Creating a New Architectural Landscape of Experience ~ Rise & Transform

This New Moon carries the energy of recreation from the ground up with Capricorn and Pluto in the spotlight. Capricorn encourages us to be better versions of ourselves, to let our higher selves guide us to higher heights. In essence, Capricorn encourages, “Rise!” And with Pluto on the scene, the energetic theme is calling for a total reset and renewal from the depths of what transformation really means.

Depending on your time zone, the New Moon falls on either the 12th or 13th – for us here in Utah it was 10 pm on the 12th. This is a time for grounding intentions with full steam commitment forward because there really is NO going back. Whole new realities are not only possible, but probable right now. You can try not to change and you can keep running the old stories or focusing on the past, but the energies are moving on ahead in accelerated fashion, with or without you. Better to be on board the train than to get dragged behind it over the rugged terrain and tracks.

We may be in for some big surprises, but if you know that the incredible and shocking is possible and approach it with curiosity, then the experience of what ever emerges won’t be so jolting. If you didn’t get the chance to realign your values and shift perspectives from last year’s events, taking time with this New Moon’s energies and the days ahead in this month to do so can help a lot.

The Capricorn New Moon whispers these mantras into your heart, “You CAN do what you thought was impossible. You CAN do what seems hard. You ARE capable. DON’T give up no matter what is thrown at you or all around you.”

This is an opportune time to set a plan of action in motion with the mythical sea-goat’s tenacity, fine-tuned intuition, persistence, confidence, grounded agility, focused alignment, visionary imagination, and deep nudges that can help guide you with flow as you climb those mountains and pierce through any perceived limitations.

Keep the bigger picture in mind, but take the small, practical steps forward. Don’t sweat the little things, as you’re in it for the long haul and that’s only possible by taking one thing at a time and realizing how wasteful it is to focus energy on every little trigger or distraction from the goal. Be gentle with yourself, create positive and supportive inner dialogue – perhaps even personal mantras, stay mindful, present, and unwavering even if your goals seem big and lofty. With Capricorn and Pluto energies abound these speak to being prepared for those big dreams and unpredictable surprises, gathering all that you’ll need for the journey, and then keeping steady ahead.

Synchronously, I’ve been nose-deep into transformative Capricorn energies since the last day of 2020, as I navigate literal and metaphorical mountains. The way I’ve chosen to kick off 2021 is to face one of my greatest fears head on – that being a fear of being on high edges. It’s not your typical fear of heights, but a very specific fear of heights. I have no fear of flying, turbulence in planes, paragliding, parasailing, or being on spinning or turning high roller coasters.

What I do fear is standing, sitting, walking/hiking, or climbing on a steep edge, drop-off, high building, or side of a mountain. (I’ve written on this a few times in terms of skiing, hiking/climbing Angels Landing, and hiking the Grand Canyon.) So, sitting on lifts and having to ski down a steep snowy mountain slope on two narrow skis attached to my feet that I have to balance on, while navigating patches of snow or ice, and being aware of multiple things all around me at once, is quite a feat for me. It takes every bit of my Cappy (as I lovingly call all of my natal Capricorn energy) focus, determination, gentle encouragement, methodical processing, and moment-to-moment mindful presence every hour I’m out there.

I’ve committed to five days a week every day of the nine weeks we’ll be away, to working on the next levels of this for myself, which will place me at surpassing the most days I’ve been out skiing (16 was my all-time highest) in any single winter season since I’ve started learning in my 40’s. I’m already at 9 days with only a week and a half in. On the weekends we spend our time snow hiking in crampons or snow shoeing new terrain. So, I’m still out there navigating the mountains and receiving inspiration and guidance through our explorations.

I found it to be a fun reflection when I saw the lift and lodge name of the new ski resort we chose to try out yesterday in light of the New Moon that night.

Needless to say, I’m focused on embracing and walking through the fear without giving up, and so puts into motion the energetic landscape of 2021 for me – that of seeing a plan of action through and keeping focused on the goal. And all of this is big-time-aligned with the first New Moon of 2021 where I’m working with Capricorn energy on a mountain and deeply transforming core patterns with the help of Pluto.

I feel this will translate into the rest of the year ahead in terms of what I decide to commit to on all other levels in my life and how I structure things from here on. Tackling my biggest current fear feels like a door-opener to everything else I want to accomplish, as if I can walk myself through the hardest of personal feats, then anything else that might seem lofty in idea can definitely be risen to with equal focus and tenacity.

I already accomplished this over the years with my other biggest fear – public speaking – and now I’m tackling one that will unhinge literal old structures as I reprogram physical, cellular memory stored in my body by merging mind, heart, and spirit with it.

