Quick Happy Bunny Update

So I shared in a previous post that Joy and Cosmo were now fully bonded and that my next step was transitioning Cosmo out of his pen, at this point only for peeing purposes since they are happily best buds.

Before I headed out for the Reiki and Horses retreat I had been slowly doing this for a few days where I’d keep him out all day on towels and pee pads to make sure he was continuing to treat his pee pads as his litter box, just as he’d demonstrated so intelligently and respectfully in other situations.

I mentioned that he would hold his need to urinate and would never do so while I was holding him or had him out exercising and snuggling, until I placed him in his pen on his pee pad and then he would release.

I felt he had connected that his pee pads, since he can feel their difference to the touch, were his litter box, since he’s not been able to use a litter box after his injury.

His foster family mentioned they’d at first gotten a litter box without a side so he could go in it, but then went back to one with a side and didn’t know why they did so, but this trained him out of the box and onto the floor/towels.

Whether that’s accurate or not, doesn’t matter at this point, but he is very smart and he knows what to do. So pee pads are his litter box and I’ve had his hay/litter box cut on the side so he can pull himself in easily to eat, and perhaps maybe at some point he’ll relearn to go only there to pee.

In the meantime, he did awesome those days before I left. I originally thought I’d see if things worked consistently for about a month before getting rid of the pen, but like with most things in my life, that idea got thrown out the window the day after I arrived home.

I instantly got the voice in my head….now’s the time!

And so I completely moved out the pen and his special little baby tub I had to hold him in while cleaning it, rearranged my room back, even did a little bit of shifting/redecorating my shelf energy of crystals and altar, and created open space again.

I then decided the bunnies and I would share my area rug where my chair and desks sit. So half of it has become bunny playland and haven, equipped with layers of yoga mat for extra cushioning and protection, four towels, and four pee pads.

I created a little towel area under the right side of my desk to the right of my feet, as Cosmo likes to rest and sleep there. Here I put the pee pad under the towel to capture anything that might happen, but left it just as towels, as he really likes the feel of them more for cuddling in.

new set up

At first I was still keeping their two hay/litter boxes, as I had to make sure Joy was okay with sharing and switching to one with him.

joy and cosmo

It didn’t take long for that, as immediately the two of them jumped into his smaller one and were side by side nuzzling and eating together.

joy and cosmo2

So, after one day of that, I immediately nixed his small hay box and replaced it with a much larger one they both could fit in fully if they want, with plenty of extra room.

joy and cosmo8

And I’m happy to say, it, as everything else, has been a huge success.

I ended up revamping things and got them both better little water dishes for their water and goji juice blend I give them, cleaned and cleared things, continue to intuit how I can make anything better, taking cues from them and what works and doesn’t, and now we’re all one big happy rabbit warren family!

I’ve also noticed that he stays so much cleaner now, everything actually stays cleaner, I’m able to help him more easily and constantly throughout the day with a lot of things I won’t go into detail about, and so overall it’s just a huge benefit in every way to all.

Lots of clear space for energy to move now, tons of freedom for all, and so much joy, love, and peace in the room.

The great thing is that Joy can go off into the rest of the house and her living room sanctuary spot whenever she likes and wants some “Joy” time (which she does now and then), but then the two of them can share the rest of the time together here.

But the cool thing is that Cosmo actually honors that half of the carpet and room is for Joy and he stays on his side to give her space. Have I mentioned how incredibly respectful he is? The two of them are amazing!

And the other great thing is that Cosmo is not constrained anymore by boundaries, is able to be with me all day in this capacity, and the two of them are enjoying having a best buddy.

joy and cosmo5

What’s been so fulfilling and enriching for me is to see the two of them together so happy and loving. I’ve never had two rabbits at the same time…only one at a time, so this is really a beautiful and special experience for me. And I love how much of a cohesive team the three of us are.

The other extremely important and touching thing for me has been seeing how happy Cosmo is with this.


It’s not something I could have done until they were both ready, so I know there was a timing on that, but to see how even more at peace he is, is such an invaluable gift.

He sleeps more contently, comfortably, and peacefully. He used to always be on alert in the pen and never really looked like he was getting the best sleep or getting comfortable like bunnies can. Now, I see him fully laid out on his side, front paws curled, and completely out in a deep sleep like Joy gets when she sleeps. I actually have to check sometimes if he’s still breathing, he’s that comfortable! He doesn’t stir as much and when I enter the room there isn’t that sense of “I want to get to you, hurry come here to me energy.”


He is just really, REALLY happy and at peace and like a load has lifted from him that is allowing him to just “be”.

That means the world to me, as I hated having him in the pen since I’ve never believed in cages and any constraints for the bunnies being necessary. And loving my own freedom, I want to create the same for them. In this case it was for his own protection and his condition, but I’m so grateful that we were able to get to this place we’re at now and am only looking forward from here.

I also know that life is fragile and the idea of something happening to him while he was in the pen made me so upset. And so I think part of the immediate pen removal when I got back from this weekend, was my connecting more deeply to my essence and reflecting that for him, wanting him to be in the freedom of his essence too, and always.

Every time I look at him, he’s just so content. And so I am so content.

joy and cosmo6

And everyday he’s taking things to another level, as I’ve just started noticing that he’s pulling himself more fully into his hay/litter box and seems to be starting to learn he can do his thing in there instead of the pee pads. So we’ll see!!

Joy may be teaching him this again, since she is using the litter box they share, and he remembers how it used to be.

He’s such a good, intelligent, and caring boy. I’m so blessed to have him with us.

And although right now he is experiencing some different challenges with his spinal condition, the only thing that I’m focused on is ensuring he is loved beyond words, supported in his most joyous self, is surrounded with peace, and is the happiest and healthiest I can possible help him to be.

joy and cosmo7

Thank you Joy for welcoming Cosmo into your heart and taking him under your wing. Your loving support and courage is a beautiful example for him.

And Cosmo, thank you for sharing your compassion, love, and your strength with Joy, as she has truly shifted so much upon your arrival into our lives.

I’m beyond the word love when it comes to these two.

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  1. So wonderful. Love that picture of the two of them nuzzling/ snuggling.

  2. You are the best care taker…they would naturally be good friends since they know your intentions…happy family

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