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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Sacred Bonds & the Rabbit-Human Connection


Today’s share is one that is very dear to both Astrid and I, as it speaks to the relationship we have and how meaningful the rabbit-human bonding is, in our opinion. The theme of her message came through last weekend for this and has been building over the course of the week. But in essence, speaks to the special connection that is made when you invest your heart and soul into being a guardian and best friend to a rabbit.

Astrid feels this is also an important message at this time because it is nearing Easter and we both know how many people will go out and purchase rabbits, especially baby rabbits, on a whim thinking they would be cute gifts for their children.

Helping people to understand rabbits more and what is truly involved within that sacred bond you embark upon cultivating, is one of our hopes to help impart.

We’ll be speaking together through what I share and then maybe Astrid will have a specific message she will want me to separate out for her.

Rabbits are very social animals, but they are nothing like dogs and cats. I know many people see them as cute and cuddly little ones, but most rabbits aren’t particularly interested in being held and snuggled the same way you might a dog or cat. That’s not to say that all rabbits are this way, as they each have their own personalities and some, like my sweet Cosmo, truly love being held close.

But this is usually the exception, rather than the rule because rabbits are ground-dwelling and feel safest when all four feet are connected to their Earth Mother.

That’s also not to say every dog or cat easily cuddles up either, as there are exceptions like with animals who have been through quite a challenging past or some kind of abuse and neglect.

I know that many people are looking for an animal they can hold or show constant affection to, feeling a need to have their furry companion available for a certain kind of closeness. Dogs and cats usually come first to mind for people thinking about getting an animal companion because of this.

That’s not to say, for instance, that all cats like to be snuggled and close, as they also have ideas that are independent to yours and may or may not desire the same when you want it.

Dogs may be more inclined to do so.

Not most rabbits.

That might be a turn-off for people desiring more from their animal companions.

For me, it is exactly what I love most about rabbits.

You see, rabbits are prey animals, unlike cats and dogs who are predators. It takes a deliberate investment of time, nurturing, patience, and ultra presence to gain the trust of your rabbit because they naturally have different instincts – which is, everything is a potential threat.

Like horses, rabbits are magnificent clear mirrors and can be amazing therapy animals to help reflect and teach you the deepest core parts of yourself.

Again, I’m not saying that dogs or cats don’t do this, as they do and many of them are therapy animals as well, but things will be much more subtle and take more patience, presence, and willingness to go a bit deeper when it comes to a prey animal.

Their instincts and senses are ultra-aware. They feel every little nuance at an all-time high and therefore they immediately know what is below the surface and at your core far before you will. They pick up the finest frequencies of vibrational misalignment and disharmony.

They have to, after all, because their survival depends on it.

And in doing so, they truly help reflect some hard things to see about ourselves and help us to understand where we are being inconsistent with what we are saying and doing, and what we are feeling.

So, when a rabbit decides to welcome you, give a little more each day to you, shows affection, lets you approach them and stroke or kiss them, snuggle them on the ground, grind their teeth in delight, lick you, play with you, flop themselves on their sides vulnerably into dreamland, come search you out, chins, nuzzles, nibbles at you, follows you or jumps up on the bed or couch with you, rests next to you, and maybe even lets you pick them up without a struggle – these are invaluable.

To me, to earn that kind of trust and love from a prey animal is ultra special and meaningful.

To know that Astrid, or any of my bunny loves, have felt safe and seen with me means everything to me.

It’s simply something deeper I can’t put into words, but chokes me up to create that kind of bond and relating that is operating on a super high level of sensitivity.

Plus, it constantly keeps me very present and aware moment-to-moment about how I’m acting, feeling, and noticing everything about my rabbit and what is normal or changing with their behavior.

This also, by the way, helps you to stay on top of their health, as they will hide things more than other animals and to be on your toes with what’s going on with them every moment can save their lives AND enrich both of yours.

Rabbits ask us to meet them at their level – literally – so going on the ground with them will help with the bonding.

They also ask us to meet them equally in energy – bringing our full selves to the table in pure honesty and integrity of heart. In this way they will respond just as clearly with acknowledgment and meeting you in much the same way.

Rabbits are very social animals and the relationship with you will be of utmost importance, alongside any other bonded rabbit they have as a partner. Connection is what will help your rabbit thrive and whether that means they have another or other rabbit friends, other furry animal companions, or bond with you, it is much needed to have that closeness.

Most rabbits do enjoy some level of affection, which can shift over time the more you invest in your relationship with them. It can be very pleasing to them to be snuggled or nuzzled on the ground, massaged, spoken to softly, caressed, or simply sitting or laying next to you.

They also love to play and thrive on fun – another way to bond with them.

I feel most of the time that my rabbit loves, including Astrid, think of me as another rabbit. That’s because I have learned to be more like them and interact with them, as they would with another rabbit and I always listen to their cues, knowing when they’ve had enough, if they want more, and what they like or don’t like.

Rabbits teach you to relax and slow down, get in touch with yourself, truly listen within, and live life with more gentleness.

They have all kinds of personalities, just like us, and aren’t there to please you the way you want or think you need, although once they welcome you as part of their “warren” you will be part of the family and appreciated and loved uniquely.

Over time, they can come to provide huge amounts of affection in the sweetest of ways and you learn that intimacy starts within the heart and can be extremely gratifying in more ways than you imagined because you have created a sacred bond.

“The sacred bond invites you to a secret dance that lies beyond the horizon of existence alone. It takes you into the alchemy of the heart that never ceases to be and always remembers its wholeness,” says Astrid.

The Best Medicine is Love

joy and cosmo.jpg

The best medicine is love and an ever-devoted best friend.

Joy snuggling Cosmo, while she rests her head above his heart and gives him healing Reiki love and support to help him get better and through his health challenge.