And coupled with this being the Year of the Ox as well, I’m already getting a taste of how methodical commitment and enduring focus will be my shadow partner throughout 2021 with the ability to create a complete reset within new layers of experience.

This energy is available on personal and collective levels, so we’ll each be seeing our own version and collective versions of structural change. How we each work with this in our own lives can both benefit the whole and support greater alignment with the rapid shifts in motion.

In the midst of this I’ve now had two unusual and meaningful sightings that also speak to me of significant change on the horizon and indicate this will be a very different and surprising year, but full of increased depth and potential richness.

I spoke briefly about the barn owl that made an appearance in broad daylight while we traveled and then four days ago moose showed up while we were skiing.

Synchronously, here is the new backpack I brought with me on this trip, which I’m using for the first time. There’s an owl and a moose on it! As well as a dark rabbit (Astrid) and a bear (who shows up in my dreams so much), and snow capped mountains, pine trees, lake, perhaps mushrooms, and a geometric object.

I haven’t encountered moose medicine since our nomad days living in The Magick Bus RV, so her appearance felt significant to what’s ahead. Moose are one of the most ancient and interesting solitary beings and seeing them is a rare thing. Like any animal spirit guide, they carry many gifts of symbolism specific to them, and one of them includes major transformation heading your way.

Another speaks to primal feminine energy and the moose we saw was in fact a solitary female cow, just like one we saw in Montana two days in a row in the same place. It’s almost incredible we saw her, as she wasn’t easy to spot unless you were directed or “magnetized” to see her from the ski lift.

But there she was, as you can see in the photos… standing while grazing (which we saw on 3 passes) and then laying down to rest after (on the 4th pass). I didn’t know moose were in Utah, but moose crossing signs shared otherwise.

To read more about moose energy and gifts you can visit this post from our time in Montana: Moose Magick

Alongside moose’s energy of adaptation, bravery, and strength that goes along with the Capricorn New Moon theme, they are also very connected to water (mirroring the sea-goat energies of water and earth) and have independently moving eyes. They can be watching two different things/directions at once, which speaks to being able to “keep an eye on things” and stay aware and focused. Although they are very near-sighted, their other senses make up for things and prove that faith is the guiding force even when it’s too dark to see.

This interestingly speaks to my process with skiing, as the way that is most helpful for me is to only focus on what’s right in front of me (near-sight) and to have my other senses on high rabbit (or in this case, moose) alert in all directions around me in order to hear and sense any approaching dangers (other fast and sometimes not very present skiers and snow boarders), while also intuitionally navigating the terrain for the easiest and safest path.

Then we have owl. Traditionally, owls are messengers of physical death, but also symbolic of major and important life transitions and change that are currently happening or about to happen. Since symbols are not solely personal, but also impersonal and collective, owls offer us insight about the experiences of transition at hand or that are needed. This could mean personal transformation, but since all things are connected, it is tied into collective transformation and the kind of change that will take place through intentional, creative action.

So owl’s presence assists us in being actively, co-creatively, and presently engaged with the process, rather than having things happen to us.

It’s definitely necessary to pay attention and observe what is showing up in your life, to listen to the winds of change, and flow with the ease of release owls bring to your life so that you can let go of the old that no longer serves, and welcome the new that only comes when you do so and in the form that most serves you when you are unconditionally open and detached from the form it needs to be in.

There is a definite presence of creative potency soaring through and barn owl’s daylight appearance feels to speak to the hidden coming into full light and being revealed. Unlike moose, owl has far-sighted binocular vision (focus on an object with both eyes), but like moose the barn owl has incredible other senses. Her hearing is so fine-tuned that she can hunt in complete darkness navigating by sound alone, which is unique only to her. And like moose, they are solitary creatures and a sighting of them is very rare even though they are conspicuously white.

Spotting both of these animal spirit messengers speaks to being able to pinpoint and find or align with what is needed, when others might not see the possibilities or in fact see nothing at all. So what seems like the unknown, suddenly feels very tangible because of being connected to the dots of the bigger picture. A message around having the courage to navigate or bring light to fears speaks through from both the mythic moose and owl in a way that makes it possible if we harness the bravery within.

All in all, the energies abound right now on the cosmic scene and of cosmic energies speaking through these two guides point to this being a productive period offering great potential if we can embrace timing when it presents itself, and open and tune into our senses beyond only logic and reason, or what is easily grasped.

And doing this without proof or immediate gratification of grander results will reveal the gifts if we can surrender into the flow because the journey is what’s important. The moment and what’s here and now is where we begin and make the committed steps. The goal is not the point. Knowing that each moment provides richness to embrace, is.

