From Grand Tetons to Yellowstone ~ The Majesty That Heals


The journey has been beautiful and immensely transformative while the days of recent have gifted many blessings, synchronous alignments, and divinely navigated transitions. At the same time that I’ve been supporting my dear rabbit, Joy, through the end of her Earth year cycles (a testing time of my growth), I’ve also been cradled in Mother Earth’s nurturing, majesty, and abundant gifts in our adventures through Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana that have supported the process.


The bitter and sweet go hand in hand, as part of the alchemy of life. So, even though I am integrating this physical loss and moving through the transmutation of sadness, I am compelled to stay present within the world and guided to share the beauty and magick that partners in this synergy dance in order to keep balanced and not withdrawn.


Plus I know that Joy would want it that way…to focus on the gifts, wonder, beauty, and sweet memories and experiences…



To return everything to love and be in “Joy”.




Tuesday there was death and yesterday I was shown the birthing of new life in so many baby Bison and Elk that kept reflecting their joy to me.


It is the way of natural harmony.


I was literally giggling and in joyful tears watching them bounce around and play in the fields with so much life bubbling within them. There was even a very heart-tugging and literal scene out of “Bambi” experience that made me tear up with love.


There were several mother Elk and babies in a field, who all literally came bee-lining for our car when we pulled up (some coming within three feet from our window), but I noticed one without a baby. She started crying out and her cries were incessant. I recognized, as a mother myself to my little ones, that she was crying out for her baby. And that tugged at my current emotions that have cried for my sweet Joy.

At first I wondered if she had lost her altogether to some tragedy and was mourning…and of course I was seeing that reflection in myself and understanding there is nothing so strong as that bond between mother and child. I know this well.

But she kept moving across the field, fixated on one direction, crying out so I felt she was calling out to her little one that had fallen behind somewhere. She then moved faster until she was at the edge of the road and from the left suddenly her baby appeared at the other side of the road and cried back. She ran over to her mom and they touched noses in loving embrace and immediately thereafter she began suckling away.

I made up a little dialogue to go along with the scene unfolding before me. 🙂


Another car with a woman in it had stopped on the other side to watch and pulled up next to us once the baby passed and was safely with her mother. She rolled down her window and said, “That was like a scene straight out of Bambi, wasn’t it?” – saying what I was thinking.

Indeed it was.


We were both in joyous tears and I could see “Joy” in everything around me, reflecting her love and reminder of the vitality, continuity, fragility, and love of life. She also impressed to me our bond that would never be broken no matter where she is, as it runs deep and is experienced through everything within and without.


I have been doing really well at keeping balanced and surprisingly centered and grounded throughout these times and our journey in general and Nature makes that so easy and free, really providing no excuse not to stay nurtured through any situation that may arise.


Mother Earth loves to shower us with gifts and I love to reciprocate back with gratitude, immersion, and giving back.


I’ll be sharing about Joy in a future post, but for now I’d love to share this photo journal of our recent times over the last couple of weeks that reflect immense beauty and inspiration that is powerfully recharging simply through viewing them.

So, rather than share any long account, I’ll just summarize what you’re seeing and what has unfolded, followed by the photo montage at the end, in the order that they’ve been experienced.

Our journey after Green River, Wyoming through lovely drives took us to Moran, which is just a mile from the Grand Teton National Park entrance and only 32 miles from Yellowstone. It is also only 45 minutes from Jackson, Wyoming that came to be instrumental later in things and also is home to a great grocery store – Jackson Whole Grocer (always must mention food). 😉

We’re back to having some really beautiful RV sites again with views of Hebgen Lake and right on Yellowstone River.


Janet and Daisy ended up sticking around through our beginning adventures in Yellowstone, Montana. They just left yesterday after two weeks of wonderful times shared to venture off to their own continued adventures that are quite exciting in development and have been integrally connected.

We have seen a continual abundance of wildlife in these parts including Pronghorn, Mule Deer, Elk, Ospreys, Pelicans, Hawks, Bald Eagles, Wild Horses, Wild Bison, Grouse, Whistle Pigs, Marmots, River Otters, 10 giant Beavers! Great Blue Heron, Cranes, Geese, Ducks, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Coyote, Raccoons (which aren’t supposed to be native to the Grand Tetons), Squirrels, Rabbits, you name it! Bear, Moose and Wolves remain yet to see on this trip (we’ve seen plentiful Bear and Moose in Alaska), but we’ll be in their homelands for a while with many opportunities. All has its divine timing.

We’ve spent time hiking through fields, meadows, forests, along rolling water, lakes, and waterfalls, and up mountains, float rafting in the majestic Grand Tetons on Snake River’s Class 1 Rapids, white water rafting on Yellowstone River’s Class 2 and 3 Rapids, (going zip-lining tomorrow), picnicking on Firehole River, exploring geysers, mud holes, hot springs, and fumaroles at Fountain Paint Pots and Mammoth, as well as enjoyed a couple of the lodges for Happy Hours (lemonade or ice tea for me), lunch on outdoor viewing platforms with stunning views, and peaceful connecting and prayers in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart for Joy (I even signed her name in the visitor book).

I’ve been gifted 11 feathers (some of the tiny ones are spotted and one is a midnight blue), wonderful fossil and crystalline stones (you can’t see in the photo, but these stones are not only colorful, but are sparkly galore and raw crystals in many cases), three river heart stones, not to mention potent raw quartz from an abandoned quartz mine (crystal cave) we explored in Gallatin Gateway, not far from Big Sky on the Solstice (more on that in an upcoming blog as well along with photos of the quartz).


We’ve celebrated the Solstice Full Moon, activated my new quartz by moonlight on Hebgen Lake, I’ve been reconnected with another Pisces friend and dear soul brother who had joined my retreat in Peru last year and now supported me through the transition, and I’ve said goodbye to one of my bestest friends in the world and Cosmos. (Again, more on that in another post).

Full circle, heart-opening, life-enhancing experiences. Every time I wonder how it could get any richer, it does.

I hope you enjoy these photos…my favorites from our time.

I have so many, but chose the best to share with you.

We are currently in North Yellowstone – our last stop for the Yellowstone area through Sunday (we’ve been in the South and West and from here can continue to explore the North and North East), then will move forward and north on into more of Montana’s beauty before we say goodbye to the States for a while and head into Canada.


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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    These pictures are amazing! I have been to Yellowstone once, and took a million slides. What became of them, I’ll never know. I saw some of the same things in your pictures, so it was great to see those scenes again. Thank you for sharing them. I love all the animals you photographed!! They are always drawn to you.

    You know I want to ask you about Joy, but I will wait until you share. You did say “a death on Tuesday,” and of course I wonder if it is her. It sounds like it. I love you and am holding you deeply in my heart. Though you seem to be doing well, you know I know how not easy it is, and if you want to email, I’m here. It always amazes me how very nurturing Nature can be in our happiest and saddest times.

    Love, love, love,

    • you’re so welcome. i’m glad the photos brought up your beautiful memories of this place. there is so much to explore here. i continue loving the animals too and always feel so blessed when they show up. i’m heartfully grateful for your words of support and open door to communicating/listening. you are cherished and your love and warmth are openly and gratefully received. i will share more soon…i have just been letting things percolate in their divine timing. love you much mary ❤

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