Let Go, Effective, In Between Times, Messengers & Updates ~ New Moon Musings

As signs of Spring continue to emerge within and without, and a New Moon cycle opens the door to another opportunity to recreate your experience, I’m finally circling back to some themes that have been coming in strong and the messages I’ve received around them.

I sometimes am told to sit with things a bit, but now feels the time to visit these briefly and what I’ve felt and seen in the airwaves strongly in case they speak to you and something you might be feeling or needing to hear right now.

Messages of “let go” and changing how we relate to ideas we’ve come to define or designate one way, keep knocking on the door as we go through reset upgrades. One of the louder ideas of the latter is centered around our definition of “effective” and/or how we are conditioned to relate to that word under one context that may not fit the new context you’ve been feeling yourself moving into.

Let me first begin with “let go,” which on the one hand speaks for itself and yet I feel we’re being taken to deeper levels of releasing, surrendering, and truly letting go like never before. It’s been popping up time and again in terms of letting go of old hurts, letting go of old patterns, letting go of unhealthy relationships, letting go of limiting beliefs, letting go of ideas, letting go of trying to change other people, letting go of trying to control situations and outcomes, letting go of unhealthy daily habits, letting go of damaging inner dialogue, letting go of resentment and guilt, letting go of how we relate to things…letting go.

Letting go is what makes way for the new to come in. It provides the open space to be creatively filled with imagination and choice that isn’t tethered by an attachment, whether past or future related. It invites the highest good to dance with us.

Letting go is where the visionary gets to envision, the inventor gets to create, and the magician gets to work wonders in boundless ways.

Letting go allows the body, mind, emotions, and soul to return to a natural state of harmony and flow because when we hold on, on any of these levels, energetic blockages emerge to remind us that this simply isn’t the state of grace All That Is vibrates from.

Letting go provides us greater peace of heart even when we journey through the challenging times, because we aren’t tightly attached to what something HAS to look like, therefore disappointment can be avoided. We instead, feel the wind between our branches and welcome the song of our rustling leaves.

Letting go reminds us that it is our relationship to things that liberates or imprisons us.

Letting go is an empowering choice to say, I alone decide how I want to feel and anytime something or someone isn’t aligned with that I will still carry on with the same feelings generated by me, to me.

Letting go points out that now is the only moment I truly have and later may not come if I remain tied to the ghosts of the past.

Here’s a song I’ve always loved and I found a video version that has words to accompany it. Perhaps it might speak to some place inside you that has been sitting on the edge of amazing.

And then there’s the word “effective.”

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this word crop up in all kinds of conversations with many people. This one is a bit more complex to understand our relationship and role with it, but I’ll try to express the aspect of it that has been showing up most.

I feel that we can use words to run circles around ourselves and also hinder us from actually ever doing anything. “Effective” is one of those words, but it also perhaps could be replaced with a different one.

When I hear someone ask or say, “How can I be most effective to such and such cause or goal?” or, “What can I do with my life that will be most effective in terms of my strengths?” I immediately feel that there’s an attachment we’ve learned to associate with the word “effective” that is both conditioned and comes from ego, rather than our higher self. It’s subtle, however, so it’s harder to detect, as it may feel well-intentioned with desire for the greatest outcome.

We hold judgments around what we think is effective or not, based on a definition or idea that has been told to us, or ingeniously implemented in a way that makes us think it’s helping, but perhaps might be hurting.

For example, I often will hear people say they want to do the most effective thing to help something going on in the world that hurts them or that they see as challenged. We’ve been patterned to believe that things like direct action, starting a campaign, lobbying, donating large sums of money, traveling directly to the place and doing hands-on work, etc. are perhaps some of the most “effective” ways to help.

Yet, we may be missing the point that anything someone does, that comes from the purity and authenticity of their gifts and their vibrational frequency of what they have to share, IS in fact the most “effective” way to help. This IS your valuable contribution as a spirit in body and anything added to that, is icing on the cake.

That may even be emanating the purity of being at your own highest frequency. I’m not going to say, “as simple as emanating the purity of your being at your own highest frequency,” as in fact to stand in and anchor the purity of your being is not so simple and very few can consistently anchor this. It’s something we each have to work on moment to moment and day to day, to cultivate, nurture, and enrich. It takes courage, commitment, and inner strength to hold your own amidst a vastly oscillating environment.

We’ve been taught that something like this is a cop out or less than, when in fact if one truly was able to hold a certain vibrational frequency, despite anything around them, this in fact has huge impact and effectiveness beyond measure.

