Reiki Treatments Available: In-Person Or At A Distance

In-Person Sessions Are No Longer Available Except During Retreats & Events

Tania highly recommends Distant Sessions for everyone, as they can be done in a condensed, quicker format, are laser-focused, provide the exact same results and experiences, and allow you to be in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you. Tania has the ability to create a deepened and enhanced experience with profound results through special techniques and added gifts, unique to her, that she infuses into Distant Sessions. What would take an hour in person, can be executed in 20 minutes, due to the ability to transcend time and space.

Reiki Healing Attunement By Distance:


Distant 20-Minute Enhanced Reiki Session:


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Packages Available:

Four 20-Minute Enhanced Reiki Sessions By Distance:


Eight 20-Minute Enhanced Reiki Sessions By Distance:


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Gift Certificates Also Available:

Give and receive a unique experience of gentle, loving support through Reiki. To purchase, simply purchase the appropriate treatment or class choice and contact Tania with certificate information needed. Or you may contact Tania to request a customized invoice via Pay Pal.


Reiki Class Offerings
(A complete and thorough manual provided with each class)

Each level cultivates an amazing awareness in people of their own inner self and essence and provides the channel for accessing their own guidance system. Reiki Level II and III classes deepen the work involving the concept of Oneness. Students may attend and audit classes, up to the level they have completed, at no charge (space permitting). Especially beneficial if you have already gone through Reiki Level III Master Teacher Certification, in order to prepare for your own teaching.

Classes are offered in both Group and Private formats. You may either join an already scheduled Group class, create your own Group class (both locally and internationally) by requesting one and gathering a group or bringing along friends (receive a discount the more people you bring), or schedule a Private class, which Tania teaches many of due to her ability to provide a class any day of the week that aligns mutually. Prices reflect already scheduled Group classes along with Private class pricing – Private classes incur an extra $100 charge. Please contact Tania if you have a group and would like to schedule a class locally or in your area, for pricing.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level I Certification Class (First Degree):

Group Class: $200

Private Class: $300

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II Certification Class (Second Degree)
Pre-requisite: Reiki Level I

Group Class: $325

Private Class: $425

A One Day Accelerated Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level I and II Certification Class

Group Class: $500 (Savings of $25)

Private Class: $700 (Savings of $25)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level III Master Teacher Class
Pre-requisite: Reiki Level III Master or committed Reiki Level II practitioners who desire more than just learning the advanced Reiki techniques and have intention of teaching

Group Class: $650

Private Class: $750

Special For All 3 Classes if Prepaid: (Reiki I, II and III Master Teacher Class)

Group Class: $1000 (Save $175)

Private Class: $1300 (Save $175)

Cash, Check, Or Secure PayPal Credit Card Payments Accepted. Click the order button for your Group or Private Class above to pay by Credit Card or contact Tania to request a custom invoice.

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By Request and Appointment Only

Tania teaches Reiki classes by request only, unless part of a retreat or workshop, in which case specific dates will be made known and available to register for on either the “Retreats” or “Inspiring Classes & Workshops” pages here: Tania Marie’s Blog.

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She teaches both private and group classes. If you would like to request a class not specifically advertised, simply contact her at with your requests. If you’d like to host a group workshop in your area, or co-create an event or retreat, please also contact her with your ideas. Group discounts are available. Tania often supports Reiki students of other teachers that feel drawn to complete their Reiki training with her, or that would like to deepen their practice, refresh, and expand.

If interested in working one-on-one with Tania to receive intuitively guided spiritual coaching by phone, combined with energy support, please visit this link for more details: Intuitive Energy Guidance. This will provide you access to making bigger shifts in your life, receiving practical tools to support you daily, exploring your hidden truths and shadow, embodying your intents and goals, while helping to remove blocks, fears, and assisting you to move forward, manifest, and achieve integrative healing on deep levels more rapidly.

Learn to heal animals and people with Reiki (pronounced ray-key), a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy, which permeates all living things. The practice of channeling Reiki is an easy-to-learn, gentle and powerful system of natural healing that reduces stress, induces relaxation, supports intentions and provides many other healing benefits. As a very powerful aid to personal growth, Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It can support any intention, person or animal you desire to help, while simultaneously activating self-empowerment. Reiki is based upon a loving, nurturing touch or channeling of energy, with an intention to heal, and can be refined for personal use and in our service to others. It is a complimentary treatment to any and all other treatment modalities, improves their effectiveness and benefits and helps to stimulate the body's own natural healing abilities. It is not meant to replace professional medical advice and Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe medication.

