So Many Things To Be Grateful For ~ Bunny Love Update & More

This is turning out to be the best birthday month celebration. So many wonderful gifts, surprises, and blessings abound.

And these are just the icing on the cake, as there are endless blessings I am in awe of each day, from the seemingly tiny, to the obviously large things to be grateful for that are all around me/us every day. Even the fact that we breathe in these temple bodies that are miracles in and of themselves, is a huge blessing often taken for granted. Not to mention we are capable of experiencing the gamut of feelings and possibilities we often judge when they aren’t the ones we deem more valuable. It’s ALL a gift! And it’s all about perspective.

But on top of these wonderful daily blessings it seems birthday celebrating has begun in this month of purification and love.

I just learned that my Garden Tower is on its way, as shipping began today and will arrive this month. So any other backers of the New Garden Tower Project will be excited about this too!

In exactly two weeks I’ll be flying off to Iceland, where I’ll be over my birthday celebrating in Faery style – a long awaited dream manifested by pure intention and synchronous alignment. Yes, dreams do come true! I’ve never done something like this for my birthday, so it feels significant.

Sweet little Cosmo (my little spirited lover bunny) came into my life almost 1 month to the day, before my birthday, mirroring Joy’s (my other little angel) pre-birthday arrival 6 years ago.

A new crystal baby came to me yesterday when I was out getting a crystal for Cosmo (more on that below), after receiving my yearly birthday coupon from a metaphysical store around the corner here that I’ve been connected to for over 20 years.

And major energetic shifting in such an expansive, positive way is taking place, which includes instant manifestation energy in high gear (are any of you also experiencing this?), and exciting new horizons blossoming or getting ready to blossom from seeds planted intentfully.

But one of the most exciting things came yesterday evening, when Cosmo did something absolutely amazing and just truly took my breath away.

Let me back up briefly on what led up to this.

Two days ago, in the afternoon, I was talking to my family on the phone and sharing about Cosmo and how he’s doing, as they call every day to check on him – so sweet! My mom already has his photo in a frame on her special shelf in the family room at their house, next to all the animal soul grandchildren she has/and has had through me and my brother. Neither my brother nor myself will ever have human children in the biological sense, so these are our children/grandchildren/family.

Anyway, I was talking with my brother about other spiritual healing to administer with Cosmo, besides all of the protocol holistically, physically, and energetically I’m doing. We talked about the root cause of spinal/lower back injury and different affirmations and intentions I can say to him and embody for him. Of course, for me saying it isn’t enough…so I have implemented singing them to him. 🙂 and then we talked about crystals and my brother reminded me about a couple of them that are excellent for spinal and back challenges – Selenite and Black Tourmaline. Selenite is also good for the kidneys, which is great since Cosmo had some issues there in the past as well.

I had a Black Tourmaline, so immediately after the call I brought it to him and held it at the base of his spine administering healing. I left it in with him for a while after too.

But I didn’t have Selenite anymore, or couldn’t find it. I remember how amazing Selenite had been in the past when I used it for healing support on people I knew with back/spinal challenges. Knowing I had my birthday coupon for the metaphysical store around the corner, I just knew they would have the perfect Selenite for me.

So yesterday I go into the store with the intention and knowing of finding this Selenite, and perhaps something for myself for my birthday. I looked all over and could find nothing except two Selenite candle holders, but that wasn’t good for doing healing work on his back.

So I asked the woman at the counter if she had any Selenite. She was very sweet and said, “why yes, we had just one left and it should be out there on the floor.” She then added, as she was looking around with me, “someone had come in yesterday afternoon wanting Selenite (same time I had been talking about it with my brother on the phone and put out my intention to get one), and I showed the piece to them and after a while they decided they didn’t want it anymore so I put it back out on the shelf here somewhere. Unless, someone got it last night.”

I smiled while she said this thinking about instant manifestation and how this Selenite I knew was for Cosmo and when I’d made that declaration I’d find one at the store, things aligned to make it remain there until I arrived.

We ended up finding the Selenite in a more hidden place on the shelf, and again I smiled, knowing it had been saved for Cosmo.