However, the latter point “measurement” is how some people judge effectiveness. To some, what one does must be in a form that can be measured by some kind of tangible, perhaps scientific, or provable methodology that cannot be disputed.

Do we see where I’m going with this and how this can fall short?

Effectiveness has become something we’ve adopted in definition as measurable and provable to the mind and physical parameters. Anything that lies outside of these parameters that seems esoteric, is not within the realm of what a majority would deem “effective.”

And yet, you being you, or you bringing your particular gifts through things like art, a book, article, poem, or screenplay with a message, a song or music that is healing or inspirational, a sculpture that speaks volumes, a building that provides opportunity, a garden that cultivates the Earth, an invention that provides new choices, an idea that fosters growth, any form of creative expression that fosters beauty and/or contemplation of new perspectives, horizons, and potentials, a helping hand that generates kindness, a rescue that saves or nurtures a life, daily acts of compassion that trickle out like a pay-it-forward gratitude effect, a personal hurdle surmounted, a change embraced, a new layer of heart opening that spreads love….these all are “effective” even though we may not ever be able to fully measure the magnitude of their outreach.

I’ve seen people sit down for hours, days, and even years, discussing what the most effective use of their time, resources, skills, etc. would be in terms of something they want to achieve. And I’ve seen the same people become stalemated and unable to ever really make a move because they feel themselves fall short in light of the definition that has been handed down to them. I’ve seen some of these people also become depressed or angry because they can’t meet these ideals and sometimes then project that to being angry at others who aren’t changing in the way they want their messaging to have as an effect. I’ve also seen some of them put down others who do some of what I mentioned above, that don’t fall into the accepted effectiveness category.

I’m told to bring this up because it’s a prevalent theme for times like these that we find ourselves in. And it’s a loving reminder that you are enough and if you are being and bringing through you in the best way you can right now, you are indeed being effective.

The butterfly effect or hundredth monkey effect speak to some of how things like this can happen…that seemingly tiny and trivial events or even a single addition of a new awareness can significantly impact the field of awareness and have large results.

So, yes, your energy signature brought through you, doing what you do and love best, has an effect and much larger than we can immediately see.

The reason we judge these kinds of things is because ego looks for validation. And “effectiveness” is an idea that looks for validation. At least under the definition that has been adopted for it.

Looking at our relationship to things and seeing where we can tweak it to match the new trajectory we’re on and the changes we’ve been making in other areas, continues to speak loudly.

My preferred question, rather than asking “How can I be most effective?” might be something more like, “What do I feel most passion and desire to do that compliments my gifts and strengths?” – then do that!

How can you be most authentic to the frequency you came in to embody? This, in my opinion, is effectiveness in motion – being you.

If this speaks to you in some way, please drop a comment and share.

The photos laced throughout this blog post are from a hike we did this week on one of those in between kind of days. They felt energetically in line with the tone of this share, as we explore more of the spaces between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Taking that pause and breath of curiosity and reflection is where so much is available.

The inspiration these nature windows evoked is this, which I shared on my IG:

Embrace those in between times, as the most growth and richness lies within them. I’m loving the landscape right now that is in transition from winter to spring. The sun moves behind clouds, then radiates in bursts of dewy rays. Moisture blankets the land and frogs chirp their stories from melt-off streams and newly formed wetlands between the trees. The heavy December snow has brought them back along with the stirring of so many blossoms yet to come. It should be a lovely spring, but for now the scent of juniper and moist pine lingers in the air with fresh soil and sweet hints of Earth rising.

I feel the energy being so fertile right now, beyond just it simply being Spring and an Aries New Moon. We have dredged up so much of the old and it’s up to us how we mold it into something altogether visionary, yet rich in layers of transmutation. It’s also up to us how we want to experience that journey – again that relationship we have to something makes a difference.

I’m going to conclude my musings portion of this blog with an encounter and a dream because they feel both personal and collective.

Just a few days ago a large coyote ran across the hiking trail we were on, just as we were approaching. Shapeshifting coyotes speak to our adaptability, instincts, cleverness, creativity, and playfulness. They bring the hidden to light, help us look at our defense mechanisms we use, and balance wisdom with trickery – showing us the paradox inherent in everything. How we face the things around us or that might come at us can be tempered with seeing things from a different perspective, adding more laughter, and letting go of fears so the new gets a fresh start.

