Bluebird, Birth & Breakthrough Blessings

Thursday the 10th was a Bluebird Day, which followed a surprise snowfall the night before that gifted us almost 3 inches of fresh powder here in the forest and 4+ inches at the top of the mountain the next morning.

What is a Bluebird Day, you ask?

Well, it’s a new phrase to me too, but Dave told me that it’s used by excited skiers waking up in the morning to the most perfect day imaginable that consists of fresh white powder set against cloudless blue skies, and highlighted by bright, warm rays of sunshine – all following a night of snowfall.

And it was just that – the most gorgeous, pinch-me, kind of day so we did in fact head out skiing while the Moon celebrated with us.

That day just happened to be our 44th day skiing this season, which was a nice angel number to highlight the energy. And the next day, our 45th, was just as incredible. Amazing conditions, perfect elements, and peace on the mountain without many people. These two days also just happened to feel like a personal up-leveling for me in terms of my skiing – and in essence a newfound anchoring in my journey.

I felt at my best yet, from the inside out. Confident with my anchoring of skills I had nurtured and stuck to developing, and feeling a sense of breakthrough energy finally happening with something that had been hard for me. And all of this followed the Bluebird energy. It was like a birthing into a new sense of flow, balance, and celebration, just like that elation more seasoned skiers feel on a Bluebird Day.

Bluebirds carry a lot of positivity in the form of hope, happiness, renewal, love, and the essence of life and beauty – and indeed they herald those warm and sunny, blue sky days.

Perhaps a little inner Bluebird had emerged from within me that would carry me on wings through even the more challenged or darker sky days.

That seems to be the theme I’m experiencing, even beyond just skiing.

In fact I mentioned in the Sacred Circle group we gather in monthly saying that despite the chaos on the worldwide scene, I felt this irony, but also synergy to the fact I actually was experiencing more peace, greater fulfillment, and a literal transcendence. The more dramatic the duality plays out, the more I am experiencing calm. I described it in the only way I knew how – as if I was being shot through the tube of the duality funnel and out the other end. A spiraling of alchemy that merges it all as it flows into a new form.

There was agreement from others in what I was sharing, as a similar experience, and I know there are more going through this too.

It really does speak to me about our learning to harness creatorship and merging all the fundamental ingredients to do so, which include things like unconditional love.

There is a continued unfolding of different realities and timelines all dancing around this Earth experience and I do believe we are teaching ourselves how to be the calm in the eye of the storm.

With double synchronicity, yesterday was my 21 year anniversary of legally changing my name to Tania Marie – making my middle name my official last name – and this came the day after a friend told me about their being in the process of legally changing their name and in the continued 3 day flow of another astoundingly beautiful no cloud, sunshiny, blue sky day.

So in many ways March 12th is a second birthing for me that celebrates my embodiment of personal frequency I choose to anchor as. And I love that it comes within the Pisces season, but at the precipice of the Aries one, as well as so close to the Spring Equinox.

We decided on a hike down at lower elevations on my birth day and although near 65 degrees, there was a wind that whipped through and felt enlivening and renewing. We stopped at some of my favorite rocks I like to look out at the valley from and I snapped some photos.

One of Dave on the rocks – take a look at that lime green orb in the shadow of the bottom of the rocks.

Another of the vista framed by the rocks – take a look at that violet energy over the tree.

And then I turned the camera on myself as the wind swept through, wanting to capture this celebratory day.

The wind took my hair on a twirl, as its energy danced through me. It was like a stirring up of the interwoven network of energies into what appears like a mess, but then opens the gateway of consciousness to experience from a whole new, regenerative, and fresh space.

I later noticed that in each photo there’s a rainbow energy to the upper left that in some photos appears like an eye.

And in this last photo, the rainbow is more subtle, but there’s this odd dark curve extending from the mountain into the sky. It’s not my hair and it’s not in the other two photos.

What it all is and means, I don’t know. But it reflects more of the things that continue to come through, as we continue to be ready for it.

I did also find two raw quartz on this hike and was grateful for the gifts, including Moon continuing to celebrate these beautiful and renewing days leading up to the potent and strong Virgo Full Moon on the 18th just before the Spring Equinox of the 20th.

There’s a close trine to Pluto with this Full Moon, which speaks to rebirth and regeneration possibilities for those willing to do the work Virgo supports in order to transform your reality to a whole new level. How we each embrace this may play out differently, but wellness and the way in which you bring yourself in greater wholeness to the table of how you show up is spotlighted and ultimately becomes your service to the collective.

In my corner of the world much continues to evolve in the inner realms and gratitude grows by the minute. I’m very aware of the dynamics taking place in the world and I focus on working with those dynamics inside of me – as within, so without – while sending energy from the seat of greater peace I anchor.

I can’t begin to tell you how many things have been changing overnight in terms of trajectories I/we were on because of the deepening of beyond rich things that have been evolving. They are on the more personal side, but I can say that the garden of my life has definitely blossomed within Winter.