No Words Needed

cosmo and joy heart

Another Dream Come True ~ Childhood Wishes Manifest

20150804_185029_resizedEver since I can remember, I’ve been in deep soul and heart love with animals. For me, they were my lifeline, my inspiration, my joy, my best friends…even though I did not myself really grow up with them.

Anytime my parents took us to their friends’ homes on visits, you’d find me with their animal companions, never leaving their side except to eat – and they would never leave mine either. I would just caress and love them for hours.

At home I had 50+ stuffed and enchanted animals that basically covered my bed and floor. I would spend much of my time day-dreaming about them, going into my magickal realm to meet them, and calling upon them to help me in times of need.

I even had a special horse that would run along the vistas outside my car window that we’d drive along on our day and weekend car trips we took every weekend. And one that aided me with my stomach challenges in my teens.

20150722_081039_resizedLater we did have fish, a couple of pairs of parakeets, and 2 tortoises, but never did I have a furry friend I so desired, until I was 12.

That’s when my first lop eared bunny – Twinkie – came home to me, but for a much too short time – I had him for only a Summer before he was put to sleep, which broke my heart.

It wasn’t until I moved out on my own for the first time at 29 that my bunny and twin soul, Nestor, then entered my life.

20150729_160539_resizedAfter Nestor, surprisingly came Gaia and Joy.

They were/are everything to me, but they all had VERY free spirits, much like mom.

While I could/can engage extremely intimately with each of them in ways that never left anything missing from our deep level of connection, and could snuggle them on the floor, they were not big on the “holding” idea and needed always to be free.

Joy was more capable than Nestor in this way, being able to be held on occasion when needed without the big struggle and actually coming to like it once she was held, but still very much more comfortable mutually being respected for her ways and needs, which was very easy for me to do, as I understood this since it reflected the largely Cosmic part of me that I mostly connected with.

And what a gift they are. I can’t tell you how magickal and deep our relationships run and what we’ve experienced.

20150722_075934_resizedBut as a child I dreamed of also having this familiar that would physically be with me as much as they were in heart and soul. My little ones – Nestor and Gaia – were always off doing expansive Universal and Earth work, while also supporting me. Much like mom 😉 That made the expansive, Cosmic part of me quite at home.

Enter Cosmo and his very physically integrated and engaged ways.

20150806_064414_resizedThat spoke to the Earth-based part of me that is alive in this body engaging in the sensual walk of life.

And so it makes sense that now that I’ve been integrating both parts of me in balance that I would attract into my experience Cosmo. A little one, who while so cosmically connected, as his name reflects, is so Earthly integrated and literally needs me.

I’m convinced that on a soul level he consciously chose to create the accident he had that resulted in his spinal injury, so that he could leave his foster home he did not like, timed perfectly in sending a beacon out to me when I was ready, just as Nestor, Joy, and Gaia had.

20150723_180950_resized_1And on a soul level, I was at a place of deeply integrating my physical in a very new way (by choice of engaging life on a whole new level I hadn’t yet) and so the special needs child I was told I would have if I actually ever had my own human child, came through Cosmo instead.

We have such a synergistic relationship, which has also now trickled out to the three of us as well – Joy, Cosmo, and me.

I know every little thing Cosmo wants, needs, communicates. He spends every waking hour directly next to me while I work and I tend to all of his needs throughout the day with great love in my heart to be able to be there for him, as he gives just as much as he receives.

I know when he wants to drink, eat, move, wants love, needs my help to get at and eat his cecotropes.

20150727_170237_resizedFor those of you who don’t know about cecotropes this will sound gross.

Here’s info on this from Dana Krempels, Ph.D. shared in The Mystery of Rabbit Poop to bring this into light:

“Unlike most other mammals, lagomorphs (including domestic rabbits) produce two types of droppings, fecal pellets (the round, dry ones you usually see in the litterbox) and cecotropes. The latter are produced in a region of the rabbit’s digestive tract called the cecum, a blind-end pouch located at the junction of the small and large intestines. The cecum contains a natural community of bacteria and fungi that provide essential nutrients and may even protect the rabbit from potentially harmful pathogens.

How does the rabbit get those essential nutrients? She eats the cecotropes as they exit the anus. The rabbits blissful expression when she’s engaging in cecotrophy (the ingestion of cecotropes) will tell you that she finds this anything but disgusting. In fact, rabbits deprived of their cecotropes will eventually succumb to malnutrition. Cecotropes are not feces. They are nutrient-packed dietary items essential to your companion rabbit’s good health.

A rabbit may produce cecotropes at various times during the day, and this periodicity may vary from rabbit to rabbit. Some produce cecotropes in the late morning, some in the late afternoon, and some at night. In any case, they usually do this when you’re not watching (quite polite of them). This might be why some people refer to cecotropes as “night droppings,” though cecotropes are not always produced at night.”

Normally you don’t really see this, as a healthy rabbit will be able to get at their cecotropes easily and without your knowing.

But due to Cosmo’s injury, he has trouble getting at them or will make a smeary mess while trying, which isn’t good for his fur and skin.

I have learned his cues now, and assist when this takes place. He began to understand rapidly that I was helping and so now he actually licks my foot that he likes having next to him while he rests throughout the day, to let me know it’s coming and then I help get them to him.

20150802_193101_resizedI also help him to walk over to his food and water, and I carry him to his bed or living room for running laps, strawberries, and cuddling time watching a movie.

It’s basically like having a human special needs child that you would cater to everything they need, which they are incapable of doing for themselves.

I have a very heightened sense of smell so I immediately know when he’s peed and change his pee pads immediately, bathe and dry him…you name it.

20150806_064439_resizedI’m happy to say that his fur looks the best it ever has since I’ve had him…he’s all soft and furry, nearly no mattings or loss of fur that he’s gone through so much…it’s so wonderful! That comes from the constant care, cleaning, brushing, and his being free and not sitting in one place or a small enclosed space.

