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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Keeping Focused During Wild Times


So, Astrid and I have been very busy this week completing goals we had to clear the slate and while so, we’ve been hearing a lot from many friends about all of the rapid and wild changes happening in their lives. We can also feel this wave of very potent shifts sweeping across the collective and definitely rooting for us too. This is why we weren’t able to post Astrid’s message on her given day yesterday – Friday – and instead could only start it then and finish it today, Saturday.

I promised her we’d get one out since we missed last week with my being away on recharge vacation and I keep my promises, as we know a Faery’s word is bond.

She’s happy we didn’t skip this week, as she and I both feel how much energy is swirling out there and that many of you might feel challenged while you try to embrace all these fast changes and unknowns flying your way.

You’re not alone, as we’re all going through this together in our own ways and they all feel to be part of the upgrades we’re integrating.

There’s likely a lot that you feel in tangible ways coming out at you and also in energetic ways under the surface and yet none of this is something to be alarmed about, as it is indication things are in process and moving forward. We can either allow it to distract us or we can use them as a way to hone in on our skills and stay the course.

I can’t even begin to share how many stories we’ve heard about sudden things happening in people’s lives, but also how well many are just going with it and trusting without the thing they’re moving into being necessarily an ultimate end result, but definitely a wonderful step into a new way of thriving from the heart and from greater trust and joy.

There have also been, of course, the challenges with health, illnesses, surgeries, and even loss of loved ones in the physical we’ve heard about, and yet even those stories have a lining of sweetness alongside the bitter. All of it taking people to the next level from which they are able to expand deeper into sharing even more from their hearts in far-reaching ways and physically integrate a more nurturing body to house and support the upcoming changes.

Astrid wants to share a little story about her recent upgrades, as way of demonstrating something.

Recently, Astrid decided to chew some holes in her magickal green throne. While this might at quick glance seem destructive or even upsetting to some, she had a plan.

astrid 2.jpg

Chewing is a way of processing and integrating new energy.

Creating holes is a way of releasing energy and creating new doorways. A way to have tension relaxed, and move away something that may have been veiling or concealing a more supportive perspective with greater clarity.

Making holes in what “seemed” to be perfect invites creativity and imagination to envision and create something else – something different, and perhaps even more beautiful or incredible than what you thought you had or had come to be comfortable with.

Astrid knew I would understand and she also knew I had some beautiful things in my creative toolbox that would be the perfect “new” energy, beauty, and upgrade she desired, but also wanted to demonstrate.

And so her plain green throne became embellished with gorgeous blue rose and vines and white stars to match the one under her name – a merging of Earth and Cosmos.

“Nothing is ever ruined, hopeless, or over. Things simply take on a new form…transform…transmute. Every seeming ending is at the same time a beginning. You’ve heard it all before, but it seems we must reiterate at important junctions of evolution. Every hole that feels empty is ready to be filled. You have the ability to create again and again and again,” she says, “and are encouraged to do so…to keep weaving, as the spider does. Each web anew, but never laments over one that might have collapsed. She is moved to weave something different and perhaps even more beautiful than the last. And sometimes you can nurture that change by leaning into it, or even inducing it with courageous or spontaneous actions that seem currently to have no meaning or logic.”

astrid and spider.jpg

I pause feeling the depth of what she is saying and how wise this dear soul in rabbit body is. I am further humbled she is by my side and grateful I can share her wisdom with others.

She was communing again with spider at start of this week without fear and received her wisdom further. Astrid is quite at home with spider. She knows that all creatures and things have purpose and wisdom, even if they seem scary or different. When you embrace that part within you, there is peace.

I’ve been seeing this all play out in my own life – no surprise since we’re so connected. A lot of things I’ve felt like a hanging chaotic or anxiety-filled veil just outside the peace while a lot of redecorating of my office (no surprise Astrid wanted to do this too), and clearing and staying very focused on completing goals despite all of the changes out “there” happening around me. I know they are indicative of change in “here” taking place and what I’m working toward. This year has and feels to continue to be one of both beginning and firmly completing a first step, which involves work that anchors in the new to be able to travel the changes I sense 2020 has in store. All connected with the collective landscape of transformation and upgrades into something more…something different.

