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Cardinal Grand Cross Insights ~ Liberating Potentials from Facing Denied Darkness

Cardinal_Grand_Cross_April_2014Out of one of the most difficult astrological alignments emerges the potentials for profound and potent transformational shifts.

I always prefer the perspective of opportunities, presented from any given experience, rather than focus on the limitations.

With the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross and Total Lunar Eclipse, which we have been experiencing over the months, and will continue to be prevalent, many speculate as to the effects on what this all means.

As always, go into your own heart space and find the answers to how you would like to work with the energy, but there is the potential for some majorly impactful and long-awaited changes that can manifest from your willingness to go to the heart and core of what really matters, and work with all aspects of yourself – especially the fears and shadows.

If you can see through the surface illusions of what the fears are actually, invaluably teaching you, and not allow ego to get in the way of discerning truth, then you may find profound rebirth and truer freedom, as you let go of embracing only what your preconceived belief-oriented “comfort zone” allows.

Balance is key and remember, there is no destination – just the journey.

Mystic Mamma has selectively gathered some really great Astral Insights from some of the most insightful channels to provide supportive guide posts through this energetic experience. You can read them all here:

Grand Cross April 2014: Astral Insights

As Cinzia Meneghello shares in the post:

“The ‘squareness’ of a Grand Cross can awaken our ability to conceive its opposite: harmonious flow.”

I also like Robert Wilkinson’s remarks, particularly in light of my own “physical bone fractures” I’ve experienced that symbolically felt potent to the breaking apart of old to new he explains:

“As Eternals, we’ve seen many things fall apart across many lifetimes. It’s a very human experience. And every loss creates the space for something new to come at exactly the right time…

“Just keep in mind that if it actually IS a time of many things fracturing, don’t be impatient for the new to present itself before the fracturing is done. We need a clean slate if we’re going to write a new symphony (and it’s hard to write one when the ground is shaking!)”

February’s Energetic Landscape for Accelerated Release & Relief Opportunities

Anthony Douglas Williams about wisdomHow are you navigating the energy of this new year so far? If you’re feeling anything like I am, you might be at this juncture where everything is beginning to unwrap and release that has been carefully cultivated over the years.

And “release” seems to be one of the themes for this month, according to Mystic Momma’s update from Lena Stevens.

You have the potential for some major acceleration, or could create further blockage, depending on the preparation and integrative work you’ve been doing. And a lot of this will also stem on how well you can prioritize heart over mind.

That’s not to say that one is better than the other (as they do work beautifully in partnering balance), but sometimes we allow our old, patterned ideas and beliefs surrounding what we “think” or have been conditioned to believe is better, more practical, or valuable, to take precedence over what is naturally aligned with our authenticity and divine flow – which ultimately will provide optimal results.

Some of the standout passages from Lena’s insights, which reflect my own, are these:

We have set our intentions, organized ourselves as best we could, tried to anticipate what’s ahead and are now ready for the gate to open so we can move forward in a release of energy that will be very productive for some of us, and could be very disruptive for others.
Some releases will be breakthroughs, some could feel destructive or chaotic, some devastating, some empowering and incredibly energizing.
If you have worked on getting all of your ducks in a row and getting organized around gathering the energy, resources, information and support needed for a project or goal, you may experience a release of this energy that will move the project along. Be prepared for it.
Ability to have what we want. This is an area of releasing a certain backlog of deprivation due to our past belief that the world does not support us and who we are as conscious beings. All the prayers and intentions and spiritual study we have put into ourselves is now a pregnancy at full term. The challenge will be in the allowing for things to be different, easy, abundant and supportive. 

(That last part has felt so true and the same message I’ve been receiving. The birthing is now. And the experience will be fun, free, simple….if you can integrate and release the old ways, feelings, actions, and beliefs.)

The release of the mind and how it holds worry, anxiety, judgment, priorities, and all the information it is convinced you can’t live without. The mind is over full and begging for release. Many of our addictions and desire for escape is due to an over full mind of worry, anxiety, chaos, and judgment. The lesson here is in allowing the heart to prioritize for you instead of the mind, which is often fear based. 
One of the main lessons and certainly a sub-theme for the month is PRIORITIES. Learning how to prioritize will be key to staying balanced this month and to moving with ease and grace through the releases you will experience as well as in choosing where to focus on your overly abundant and well-stocked plate.
Priorities are not always what you think they should be. Some priorities stem from what is emotionally important rather than what is practically important.