I’ve already shared having jump started Spring cleaning and redecorating, but this has come to include some pretty big renovations within our home involving all of the bathrooms. This speaks to me of a real purification and profound, intimate transformation of the watery realms of feelings and deep inner worlds..the old within the subconscious and shadow coming to surface and being recreated into something fresh and productive.

I’ve also been gridding a new crystal realm for a council that clarified into birthing on the Bluebird Day.

And speaking of the garden of life, I was able to get out in my garden to clean up the broken pieces of some of my enchanted friends that didn’t make it through the heavy snow storms of this Winter. I haven’t done the big clean up yet, but this felt important to move out the old so that there was space for the new.

I mentioned in the latest Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, how I was reimagining things for the garden and yard, as this year would be different. I’ll leave that for another time, but while I was out in the garden saying hi to all of my friends, straightening them up, anchoring them stronger in the ground, and removing old friends with gratitude, I noticed that there was rabbit droppings everywhere.

I have never actually seen rabbit poop in the yard or garden ever, even though I see the rabbits come through. I do see it and other droppings on hikes, but never here. And it was literally laced all over the garden, by the garden tower and along the deck.

I took these three photos to show Dave and was wide-eyed when I discovered that by each of these piles something else was there. Do you see it?

Yep, the Algiz Rune.

I can’t tell you how many of these I consistently find and that they were by each larger pile of rabbit droppings was really something.

I’ll leave that to you to unravel, but I took it as a blessing for sure.

Rabbits all over the garden just before Spring Equinox reiterated that birthing energy, blessings of abundant enrichment, and there’s definitely some big, divinely guided and protected breakthroughs on the levels of experience I’ve been focused energetically on, coming into being.

And in the meantime, indoors I’ve also been growing mushrooms, which carries its own symbolic energy. Mushrooms have been big on the scene for me, not only coming through in many forms I intake – as whole foods in meals, part of salad dressings, powders in smoothies, hot chocolate mixes, in baked goods, and more, but my whole office is decked out in mushrooms including crystal mushrooms (similar to the ones in the bundles we made available).

There’s a shamanic quality to all of the things being woven into my life and through my life out into the web of the collective. Just as we all are weaving our threads, in unique ways relative to each.

I have three types in process, which were delayed by their arrival time to me. These are photos of my Giant Pink Oysters, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane in their first stages of growth. I will share them when they fully develop, but it’s been an extraordinary experience to nurture them and watch them literally grow by the hour.

The growth period is different for each, and as you can see the Lion’s Mane is just making its breakthrough. But I’m happy to say they are all beautifully doing their thing on the exact timing the instructions shared and look healthy and happy.

I get so excited checking in on them…they’re my babies I’m helping to birth!

The mushrooms feel part of the ritual unfolding here and a deliberate working with the under and other worlds as breakthrough elements to assist in finding the alchemy that will manifest consistent transcendence.

Mycelium is an interwoven network, much like our inner network of fascia, with great resiliency and adaptability.

Rebirth and transformation is at hand for the whole of humanity. And we can access it through the physical and symbolic fascia holding everything together. Fascia are connective fibers in spiraled helixes that support flexibility and resiliency. We, too, are spiraling into a new terrain where breakthrough possibilities await us and regeneration is the power of our creatorship.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. As it happens, I began eating Shiitake mushrooms a few weeks ago, after discovering a local producer and taking a chance on them. I always hated culinary mushrooms as a kid as well as adult, because they were limp and slimy for the most part and had some off-putting taste. Something shifted. Now I eat these Shiitake mushrooms daily and in fact just ran out, so I have to get more. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, and happy growing! 🙂

  2. You weave a beautiful story within your life Tania. Kudos on the birthing/rebirthing of so many new skills, energies, mushrooms, bathrooms, and more. May you help others anchor and birth their own networks of love and beauty. 🙏💕

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Layers of deep and potent things in this one!!
    I LOVE IT.
    I’m especially in awe that I JUST finished watching something very special, specifically to do with ‘orbs…..’ and then, reading this, saw the amazing green orb of light you point out, in the picture you took of Dave!!!!! Just incredible….. and the amazing eye of light by you…..and the Algiz runes….. you just can’t make this stuff up!! LOL It all never ceases to amaze me.
    And your mushrooms are absolutely beautiful and priceless— my gosh, I can feel the loving care you’re pouring into birthing them and it’s so special!! I’ve heard it said that mushrooms came from the Cosmos…. Not of this world….🍄✨ I just know it too!!
    TY as always for the upgrades of energy!! 😌🤗😉🤗 🙌🏻💛💛🧚🏻🧚🏻✨

    • I knew you’d feel all the stuffs!! LOL! Yeah, there’s a woven story here that is packed and things have been feeling squeezed again lol! I love all the synchronicities always with what you experience and then to have it reflected between us. Yeah, it’s all pretty wild and potent!! weeee! Thank you for loving my baby mushrooms too! I’m excited daily to see their growth. Mushies from the stars…oh yeah! hehe! You’re welcome and thank you for chiming in!

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