Staying the course, while listening to the energies around for tweaks and adjustments is necessary, but remaining focused and not getting distracted is equally important.

Astrid is such a great partner for me for that with her Virgo self. She truly keeps me on check and nips me into keeping on track and accomplishing things in a timely manner.

She does love creativity and flow, but says it needs to be in balance with responsible action, dedication, and focus.

So how do we keep focused, you ask? When things are flying all around us, collapsing, and clearing out whether we like it or not?

“You anchor into the volatile, as reason to stay the course. Even chaos has reason, purpose, and focus. If you know change is who you are as a creative being by essence, then linger there and channel creativity to come up with new vehicles to ride the currents with, but to stay the course of the current. You may have a project or dream you’re working toward, but you don’t have to be distracted by everything that shows up – fun or otherwise. You might think chaos is trying to uproot you, but perhaps chaos invites you to a new kind of dance that sees all the light streaming through the cracks and doesn’t get lost in the dark. Those cracks bring you deeper within your inner navigation and help you strengthen the focus and flow. When you listen within the darkness, there is much more to hear than silence. Your focus is needed now at a time when everything seems unknown. Stay the unseen course, that is navigated by the heart. The particles of chaos will simply pass you by and not attach, by remaining on your stream of frequency in motion. Take moments to listen and you can distinguish frequencies to ride. You can stay the course without attachment. It’s simply a matter of inner autopilot following the clarity that vibrates at the same rate of your embodied vision,” Astrid ends.

astrid 4.jpg

Here are two other favorites by M83 to journey with what Astrid just shared and see if you can distinguish the frequencies swirling around you and hear the vibration of the stream you are on course to create.

The Shadow Brought to Light


In the midst of so much confusion, shock, anger, sadness, pain, and fear swirling around like a cesspool of toxicity, I think some reminders of the beauty and potential around us are in order, which is found within the chaos and both the light and the dark inherently, not to mention some reminders on what all of this truly reflects for us. I have experienced absolutely no shock, absolutely no fear, and a huge reiteration slap of how the collective has had zero focus on shadow work. I haven’t spoken about the election, nor will I get into specifics now, as my path and mission is to focus on things differently, but I will VERY briefly address what I feel and see dynamically.

I shared some of this on Laura’s blog post in response to the election, as a comment, when she posted her own mirroring thoughts. She and I and others have been speaking, sharing, and writing about the importance of the shadow and embrace of both the light AND the dark for a long time.


I’m constantly finding more layers of it to work on within myself as well, but I will share AGAIN that it is absolutely crucial and cannot be bypassed. And that goes for EVERYONE…spiritually focused in love and light, or not. There’s been much denial across the board and spiritual bypassing.


What ever shows up is exactly what is needed.

Change will happen, one way or another, with us on board or not. The reflections and triggers will only increase so if we want the changes then DO something about it.

Complaining or utilizing energy to point fingers and accusations is a waste of that energy and time.


Let’s fuel it into productive ways to embody and create that which we want and to empower ourselves.

All the energy I felt and heard from others about the election was just crazy and continues.


While I fully understand on all the different levels where this stems from and the legitimate reasons for the upset and fears, I also feel that it’s time to back up our words since actions speak louder and it’s time to look at what our fears share with us and what our anger is truly about.


It’s also time to look past the surface. We can’t avoid diving deep anymore.

I do believe that a collective shift on a more dramatic potential scale did take place, despite what it seems. I emphasize, “POTENTIAL”.


I feel that a last minute twist took hold and the collective shadow pulled out a whopping anger and manifestation of repressed, old stuff that won’t be ignored any longer, and hit us over the head to wake everyone up, which surpassed what seemed to be a next transition along the dynamics line or any kind of behind the scenes agenda people speak about.


