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Portals of Possibilities

Last evening’s portal sky here in Helena, Montana infused with creative potency….


Activate the heart of you by cultivating the art of you.


What do you dream your life to feel like? When you know this answer with all of you, the journey of bringing that feeling into creation of what you desire it to look like can begin.


Build a new relationship with yourself, as you explore your heart.


Learn to reflect your dreams into a beautiful creation of your own making – creating life as a work of art, as I like to call it (and is my personal motto).


Ever wonder what your life would be like if you started living the wonder?

Remember who you are and may all possibilities be open to you.

Contrasting Sunset Sky

Tonight’s sunset sky was nothing short of amazing.

I was teaching a Reiki Level 1 & 2 Accelerated Workshop and after cleaning up, I stepped out front to take in some air and check the mail.

What greeted me was such an interesting contrast, which mirrored the very interesting day.

Reiki always weaves its own unique energy in how the days, events, etc. will evolve.

One of the students ended up having to leave abruptly, with grave disappointment, from suddenly getting tremendous headaches and upset stomach half way through the workshop. She said she hasn’t been sick in ages and couldn’t remember when the last headache she had was. The headache began slightly just after arriving and just continued increasing in severity, to then becoming an upset stomach.

She was definitely going through huge shifts (not to mention some deep activations) with all that she was embracing on her opening path – so brave she is! And sometimes things also shift to have the perfect synergy of energy in the workshop.

She’ll be returning to complete training next week, as she also is on a fast track to have her Reiki 3 Master Teacher training next Sunday. Again, what a courageous one she is, not to mention a total sweetheart! She has been having a very rapid opening in her life and it’s awesome to witness that kind of commitment.

I’m happy to report that after she got home and ate a little, and napped, she is feeling good again.

So after the day ended, to find the sky as you see in the photos (although they don’t capture half the vibrancy and true richness of color), I was just in awe.

sunsetThe sky to the right of the house where the sun was setting was passionately on fire.

pink rainbowAnd the sky to the left was soft and gentle, splashed with not only pink clouds, but a FULL pink rainbow. I couldn’t capture the whole thing, but it was a complete pink rainbow that framed the driveway.

So, so spectacular and unusual!! Wow!

It was also my first workshop to teach with both of my little bunny loves supporting me that represent the Sacred Feminine and Masculine (hmmm seem familiar in the sky contrasts?).

They both hung out in my office while teaching, but they were both helping mom prepare yesterday.

I have to admit, I was really missing them, even though I was just in the other room teaching! It was the first day not being right next to Cosmo. He did make an appearance at lunch break though, when I went to pick him up to give him some love and introduce him to the others.

I’m a love sick mommy indeed.

But what a sky tonight. The contrast was so symbolic and powerful. And the full pink rainbow….magick and love abound! MMMMMMMMMM!

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