It Begins With the Relationship to You

Relationships have been extra highlighted over the last couple of years with recent months accentuating things. This includes who and what we are in relationship with.

I know a lot of people who are going through, and have gone through, some very heart-wrenching experiences within long-term relationships where suddenly the rug was pulled out from under them with what seemed like surprising behaviors or elevated ones. These leading to a need for personal reflection and time apart, to counseling and realizations of what was always there that no longer can be avoided, or in some cases break-ups or separations in motion.

In many of these relationships, what I have seen is that the potential for coming back together still lies in each individual deciding to want to have a healthier relationship within themselves so that they can then show up in the relationship with the ability to give from a fuller cup. And that process may or may not bring them back together, although will enrich their lives from a space of greater authenticity and loving wholeness.

With things shifting so rapidly, I’ve also seen people suddenly realize they want and need more, receiving messages it’s time to move on, and even discovering their fulfillment lies with someone else (either already known or yet to come). Even in relationships where intimacy and long-term team work has been a focus, they come to a realization their work and time together has reached natural closure and it’s healthier to let go.

At the same time, while duality increasingly separates, there’s also a mirror being held up for us to see what we are choosing to engage on a regular basis that ultimately establishes a partnership itself, as what we focus on and lend our energy to is what we are in relationship with. It also points us to where we can focus our micro life to help shift the macro.

An underlying root that may have been challenged or overlooked is a lack of an honest communication process for establishing healthy lines to bridge the separations…and that starts within ourselves.

But sometimes we are too smart for our own good.

The more work you’ve put into yourself over the years, the more books, personal growth, and perhaps even counseling and spiritual opening you’ve gone through, the more the potential lies for self sabotage. It becomes easy to talk circles around ourselves with the knowledge we’ve gained, and yet easily miss the simple points.

Admitting this is a blow to the trickster ego – the very one that is running circles around us to try and protect us from finding out we are still lovable even with vulnerable spots.

I find that even when the truth will lead us to greater joy and fulfillment, as well as ultimately allow someone else the same, if we’re used to controlling our lives, and keeping up appearances, we will find it a challenge to make the highest good choice because guilt and disappointment are louder voice patterns still running the show.

I still believe that the foremost relationship that will make the most difference in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. As after all, everyone and everything is within us since we are an expression of Source experienced in multi-faceted fractals.

And when we can honor, listen to, integrate, and celebrate both of the parts within us – the sacred female and sacred male – we will experience greater balance and harmony in our lives and with each other.

Again, nature is our greatest role model and wise guide for how to merge and live in the grace of union.

I can’t within one blog post cover all the facets of this or individual experiences, but I can plant seeds for you to water in your own timing.

That’s all we can each ever do, alongside doing the best we can in our own lives as an example, and the rest is up to each of us to take it from there.

However, I can say that I speak from a vast experience of having danced in and out of more relationships in this life than most might have in several.

Relationships were my unconscious way of learning about myself in the past. I was on to something, though, about messaging myself with the reflections and a desire to drive home a conscious sense of my patterns.

Eventually I turned the process into a more conscious one that I solely took responsibility for through my devotion to the relationship of the union inhabiting my inner realm. I implemented instant alchemy, using experiences as a recipe I would tweak the inner ingredients for to make it “just right,” as Goldilocks would say. Suddenly my cultivated, inner sanctum garden produced a blossom like never before from the seed of potential. An all-enriching and deeply evolving relationship without, was the gift – the icing on the cake of wholeness I had created for myself.

We find most peace within our relationships, when we are at peace with ourselves.

I know it can be a tough journey – this relationship with the sacred parts that reside within us – and yet the marriage of our sacred feminine and masculine really is the doorway to heaven on Earth.

And in the vein of this union between sacred feminine and masculine parts, I want to introduce you to the incredible Flower Agate “Harmony” Crystal Skull.

You can read about “Harmony” and crystal skulls on our page:

Spring Fae Crystal Magick Bundles

A newer arrival to the offerings there for supporting that as within, so without experience of peace and harmony – helping to bridge duality and keep you centered in the calm of the heart womb.

Look at that amazing leaf pattern in the back of the skull!

So many spirit animals and elementals hidden within the nebulae vortex.

And a very deliberate reflection of two parts merging as a whole.

You can see more about “Harmony” at the link above.

I love Flower Agate and have several pieces in my personal collection, including another crystal skull as well and some mushrooms of my own like the ones in the bundles. It’s such a beautiful and perfectly resonant stone for the now and the individual and collective journeys we are navigating. Do an online search for Flower Agate and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll find the rest of the offerings also on that page – I deleted the sold ones to make it easier to explore – but we do have 3 bundles remaining and everything has been Reiki and Cosmically attuned and prepared for their journeys ahead.

Another incredible companion to bringing our parts into union and balance is the 432 Hz Perfect Pitch Empyrean Binaural Beat Theta Wave Pair of A Note 9 Inch Crystal Singing Bowls

They can be found on the page:

Curiosities Corner of Curated Items

I had a couple of inquiries about whether payment plans can be options for some of the larger items and yes, that is an option. Simply CONTACT ME and we can discuss, if something strongly calls to your heart.

Synchronously, I did a sound channeling for our Collective Energy Dynamics Forum April session last night and Astrid was right there helping to infuse energy into my feet, as she laid by them and even dug and nipped at my thick bear socks to ensure she added her touch. This was just with my voice, but she sure loves the power of sound and these quartz crystal bowls are no exception. She’s always ready for a deep sound and crystal dive! Hehe!

However you feel called to bridge the separations you experience, balance, and harmonize your life, please be patient and loving with yourself along the way and with others, too, realizing we are all going through the pains of feeling out of touch, fearful, or lost in forgetting that what we struggle to fight and control was within us all along desiring our love.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Thank you Tania for the beautiful reminders to harmonize our inner energies first, being gentle and compassionate with the various aspects. I actually did this more consciously as I fumbled through my housing choices and finally came to a choice that feels pretty good. I love the sound of crystal bowls but haven’t heard of crystal skulls!

    • You’re welcome Brad 😊 Wow!! Good for you with all of that!! I’m so so happy for you. That’s wonderful to hear as I’ve been thinking about you and the changes you were exploring. Yay!! I hope this new place and shift will be a domino effect for more good things to come!
      I remember you posted about sound and bowls once from someone sharing their gifts. Crystal skulls are an added weeeee to the fun!

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