Reiki helps balance, harmonize and restore your energy systems by using the energy centers in the palms of the hands, which are placed in varying positions on, or over, the body. It is not necessary that a client be physically present for a session, as Reiki can also be administered from a distance. This creates the same results and helps alleviate the roots of ill-health, while stimulating a great feeling of general well-being. Full sessions, healing attunements and initiation attunements coupled with class instruction can be administered to you regardless of your geographic presence, as your response will not differ in any way. Not only is it great as a general tune-up or tonic in times of "unchallenged" health, but since it is drawn through and not from the practitioner's body, your energy remains intact and not depleted.


A Reiki Healing Attunement helps to remove blocks and promote growth and healing for any specific concern or issue you are facing and would like support with. It also aids in goal achievement by helping you to move past existing, resistive blocks and limiting patterns. In a Healing Attunement the Higher Self is allowed more of an "active" role in the process of achieving goals.


The Usui System of Natural Healing, which Reiki is also referred to as, is named after Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki in the mid to late 1800's after its submergence amidst Tibetan monks thousands of years ago. Reiki reached the western world through Mrs. Hawayo Takata, the first woman to receive master training, and Reiki continues to be practiced and passed down to Reiki Masters worldwide.

This offering is provided with intention to support you to help yourself and to learn how to heal other people and animals towards compassionate goals, intentions and worldwide healing and change. Reiki is a perfect antidote to stress relief, more peace, clarity and overall well being that can transform and help support your chosen path in life. Reiki can also help to empower your goals and more efficiently come from a heart-based place in attaining desired, harmonious results for the highest good.

You do not have to believe in Reiki to receive the benefits. It can only enhance your spiritual and/or religious experience. Therefore there is no need to change your present belief system, as Reiki is NOT a religion. Once your body has been attuned to connect and to receive it, you have Reiki for life.


Some Benefits Of Reiki:

(Can aid both psychological and organic dis-eases - including but not limited to the following)


About Tania Marie

Tania Marie is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2007 and Reverend of the Universal Life Church Monastery who has taught this healing art to many students, certifying practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers around the world. She is also a skilled, experienced practitioner who has lovingly supported countless people globally with healing empowerment and regularly uses Reiki in her own life to achieve desired intentions. Tania offers Reiki retreats and workshops locally, throughout the U.S., and in sacred power spots like the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. You can contact her to discuss details about setting up group workshops in your area or to co-create a retreat experience. Group discounts available.

The Reiki classes offered are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training. Each level takes this knowledge to a much deeper and more refined level and frequency. If you've been interested in taking a class and embarking on this life-changing and empowering path, contact Tania so she can help support your journey.


Class Description, Reiki I:

In Reiki Level I, you'll learn about the history, principles, ethics and practice of Reiki. You'll experience Reiki, receive an attunement and start a 21-day energetic cleanse. You'll learn scanning, Reiki lineage, hand positions for giving in-person, hands-on treatments to others and yourself and more. This class can help you begin the journey of creating more harmony and peace in your daily life and in your interaction with people to help center you more in compassion.

How you can take Reiki to the next level:

There are three levels in Reiki. Reiki Level I, II and III (Master or Master Teacher).


Class Description, Reiki II:

Reiki Level II is where you learn to support any intention, person, animal or global cause from a distance and can choose to "send" Reiki towards creating peaceful, harmonious and graceful outcomes. Plus, be able to lend your support to any cause or intent even when you are unable to physically be present. In Reiki Level II, you'll learn three Reiki Symbols to deepen your work and use of Reiki, and you'll receive a second attunement. You'll learn how to send Reiki through space and time, heal the past, empower the future, embrace the present, support mental and emotional balance and more. Reiki II cultivates a deeper awareness of your inner voice and intuition.


Class Description, Reiki III:

Reiki Level III Master Teacher Class involves learning 3 Reiki Master Symbols including Tibetan, Anthakarana and Usui Master Symbols, Violet Breath, Hui Yin exercise, healing attunement instruction, receiving a third attunement, learning advanced techniques, and more. You will also be given instruction on how to give attunements for all levels and how to teach them as well. You learn what it means to be a teacher, while helping to nurture more confidence, commitment and responsibility to your service.


Reiki Sessions:

These are not intuitive or psychic sessions. Tania teaches and treats standard Usui Reiki and does not draw upon psychic energy, nor does she do readings during sessions. The sessions are meant to be a supportive partnership. If she happens to get a hit on something she feels important Tania will share, but sessions are about energy balancing, enjoying the flow of that relaxing energy and embracing the experience to allow the maximum benefits possible.

Reiki for animals is available by distance too. Animals benefit from Reiki the same as humans and respond immensely to the energy.