It’s all done by intuitive instincts and with love. We are like extensions of one another. And he showers me with kisses and velvety licks with everything given to him. And sometimes in showers of snuggle love just because.

He loves to lay with me on the floor or on my chest on the bed for as long as we both are in the zone, unless he needs to pee, drink, or eat, at which point he’ll either start licking me to alert, or give me a little gentle nip to let me know.

20150802_193129_resizedHe’s so respectful and has never had a pee accident, nor would he because he knows where to do it and never wants to dishonor (in his mind) me by doing that. He holds it beyond his capacity at times, especially when he’s so engaged in the love-time we are spending and then instantly releases on his pee pad when I take him back to his area for this.

He’s so intelligent and so dear.

I know that although Cosmo has his injury, which would seem limiting to his experience, that he is also the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life, surrounded by the love, companionship, and connection he has never had before both from a human and another rabbit.

That makes me so happy.

20150727_175750_resizedHe also is so in tune with Joy and listens to her cues, honoring and respecting her in the hierarchy of things between them, but also has taught her to receive.

He showers her with affection, kisses, cleaning her head, and snuggles – never asking for anything in return, nor expecting it from her or me. He just IS love. He embodies it.

And she in turn has honored him with much the same in mirror to his respect and love and she has changed so much with his arrival here and their connection that has grown.

20150722_081128_resizedShe’s become more engaged in physical things like being picked up and rather than going to her stuffed rabbit to lick him, she now goes to Cosmo to clean and love him, which took her up until recently to begin engaging in.

She has embraced her fears, opened her boundaries, and shown much courage and willingness to the relationship and our all coming together. She always wanted to be able to help in this way, but wasn’t sure what she’d be able to overcome.

Yet she did and has in every way. They are both such beautiful examples for us all and what is possible no matter how challenged you are, what fears you have, where you feel blocked, and how much love is available to continue opening up and expanding into.

20150802_193119_resizedShe is teaching and leading him in the ways of Reiki and the magick she knows, but also is student, learning from him. They are sharing so much and likely more than I can even imagine.

They have truly become best friends, loving partners, and inseparably connected. All day long I am bombarded by cuteness overload when I see them together.

20150722_075936_resizedAnd that was also a dream of mine come true. I had imagined it possible, but didn’t know just how incredibly it would actually come together.

Every time I see them together I just stop everything. I can’t NOT relish in the love with them and usually will mosey on over and join in the love fest, placing my head in touch with both of theirs so we’re all three connected – it’s so, so powerful!

Cosmo has really brought a whole new level of experience to both Joy and I due to his huge heart, ever-positive disposition, and soul-sacrifice for a higher good.

He’s given me my dream come true of having that engaged connection with an animal companion to a very deep level that includes the physical, but extends expansively into the unconditional and universal heart and soul experience.

Everything we share is balanced, harmonious, integrated, and a beautiful flow of BOTH giving AND receiving. Never is one doing more than the other. Perfect union manifest.

And the same goes between Joy and Cosmo now, too, to such an incredibly special level I can’t even express it here in words. I’ve never seen two beings in animal bodies so tenderly and supportively in tune with each other.

20150804_185310_resizedThey are so precious. It’s a dream come true to see them together sharing daily in intimate moments with each other and with me, as a trio, and individually.

I not only got to manifest my dream of that all-bonded animal familiar, but now have TWO bonded bunnies who are sharing that kind of love with not only me, but with each other.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude that they share this special bond. It’s such a gift that keeps on giving.

I’m just overwhelmed each day at the blessings abound.

All love surround you indeed.

Hope you enjoy the photos of these two bonded souls and this little (dark) but short and cute video clip of Cosmo cleaning Joy:

So Much Cuteness!

There’s just way too much cuteness going on here….I say, “keep it coming!”

I couldn’t resist snapping these photos of Joy and Cosmo sharing everything together.

Took a couple last night and one this morning. They aren’t the clearest or best photos since it was just a quick “in the moment” capture, but they sure still are cute.

I can hardly contain myself at how irresistibly adorable they are. And I don’t!

It just bubbles up inside me and bursts and oozes through every fiber of my being until I’m just a big mush of softness and love.

Here they are last night having dinner together in their matching carrot and cosmo dinner time

Then sharing a drink of goji juice infused alkaline/ionized and cosmo drinking goji water

And this morning finishing off breakfast “in bed” enjoying Timothy Hay together after their dandelion, cilantro, and parsley appetizer, topped off with a tiny pineapple surprise.cosmo and joy3

I fall in love more and more every moment of each day.

There truly is no limit to how much your heart can richly expand, despite losses and pains…it WILL and CAN continue to deepen and grow because of it all.

Thank you Nestor and Gaia for all that you have and continue to contribute to our lives. ❤

Quick Happy Bunny Update

So I shared in a previous post that Joy and Cosmo were now fully bonded and that my next step was transitioning Cosmo out of his pen, at this point only for peeing purposes since they are happily best buds.

Before I headed out for the Reiki and Horses retreat I had been slowly doing this for a few days where I’d keep him out all day on towels and pee pads to make sure he was continuing to treat his pee pads as his litter box, just as he’d demonstrated so intelligently and respectfully in other situations.

I mentioned that he would hold his need to urinate and would never do so while I was holding him or had him out exercising and snuggling, until I placed him in his pen on his pee pad and then he would release.

I felt he had connected that his pee pads, since he can feel their difference to the touch, were his litter box, since he’s not been able to use a litter box after his injury.

His foster family mentioned they’d at first gotten a litter box without a side so he could go in it, but then went back to one with a side and didn’t know why they did so, but this trained him out of the box and onto the floor/towels.

Whether that’s accurate or not, doesn’t matter at this point, but he is very smart and he knows what to do. So pee pads are his litter box and I’ve had his hay/litter box cut on the side so he can pull himself in easily to eat, and perhaps maybe at some point he’ll relearn to go only there to pee.