(Oh my gosh is this ever my experience. Right now I am totally engaged in setting priorities that match my authenticity and joy, and are intuitively guided with right timing, while remaining flexible.)

We are not accustomed to listening as well to what our heart tells us is a priority rather than our mind. For example, if you have not given yourself the time or space to grieve a certain loss or spend some quality rest time, and your emotional container is overfull, it becomes a priority even though your mind may tell you differently.
Your mind may say you have too much to do and you are too busy at work or with other disciplines to take the time to rest or to grieve.

(I’ve seen this where I easily can get caught up in a lot of “busy” work, so I consistently have to tap my shoulder and check in with my heart to see how it’s feeling with the work at hand, and if it has a different message for me in terms of focus that would be more beneficial and optimizing – even if I don’t understand how.)

If you are not proactive with your emotional priorities, especially the releases this month, the dam may just break and you will not find yourself releasing with grace and ease but rather more dramatically such as through an accident, illness or emotional break down.
Do some work on your priorities and see if you can identify the emotionally important ones, as they will be the ones to pay attention to this month.
There could be overwhelm and a little chaos this month as well. Think of finally being admitted into a store that has just had its shelves totally restocked with more choices than you ever had before. If you don’t know what you are looking for you could get overwhelmed with too many choices.  It is important to identify what you are looking for from your heart rather than your mind. Pay attention to right timing and to what shows up. Trust.

(Again, so right on! The beauty and joy of right now is that there are unlimited choices. I have been facing these wonderful potentials and possibilities in abundance over the last couple of months, and so it really takes some fine tuning into the radio of my heart to ensure I’m not missing the important cues it is singing to me. This includes not just latching on to any ol’ thing that comes my way. Alignment with your vibration is key.)

The opportunity is for releasing how you hold fear, worry and anxiety. It is time to re imprint yourself with the notion that everything has its right timing and everything of importance will get done.

Take some time every day and release a judgment that you have of yourself or someone else. Observe the space and freedom you create in this release.

On another note, the energy being released around projects and goals and dreams could also magnetize new relationships into your life. Practice neutrality in expectation and judgment with each of these new connections…
It’s all systems go this month. Watch the body’s reaction to stress, worry and anxiety. Watch for old toxins finding a way to be released. Your body will be a great barometer this month on whether you are on the right track for ease and grace or not….
For those of you who are having trouble getting on that horse and riding into your future, it will be important to keep the moving center active and use it with intention that however you engage it (walking, jogging, dancing, etc.), it be symbolic of release and subsequent movement forward.

You can read the entire post at Mystic Mamma, which includes more insights you may find helpful (these are just the ones that intuitively stand out to me) here:

The Theme For February 2014 is RELEASE

You may also enjoy Tom ‘Kaypacha’ Lescher’s recent Astrology Forecast for the week of February 4th, 2014. His messages ring right in line with Lena’s and my own.

In his forecast you’ll find the message of recognizing that when things challenge us, to remember it is Spirit at work that is creating surprises, twists and turns, to help you align in love, evolution of soul and heart, and with conscious awareness of the unity of all existence.

These “challenges” are reminders that our “plans” need to align with these for the magick to be experienced without disillusionment or confusion.

Tom also feels there’s an emphasis on taking a vacation from the mind – turn it off while turning on your heart and feelings. Again, this is to help in the repatterning until you can learn to use them in balanced partnership. For now, we’re overhauled in the mind department and it isn’t even really the productive use of mind, but a lot of old programming and fearful ego aspects that are running the show.

We are learning to “be” and when we embody this, then the doing becomes an extension of that “being”, naturally.

Tom says, “It’s time to learn your lessons and if you have, then you can go sailing!”


But indeed, the wounds have to re-open, clean out, and heal, before they can mend. So just realize that this potential uncomfortable enhancement is temporary, if you allow it to run its “natural” course.

