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One Step Closer…

Cosmo and Joy


Update on the little ones:

As you can see, we have graduated to removing the second pen barrier that was keeping Joy and Cosmo (aka Blizzy) unable to have direct contact.

If you remember, I had to devise a way to separate the two of them enough so they couldn’t touch each other, since Joy was very aggressive at first charging at the pen, biting, and grunting. So, I put a second pen around it, which enabled them to see and smell each other, but did not allow direct contact.

This has been for two weeks, but I removed the second barrier Sunday night and I’m happy to report, all is well!

Joy over time has become balanced and more relaxed, so I figured it was time to test things out officially. And I couldn’t be more proud of her. She remains calm and merely sniffs, as they touch noses. Although she has heightened senses of alertness at times, there is no grunting, charging, biting, or any signs of aggressive behavior.

Right now they are both sleeping as I write this, with Joy right up against the pen, much like in this photo, and Cosmo where you see him in the photo, but fast asleep.

It’s wonderful to see them right up next to each other in peace throughout the day without any issues.

Knowing all that I do about Joy and her sensitivities, as well as her fears, this is SO amazing and courageous of her.

Yes, I’m a happy mom and I’m feeling good about the next steps to come, which include some neutral zone bonding, face to face.

Btw, Cosmo is doing really well. He just had a check up today and he’s maintaining his weight, which is great, some muscle improvement was evident in his legs, the sharp points on his teeth are gone (which was due to the wrong diet he had previous to coming to me), we had all the mottled, matted, knotted hair on his side and rump shaved to start fresh (it had gotten this way from not being tended to with regular cleaning and keeping him dry and sanitary, previous to coming to me), we have some new leg therapy extension exercises to implement, we are decreasing his meds, and he will begin acupuncture next week!



So Many Things To Be Grateful For ~ Bunny Love Update & More

This is turning out to be the best birthday month celebration. So many wonderful gifts, surprises, and blessings abound.

And these are just the icing on the cake, as there are endless blessings I am in awe of each day, from the seemingly tiny, to the obviously large things to be grateful for that are all around me/us every day. Even the fact that we breathe in these temple bodies that are miracles in and of themselves, is a huge blessing often taken for granted. Not to mention we are capable of experiencing the gamut of feelings and possibilities we often judge when they aren’t the ones we deem more valuable. It’s ALL a gift! And it’s all about perspective.

But on top of these wonderful daily blessings it seems birthday celebrating has begun in this month of purification and love.

I just learned that my Garden Tower is on its way, as shipping began today and will arrive this month. So any other backers of the New Garden Tower Project will be excited about this too!

In exactly two weeks I’ll be flying off to Iceland, where I’ll be over my birthday celebrating in Faery style – a long awaited dream manifested by pure intention and synchronous alignment. Yes, dreams do come true! I’ve never done something like this for my birthday, so it feels significant.

Sweet little Cosmo (my little spirited lover bunny) came into my life almost 1 month to the day, before my birthday, mirroring Joy’s (my other little angel) pre-birthday arrival 6 years ago.

A new crystal baby came to me yesterday when I was out getting a crystal for Cosmo (more on that below), after receiving my yearly birthday coupon from a metaphysical store around the corner here that I’ve been connected to for over 20 years.

And major energetic shifting in such an expansive, positive way is taking place, which includes instant manifestation energy in high gear (are any of you also experiencing this?), and exciting new horizons blossoming or getting ready to blossom from seeds planted intentfully.

But one of the most exciting things came yesterday evening, when Cosmo did something absolutely amazing and just truly took my breath away.

Let me back up briefly on what led up to this.

Two days ago, in the afternoon, I was talking to my family on the phone and sharing about Cosmo and how he’s doing, as they call every day to check on him – so sweet! My mom already has his photo in a frame on her special shelf in the family room at their house, next to all the animal soul grandchildren she has/and has had through me and my brother. Neither my brother nor myself will ever have human children in the biological sense, so these are our children/grandchildren/family.

Anyway, I was talking with my brother about other spiritual healing to administer with Cosmo, besides all of the protocol holistically, physically, and energetically I’m doing. We talked about the root cause of spinal/lower back injury and different affirmations and intentions I can say to him and embody for him. Of course, for me saying it isn’t enough…so I have implemented singing them to him. 🙂 and then we talked about crystals and my brother reminded me about a couple of them that are excellent for spinal and back challenges – Selenite and Black Tourmaline. Selenite is also good for the kidneys, which is great since Cosmo had some issues there in the past as well.