In the meantime, he did awesome those days before I left. I originally thought I’d see if things worked consistently for about a month before getting rid of the pen, but like with most things in my life, that idea got thrown out the window the day after I arrived home.

I instantly got the voice in my head….now’s the time!

And so I completely moved out the pen and his special little baby tub I had to hold him in while cleaning it, rearranged my room back, even did a little bit of shifting/redecorating my shelf energy of crystals and altar, and created open space again.

I then decided the bunnies and I would share my area rug where my chair and desks sit. So half of it has become bunny playland and haven, equipped with layers of yoga mat for extra cushioning and protection, four towels, and four pee pads.

I created a little towel area under the right side of my desk to the right of my feet, as Cosmo likes to rest and sleep there. Here I put the pee pad under the towel to capture anything that might happen, but left it just as towels, as he really likes the feel of them more for cuddling in.

new set up

At first I was still keeping their two hay/litter boxes, as I had to make sure Joy was okay with sharing and switching to one with him.

joy and cosmo

It didn’t take long for that, as immediately the two of them jumped into his smaller one and were side by side nuzzling and eating together.

joy and cosmo2

So, after one day of that, I immediately nixed his small hay box and replaced it with a much larger one they both could fit in fully if they want, with plenty of extra room.

joy and cosmo8

And I’m happy to say, it, as everything else, has been a huge success.

I ended up revamping things and got them both better little water dishes for their water and goji juice blend I give them, cleaned and cleared things, continue to intuit how I can make anything better, taking cues from them and what works and doesn’t, and now we’re all one big happy rabbit warren family!

I’ve also noticed that he stays so much cleaner now, everything actually stays cleaner, I’m able to help him more easily and constantly throughout the day with a lot of things I won’t go into detail about, and so overall it’s just a huge benefit in every way to all.

Lots of clear space for energy to move now, tons of freedom for all, and so much joy, love, and peace in the room.

The great thing is that Joy can go off into the rest of the house and her living room sanctuary spot whenever she likes and wants some “Joy” time (which she does now and then), but then the two of them can share the rest of the time together here.

But the cool thing is that Cosmo actually honors that half of the carpet and room is for Joy and he stays on his side to give her space. Have I mentioned how incredibly respectful he is? The two of them are amazing!

And the other great thing is that Cosmo is not constrained anymore by boundaries, is able to be with me all day in this capacity, and the two of them are enjoying having a best buddy.

joy and cosmo5

What’s been so fulfilling and enriching for me is to see the two of them together so happy and loving. I’ve never had two rabbits at the same time…only one at a time, so this is really a beautiful and special experience for me. And I love how much of a cohesive team the three of us are.

The other extremely important and touching thing for me has been seeing how happy Cosmo is with this.


It’s not something I could have done until they were both ready, so I know there was a timing on that, but to see how even more at peace he is, is such an invaluable gift.

He sleeps more contently, comfortably, and peacefully. He used to always be on alert in the pen and never really looked like he was getting the best sleep or getting comfortable like bunnies can. Now, I see him fully laid out on his side, front paws curled, and completely out in a deep sleep like Joy gets when she sleeps. I actually have to check sometimes if he’s still breathing, he’s that comfortable! He doesn’t stir as much and when I enter the room there isn’t that sense of “I want to get to you, hurry come here to me energy.”


He is just really, REALLY happy and at peace and like a load has lifted from him that is allowing him to just “be”.

That means the world to me, as I hated having him in the pen since I’ve never believed in cages and any constraints for the bunnies being necessary. And loving my own freedom, I want to create the same for them. In this case it was for his own protection and his condition, but I’m so grateful that we were able to get to this place we’re at now and am only looking forward from here.

I also know that life is fragile and the idea of something happening to him while he was in the pen made me so upset. And so I think part of the immediate pen removal when I got back from this weekend, was my connecting more deeply to my essence and reflecting that for him, wanting him to be in the freedom of his essence too, and always.

Every time I look at him, he’s just so content. And so I am so content.

joy and cosmo6

And everyday he’s taking things to another level, as I’ve just started noticing that he’s pulling himself more fully into his hay/litter box and seems to be starting to learn he can do his thing in there instead of the pee pads. So we’ll see!!

Joy may be teaching him this again, since she is using the litter box they share, and he remembers how it used to be.

He’s such a good, intelligent, and caring boy. I’m so blessed to have him with us.

And although right now he is experiencing some different challenges with his spinal condition, the only thing that I’m focused on is ensuring he is loved beyond words, supported in his most joyous self, is surrounded with peace, and is the happiest and healthiest I can possible help him to be.

joy and cosmo7

Thank you Joy for welcoming Cosmo into your heart and taking him under your wing. Your loving support and courage is a beautiful example for him.

And Cosmo, thank you for sharing your compassion, love, and your strength with Joy, as she has truly shifted so much upon your arrival into our lives.

I’m beyond the word love when it comes to these two.

The Bond Deepens & the Love Grows ~ Joy & Cosmo, Best Buddies & Dynamic Reiki Duo

joy and cosmo3The evening of July 5th, upon returning home from Big Bear, the bunnies had a huge breakthrough and now they are truly best buddies.

Little by little they’ve been bonding, but I’ve been doing it slowly and intuitively, as to what they were ready for. I wanted to allow them time to feel comfortable, create a sense of connection without force on their own, and for them both to make peace with the space we share in my office.

Since it has always been Joy’s sacred space, I had to manage this carefully, as she is very boundary-oriented.

joy and cosmo10And I also wanted Cosmo to feel welcome and know he had a forever home where he was wanted and loved by everyone.

