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The Bond Deepens & the Love Grows ~ Joy & Cosmo, Best Buddies & Dynamic Reiki Duo

joy and cosmo3The evening of July 5th, upon returning home from Big Bear, the bunnies had a huge breakthrough and now they are truly best buddies.

Little by little they’ve been bonding, but I’ve been doing it slowly and intuitively, as to what they were ready for. I wanted to allow them time to feel comfortable, create a sense of connection without force on their own, and for them both to make peace with the space we share in my office.

Since it has always been Joy’s sacred space, I had to manage this carefully, as she is very boundary-oriented.

joy and cosmo10And I also wanted Cosmo to feel welcome and know he had a forever home where he was wanted and loved by everyone.

So I allowed them the time to get acquainted with separation via Cosmo’s pen, which also kept him safe from the kitties while everyone adjusted and also ensures no pee accidents. 🙂

joy and cosmo7After a while I started to slowly introduce them, heavily monitored and only in small intervals. I would never leave Cosmo alone and out with Joy though, unless I was there.

And they had their sweet moments, as well as a few scuffles. But all in all, they were getting used to each other and learning the rules and mutual honoring.

Then there was the one day a while back where I put Cosmo out next to me by my desk and Joy came over and they were third eye to third eye for a long time. It was then that I knew she had decided it was time to teach him Reiki level 1. She had been waiting for the right alignment.

They have bonded over their physical challenges since, as they both were together at the vet when Joy had the eye problem that turned into her being blind in one eye, and Cosmo was exhibiting his own challenges.

And they continued to bond further while in Big Bear, as I would leave Cosmo out more while I cleaned his pen, and also at night when I would exercise him and have snuggle time. They checked in on each other and were curious. Cosmo would run circles with my help and Joy would watch. And at times they’d bump together and there was a little “hey watch out!” that took place.

But as mentioned at onset of the post, it wasn’t until we arrived home that things took a huge turn.

That evening Joy had been recalibrating herself in the living room on her pillow throne from the road trip journey and I took Cosmo out to do his normal exercising and snuggling. I have a new routine for him that no longer needs the long ramp shoot we made for him. He is so excited when I put him down, that as long as I stabilize him by just holding my hands at his sides for support, he can run laps like crazy! It makes me giggle with delight each time, as he actually tuckers me out since I am running behind him being careful not to step on him, but keeping up with him, while I am bent over foreward, holding my hands at his sides.

So much fun! We use his favorite strawberries to motivate him, giving him a tiny piece each time as reward. It’s truly turned into the best thing, as no longer does he feel handicapped. I moved him away from his little wheel cart, then to the ramp, and now to freedom with only mom’s hands helping him to keep upright. I really am not doing much but keeping him from falling, by gently having my hands at his sides for support.

He loves this, as we are working as a team together and since I’m behind him, he doesn’t see me so he feels like a free bunny running at leisure. It’s just more natural in general and I really love that we’ve moved to this level, as it’s so much more enjoyable for him.

I love this, as he can now feel like the bunny he used to be and has so much more freedom, which to me is most important. That’s also why I take him out several times a day and in the evening, so he isn’t in his pen all the time.

However, this evening upon return, Cosmo did a special thing after running his laps.

He shimmied his way over to Joy who had come to the carpet to watch his running spectacle, and started cleaning her. He licked and licked and licked her little head, grooming and loving her. This was the first time this has happened and Joy was in bliss, accepting the love and respect. It was so, so cute to witness and it really warmed my heart, as I knew this was the turn of events that would change things and take their relationship to a whole new level.

joy and cosmo8This went on for quite a while, as he nurtured her and Joy was feeling the love.

It was so wonderful for both of them, as Cosmo got to do what he loves – give – and Joy was open to receiving, which she hadn’t been before. Each then were also giving and receiving in return, from their acts of openness, what they both needed and wanted, which was connection.

The next day, Monday, I followed my intuition and decided to take Cosmo out for the entire day. I placed a towel down in my room and let him remain out next to me. He stretched himself out immediately, feeling comfy and relaxed, so I gave him a Reiki and Crystal massage, after which I let him rest with his Selenite on him so that he could absorb the supportive, healing energy. He loves his Crystal energy work time. All of my animal companions are big time Crystal lovers like mom. 🙂

joy and cosmo4He is exceptionally intelligent and respectful, so he always tells me when he is hungry, needs to pee, or wants something. So I would just pay attention intuitively to him and when I saw him shift behavior I put him in his pen to eat or pee, then brought him back out.