Hope, Balance, Harmony, Deepening, and a Lot of Love – Navigating Change with the Libra Full Moon

fullmoonlibraToday’s Full Moon in Libra focuses a lot on relationships (both personal and business) including friendships, marriages, partnerships, and collaborations of any kind, but this also includes the relationship you have with yourself (first and foremost), as this will affect your outer relationships in direct reflection of your inner one. So as you work with the energies shared from the following astrologers, remember to cultivate and strengthen your inner relationship within and go to the heart and root of the matter to create the empowered and enlivening experiences that are available to you when you do so. While you may be involved in some Spring cleaning of your house, don’t forget to do the same for your inner realm as well. It is easy to forget to fully anchor the process of integration when we’ve been taught to focus on the love and the light. Doing the important work within will shift your entire experience in foundational and lasting ways.

Wishing you an enlightening Full Moon. I hope you enjoy this Mystic Mamma‘s post of sharings from several astrologers and their insights on today’s Libra Full Moon:

“The Libra Full Moon on March 27 could be the most intense and significant Full Moon in 2013. The winds of change are blowing strong at the Libra Full Moon.  This Full Moon is action packed…
♦ What do you need to release and let go of?
♦ What is complete for you?
♦ What new insights and visions did you receive at the Pisces New Moon?”
 ”The Libra Full Moon triggers the powerful life-changing Pluto/Uranus square. We need to practice conscious awareness in our lives. Be awake in what we are choosing and doing. Change is the only constant in transitional 2013.”
“We want to be open and flexible to what is being asked of us. Being controlling and/or rigid will not bring us what we want. Make friends with change…We are the masters of our destiny. We are the empowered ones…”
“Relationships are front and center at the Libra Full Moon. We have Venus, Sun, Uranus, and Mars in Aries opposing the Moon in Libra all challenging (T-squaring) Pluto in Capricorn. Reinventing relationships is a strong theme.  Old ones may need to be released, as new relationships emerge.”
“Watch out for emotional power struggles. For instance, people who use manipulation, hidden agendas, guilt and jealousy to control us. These are the lower energies of Pluto. This is not love. This is fear. Own your power.  Love Self more than the need for a relationship. Love Self more than the need to keep people in your life.”
“…There is a Yod (finger of God) pointing to Jupiter in Gemini at the Full Moon. This Yod involves the heavyweights — serious Saturn and pernicious Pluto. Creator is saying to us. ‘Cleanse and purge your life of self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and attitudes.‘ Remember that, we create our reality with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. What do you want to create? Take charge of your mind and life.”
“We end March with the Sun in Aries challenged by Pluto. Resistance is futile with purging Pluto. We are to move from breakdown to breakthrough. We may need to make radical changes in our lives. Where ever things are not working well. Keep the faith and trust that a new and better life will replace the old.”
♦ Are you ready to move ahead?
♦ Are you open to new friendships and love?
♦ Where do you need to take a giant step forward?
“Remember that, these planets only take that which is obsolete. They will not take what you need for your personal evolution.  In fact, the main purpose of the Libra Full Moon and the Sun/Pluto transit is to empower you. So that you are ready to receive the positive creative changes that can take place now.”
“Clean out the closets in your home and in your mind.  Use the Libra Full Moon to clear out the past and to get organized.  In this way, you are sending a powerful message to Creator. You are letting the universe know that you are ready for the new opportunities that are coming into your life.”
“We are in the new paradigm. Creating wealth and manifesting our heart’s desire will require us to live from our Soul-Self.  We are to come from love not fear. We are to release and let go. Our soul knows that the best is yet to come. Make sure you are sleeping, resting and taking time for yourself. These powerful ascension energies raising our vibrations can be exhausting at times. Take a time out when you need it.  Come back re-energized. Get ready for action in April.”
“Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body.  ~ Abraham
Copyright ©2013 Kelly Rosano All Rights Reserved.
 From astrologer Diane Lang at Libra Seeking Balance:
“If there ever was a time to get serious about agreeing to disagree, this Full Moon at 06° 52′ Libra on 27 March 2013, 02:28 AM PDT is it. Maintaining a sense of perspective promises to be a real challenge.”
“…The stressful side of this Full Moon comes from Mars, Aries’ ruler, who is currently at home in Aries. Direct, forceful and forthright, Mars in Aries is still within shouting distance of Uranus though, in my opinion, is far enough ahead of the Sun we have more say in how we express our anger. Those with personal planets and the Ascendant from 8° to 11° in the cardinal signs however may not escape so easily. The desire to push ahead at all costs may be very powerful…”
“With all those planets in Aries stirring the pot and bringing tempers to a boil, it is a good time to contemplate anger management. When we get angry do we claim our anger or point to something or someone else as the cause? If we claim our anger we stand a far better chance of dealing with it in a constructive manner.“