So I allowed them the time to get acquainted with separation via Cosmo’s pen, which also kept him safe from the kitties while everyone adjusted and also ensures no pee accidents. 🙂

joy and cosmo7After a while I started to slowly introduce them, heavily monitored and only in small intervals. I would never leave Cosmo alone and out with Joy though, unless I was there.

And they had their sweet moments, as well as a few scuffles. But all in all, they were getting used to each other and learning the rules and mutual honoring.

Then there was the one day a while back where I put Cosmo out next to me by my desk and Joy came over and they were third eye to third eye for a long time. It was then that I knew she had decided it was time to teach him Reiki level 1. She had been waiting for the right alignment.

They have bonded over their physical challenges since, as they both were together at the vet when Joy had the eye problem that turned into her being blind in one eye, and Cosmo was exhibiting his own challenges.

And they continued to bond further while in Big Bear, as I would leave Cosmo out more while I cleaned his pen, and also at night when I would exercise him and have snuggle time. They checked in on each other and were curious. Cosmo would run circles with my help and Joy would watch. And at times they’d bump together and there was a little “hey watch out!” that took place.

But as mentioned at onset of the post, it wasn’t until we arrived home that things took a huge turn.

That evening Joy had been recalibrating herself in the living room on her pillow throne from the road trip journey and I took Cosmo out to do his normal exercising and snuggling. I have a new routine for him that no longer needs the long ramp shoot we made for him. He is so excited when I put him down, that as long as I stabilize him by just holding my hands at his sides for support, he can run laps like crazy! It makes me giggle with delight each time, as he actually tuckers me out since I am running behind him being careful not to step on him, but keeping up with him, while I am bent over foreward, holding my hands at his sides.

So much fun! We use his favorite strawberries to motivate him, giving him a tiny piece each time as reward. It’s truly turned into the best thing, as no longer does he feel handicapped. I moved him away from his little wheel cart, then to the ramp, and now to freedom with only mom’s hands helping him to keep upright. I really am not doing much but keeping him from falling, by gently having my hands at his sides for support.

He loves this, as we are working as a team together and since I’m behind him, he doesn’t see me so he feels like a free bunny running at leisure. It’s just more natural in general and I really love that we’ve moved to this level, as it’s so much more enjoyable for him.

I love this, as he can now feel like the bunny he used to be and has so much more freedom, which to me is most important. That’s also why I take him out several times a day and in the evening, so he isn’t in his pen all the time.

However, this evening upon return, Cosmo did a special thing after running his laps.

He shimmied his way over to Joy who had come to the carpet to watch his running spectacle, and started cleaning her. He licked and licked and licked her little head, grooming and loving her. This was the first time this has happened and Joy was in bliss, accepting the love and respect. It was so, so cute to witness and it really warmed my heart, as I knew this was the turn of events that would change things and take their relationship to a whole new level.

joy and cosmo8This went on for quite a while, as he nurtured her and Joy was feeling the love.

It was so wonderful for both of them, as Cosmo got to do what he loves – give – and Joy was open to receiving, which she hadn’t been before. Each then were also giving and receiving in return, from their acts of openness, what they both needed and wanted, which was connection.

The next day, Monday, I followed my intuition and decided to take Cosmo out for the entire day. I placed a towel down in my room and let him remain out next to me. He stretched himself out immediately, feeling comfy and relaxed, so I gave him a Reiki and Crystal massage, after which I let him rest with his Selenite on him so that he could absorb the supportive, healing energy. He loves his Crystal energy work time. All of my animal companions are big time Crystal lovers like mom. 🙂

joy and cosmo4He is exceptionally intelligent and respectful, so he always tells me when he is hungry, needs to pee, or wants something. So I would just pay attention intuitively to him and when I saw him shift behavior I put him in his pen to eat or pee, then brought him back out.

But I kept him out and what happened is that Joy would wander over and they would spend time together hanging out, he would clean her, and they would just be like buddies. Sometimes doing their own thing during nap time, and other times engaging.

joy and cosmo6It was also this day that Joy decided to teach Cosmo Reiki Level 2. I talked to Joy earlier on this day, suggesting it might be a good time since I wanted to enlist them both together with me as a team for something distant.

joy and cosmo2Joy seemed to agree, as it wasn’t more than a half hour later that she wandered over to him and the exchange began.

I always know when they are communicating because there is a lot of close third eye or crown connecting, close bonding, but with some twitches on Cosmo’s part, and combinations of sitting still with little touches and nudges, as the transfer of information and energy takes place.

joy and cosmo5That’s just on the physical level, but on energetic levels and intuitively, I can feel the exchange of information and get a message in my head about what is going on.

And so it is that Cosmo has received his Reiki 2 and Joy has been such an excellent teacher. I am so proud of them both.

Not only have they bonded more deeply, but are deepening that relationship to extend past friendship into a beautiful mentoring connection.

joy and cosmoI love seeing them together. It’s truly a dream for me.

I have only ever had one bunny at a time, so to have them both together and bonded as they are, is really a gift. I can’t tell you how special it is for me to look over and see them both interacting, and to now feel all three of us as a more cohesive team than ever before.

Yesterday, I decided to work on the floor with them again, as it just feels more natural to me in general and I love being surrounded by my bunny loves. I was in Faery heaven, as the two of them would be right next to me on either side, or together, and we were all sharing in the work and energy.

Since Cosmo has come into my life my office has truly become a rabbit warren. I even have my painting “Once in a Blue Moon” hanging on the wall over his pen so that Nestor is watching over us all, and both Joy and Nestor watch over him. And I have a beautiful custom rabbit plaque that a dear Pisces friend of mine, Mitch, sent me for my birthday that hangs at the entrance of our room.

And basically all of their things fill my room.

And now, I am transitioning Cosmo. As the past two days I have kept him out all day, which he is loving and it makes me so happy to have him free now. I am able to leave them alone…even went out on errands for an hour and they were fine. I have no concerns about them together and I’m now seeing if I can ensure teaching Cosmo to use his pee pad no matter where he is.