I had a Black Tourmaline, so immediately after the call I brought it to him and held it at the base of his spine administering healing. I left it in with him for a while after too.

But I didn’t have Selenite anymore, or couldn’t find it. I remember how amazing Selenite had been in the past when I used it for healing support on people I knew with back/spinal challenges. Knowing I had my birthday coupon for the metaphysical store around the corner, I just knew they would have the perfect Selenite for me.

So yesterday I go into the store with the intention and knowing of finding this Selenite, and perhaps something for myself for my birthday. I looked all over and could find nothing except two Selenite candle holders, but that wasn’t good for doing healing work on his back.

So I asked the woman at the counter if she had any Selenite. She was very sweet and said, “why yes, we had just one left and it should be out there on the floor.” She then added, as she was looking around with me, “someone had come in yesterday afternoon wanting Selenite (same time I had been talking about it with my brother on the phone and put out my intention to get one), and I showed the piece to them and after a while they decided they didn’t want it anymore so I put it back out on the shelf here somewhere. Unless, someone got it last night.”

I smiled while she said this thinking about instant manifestation and how this Selenite I knew was for Cosmo and when I’d made that declaration I’d find one at the store, things aligned to make it remain there until I arrived.

We ended up finding the Selenite in a more hidden place on the shelf, and again I smiled, knowing it had been saved for Cosmo.

And when I saw it, it was perfect! She handed it to me and I said, “yep, that’s the one! I knew there was one here waiting for me.” And I told her about how it was for my bunny.

It’s about 2 and a half inches, oval in an egg shape, but smooth and flat like a river stone, making it perfect to hold in your palm and place on the area or run it smoothly over it.

I then was called to look in this case behind me and there I saw my birthday gift – a Lapis Lazuli Cosmic Egg! So cool both Cosmo and I would have our own connected Cosmic Eggs!

I’ve been very drawn to Lapis now for a while (something new for me only in the last year and half or so) and to find an egg was so cool, as I love the energy and symbolism of the egg. The Lapis egg feels so perfect for this time period in my life, but the piece itself is so beautiful and like a galaxy swirling in primordial eternity. There’s something very important about this Lapis egg I feel, for me.

But I haven’t gotten to the exciting part yet.

So, after feeling the perfection of all of this, I went home and cleansed and charged the Selenite and brought it to Cosmo. He immediately sniffed it and then sat completely still absorbing the energy as I ran it along his back and spine where the injury is. I just did this for a couple of minutes, not wanting to overwhelm him with all the energies he’s receiving.

But what happened about an hour later was magick!

I saw him out of the corner of my eye from my desk, moving around in his pen. It almost appeared like he rolled quickly on his back and then flipped himself up. And then next thing I know he had sat himself upright ALL ON HIS OWN!

He has NEVER done that! I always sit him up to help him balance and get used to that, then he’s able to sit that way a while, or maybe even move around a bit that way. But he FULLY sat himself upright and began cleaning himself on the side that is always laying on the ground and that he drags. He has never been able to bend that way and clean himself, WHILE balancing himself upright. But he did this and was able to hold it for a few minutes. Then he seemed to lose balance, but sat himself back up again, and again…He did this three times in front of me, able to get up on his own and continue grooming himself, bending on this weakened side.


Whether it was the Selenite, or all efforts combined so far, it was truly a miracle!

He hasn’t done it again since, but I believe with continued, consistent efforts, we’re going to get there. He DID last night, after his physical therapy time, lay straight and sprawled out balanced, like he also has NEVER done and the way bunnies like to lay. So indeed things are shifting and THIS is the most amazing birthday gift!

I was so excited, I just had to share.

Here’s a VERY short video (but I thought it worth sharing his progress) of one of Cosmo’s moments caught on camera from one of the first days we started his cart therapy – so literally just a few days from coming home with me. I only got a few seconds of him moving around before he got tuckered out, but this was also after his cart session, so I think he deserved a rest. It provides just a hint of his progress for you. When it goes black, I had put the camera down to help him back up, but he was tired, as you can see. Still wiggling those little legs around though!! I call him the wiggle worm 😉

He’s actually gone much longer than this on his own, but this shows you how he’s progressing hugely from being fully paralyzed!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Happy Updates On My Little Bunny Love

tania and cosmo

Photo taken by Lejla when I first met my little bunny love at the Petco adoption event, and took him home.

