December’s New World Time Gateways – Where Are You Called to Be to Seed the New?

A portion of my painting, Garden of the Gods

We are fast approaching 2012 markers signifying continued and great opportunity for ascension and increased power of consciousness and creation. The upcoming dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 represent doorways of possibility for evolutionary leaps to support all of the work, shifts, and transformations you have already been making and experiencing. It is all a choice of how and if we each, and humanity as a whole, decide to walk through these openings offered by Universal consciousness.

There is potential for so much beauty and greatness to unfold, as we lovingly let go of the old ways. Part of the choice lies in how each of us decided to move through the transformation – gently or with a fight.

There is a divine link between 12/12/12, which will bring forth new insights and prepare for the next gateway walk through, and 12/21/12. Exploring the numerology of these dates can provide added magickal insight and align you with the frequencies unfolding. It is interesting that the number 12 repeats so universally, as in 12 months of the year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, 12 knights of the round table, etc., etc. But we also come to see that the number 3 is prevalent in the 12’s showing up on both of these dates ~ 1 + 2 = 3 so we have 3/3/3, which then further breaks down to 3 + 3 + 3 = 9.

The number 3 is that of creative power and growth, moving forward of energy, overcoming and integrating duality into something new that emerges from going beyond it, expression, manifestation and synthesis, as well as represents the sacred trinity and the third chakra – your drive and expression for and of rebirth. And the 3’s adding up to 9 takes the creation energy into a cycle of completion, which then opens the door to new cycles of possibility, creation, experiences, and developments.

Each soul will find their own importance as to where they are and what they are doing on these dates and in the time surrounding them. What will be of particular significance is what you are focused on, which will be a culmination of everything that has been leading up to now for you and how you have been embracing shifts and choices in your life. Many will be deeply drawn to particular places, people and experiences, including being drawn to places of power where they can be of service energetically to the collective. This can include areas related to powerful past lives where integration of the power of your soul will be brought into the now to support this service and perhaps set the stage for this place in its future Earth role.

Of course there are the planetary alignments taking place as well at this time, of which I have shared a bit on before. Someone very versed in all of the very detailed astrology and numerology could share a multitude of significant and potent energy surrounding the closure to 2012, but for sake of this post, I share general meanings and energy, as while I find the details to be telling and helpful, I also honor that the essence of feeling into what it all means for you is of deeper importance.

You choose what you want to manifest and this is a beneficial and important time to be mindful of the seeds you want to plant for your new experience. What unfolds as we move through these gateway dates is not necessarily something that will be seen with the eye, but for those who are consciously creating their experiences, you will feel the shift and know what has been birthed.

Do not take it for granted what you are doing right now, leading up to, and on these dates. Allow yourself to be guided where you feel is the place most aligned for you, even if that is at home in your sacred personal space, and do not take it for granted what you are focused on. Creating a sacred time to symbolize what your soul desires as the bridge to your next state of dimensional being will be fruitful. Where each is called and with whom is all significant, regardless if you can understand the fullness of why at this time. We will be assisting each other in beautiful ways by being present in our hearts. You can create what you desire and choose how to go through these gateways with greater sense of soul purpose, peace, lightness, and love.

Many light workers and healers will be traveling around during December, fueled by a soul and heart calling to align in key positions both physically and psychically, as their service to humanity and our loving Earth. Many I have been in contact with have and are in the process of making their arrangements and it is really exciting to see where everyone is being called and guided to seed their inner and outer journeys. Very powerful collective support we are being called to.

I know that some are still in process of figuring out where they are wanting/needing to be and if you have strong ties to Atlantis, there is possibility that Bimini, and our group gathering there, could be aligned. Being that the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini is considered one of the most powerful vortexes on Earth, this is one such power spot that light workers are coming together. I know of others being led to Chichen Itza, Peru, Mt. Shasta…

Our group in Bimini will be working with these energies to not only nurture the seeds you intend to create for self, but to assist in collectively supporting the beautiful energies linked to the 12/21/12 birthing Winter Solstice of the New Earth. This Harmonic Convergence of planets is a time of journeying through a new world time gate and being in Bimini’s powerful energies of the Atlantean vortex simultaneously, will prove to be amazing.

If you’ve been going back and forth on this, have stumbled upon this “arbitrarily” :) or been feeling the calling to be somewhere, here is a link to immerse yourself in and see if the energy of Bimini and this retreat and group are right for you: What You Can Look Forward to Experiencing 

And here is the direct link to all of the details and itinerary of our Bimini journey: Cosmic Heart Activation

I am here to discuss any questions or needs you have. You can contact me at with inquiries.

I have been guided to gift each courageous soul joining us the following:

  • One intuitively chosen Atlantean energy Amazonite specially programmed just for you. It has many beneficial healing properties that include assisting in manifesting universal love
  • One healing attunement during our week together to support manifestation and healing of anything you desire

I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone there in just 20 days!

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