As mentioned, he’s soooo good about that. He will never pee on me when I hold him, bathe and dry him, or when he’s out. He holds it until I put him back in his pen and immediately then does so. Or, he lets me know he needs to go with a little nip, or stirring. So far, I tried one day on Monday of just listening to him and placing him in his pen when he needed to go, but yesterday I decided to see if I could just have him do it on his pee pad in the room. I’m happy to say that yesterday was a success, and so has today been so far, so I am going to continue this for about a month to see if he will continue consistently to know to go to his pee pad when he needs to pee. If so, I will be able to completely remove the pen altogether and have them both free in my office. Yay!!

I also have to make sure Joy doesn’t get any funny ideas on things, as she’s already somewhat decided his hay his hers too. LOL! Cosmo at first was like “ummmm” and then he just let it go. But Joy has a tendency to pee in hay since hers is set up as a dual litter/hay box, so I’m keeping an eye out. She may not realize his is purely a hay box, as he pees on pee pads, unlike her in a litter box.

It’s definitely a full time investment of love here, but it really is one of the most important things in my life that I am happy to invest in, as I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see them together, have them happy and thriving, to be with them and work with them, and know that I am supporting these amazing beings into their power. I know they have a mission, and I know part of that is the work together with me, so it’s important to me that I provide the nurturing and cultivation that supports their individual and collective paths.

I have such an amazing relationship with them and our communication couldn’t be more clear. We understand each other with beautiful clarity and it’s one of the most enriching parts of my life here on Earth to cocreate in partnership with them.

with cosmo2My time with the rabbits, and animals in general, has been key for me and is a cherished part of my life, as well as has been one of the hooks that have kept me returning to Earth.

They are my connection to natural harmony, reminding me of the “nature” within.

Best Friends Become Teacher & Student ~ Joy & Cosmo’s Reiki Journey Begins

joy and cosmo


This was happening last evening, and has been happening recently. I couldn’t be happier to see my soul friends communing so peacefully together.

They’ve both come a long way and with patience and doing things the way I intuited would be best, knowing each of them, rather than following anyone’s guidelines on their bonding, it seems to have paid off.

Joy’s fears have dissipated to nearly non-existent. She only gets the occasional tension when Cosmo makes fast moves. It’s unintentional, as his injury causes him to make wiggling worm moves and he’s also like a little torpedo at times, but he doesn’t mean any harm by it. But sometimes if he moves fast and gets excited to connect with her, she may back off or stand in tense mode until I pet them both and assure them of each other’s intentions and bring them back to being grounded again, which happens quickly.

I explain to Joy that Cosmo has an injury and so he moves differently, but also that he only wants to give her love. And I explain to Cosmo, that Joy doesn’t understand the fast moves and so maybe he can try to dial back and try to move a little more slowly.

They both understand and listen and then everyone’s back to peace.

But it’s been beautiful to see them connecting so tenderly in the last several weeks through the pen, as they touch nose to nose, and when I have them out together on the carpet. I have begun this last week to take Cosmo out in my office, which was always deemed Joy’s domain and only peaceful, sweet connections have been made. I used to just bring them together in the family room, but felt they were ready for connecting in the central energy zone of the home, which is my office – the nucleus of creation.

And Joy has been wonderful not having an ounce of trepidation about it. At times just goes about her own thing and doesn’t even care. And at other times engages him sweetly like last evening when I snapped these photos.

I had placed Cosmo right next to me by my desk on a blanket, so I could see him out of the corner of my eye and keep watch on everything. Not long after I did, Joy came jumping over and they were head to head and remained as such for a good 10-15 minutes without moving from this position, other than the occasional teeth grinding from both of them, which indicates they are comforted, happy, and peaceful. And occasionally a few little readjustments where it seemed Cosmo was lovingly nudging Joy.

cosmo and joyI knew that they were communicating and this seems to be the way that they like to do this, is third eye to third eye, as they do it all the time. A lot was being transferred between them, as they went into this comfortable trance-like mode, telepathically transmitting from one to another. Cosmo, mostly receiving, but then giving Joy loving nudges in between, no and then.

Joy has indicated previously that when both of them were ready, she would be teaching Cosmo Reiki, and so the preparation has begun.

Joy is a Reiki Master Teacher too and very proud to pass along the teachings she received from Nestor who is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Oh the beauty of the cycles of life!

I’m so excited about this, I can’t contain my “joy”. I couldn’t be more proud of Joy for all she has overcome and for what an amazing teacher she is and will be to him. And I am excited for Cosmo and what this will mean for him and their relationship, as well as so proud of how far he’s come and how he’s learned to honor and respect Joy, with her caring example and instruction.

I still like to be present with them and not leave them alone, as I feel my presence assists the process while I gentle caress each of them in intervals as they commune. And as the third integrating piece, I help keep things grounded when any little things move the energy off kilter a bit.

But last night was beautiful to witness.

To say that I love these two is an understatement. They mean the world to me.


Bonding, Balance & Boundaries at Rainbow Cabin, Big Bear

bbIt was a lovely long weekend away, filled with lots of blessings (both obvious and in disguise) all around. I enjoyed being unplugged and immersing in the mountain peace.

There was little snow, but the Big Bear resorts make their own, so the conditions for skiing were still pretty good and actually quite nice being so warm – like springtime – while still getting to enjoy gliding down the mountain and taking in the sights from above.bb18

Having the weather as such provided the ability to do a lot of hiking alongside some skiing, and catch a little sun-kissed glow while warming by fires at night – the best of both worlds!bb4

I had to smile at the magickal energy around, as the cabin where we stayed was named Rainbow Cabin and it resided on Rainbow Ave.

I also caught something from the Elemental Realm in a photo where it appears as a burst of faery dusted lights emanating green sparkles, below the sun burst through the trees.