In what ways does coyote speak to what you’re navigating right now?

And three nights ago I had what started as a strange dream and then ended with me walking into a very large, new garden that someone had just prepared. There were rows upon rows of seeded new plants that were both in process of being sowed, as well as just starting to sprout. At one end I came to a deep pit in the garden that was a rectangular hole that went down like 20 feet. Someone had hand built the walls with stone blocks held together with soil as mortar. At the bottom were tomato plants that eventually would grow up the walls. I stepped away from the hole and noticed a sleeping snake near my foot. I then took notice that there were actually peacefully sleeping snakes all around me in the garden, which I hadn’t noticed before. They weren’t any kind of snakes I’ve seen, but were all different and different colors – mostly subtle, pastel colors. I didn’t know if they were poisonous or not, but one had just woken up and was coming toward me. I did a little hop-scotch dance back and forth and on angles and twisting, etc. to avoid both that snake that was kind of dancing with me, and the ones all around me, as I didn’t want to step on them. Some seemed to be starting to stir and wake, as I danced around the ground almost like a tribal ritual dance to safely see myself out and without disturbing them.

Major rebirth, growth, and healing on multiple layers in that dream. There’s also a hint of overcoming adversity and awakening an expanded consciousness. Snakes do in fact embody ancient memories of the collective consciousness and speak to cellular memories we are working with. Snakes also represent our shadow aspects and indeed we are seeing them awaken more and more, and it’s up to us how we dance with the alchemy of this energy. They represent wisdom, immortality, and healing, while also teach us how to purify and transform our lives from a shamanic perspective. They are the cord that keeps our body and soul merged. 

The relationship we have with snakes (for some a fearful one) will determine the messaging. I happen to love them and they are one of my spirit animals. I do wear one as a sacred tattoo, after all, and Rainbow Serpent Teacher is one of my guides. I’m grateful whenever snake shows up.

How do you relate with snake?

What ever your take-aways from these shares, inviting a bit of curiosity in and softening your edges a bit might invite a new experience to start growing.

You may have noticed the pair of mallards also included in the photos. These two are getting ready to start a family and were very inquisitive.

Duck encourages us to nurture more balance where things feel weighted, so we can glide with greater grace across the waters of life.

In what ways might you work with the inner reflections of what you experience out of balance in the world?

This is likely my last blog post until the week of April the 18th, as I will be immersed in other things, some journeys, family, and friends. For this reason today’s blog is a fuller share of musings and messages that are ready to channel through. For this reason, also, I’m concluding with some updates, but of course you can message with questions even though I might not be blogging.

In the meantime, if you place an order for anything before or on the morning of April 4th, your items will ship out right away. Otherwise any orders placed after the morning of the 4th will ship out the week of April the 18th. There is currently one crystal remaining, 4 read-to-ship Enchanted Realms items (great for Easter) left, and some specialty, one-of-a-kind items including art at the Curiosities Corner – we’re SO excited and grateful that The Child In Us porcupine spirit animal original finally found its heart home.

If you registered for the first offering of Everyday Reiki, you will be seeing your email link for the recorded class arriving in this window of the New Moon energies. So stay tuned!

Those of you in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, your last session will be out to you by end of this weekend/Monday at latest. This bitter sweet conclusion brings our six month journey together, full circle. Thank you dearly for being a part of shifting the collective energies together.

The Transcending Duality class recording will be coming out around the end of April to beginning of May and the Reiki level 1 class recording around the same time with levels 2 and 3 in May. If you’re interested in any of these classes to accompany the shifts you’re making and to help raise your vibration, you can register at Reiki Certification Training.

Soon after my return I’m excited to share a collection of ready-to-ship Magick Wands available, which will feature some potent energies while being super affordable for anyone, too. There will also be one or two new crystal offerings.

And that about wraps things up on my end. Astrid says, “phew!” now I can have my snacks mom, to replenish after all that channeling. She’s the best partner ever. I’m so grateful.

If you have any questions, please send your thoughts here: CONTACT TANIA or email me.

Happy New Moon cycle!

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  1. Just fantastic!
    I’m so longing for green grass and spring.

    • Spring sure is exciting and refreshing! I’m excited to see all the blooms this year as we had a big snow at start of winter that is still lingering. So happy for you Inese in your new place. I hope you continue to settle in well and find new inspiration there.

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    I soooooakked up all the layers in this one.
    Thank you. So much spoke directly to my heart, and just reaffirmed my current path!
    Love you!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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