you see here or need assistance with.

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