AND, there was a street named Fairy Ave. that was right where you turn before arriving at a favorite, enchanting hike through the mountain forests with stunning views.bb22

I giggled saying, “wouldn’t it be cool to live at the corner of Rainbow and Fairy Ave.” I think I’ll have to work on manifesting that for the next place of residence 😉bb15

bb2But needless to say, I could feel the magick in the air right away and that was also enhanced with Valentine’s Day love that proved to be quite the special day to remember! More on that below.

I had decided that while away, this would be the perfect time to work on bonding Joy and Cosmo, my two bunnies. Neutral zones are the best for this, and so that’s what we did. Each day we shared one to two 20 minutes sessions of bonding.

And I have to say, I am SO pleased at what took place.

There was no crazy, aggressive, or ferocious behaviors. I was mostly concerned about how Joy would be, but she had proven to be past her fears, and now was just working at creating healthy boundaries.

bb3Joy is a sensitive one and has challenges with certain male energies. This has created a fear in her that can really throw her off if she doesn’t have tools to regain balance. We’ve worked on this in the past and she has gotten through things much quicker because of the support.

Something to understand about Joy is that she is quite a powerful presence (a strong Female integrating her Sacred Male (Cosmo) and has very BIG energy, even though she is in this tiny little, peaceful bubble of fur. Yet, she can get unbalanced very easily when stressed. That’s not unfamiliar territory to mom, so it’s no wonder she is in my life and that we are able to understand and help one another.

Cosmo on the other hand is a very different male energy. He is definitely in touch with his Sacred Feminine (Joy) and simply wants to give love and has no problem supporting Joy’s needs to create boundaries and exercise her control in doing so. In fact, he will become submissive to do so.

bb5So when they were brought together for the first time, there was like a dance of energetic communication going on where Joy was laying the ground rules and Cosmo was listening and supporting them, learning to dial back his joyful exuberance.

I was there caressing both of them during all of it, as this helps keep the calm and also helps demonstrate to them that this is the behavior to be mimicking – that of nuzzling, grooming, and being gentle with one another.bb8

I could tell that they both were in fact calm…no hyper breathing or crazy heart beats amping up. Joy did not exhibit fear. I allowed her to come and go as she pleased, which she did. She would act coy at first and pretend to occupy herself with something while she was assessing her moves and preparing herself for each encounter.

bb7Then she would approach Cosmo and they would have long silent moments of nose-to-nose time, or sitting very close to each other, where a lot was being communicated even though it seemed nothing was – a testing ground in exercising boundaries and mutual respect.

And then Joy did her first dominating move to show who was in charge.

She started to hump Cosmo, but rather than from behind, she did it to his face/head. LOL! Humping is a normal behavior they can exhibit when introduced, as a way to show dominance, and as long as there is no fights, crazy biting, etc….this is okay. She did none of that, but I had to laugh so hard, and continued to do so long after, as it was so obvious Joy was literally “taking the bull by the horns” and laying it straight to Cosmo. She wanted him to know she was okay with him, but she would like to be in charge and that boundaries were needed to make her feel comfortable to then take the rest a day at a time.

And Cosmo did not fight this one bit. He laid there peacefully and submissively accepted the rules, as his only desire is to show his love for her. He seemed to understand her process and what she needed to work through and was happy to assist, as long as things didn’t get out of hand.

And after that things continued to unfold beautifully. She would come over to him and they’d smell each other, touch noses, lay by each other…and when she felt energetically she’d had enough, she then moved away until she could handle some more time connecting.

She was definitely checking in with herself and feeling out what she was comfortable with.bb6

At times she would turn her back to him, but allow him to lay right by her with his head and nose touching her side and sniffing her.

And on Valentine’s Day, they shared a very long, peaceful nose-to-nose connection, which is what you see in this photo below.cosmo and joy valentine's day love

I was very happy to say the least, with a heart bursting with warmth.

Yet to add to this happiness was another amazing thing that took place during this weekend by Cosmo. On one of the days, after I did his leg extension therapy exercises, he sat himself up all on his own and he moved around like a normal little bunny, upright and fully balanced and strong for a good 10 minutes!

This was incredible! Normally he can do it for brief moments, or I help support one side for him, as it’s mostly to help strengthen his legs and muscles. But he was up and about and moving around as if he had no injury.

It brought such joyful tears. He hasn’t done it since, but if he did it once, he WILL do it again!

There was much to celebrate indeed from the weekend.

And while away I had my own processes I was going through. In many ways I feel, just like our animal soul companions take on things for us to ease our struggles and pains, as well as to teach us about how we can move through our challenges, I, too, was going through similar mirroring experiences.

I found myself working again with my own boundaries and stress triggers…something I knew nothing about for the greater portion of my life, being so ultra no-boundaryish both as a Pisces and as a super-sensitive. But it has become incredibly important to me in my latter years and something I have to continually be on top of energetically so as to create my own balance, just like Joy.

I was very proud of Joy, and yet I also would like to assist her in balancing her energy. I know I can do this by example, as this is more powerful than merely telling her how.

There is such a thing as going from one extreme to another, so once she/we understand where our comfort zone of personal well being and accountable responsibility truly lies, then we can learn to tweak things and dial back or increase boundary exercising so that we also allow for the giving and receiving in a natural and loving flow to take place.

So, I do share with Joy how proud I am that she is exercising boundaries without ferocious aggression, I also point out how Cosmo is listening and only wants to love her, and that he has disabilities where her loving, very powerful healing energy could be supportive to him. So, she will need to find a balance that feels comfortable where she can both give and receive, while honoring her needs.