Just a little update on my sweet little boy, Cosmo (also known to many as Blizzy).

After the first two to three days of getting a regime together, ordering and purchasing what he needed, some trial and error and determining what works best, and figuring out a good set up conducive to his needs and what would be best for Joy and him to get acquainted, things settled into a natural flow.

Now it’s as if he’s always been a part of the family and although I have a new and earlier morning schedule that is all about taking care of the little ones, and then carrying on with regular morning things like making smoothies, taking out trash, and other house duties, it’s a joy to see how happy Cosmo is.

I can feel his appreciation and the immense joy he has knowing he is safe, truly loved, his needs are met, and he has no more worries to hinder his getting strong and focusing on his rehabilitation.

He loves our morning bath time together, but his favorite part is when I blow dry him, as I massage his little back side and legs and he feels the gentle warm breeze drying him off. He sits perfectly still and takes it in very appreciatively with lots of licks after.

tania and cosmo5

Cosmo and me resting after his rehab time in his go-cart

I love the times where I get a chance to just lay with him and rest, as he snuggles his little head under my chin, licks my nose, and lays as close as possible with me while I have my hand on the place where the injury to his spine is to channel Reiki to him.

I took him to the vet last week to have a full exam to see how he is and got his nails clipped while there since he hadn’t had that taken care of in a while before coming to me.

The vet said he’s in great health, and she determined, which I had seen upon having him just the first day, that he was not fully paralyzed. He does have sensitivity in areas of his legs, has reactive reflexes, and some mobility. One leg is likely more painful than the other because the muscles are not as developed in that leg, which indicates he’s not using it likely due to pain. This is also the leg on the side that he seems to twist his body onto and is always dragging more.

The injury is somewhere in the lower back spinal region, but until the vet has a chance to see his past x-rays that were taken in November, she was unable to assess the full extent of his condition, only having some old written records to go from. We are supposed to hear on those some time today, but I would also be interested in getting new x-rays to see what if anything has shifted since then.

cosmo sitting up

Cosmo sitting upright eating his parsley

What I do know is that those back legs of his are not fully paralyzed, although very disabled from his injury/condition, as he does move them quite a bit now, uses them a bit to shuffle himself along, and at times has come to be able to sit upright for a very short period and can even move himself around upright for a while. I’ve seen him several times nearly get himself upright on his own, so with continued effort, patience, and strength training I believe he will.

Although these periods are brief and for the most part he is laying down and pulling himself along, he is getting stronger and those little legs are getting memory back as to how to use them like he once did, again. I feel that with continued and consistent effort, on both his and my part, and with all the love, holistic, therapeutic, and energy work, we will get him to a really good place – what ever that is meant to be for his path of choice – and there is high potential of finding him walking and jumping around again one day. I believe!!

cosmo sitting

Cosmo sitting upright again eating his dandelion greens

I try to sit him straight when I put him down on the ground to help him to balance himself and get back used to sitting and moving regularly. Some days he does better than others and then eventually plops over into his laying position with legs to his left.

While at the vet I picked up his meds, to help with pain and are also anti-inflammatory (he had not been receiving these), and also picked up a little cart to help with rehabilitation, which Lejla of Bunny World Foundation dropped off there for me. It’s a cart that can be used for full paralysis, where you’d raise the back legs into stirrups and the small animal would be able to walk with their front legs and have the wheels in back as their mobility.

cosmo in his cartBut in Cosmo’s case, since he can move his legs a bit, we place the legs into the holes there (similar to a child in a stroller) and strap him safely in around his back and around the upper portion of his neck/in front of shoulders, which encourages him to use his back legs rather than they just lay there idle. He is able to use all of his legs, but the back legs are supported in the harness, so not all of his weight is on them, and the wheels help him to move along quickly. (Will post a good video of this soon)

I have found that doing this around feeding time helps to motivate him, as I put his Timothy pellets in his bowl and he then follows the bowl when you pull it, rewarded for his efforts.

This provides him use of his legs, which the goal with this is to strengthen the muscles and act as physical therapy. We do this just 10 minutes a day and will work up to more over time.

We started to implement putting little diapers on him (purchased diapers made for preemie babies, after watching a video on how this can be done) while he does this, so that no accidents occur during the process.

At times he really takes off and sometimes just goes despite the pellets, exploring all around and gets going quite fast making sharp turns and all.

