Basking in the Beauty & Soul Enrichment of Northwest Montana


We are currently in Northern Montana, stationed in Kalispell on the Flathead River where this past week has proven to be an explorative, expansive, and potentially life changing experience discovering this area, Whitefish, and West Glacier National Park. Today we moved over to East Glacier for the next week before heading into Canada for the next nearly 4 months.

I continue to love this incredibly rich experience and am grateful for how it is literally helping to move the energy in my/our lives, bringing greater clarity, solidifying things, helping to return me back to my true nature, drawing forth my most sparkly self again, deepening my relationship to Mother Earth and my loved ones, and connecting me with friends and transformative experiences along the way.


I didn’t have any expectations for this journey, but it has far exceeded what I could have possibly imagined.

I so highly recommend this way of life, even if just for a while, as it truly shifts you on deeper levels if totally embraced.

We had a last minute inspiration to shift the two cities we were traveling to in Montana, to another area…and boy has it revealed a lot for us in embracing that change.

There were so many magickal things that came about with following that inner guidance to shift from Missoula and Great Falls to Kalispell, Whitefish, and West Glacier. And so many supportive signs that reiterated that follow-through.

We have all of our reservations booked through 9/11 since the Summer is crazy busy, but when we changed everything for this stop (two previous reservations), literally last minute…it all fell into place. Not only were we able to do so without any financial penalty, of which we were okay with if there had been, but we also got the only spot available in the RV park we stayed at, which ended up a great site on an end, overlooking the river, with only low tent campsites in front of us, filled just half of the time.



And, our site was #44 with much angelic support all around.


We enjoyed exploring this area and from the moment we set down I was feeling incredibly excited and inspired. Our home on the river was very peaceful and gave us a good home base for much.


Everyday, from our drive in and our drives about, we got to go through the spectacular canola fields of yellow blossoms that were just so “Joy” filled to me and invigorating to my heart and soul. I love the yellow blankets of pure inspiration that wrapped me in warmth and liquid sunshine energy.


I also loved exploring some of West Glacier and was just in awe of the beauty of the waters here with all of the layers of aqua colors (my favorite) because of the glacial silt, but also the clarity of the water was just stunning.

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We did a few hikes near lakes, rivers, and falls that just were simply invigorating and filled me with so much love.

Returning here after 20 years of what was just a brief, but memorable choo choo through on the train as my first intro was a full circle anchoring. And today, on our way to East Glacier, we were following the path of the train tracks I traveled then to my end point all those years ago, which was incredibly potent in soul retrieval and understanding the meaning behind this.

The vistas and energy here are stunning and gave me chills.


The forests were dense and mystical with tons of mossy Faery energy.


Deer showed up at magickal moments and hiked along with us alongside and in front (one kept following me), butterflies were in huge abundance more than anywhere so far, moths, crystalline dragonfly, sweet insects, and bumble bees abound, and even Bald Eagles were making their appearance known.

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I was gifted a Grouse feather too in an auspicious place, which has amazingly potent symbolism I’ve just discovered.


So much potent medicine from the winged ones indeed.

I finally picked up some wild huckleberry jam I’d been wanting to try (yum!) and the day after found myself foraging for wild huckleberries and enjoying the harvest on a trail we happened to be on.


The alpine lakes were breathtaking. And the waterfalls at Avalanche Lake (6 in all that I could see and count from where I was) were incredible.

We enjoyed Johns Lake Trail (at 3333 elevation), Trail of the Cedars, Avalanche Lake Trail, and Lake McDonald while in West Glacier.

Loved all the ancient Cedars we wandered through and connected with.


On our first day of arrival, however, we enjoyed Whitefish Trail.


This trail was so lovely, meandering through the forest bringing you through the same areas over the course of the loops, but from different perspectives and elevations, which reminded me about the journey and how you never return back to the same place you were, but arrive at it from a different frame of “now moment” perspective, on another layer of the spiral of life.

It took us to an overlook of Skyles Lake (there are SO many lakes here! I love it!) where two flying-free rabbit clouds (one behind the other and one more abstract than the other – Nestor and Joy) showed up at the overlook to greet me with a message.


This area is full of nature’s beauty and we didn’t even scratch the surface of things, although did get briefly into Bigfork as well.

Found some vegan friendly yums in the area, including an awesome sushi place with 7 varieties of unique vegan sushi and other dishes, as well as a bakery that makes not only vegan baked goods, but soy and gluten free, while also is 100% organic.


We did get a chance to drive around part of Whitefish Lake on the Fourth of July and marveled how it was nothing near as packed as Lake Tahoe would be at this time.


There are many things I have put in the back of my mind for future time here, as we had a lot on the inspirationally guided agenda as it was.


We’re currently in East Glacier for the next week (just arrived earlier today and already has proven magickal) to explore more of that side of the park and reflect on our journey so far.

We journey with our new inflatable two-person kayak we just received so that we can enjoy the lakes and rivers here and beyond. And something sacred I feel may take place while here while doing so.

Will share more as things percolate and integrate, but for now I hope you enjoy these windows into the beauty here and what I saw through my eyes.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your trip. I look forward to your posts.

    Also go easy on the purple nightshade berries. They really are magical sometimes.

    • you’re so welcome don!! that is very sweet of you to say. i’m really happy that the shares bring inspiration to others in some way. hehe!! thanks for the heads up on the berries 🙂 indeed magickal ❤

  2. right on right on way kewl 🙂

  3. I could almost overdose on the beauty you’re sharing with us. Almost! 🙂

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Wow! What exquisite pictures!!! I have never been there. Another one for the bucket list, haha! You guys really know how to adventure!! So happy for you!
    Very cool moose in your more recent post too! They are such cool animals. So awkward and beautiful at the same time, especially the little ones, which I hope you get to see. All legs and nose. ❤

    • thank you mary!!! you would love it, but then any nature place we both would love, right?! we’re definitely having fun while doing a lot of potent work too! yes, lovin’ the moose! will be fun to see who else shows up. ❤

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