“The string of squares to Pluto in Capricorn starting with Mars the day before the Full Moon and both Venus and the Sun on Easter Sunday after it bring control issues to the forefront. Are we mad at ourselves for choices we’ve made or do we feel like it is all someone else’s fault? Something worth taking a look at in my opinion.”
“This was not the easiest lunation to write about because peaceful soul that I am, I wanted to see if I could find something hopeful to say. As a Libra, I usually love this Full Moon and it was hard to see all the stressful aspects in this chart. If I have succeeded in bringing a little light into the picture, then I am happy. Choose peace and practice kindness, people!”
Copyright ©2013 Diane Lang All Rights Reserved.
From Sarah Varcas from her site :
“So this Full Moon in Libra reminds us that our relationships with others and the world around us are not just about our own needs, but how we define and meet our own needs is integral to their success…”
“This Full Moon speaks some uncomfortable truths, but it also holds a positive message of hope and change. Because the more that we can remember our place in the entirety of this universe, our insignificance in the face of an infinite universe the likes of which our tiny minds cannot even comprehend, the better able we’ll be to regulate our desires and recognize when our personal wants are becoming an obstacle to our gratitude for the blessings with which we’re already endowed.” 
“This week we all have the opportunity to question our needs and desires a bit more deeply. To ask ourselves why we want what we want, and how that desire really took root within us in the first place. And in contemplating these questions we can begin to encounter the deeper and more enduring comfort that arises out of knowing we can pull together to meet our basic needs, to create workable communities that protect and support all their members, regardless of material status. Because there’s quite enough of everything to go around, if we all receive only what we need and pass on the excess to others.”
Copyright ©2013 Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved.
 Wonderful as always advice and assessment from Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“It will be wise to compromise and be mindful of your part in things during the Full Moon in Libra at 06° 52′ on March 27th, 2013. Practicing the art of conflict resolution will be essential now. The astrological sign of Libra prefers peace and harmony, yet this full moon phase may be anything but that. Though there is potential for harmony to be restored and for us to remember we are peace itself as our true nature, as Soul. We can take that into any situation that arises.” 
“…The key during the Full Moon in Libra is expanding and deepening self-awareness through relating with others.
“The Sun in Aries makes an opposition to the Moon in Libra. This suggests the potential to harmonize both the conscious and subconscious so there is a united front of peaceful assertive expression. There is an art to compromise and with the foundation of Spiritual values in place, negotiation is done with mutual respect and honor rather than competition and being manipulative.”
“There is a dynamic energy forming with the Full Moon in Libra making a tense connection to Uranus in Aries. and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus traveling through the fiery sign of Aries. See the beauty in the chaos as the Divine is in the midst of it all. There is a strong emphasis on using the “Spiritual Compassionate Warrior” energy for freedom of expression rather than battle of egos to be hurtful of others or even to oneself.”
“The Scales Tip
“As highly pressurized conditions or situations boil over or bubble beneath the surface during the Full Moon in Libra, some of the stagnant emotions may rumble, tumble and whatever has been stuffed may flood out. But let’s face it, holding in emotions for a long time may feel like you are smothering yourself from the inside.  If something gets triggered, that area or spot may require healing and understanding. Go with it. It is possible for disagreements to manifest in relationships creating conflict and possible friction.  Interacting with others gives us the opportunity to gather more insight into self.”
“Sometimes the right jolt or two reveals to us where love is missing or where we are tipping the scales of self-respect too much or overly compromising for the sake of peace.  While other times, the energy strongly pushes on the heavy denial or wall of pain so healing and transformation may occur.”
“Let it be a healthy release. Do not project things at another or others. Take responsibility for your role or part in things. Shift your perspective, see the issue or situation through the lens of Soul or wisdom and you will find the deeper meaning and purpose of whatever is happening.”
With Mars/Pluto symbolism, it’s possible for people to act in odd ways, spew anger, fury and other not so pleasant emotions and even make power plays that may be manipulative and strategic for self-gain. A feeling of betrayal is possible or something from the past may surface for healing. Instead of going into duality ‘me versus them, good versus bad’ – ask yourself what is the lesson, what is it you can practice, how can you remain assertive and empowered.  Shift your perspective about the issue or situation. This keeps you get out of the ego-power struggle and on the course of evolving as a conscious individual.”
“For some situations, it may be best to agree to disagree and give the whole thing some breathing room and come back to resolve it in a few days. The situation or issue is a catalyst for your healing, growth and awareness. It may reveal where you feel powerless or stuck and where you need to practice being empowered and trusting Soul and the Universe to guide you.”