But I kept him out and what happened is that Joy would wander over and they would spend time together hanging out, he would clean her, and they would just be like buddies. Sometimes doing their own thing during nap time, and other times engaging.

joy and cosmo6It was also this day that Joy decided to teach Cosmo Reiki Level 2. I talked to Joy earlier on this day, suggesting it might be a good time since I wanted to enlist them both together with me as a team for something distant.

joy and cosmo2Joy seemed to agree, as it wasn’t more than a half hour later that she wandered over to him and the exchange began.

I always know when they are communicating because there is a lot of close third eye or crown connecting, close bonding, but with some twitches on Cosmo’s part, and combinations of sitting still with little touches and nudges, as the transfer of information and energy takes place.

joy and cosmo5That’s just on the physical level, but on energetic levels and intuitively, I can feel the exchange of information and get a message in my head about what is going on.

And so it is that Cosmo has received his Reiki 2 and Joy has been such an excellent teacher. I am so proud of them both.

Not only have they bonded more deeply, but are deepening that relationship to extend past friendship into a beautiful mentoring connection.

joy and cosmoI love seeing them together. It’s truly a dream for me.

I have only ever had one bunny at a time, so to have them both together and bonded as they are, is really a gift. I can’t tell you how special it is for me to look over and see them both interacting, and to now feel all three of us as a more cohesive team than ever before.

Yesterday, I decided to work on the floor with them again, as it just feels more natural to me in general and I love being surrounded by my bunny loves. I was in Faery heaven, as the two of them would be right next to me on either side, or together, and we were all sharing in the work and energy.

Since Cosmo has come into my life my office has truly become a rabbit warren. I even have my painting “Once in a Blue Moon” hanging on the wall over his pen so that Nestor is watching over us all, and both Joy and Nestor watch over him. And I have a beautiful custom rabbit plaque that a dear Pisces friend of mine, Mitch, sent me for my birthday that hangs at the entrance of our room.

And basically all of their things fill my room.

And now, I am transitioning Cosmo. As the past two days I have kept him out all day, which he is loving and it makes me so happy to have him free now. I am able to leave them alone…even went out on errands for an hour and they were fine. I have no concerns about them together and I’m now seeing if I can ensure teaching Cosmo to use his pee pad no matter where he is.

As mentioned, he’s soooo good about that. He will never pee on me when I hold him, bathe and dry him, or when he’s out. He holds it until I put him back in his pen and immediately then does so. Or, he lets me know he needs to go with a little nip, or stirring. So far, I tried one day on Monday of just listening to him and placing him in his pen when he needed to go, but yesterday I decided to see if I could just have him do it on his pee pad in the room. I’m happy to say that yesterday was a success, and so has today been so far, so I am going to continue this for about a month to see if he will continue consistently to know to go to his pee pad when he needs to pee. If so, I will be able to completely remove the pen altogether and have them both free in my office. Yay!!

I also have to make sure Joy doesn’t get any funny ideas on things, as she’s already somewhat decided his hay his hers too. LOL! Cosmo at first was like “ummmm” and then he just let it go. But Joy has a tendency to pee in hay since hers is set up as a dual litter/hay box, so I’m keeping an eye out. She may not realize his is purely a hay box, as he pees on pee pads, unlike her in a litter box.

It’s definitely a full time investment of love here, but it really is one of the most important things in my life that I am happy to invest in, as I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see them together, have them happy and thriving, to be with them and work with them, and know that I am supporting these amazing beings into their power. I know they have a mission, and I know part of that is the work together with me, so it’s important to me that I provide the nurturing and cultivation that supports their individual and collective paths.

I have such an amazing relationship with them and our communication couldn’t be more clear. We understand each other with beautiful clarity and it’s one of the most enriching parts of my life here on Earth to cocreate in partnership with them.

with cosmo2My time with the rabbits, and animals in general, has been key for me and is a cherished part of my life, as well as has been one of the hooks that have kept me returning to Earth.

They are my connection to natural harmony, reminding me of the “nature” within.

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