After taking much of the first week of 2021 off to have some peaceful integration time to myself, I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things and finding my rhythm with projects, while still balancing my days. The ski reprogramming process takes a lot out of me, so I have to keep things simple and manageable right now. I work in small bursts when I feel inspired and rested. I’m currently working on a new sacred tattoo design that is the first of it’s kind – more on that soon – and such a perfect energy to be completing during the window of the New Moon energies.

Thank you for your patience on commissions and sessions. I am working on completing each in the order received, while finishing the last intuitive energy guidance coaching sessions with current clients, and preparing for the new February and March online classes I’ll be teaching around empowered intuition and integrative crystal healing. I’ll post more about these again soon, as I’m seeing if I can open more spots in the already full class.

Everything else has been closed, as I’m unable to take on anything new right now since I’m away and have limited time. But also because I’m needing time to tune into the new directions I’m going this year with things, while I also balance my days with Capricorn fear-processing and deep transformation to create a new architectural landscape of experience.

Thank you so much for your support and patience. I’m looking forward to the possibilities ahead that we can create.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. Desiree Bergeron

    I love hearing of all the energies at play surrounding the New Moon….. AND the connectedness of your rare sittings of Barn Owl and Moose!! SO powerful, bringing a deeper (and richer) perspective, and a call to stay on course with several intentions that are lining up beautifully for me!! Also, the releasing of old patterns is a huge one right now. There are some deep openings and shifts happening that coincide with the themes you speak of here, as well as ones specific to me personally! You are an inspiration when it comes to standing in your power/facing fears and releasing patterns that no longer serve!! You do it with such a perfect balance of tremendous strength yet gentleness, it truly is remarkable!! Moon Beam Express/Lodge had me smiling, and so did your back pack and how it mirrors the experiences you are having….. like to a tea!! Amazing. You look incredible btw, (🤭😮😘), AND, as for the current Sacred Tattoo design your creating right now…..ooohhh my beating heart…..

    • Oh! So great to hear that alongside all that you’ve experienced in opening that you are also finding some old stuff ready to go too. The more we all move through this kind of thing, the greater the benefit to the whole. I sure thank you for the sweet compliments and for inviting me into this dance of cocreation with you. Xoox!!!!!

  3. We watched a documentary on Moose a couple weeks ago. They also have special ways their legs bend so that they can never get caught in snow. They can lift straight up, making them also an animal of getting out of very tricky situations that would literally stop others in their tracks.

    Lovely to see your somewhat matching bag, and you know I love the owls. Lots of love to all of you…. Laura

    • Hehe! Yes and between their legs and eyes is why the Bullwinkle googly caricature 👀 and the leg thing you mention is perfect for my skiing too, as my legs have felt like that but have kept me not falling when other skiers have fallen around me.

      Oh, do you have a backpack with animals too?

      Thank you for the love! Sending bunches of love back from us to you!!

      • No, but it reminds me of the fox lunchbox you sent me. Isn’t it the same artist?

        Also, after commenting on your post, I had two big moose syncs, back to back. I was scrolling through something and ran into a huge picture of a moose, totally out of place to the rest of the comments on whatever post I was looking at. Then I spilled my vegan matcha on the pillow I put on my lap when I write in my dream journal or other journal. The other side of that pillow is a moose! ❤

      • ah! yes! it is the same company that makes the lunch boxes we both have. good eye! 😉

        yay moose!!! i love it. i’m excited to see how else they may show up or who else will hehe!

  4. I think the sign Moonbeam Express says it all! Enjoy your skiiing/ reprogramming, rest, commitments, etc. As you said, enjoy the moment, the goal is not the point.

    • I agree!! Lol! Weeeeeeeeee! Thank you Brad! Yessiree! I have a whole new way with it where I take pauses, go slowly, enjoy the views, don’t push, keep fully present, and follow my feelings in every moment. I love the solitude and not speaking nearly the entire time. Just being with the mountain. It’s changed the entire process to fun where as in the beginning it felt pressured.

      • I wonder if I could enjoy skiing like you’re doing. I had a bad first few experiences and haven’t been on the slopes since my early 30s. Enjoy it for me!!!! ⛷️

      • it’s possible if you decided you wanted to try it. like you i had bad experiences at the start too, plus i have the added fears that others might not have. i didn’t start early though. i started in my 40’s and really didn’t do it regularly at all until more recently. this year is actually the most i’ve stuck with it. i’m not in it to be an amazing skier,…just having fun. i’ll keep you in my pocket so you can peek out and enjoy the ride and views with me. 😉

      • Fantastic idea! Pocket practice! 😂 My fear/ dislike was from falling too much and starting on advanced slopes and icy conditions.

      • weeeeeee! hold on to your hats and glasses! 😉 yes, i don’t like any of that either!! we’re the same there. if i don’t feel good i won’t do it. i’m not about forcing anything, nor ignoring my intuition.

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