And when I saw it, it was perfect! She handed it to me and I said, “yep, that’s the one! I knew there was one here waiting for me.” And I told her about how it was for my bunny.

It’s about 2 and a half inches, oval in an egg shape, but smooth and flat like a river stone, making it perfect to hold in your palm and place on the area or run it smoothly over it.

I then was called to look in this case behind me and there I saw my birthday gift – a Lapis Lazuli Cosmic Egg! So cool both Cosmo and I would have our own connected Cosmic Eggs!

I’ve been very drawn to Lapis now for a while (something new for me only in the last year and half or so) and to find an egg was so cool, as I love the energy and symbolism of the egg. The Lapis egg feels so perfect for this time period in my life, but the piece itself is so beautiful and like a galaxy swirling in primordial eternity. There’s something very important about this Lapis egg I feel, for me.

But I haven’t gotten to the exciting part yet.

So, after feeling the perfection of all of this, I went home and cleansed and charged the Selenite and brought it to Cosmo. He immediately sniffed it and then sat completely still absorbing the energy as I ran it along his back and spine where the injury is. I just did this for a couple of minutes, not wanting to overwhelm him with all the energies he’s receiving.

But what happened about an hour later was magick!

I saw him out of the corner of my eye from my desk, moving around in his pen. It almost appeared like he rolled quickly on his back and then flipped himself up. And then next thing I know he had sat himself upright ALL ON HIS OWN!

He has NEVER done that! I always sit him up to help him balance and get used to that, then he’s able to sit that way a while, or maybe even move around a bit that way. But he FULLY sat himself upright and began cleaning himself on the side that is always laying on the ground and that he drags. He has never been able to bend that way and clean himself, WHILE balancing himself upright. But he did this and was able to hold it for a few minutes. Then he seemed to lose balance, but sat himself back up again, and again…He did this three times in front of me, able to get up on his own and continue grooming himself, bending on this weakened side.


Whether it was the Selenite, or all efforts combined so far, it was truly a miracle!

He hasn’t done it again since, but I believe with continued, consistent efforts, we’re going to get there. He DID last night, after his physical therapy time, lay straight and sprawled out balanced, like he also has NEVER done and the way bunnies like to lay. So indeed things are shifting and THIS is the most amazing birthday gift!

I was so excited, I just had to share.

Here’s a VERY short video (but I thought it worth sharing his progress) of one of Cosmo’s moments caught on camera from one of the first days we started his cart therapy – so literally just a few days from coming home with me. I only got a few seconds of him moving around before he got tuckered out, but this was also after his cart session, so I think he deserved a rest. It provides just a hint of his progress for you. When it goes black, I had put the camera down to help him back up, but he was tired, as you can see. Still wiggling those little legs around though!! I call him the wiggle worm 😉

He’s actually gone much longer than this on his own, but this shows you how he’s progressing hugely from being fully paralyzed!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. That is so exciting! What wonderful progress Cosmo has made with your loving care. I love reading about how he is doing. Sending much love to you both…

  2. so excited for you, Cosmo and all in your beautiful family! what a blessing you all are to one another. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Brilliant
    I am soooooo pleased
    Lotsalove and many Blessings
    Big hug for Cosmo xxxx

  4. Miracles are alive and well… happy to hear your story….Happy Birthday month….wow your trip to Iceland will be amazing….hugs

  5. For the most beautiful dreams…purchase 2 long selenite’s and place on each side of your bed, ear level….do not roll over on them….and start to record what you envisioned….have fun

  6. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    You are the most wonderful soul to put this video of Cosmo on! I marvel utterly at your capacity for so much active love, Tania. Bless you so much! And a sweet and loving hello to big-hearted Joy for her sisterly ways, I know. 😉 Peace, Mari

    • hi mari!!! so glad you enjoyed was a quick snippet, but it was fantastic, right?! he’s such a trooper! i will definitely share some better videos as we go along here. i just don’t think of it right away because i’m in the moment. so i even missed a lot of his walking this time around too.

      all the little ones and myself send you a huge warm hug, and lots of love!! xoox!!

  7. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    Thanks, my sisters and brothers, for the sweet love – my soul loves it!

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