“What manifests around this time may be startling, shocking, surprising.”
“The combination of Moon in Libra “opposes” the Sun, Venus and Uranus in Aries and Mars in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn – It is possible hidden information or insight may present itself as truth and clarity emerges. Be open, curious and stay empowered.”
“There is potential for old relationships (both personal and business), marriages, partnerships, collaborations, alliances to become obsolete and permanently exit now. Or relationships will feel the push to grow and evolve to the next stage. This leaves an open space for something new to be born and emerge. New partnerships or relationship may require regular nurturing to strengthen for long-term.”
Intention: “I AM Peace in the midst of chaos
 Copyright 2013  Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
 From Patricia Liles from The Power
“With Pluto, God of the Underworld and holder of the shadow, exactly squaring Mars and this Aries group, as well as the Full Moon, we have the potential for eruption of buried material, frustrated power issues, secrets, toxic materials of all sorts.Certainly freeing of the shadow reveals the power and light available and this is what we seek in order to evolve, but when we pass through this kind of portal as we do now, the crisis-provoking square energy in the hands of those who at their core feel utterly powerless in these challenging times of dissolution of what had been believed to be stability can be a notably impulsive, destructive, self-righteous energy.”
This activation of ‘revolutionary power’ used by the creative, shamanic and those who have the discipline and knowledge to handle these energies skillfully is a powerful opportunity. The Full Moon is collective energy and each one is called on to acknowledge and release those lines and pools of powerlessness within that are up surging with the energy of Spring and this most powerful of Full Moons. This energy began in the days before Full Moon and continues through the end of the month and beyond.”
“The Finger of God triangular formation created by Pluto and Saturn at the base with Jupiter at the apex is still active with Jupiter also exactly square Chiron at 11º (Gemini-Pisces) lending deep support and catalyzing energy for healing and urging us to work with the beliefs and mental constructs that hold old wounding experiences in place. Every where I look people seem to be turning over the old rocks in their psychological lives and seeing what dark, creepy-crawler things lie beneath (pain and suffering be gone!).Much collective healing is taking place. What you do for yourself, you do in support of healing for all.” 
 Copyright 2013  Patricia Liles. All Rights Reserved
From Molly Hall from 
“The Libra Full Moon chart suggests things coming to a head. Full Moons are harvest time, and with Libra comes in the instincts of the Judge. There can be a great re-balancing, with brave acts that flip the story drastically. This is not a time to provoke an “enemy” or pull a power move — it could backfire bigtime.”
This could be the moment to overcome inertia. To bravely move with the energies of life, freedom, physical vitality and creative risks. It’s a tipping point moment, of action, to forge ahead fully engaged in the moment.”
“Great and amazing strides are made, but only when we’re aware of the need for timing, and to stay rooted in the real. Some rude awakenings happen now, especially if we’ve got blind spots to what’s really going on.”
“Full Moons are about illumination, and what’s revealed now helps us balance the surging urge to act, with the demand to deal with ‘what is.’ This is a testing time. Will we keep sight of our dreams, in the midst of great struggle? It’s said we gain strength of character through adversity. And this then fuels our ability to take risks, and put the full weight of our being behind what we’re doing.”
“It’s also the astro weather of a relationship being tested — how solid is it? What’s been repressed or denied is confronted. This can be ultimately freeing, even if events happen that seem devastating in the short term. The specter of force/aggression/violence here makes it one to err on the side of caution for personal safety.”
“Energetically, this Full Moon can be like a cosmic judgment day, a harvest of sorts….a time of reaping what’s been sown. A sorry situation, something rotten at the core, can no longer be ignored. Inner passions and knowings surge to the fore, demanding expression. The future and life will win ultimately — what needs to be put right for new growth to happen?
“There could be dramatic experiences that quicken that process of birthing the new. The forces could serve it up as a break-up or other loss, or a great gain. There’s also the promise of paradigms shattering…so that there can be a fresh start…”
“This Full Moon is a catalyst for earth-shattering moments that wake us up to who we really are! And in the process, a new path of possibility is perceived…”
“There are stunning mercurial aspects, to be able to see deeply and from many angles. If you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation, ask for a miracle of altered thinking. The way forward is to be flexible and adapt quickly as your perception changes.”
“An attitude of compassion is a light if you’re walking through shadows. This draws our attention to core wounds or emotional pools we emerged from. In such deep depths, we’re close to what’s meaningful, and with that, the sense of mystery and the divine.” 
Copyright 2013  Molly Hall. All Rights Reserved

