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We experienced two sacred encounters with the same female moose two days in a row here in East Glacier and although a couple of her photos will get into the week’s review of our time here once we conclude and move on, I felt that the connection with this cow was so potent to show up twice, that she deserved her own post to impart her powerful medicine. So, I’m sharing not only my favorite photos she allowed me to capture of her, but also her beautiful energetic reflections and messages.

She first showed up as we were concluding our hike to Rockwell Falls, munching away on her evening dinner in a beautiful pond setting, unaffected by our presence. We spent a lot of time in silence just connecting with her beautiful energy. I was so taken in by her endearing, but powerful essence.


Then the next day we did a different trail off of the same main trailhead from the day before – this time going to Aster Falls, but you have to pass the same big ponds in an open field.


Well, miss moose was back! Our lovely cow was feasting again in what seems to be her favorite dining destination – lucky us!

We were there around the same time (this time beginning our hike at the time we ended the previous day).


Moose are one of the most ancient and interesting beings and to see them can be a rare thing. They are solitary creatures and if the temperatures are too warm they will be cooling off in the shade hidden out of sight, as they don’t have the ability to thermoregulate their body temperature, thus preferring cooler weather.


When a moose shows up it can be a sign of beneficial change on the horizon.


Moose also carry many gifts, some of which include:

  • gift of camouflage (being able to blend in due to precise awareness and keen perceptions of the environment, thus carrying shape shifting energy)
  • gift of finely attuned insight (enabling one to work with shadow and light advantageously) and gift of vision (moose eyes move independently, thus one can see both the outside physical realm and the inner energetic realm)
  • gift of solitude (indicating one who enjoys and is comfortable in quiet and being and working alone, being at one with ourselves first and foremost)
  • gift of protection (ability to defend the defenseless and protect those that need help, which could be the ability to protect oneself when needed)
  • gift of adapting (the ability to overcome challenges and to create value out of perceived shortcomings to one’s benefit)
  • gift of discernment (as a gentle giant who also is not one to be messed with – this provides the ability to make quick decisions that support needs in the moment, but overall enjoy a peacefully calm life knowing one has the ability to stand strong if necessary without fear)


Key medicine words for moose include a dichotomy of opposites, given their large, somewhat awkward appearances and their oscillation between deer and buffalo traits (very much me since I am a self-proclaimed “walking dichotomy”): grace, strength, gentleness, courageous, sensitivity, protective, instinctual, discerning, solitude, adaptable, agility, personal power, primal feminine energy, steadfastness, visionary, perceptive, physically adept, and overall balance.


There is a sense of strange uniqueness and yet awe-inspiring energy about moose, and so too might someone with this animal spirit guide and carrying moose energy be somewhat odd, but magnetically enigmatic.


Moose are noble beings that carry a strong sense of life force in their presence of knowing how to walk between worlds of opposites and knowing how to maneuver most instinctively and wisely in how to utilize these blended gifts.


For example, despite their size and seeming awkwardness, they move quite gracefully and confidently, able to get around quickly and mysteriously. They can decide when to reveal themselves and when to blend invisibly. So they carry the power of strong presence and the gift of unassuming invisibility.


They live in that state of constant harmony and instinctive sense of balance, knowing when to call upon the energies that would most support any given situation. And yet, overall, they are simply calm, peaceful, and gentle beings.

In this way they teach us to be discerning in our own lives and how to know when to call upon the strengths and gifts we possess. They also act as bridges between seeming opposites, and so people connected with moose energy will also be bridges in life, or are stepping into their roles as bridges for the collective – integrating and merging.


Moose supports us in knowing our personal essence and the importance of our personal frequency amidst the collective. There is a way to be empowered with graceful gentleness and moose encourages this balanced harmony, while teaching us to seek only the truth within ourselves.

Moose is found in the North of the Native American Medicine Wheel, which is a place of wisdom. They symbolize self esteem, which comes not from a place of ego, but of self honor in recognizing when wisdom has been discerned and applied in one’s life harmoniously.


Ina Woolcott of Shamanic Journey shares:

“Moose symbolizes the expression of joy when something has been accomplished, not in a ‘show-off look at me I want recognition‘ kind of way, but in a true sense of sharing that springs from knowing how infectious joy is.”

I LOVE this connection with “Joy”, which seems to come up a lot for me in how much life has moved into this most joyful place and joyful expression of my heart and soul desires and essence expression. Not to mention the reference to my sweet little Joy who is ever-present and infusing my life with her energy all around and within me.

Ina goes on to share:

“The moose possesses a highly developed sense of smell and hearing. Babies are born with open eyes. People with this power animal are born with their inner eyes open already, they see things with extraordinary clarity – psychic awakenings in later life are rare for the moment moose people are born this is their awakening. They do have some of their most testing lessons in their childhood, but their fearlessness and mettle together with their direct connection to universal knowledge gives them the necessary aid needed to strengthen their self-esteem and find their place in the world. Moose is a very powerful totem to have and will help you discover who you are and put you in touch with your congenital wisdom.”


Moose is definitely strong within my soul and I’m so grateful for this endearing cow that showed up not once, but twice, to drive home her sacred message. What a gift for her to reveal herself.

I love that it was a female moose that showed up, as that carries a direct affinity for me with her primal feminine energy.

Her reflection is wholeheartedly received with gratitude and reverence for the energies she walks through life with that I connect very deeply with within my own walk of life.

How does moose reflect for you?

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  1. Tania.I am so excited for you to be in Glacier Park. I live about 2 hours south of East Glacier in Ronan. Glacier is my peaceful place. I was able to go there twice in a two week period in June and was blessed with seeing moose three times as well as other critters. Enjoy your adventures and enjoy the fairy and elf realms…love to you…Therese

    • thank you therese!! i love glacier and am thrilled to be here to explore more deeply after 20 years when i first just went through on train. so beautiful that you live close by to explore and have enjoyed the energy of moose and more! we’ve had a bunch of little critters here too that have been so lovely. looking forward to whom ever else would like to show up. thank you for the warm wishes. love and hugs xoox

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