And that is NOT a bad thing.

It may feel really icky and uncomfortable, but heck, if we won’t listen any other way, maybe that deep discomfort or fear is the way we will?

And surprises could be in store in more ways than we imagine that aren’t tied to any one person, but what collectively could be sparked by all of this.


I don’t know what the collective’s threshold is, but it’s obvious we’ve reached or neared it and I keep saying, it sure would be better to do something while there’s that opportunity before it gets even worse…because, oh yes, it can get worse.


Or, this could be the tipping point.

That’s up to us as a collective.


I don’t promote fear and so my saying this is not to do that, but to see with different eyes and from new perspectives, and to encourage you to utilize the gifts and power you have. Not, to continue in the same veins and to give away your creative power.

Perhaps a shock to the system is the way of awakening latent DNA to know who you really are.

As we have yet to understand even a fraction of that divine grace and inherent power and beauty.

Nature has been messaging us, and since we don’t listen to Her, increasingly other avenues that DO get our attention ARE.

There is so much yet untapped into…the creative pools await your diving in and imagining with passionate vision and action to back it up.

A leap shift is available as the potential ability to present opportunity for the collective to create major and lasting change by seeing past the surface.

The key being, again, focus on the self and what these things are reflecting.


Where are we hiding and playing charades from the truth within?

It’s so obvious if we want to see it.


“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron

I think that by focusing on ways to embody and cultivate the things we love in a way that honors this gift of life and by consistently, with committed passion, using our energy in active ways that create reflections of our values, we’d find our experience of, and response to, life and what life throws us to be tempered with harmony just as consistently and with a greater understanding of the natural cycle of all things.


I hope you enjoy these beautiful images of our time recently at Eagle Lake and Eagle Falls….seems symbolic of our country’s symbol with the name “Eagle” and these photos seem to capture a shining of light on the truth within the shadows and dark and how the dark presents the opportunity to know the light when we transmute it.


Wishing everyone peaceful balance and harmony within to help create that balance without.


About Those Shadows ….

Perfect and synchronous post. Thank you Laura!! I was literally conveying the same exact message in both of these quotes when Laura chimed in with these powerful Nietzsche quotes that explained what I was saying to the “t” and so beautifully! I love that. Great post!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Please remember balance in all things.

Yes to this: “One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” ~ Nietzsche

But also yes to this: “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” ~ Nietzsche

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Blend In or Let Your Light So Shine?

This post from my dear friend Laura Bruno shares some interesting and insightful comments on how you can choose to maneuver through chaotic and challenging times, as well as “potential” dangers. I happen to agree with all of Laura’s comments, and have experienced exactly the same, so for me, they hold true and is how I can confidently say that it IS possible to be invisible and thrive amidst anything. I also happen to have absolutely no fear of death, given my own experiences, so this lends to a feeling of constant peace and harmony within, which I do feel also supports courage and trust in divine unfolding. I hope you enjoy reading the commentary exchange and I’ll be back at blogging tomorrow after I get back to things here upon arriving home. Shine on!!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Zen Gardner posted an article called, “When Chaos Hits: Blending In With Your Surroundings is a Must.” That post has generated some interesting discussion ranging from “just lie low and blend in” to “you can’t hide” to “Better to burn out brightly, sharing one’s light with all one might reach. than fade away deservedly.” I thought I’d share the portion of the conversation that I participated in, and you can read the rest of the comments by clicking here.

by NFR2014 on February 24

Blend in? Isn’t that what 90% of the world has already been doing their whole lives? Modern Orwellian society IS a blender. It blends. And that’s what most of the herd has been raised to do. Blend.

Now is the time to Stand. Stand Up. Stand out. Stand in…..but NOT stand down. The coward “survives”. Those living with actual purpose THRIVE and inspire…

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