Finding Your Peace: Full Moon in Virgo & Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 2013

Moon Beam GoddessWe have a potent Full Moon in Virgo today 2/25, which is accompanied by several major astrological influences in the sign of Pisces all flowing in at once. Synchronously my 40th birthday on 2/26 coincides with these collective influences, including Venus going into Pisces on my birthday – so it really kicks in this transformational shift for me personally too. I can see why I have been guided to embrace a lot of changes ahead of time, to prepare for the energy influences. I’m feeling more in flow right now in my Pisces skin, rather than trying to swim upstream, as can many times be the case in the past. With a lot going on all at once and some of it potentially being confusing and challenging in terms of the current energies we are in partnership with, I would like to share several key pieces of information from a few different sources to assist in navigating these waters. Included in the aspects we are experiencing, is Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, which brings us messages of a need for reflection, turning within, refining your spiritual nature, patience, personal surrender, and a time to slow down.

Thank you Laura Bruno for sharing your insightful post on the first Mercury Retrograde of 2013. For the full post, including two readings, sharing Master Astrologer Electra Jung‘s take on this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Doreen Virtue’s Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading please see: Mercury Retrograde 2013.


And here are some supportive insights on the Full Moon in Virgo energy from Irma Kaye and Mystic Mamma’s collection of astute and inspired readers of the stars.


full moonAs Irma Kaye shares in her article post: Full Moon in Virgo, February 25, 2013 – Beginner’s Mind, Grace & First Dances: (see link for full article)

Interestingly, the Universe in its wisdom and humor has given us a Full Moon in grounded and practical Virgo. This whole Full Moon period (including the window leading up and three days or so after,) will be strongly impacted by the dynamic “opposite” dynamic of Pisces. We are still in the influence of a powerful Stellium of Pisces: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron and Venus (on 2/26.) The antidote is in the opposite for Virgo/Pisces….

Navigational Key: It is analytical mind that can lay down the “hard lines,” and gives ultimatums; which is the opposite energy of Pisces which seeks to “go with the flow,” in a space of loving detachment. Our recommended strategy is a balance of these two energies that can respond in an efficient manner to details when necessary, but does not become too fixed or rigid in its beliefs and concepts. Both Pisces and Virgo energies have the potential to be magically inspired and spiritually guided. It is in the mid-point of both of these energies with an open mind, that we give Grace a bigger landing strip.

me honoring the full moonWe must sacrifice the urgent, petty agendas of the ego to a larger field or participation. We must learn humility and own humor, finding guidance in intuition and making logic a servant rather than master. Control is a personal experience, surrender is a transpersonal one. Through surrender we learn to move with the rhythms that flow through our existence and in so doing open ourselves to the wellsprings of life that are the gift of the divine Trickster. – Allan Combs

2/25 Virgo Full Moon Affirmations: I am aligned with my most optimum health; in body, mind and spirit. I am guided by the power of discernment regarding myself and others. I release judgment and allow things to *be* as they are. I am open to the power and blessing of Grace. ~ (For the full article, please see the link above.)