And sometimes, right after using the cart, he is able to move around briefly on his own like he normally would, if not for his condition. That is amazing and very encouraging! (Will post a video of this soon too, once I get it uploaded)

It is the sweetest experience and so rewarding to see him get excited at his mobility.

I can tell when he’s done, as he will get tired and lay his head down, so I then take some time after to let him rest next to me, as we snuggle in love.


Sharing kisses and licks

He’s such a lover, so desiring of just nuzzling all the time, enjoying laying next to you still on the bed sleeping, loves to be held, licks you with kisses, and gives his all to everything.

It took 2-3 days to get him to really enjoy and eat his Timothy hay, but I’m happy to report that he is fully, which is a great thing. He’d been fed the last year the wrong hay – Alfalfa hay – which is for young rabbits only, but now he’s back on track. I also provide him a little pure Goji juice in his water daily, just like Joy gets, and they both love that. This will definitely assist his healing, regeneration, and health in general.

I ordered three more organic superfood supplementation (MSM, turmeric, and echinacea) for him this weekend, which should arrive soon, to add to his holistic care and to help restore, regenerate, and keep him vibrant. These were recommended by a vegan, holistic care expert and board member of Bunny World Foundation who has had amazing results with rabbits.

I want to provide the best opportunity for Cosmo, as there are no limits to what is possible.

I’m also happy to share that Joy is doing really well. I couldn’t be more proud of her. I know we have a long journey still there in bonding them, but she is getting used to having his energy around and hasn’t been aggressive like she was at the beginning. She’s been calm, only sniffs a lot at him, but mostly is remaining balanced with only short periods of heightened alertness.

The two of them are with me all day long and Joy hardly ventures out and about from my office, except to come get me for food time in the hall. LOL! The two of them go crazy for food time! And I now have them both on the same schedule and Cosmo already knows the routine, alerting me it’s time for snacks!

I couldn’t be more blessed to have two such amazing souls in my life.cosmo1


One Little Rabbit With One Giant Heart, Helping To Change The World & Each Life He Touches

cosmoMy life has changed over night, since the arrival of a new bunny love. Just this Sunday I went to pick up Blizzy (his rescue name), a nine year old special needs rabbit, from the adoption event at Petco in Pasadena, facilitated by Bunny World Foundation.

His previous foster family brought him to the event so that I could take over his care.

This has all been sudden, but as change is a constant in life (more so in mine I think because I welcome and flow with it) once again I find everything evolving in beautiful and unexpected ways.

How did this all come about? Well, I would say magickally. I’ll share a little on why.

I mentioned in earlier posts how rabbit energy has increasingly been showing up and due to several dreams, I knew that I wanted to do more for rabbits, as they are so dear to my heart. I do already have an amazing little one, Joy, who is a powerful healer and potent being all around. And I have had two other bunnies in my life, including the magickal Nestor.

After the dreams I knew I wanted to be more active in helping rabbits, so I started volunteer work at a local rescue just a few minutes from my house. Rabbit energy continued to expand and envelope my life from there. Then one day, a week and a half ago, a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook from another rabbit rescue in Los Angeles, Bunny World Foundation.

They had just come into receiving two infant rabbits that were in need of care, with a traumatic story as to how they were now there on their own without mother and two siblings that are no longer on this physical plane.

My friend, like most people, knows that I’m a bunny person, or crazy rabbit lady 😉 I constantly see posts like these and normally I will focus my action in sending healing energy, but for some reason I felt compelled to contact the organization and offer even more direct help. I felt drawn to care for them to help them get strong and healthy so they could then be adopted. I sat there and wrote my email, but hesitated hitting send.

On some level I felt something more from this action I was taking and it was like a soul pause taking a moment to check in on making the definitive decision of responsible commitment on a level I was unaware of consciously, as I’m an all or nothing person. I don’t know the meaning of half a–sing things.

So after a minute or two I finally hit send.

It took a couple of days, but I then received an email from the head of Bunny World Foundation, and the rest unfolded from there.

They had found a woman that specialized in infant care, as the infants needed special tube feeding you have to be trained for, but Lejla (the head of Bunny World Foundation) and I ended up having a long conversation connecting about so many mutual things, including knowing the woman who runs Save A Bunny, where I adopted Joy from. We concluded the call by my saying I’d love to help out in any way I can and asked if there was anything special she needed help with.