Something mom has had come up a lot, and this weekend when I unplugged, it allowed me the space to have stresses make themselves known that had been weighing on me. And it showed me what I don’t want, won’t entertain, and am not okay with, and what I do want very clearly, but first I had to go through a day of feeling that bubble to the surface, causing me to wake in the middle of the night with anxiety.bb16

The next evening I then pulled a muscle in my lower back literally by doing nothing weird physically other than get up from squatting down, after I had made some notes in my notebook.

I knew immediately this was a manifestation of the energy I had unleashed and was working through, not to mention, it also felt partially tied to Cosmo. I always look at the underlying root of the challenge that the physical is simply a trigger and manifested message of.

The pulled muscle was literally debilitating and I was wiggling around just like my little wiggle worm Cosmo when I would lay down, as I literally couldn’t sit, lay down, or move much more than walking straight, let alone sneeze, blow my nose, or laugh without being aware of the pain. It just so happens that it was on my right side, just like his injury and I didn’t think that was coincidence either. Not to mention, the right has direct connection to the male energy I, just like Joy, am working with.

For me that is about how I’ve been working with and integrating the new male energy in my daily life experiences of how I go about things and exercise healthy assertion, boundaries, and active energy. It is this key that I’m at threshold with in my own life changes that is going to make a huge difference.

I’d never experienced this before, although have heard of people always saying how they bent over and did this or that and suddenly pulled a muscle. However, I don’t look at these things as accidents, but rather, see them for what they really are.

So, I was actually very grateful for it happening, as it meant I was moving through this stuff I’d been digging deep into with my own work, so that I could be done with it. Having the physical manifestation show up is a good thing in my book. As if it just stays in the mental arena, it isn’t going to really do the healing and transmutation needed to move beyond it fully. So, I celebrated the pain and thanked it for showing up. Up and out, as I like to say!

And it also really felt like Cosmo and I were becoming One through this experience as well. And so it took my relationship to my own challenge and myself, as well as my relationship with Cosmo, to a whole other level.

bb14That’s a beautiful thing!

It also gave me more time to relax and allow others to do things for me. I could still walk and gently hike, which was much easier than sitting or laying down (not to mention nurturing to be out in fresh nature), as long as it wasn’t a straining walk. And I got time in the jacuzzi, took a couple baths, as well as enjoyed a massage on my way back home – all really nurturing.bb12

Then yesterday, I took Cosmo to his first acupuncture appointment. He did so amazing while the doctor put needles throughout his spine, legs, and even on his crown chakra and then hooked him up to the electrodes.

I stood there for the nearly 2 hours (which was a little challenging) rubbing his little head and cheeks, as he went into zen mode. I was so touched when I had to take a break to use the restroom and upon return the doctor said, “Cosmo really loves and knows his mom, as when you left he turned his head and looked after you as if to say ‘where are you going?’ and when he heard your voice in the hall, even though there were other voices, his ears perked up and he became alert even through his zen mode.”

That warmed my heart.

And after I got home from the appointment, my back was feeling 90% healed (after basically being fully handicapped myself). Instantly. Like that! We really are SO connected.

I was then greeted by a dear friend visiting from out of town and although I had a busy schedule, I released it all to spend time to have lunch and walk on the beach with her, as I knew that was the best thing for me rather than worrying about how to get things done before I leave Friday.bb17

I was so grateful to receive a surprise birthday gift from her, and another in the mail from my sweet faery sister. I also received three really supportive and abundant manifestations directly after, which all felt to be direct blessings for my willingness to embrace the change.bb11

I continue to take it easy, and doing only that which I feel within my comfort zone to do, just like Joy, and am happy to share I am still feeling at 90%, which is awesome and amazing, as to how quickly I reversed things.

The last 10% is up to me, as to whether I quickly move through it and get back to balance fully. Or, if I were NOT to heed the message and NOT to apply what I know, hence could easily revert back to full debilitation again just as quickly.

It’s all a choice. And at any moment we can shift any experience we have through our conscious awareness and application thereof.bb21

The journey is up to us as to which way we want to go, how easy or challenging it will be, and how much peace we allow and embrace, regardless of what shows up.

Being that I know the connection between all things, my personal work can be a reflection and energetic opening for both Joy and Cosmo, as theirs is for me. And it is also this reason I share with you, as we are all energetically linked.bb19



One Step Closer…

Cosmo and Joy


Update on the little ones:

As you can see, we have graduated to removing the second pen barrier that was keeping Joy and Cosmo (aka Blizzy) unable to have direct contact.

If you remember, I had to devise a way to separate the two of them enough so they couldn’t touch each other, since Joy was very aggressive at first charging at the pen, biting, and grunting. So, I put a second pen around it, which enabled them to see and smell each other, but did not allow direct contact.

This has been for two weeks, but I removed the second barrier Sunday night and I’m happy to report, all is well!

Joy over time has become balanced and more relaxed, so I figured it was time to test things out officially. And I couldn’t be more proud of her. She remains calm and merely sniffs, as they touch noses. Although she has heightened senses of alertness at times, there is no grunting, charging, biting, or any signs of aggressive behavior.

Right now they are both sleeping as I write this, with Joy right up against the pen, much like in this photo, and Cosmo where you see him in the photo, but fast asleep.

It’s wonderful to see them right up next to each other in peace throughout the day without any issues.

Knowing all that I do about Joy and her sensitivities, as well as her fears, this is SO amazing and courageous of her.

Yes, I’m a happy mom and I’m feeling good about the next steps to come, which include some neutral zone bonding, face to face.

Btw, Cosmo is doing really well. He just had a check up today and he’s maintaining his weight, which is great, some muscle improvement was evident in his legs, the sharp points on his teeth are gone (which was due to the wrong diet he had previous to coming to me), we had all the mottled, matted, knotted hair on his side and rump shaved to start fresh (it had gotten this way from not being tended to with regular cleaning and keeping him dry and sanitary, previous to coming to me), we have some new leg therapy extension exercises to implement, we are decreasing his meds, and he will begin acupuncture next week!



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