And here are some key points from various readers coming to us through Mystic Mamma’s post Happy Full Moon in Virgo February 25th, 2013:

First from the wonderful Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Full Moons are the part of the cosmic dance when things become clear—or they turn into drama, another form of definition created by unconscious acting-out.”
“The truth is Full Moons can indicate the dance of true partnership, where each side is seen and valued.  But you have to let yourself be seenyou have to take on the Sun’s light and let the Moon speak to you of what it wants to create.  Then your purpose becomes manifesting the vision. “
“So take hold of your courage and dance the dance this Virgo Full Moon.  Because we are being called to birth the brightest truths of our spiritual essence.”
“When the Sun lights up Pisces, we step into the Unseen Realities of the Cosmos.  The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces symbolizes the soul’s return to our Source as well as its immersion in the collective unconscious.  To swim in the watery depths of life demands that we trust; trust gives birth to renewal.”
“At the moment, Pisces is full of diverse energies—the Sun’s search for purpose, Neptune’s spiritual vision, Chiron’s healing touch, Mars’ desire to stand for the Light, Mercury’s dreaming Mind and soon after this Full Moon, Venus’ compassionate Love and Wisdom.  These are the energies that are bubbling within the cauldron of the collective unconscious, waiting to be incarnated.”
“It is the Moon who does the incarnating, just as the mother gives birth to the child.  This Virgo Full Moon helps us become aware of what our soul is here on Earth to incarnate.   We’ve been at this for a while now.  Do you recognize what it is you’re called to do?  The first step is to become conscious, to Know Yourself!  Just that is a big step…”
“Virgo is the Virgin, the Mother, imaged as Isis and the Virgin Mary, both divine Mothers who give birth to Saviors.  Virgo itself symbolizes the aspect of the zodiac where we are asked to become the person we are meant to be, the Christ-consciousness within each of us.  The Virgin Mother wants us to live out our own unique Self.   The ancient saying, “Know Thyself” is a Virgo statement.”
Virgo helps us learn discernment, so that we can say, ‘This is me and that is not me.’  It is only the patriarchal Virgo who has been taught that s/he has to be perfect instead of whole. That’s where Virgo gets her reputation for being picky and controlling.  It’s so impossibly hard to be perfect!  Our individuated Self, though, is rarely perfect; more often, we come to know ourselves as a mixture of light and darkness, seen through the lens of creativity, compassion and truth… “
“So our task is to think differently, to open our intuitive brains, to listen to our feelings…The Mind must understand our desire for peace and unity; we must learn to trust that our unique identity will not be lost when we foster Unity; and we must let Love guide our vision of spiritual awakening…”
“The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 8* Virgo is:  A five-year old child takes a first dancing lesson.  This symbol evokes the need to channel our energies through dancing.  The fact that it is a dance lesson means that we have to focus through specific forms, the archetypal form that is calling to you.  At 5 years of age, a child begins to know himself—his ego is starting to form.  Our patriarchal ego is shaped by our collective expectations.  This dancing child, though, is in your hands.  What steps do you want to dance?  What archetypal reality is calling you to the dance?”
Copyright ©2013 Cathy Pagano All Rights Reserved.
From the wonderful Kelley Rosano:
“The Virgo Full Moon reminds us that we are multidimensional beings. Our past, present and future lives are running simultaneously in the NOW.  The Ascension process is challenging at times. This is true. We want to be proactive not reactive. We want to come from LOVE not fear. We are changing our DNA structure. Thus, we must practice Extreme Self-Care.  Getting plenty of rest, quiet time, reflection and meditation are requirements to stay balanced and grounded. Virgo reminds us to cleanse and purify our body, mind and heart…”
The Virgo Full Moon is showing us that acceptance heals our heart. Accepting the choices other people make will free us. We will feel lighter. We will feel better. For instance, when we release our need to fix, save and rescue others. Accepting the choices that others make allows them to learn from their experience.”
♥ Who do you need to forgive?
♥Do you need to forgive yourself?
♥ Can you move from resistance to forgiveness?
“The Virgo Full Moon is rich in a wealth of important insights, awareness’s and understandings. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving around the Full Moon February 23 – 28. This is your Soul Self providing you the answers you need. Your Soul knows your soul contracts…”
 ♥ What is true for you?
♥ What is no longer true for you?
♥ What do you believe is possible?
♥ What is holding you back?
♥ What would you dare to dream and do if you knew you would not fail?