And then she told me about Blizzy (named this because he reminded his rescuer person who was caring for him when he came to the Human Society of an Oreo Blizzard).

Blizzy was in need of a new foster home, as his current foster family was no longer able to care for him. They’d been looking for the last few months for someone and it was crucial he find a home that week.

And of course, here I come along at the right time….I now know that he had called out to me, just as Joy, Nestor, and Gaia had, and I heard his call.

A little about Blizzy’s background – He was dumped at the doorsteps of Humane Society’s Hollywood Office in a cardboard box with NOTHING in it. He had some physical issues that they took care of right away. Everyone said he was the sweetest bunny they’d ever met because he loves being held and giving love.

He became somewhat of a celebrity bunny, as the new ambassador for the Humane Society International – End Animal Testing Campaign in China with actress Zhu Zhu as the first Chinese celebrity to ever speak out about animal testing in China – with Blizzy in her arms.

blizzy3Then Blizzy became paralyzed from the lower back down about five months ago and is without use of his back legs. The extent of what happened and what his condition is, is something I am looking into, as I have a first appointment today to help get a handle on his situation and how best I can help him.

For now, we do have a long and patient journey ahead, not just in getting him strong again, but also in integrating him with my bunny, Joy.

I am not at liberty to go into more background on him, but needless to say I realize why he is with me, and I promise to give him the best care and love possible. If all goes well with the bunny bondingg, he will find himself a forever home here with us, and I will officially adopt him. But my first concern is to get him in the best possible shape and understand what is possible in terms of treatment, rehabilitation, surgery, etc.

He is in need of daily baths since he has lost ability and training in using his litter box, so he pees on himself. I am devising several creative ways to assist with this and perhaps at some point may be able to train him back into litter box use, or there are other options I’m working on right now for him. For now, he just pulls himself along with his front legs and his back legs twist under him to the left, dragging behind. I do see some slight movement in his little legs though, and he spreads his toes when I wash him, so I am hopeful that something could shift, as spontaneously as it shifted to where it is currently.

Either way, I will provide the best care I can give him and ensure he has the happiest life possible, full of love.

I’m also needing to get him on a normal feeding regime, and helping him to feel peaceful in the transition.

Joy is on soldier patrol, since she isn’t used to another bunny infringing on her boundaries, but I have to say she’s handling things still quite well despite her expected aggressive behavior and she is getting more calm as they spend time sharing space.

She will often sleep right by his pen near my stereo where the music is playing. And she is eating normally and behaving normally otherwise, but she has a lot to integrate too.

For now I have Blizzy in a pen in my office so that he is safe and out of harm from her or the cats, and the protective cover on the bottom handles his inability to use his litter box. In this way Joy and Blizzy can see each other and smell each other, but they can’t get at each other. I did have to get ingenious however, as they need to be able to see each other, but not interact yet in terms of being able to get paws and teeth at each other through the bars.

It took me some frustrated-to-tears moments yesterday to creatively figure this out, as I tried some things. I needed to fix this issue right away so that the bunnies weren’t getting stressed, as when Blizzy was curious to see Joy, she was aggressively attacking at the bar. So, I surrendered and had a good cry, asking for an idea.

joy and cosmoI then got the idea to devise an outer perimeter with the second pen I had (good thing I had these on hand from years ago when I was training Joy). So I formed a geometric shape around the already octagon shaped pen (a bunny bagua), tying it at corners to create distance in areas that separated them from contact and at the few corners they meet, they have double bars making it not possible to get at each other. Phew!

The plan is to let them get used to each other in this way for a couple of weeks and then we will begin the bonding process slowly introducing them in a neutral zone (first outside of the house at the founder’s home) and then working on it in neutral zones in the house), baby step by baby step.

Being that I work from home and am with them all day really makes a difference, as the three of us are in my office together and I am able to play soft, beautiful music for them, which is having a wonderful calming effect on everyone. Plus, I can take care of immediate needs.

Right now I have Blizzy on a two-times-a-day bath schedule, morning and evening where I wash him in the sink and then dry him in a towel, holding him, while singing to him and giving him Reiki and gentle strokes. Although today is a three day bath day, as any time I notice he is getting soiled I want to make him more comfortable indeed, plus he has to go to the vet soon.

He is such a lover, licking me all the time, and although I know he is frustrated and has some pain (I am getting him meds today), he is still such a happy, strong soul with an amazingly brave and beautiful spirit.