Mercury the messenger in Pisces is retrograde at the Full Moon. The power of the feminine, our intuition and receptivity are strong in 2013. Mercury Retrogrades in the feminine water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This occurs for over six months of the year. This is a powerful message from Creator. The female energies are flooding the collective consciousness cleansing and purifying humanity…”
“The Sun in Pisces reminds us not to escape reality by seeing the best in someone or something. In this way, we can avoid disappointment.  The Moon in Virgo encourages us to exercise discrimination in our choices. Keeping busy in personal pursuits will make for a happy Virgo Moon. For instance, this is a terrific time to dream, meditate, draw, write, play, and create.  Imagine your life exactly the way you desire.”
Copyright ©2013 Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved.
From Shakti Carola Navran and her Maui Astrology:
“With the Full Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, you are invited to contemplate your right livelihood and the specific gifts only you can give to the world. You are sensitized to the highest vision, the connection between your head and your heart, your sense of well being and how you can serve the greater good. The shadow side of Virgo is negativity, overboard criticism and sickness.”
“Judgment and resentment closes our heart and can toxify our system and truly make us sick. Virgo can be very self- critical but it is also the sign for healing and proper self-care. Chiron, known as the wounded healer is in conjunction with the Sun in Pisces. Indeed five planets are in Pisces, the sign of oneness, compassion and highest consciousness.”
“One of our local Hawaiian healing traditions is the path of forgiveness with “Ho’oponopono”, which is a powerful healing practice for you. The healing mantra here is:”I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you.” I believe that part of our personal healing process is forgiveness and the realization of the interconnectedness of all life. This is a wonderful month to first re-establish your highest vision, do your inner healing work, and align your body, heart and soul.”
 Copyright ©2013 Shakti Carola Navran All Rights Reserved.
From Pat Liles from The Power Path:
“We’re in a month of access to our deepest emotional reservoirs via so much watery, receptive Piscean energy.  Dreams will be enhanced, our imaginations will be fertile, passionate surrender will be available, intuition and synchronicity will be high, because now we are impressionable, empathic and at our most sensitive to communication with the invisible realms.”
“Connect with something larger than your self ~ Nature would be a good start, spiritual practice of any kind, service to someone, something, give over and get lost in your own creative process… As we pass into the Spring Equinox and Aries influence begins later in March, that which we have fomented out of the etheric realms will begin to take form and we will move forward manifesting our visions and dreams.  But not quite yet….”
“Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, is exactly squared the Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon (7º) forming a T-square.  Our most personal core beliefs are being challenged to evolve to the global/cosmic level.  We are loosening our attachments to our tribal/family consciousness and our competitive masculine attitudes regarding how we live, work, play, travel, think, communicate, feed ourselves, raise our children, etc.  We are really in the soup of it now.  We aren’t totally comfortable with the shift towards a new orientation of consciousness that has opened up permanently with the 2012 portal, but like the bursting forth of Spring, there’s just no stopping it.”
“Pisces emphasis lets us benefit from the inward period when the seed is incubated below the earth, metamorphosing from a seed to a powerful, growing seedling full of strength and purpose seeking the light and then bursting above the ground with Aries and springtime.”
“I want to reiterate what I said at New Moon last:  Vesta, Goddess of the Sacred Hearth, Keeper of the Flame of Spirit, is creating a Finger of God formation with the forces of Saturn and Pluto, our Karmic Teacher and our Transformer.  Where Vesta would normally stay here a week, she is in position for a MONTH.  Saturn and Pluto are in a solid sextile aspect meaning opportunity and they are in each other’s signs (mutual reception) – very strengthening.”
“Vesta, the focal point, teaches us how to use our desire or sexual energy for a committed purpose, pushing the energy beyond the lower chakras to focus within instead of being pulled out into the world of distraction that feeds our small self.  She also brings forth the sacrifice one makes to live a self-directed, inward-focused life as well as bestows the rewards of wholeness and personal integration as a result of that sacrifice.”
“It’s also a call to invite the principles of the Sacred Feminine into our most basic structures of society – business, government, finances where we are in the throes of death and dying and desperately in need of a rebirth with a new vision.”

Wishing everyone a peaceful and empowering journey through the current energy waves!

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