I love seeing him peacefully sleeping and love caring for him. I don’t see any of it as a burden or stressful, but rather take pure joy catering to his needs, and am grateful for the richness he is bringing to my life. I know that he has much to give and teach us. I’ve literally spent the last two and a half days fully focused on him, as taking care of him and aiding the bond with Joy is the most important thing right now to me.

He’s already helping me to shift things in my own life that I’ve been wanting to, adding another element of sweetness and grace, and is touching a chord in my heart that is once again being expanded and deepened.

I love my time bathing him and helping to keep the energetic focus on wholeness and positivity, not wishing to look backward and dwell on what has been, but focusing on what is now and what we can create together.

I will be implementing holistic care, energy work, as well as taking the steps possible, physically. Physical therapy is likely part of the protocol. We are also seeing about potentially getting him a cart/wheelchair so that when he’s stronger and the two rabbits bond, that he can get himself around.

We’re also thinking about diapers as a potential, but I want to discuss all things with the doctor first before implementing.

I’ll know more about things once I’ve done a round of doctor’s visits at the vet and get a hold of his records.

In the meantime, he’s my special little boy and I know that while Joy on a physical level is having some challenge with the energy, that she is also doing her all to integrate her own balancing and supporting him with her powerful healing energy as well to help him.

So that’s where my energy has been focused and I think I now have a good little regime in place so that the rest can all be integrated and balanced back in.

If I don’t post as much at times, you’ll know why though, as this little one and having both bunnies peaceful is priority.

I will say that, like with all things in my life, there is no randomness about it. I sensed this was something big for me…a mission in fact. And that was reiterated the day I picked him up. On my way out a hawk was sitting on the light post giving me the support, and on the way home, another. But while driving, a dear friend called that knew I was on my way to get him and she was sending me love and support. I said out loud to her, there was just something about this that I knew was so much bigger and I used the word “mission” to describe it.

And right after we got off the phone, a song came on and the words said, “it’s more than just a mission….” and at that exact simultaneous moment, I was just crossing over “Mission St.”

I got chills and knew in my heart everything was in divine grace.

On the way home, just as I did with Joy and Gaia, I put on mantras and sang to him…calming him at a cellular level.

I’ve referred to him as Blizzy in this post, but to me this is not his name.

cosmo 3I know him as Cosmo – a name that means the whole Universe (from Cosmos), as well as order, harmony, beauty, completeness…the Universe as an orderly, harmonious whole. 🙂

I knew the moment I heard what he’d been called up until now, and saw his photo, that the first thing that needed to change was his name. It was not energetically supportive.

I didn’t know the name that truly was his, feeling that would come to me when the time was right. And that time was just three days before he came home. The name actually came to me magickally through the Orcas from my dream I posted about.

And after that I remembered that Cosmo, just like Joy and Nestor, was a name I had said in my late teens in high school that I would name a little one in my life that came to me as a boy. Those were the only three names I remember stating out loud with knowingness that I would name animal companions that might come into my life.

And now here he is.

Until he is officially adopted, I don’t know that his name can be changed, but to me he is Cosmo regardless.

Cosmo is such a courageous and spirited soul. He amazes me at how his will and love has carried him through to where he is. A remarkable feat for anyone, but for a delicate and sensitive being like a rabbit, it’s truly one of those miracle stories that moves your heart in inspiring ways.

I will share more, as the journey evolves. Right now, just taking it one day at a time, and with increased love flowing each day.

Learning of his situation and also experiencing the beauty of this experience from its larger picture place, has brought both tears of deep sadness and joy. I literally feel like a different person in just a matter of two days and continue to experience the shifts this is all creating in my own life, not to mention these two sweet ones’ lives.

It’s so interesting to look at the two of them. Joy is gray and white. Cosmo is black and white. They both have spotted markings. Joy is a lop eared rabbit and doesn’t have the greatest eye sight or ability to hear (one of the effects of breeding to create lop eared rabbits by humans). However, she is super-sensitized and her sense of smell and all other extrasensory perceptions are highly, highly attuned (inner senses), although has the power and assertion when needed. Cosmo is a straight eared rabbit and highly alert with both hearing and sight (outer senses), although is a sensitive bunny and very tender.

They are both very sweet, highly attuned, and are simply pure love.

We are so blessed and how grateful am I to have these two angels who so beautifully embody sacred feminine and male energy.

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