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Simple, Sweet & Perfectly Imperfect ~ Cracking Open Fresh Beginnings

Summer Solstice rolled around quickly, as the hours, days, and years do now, and with the longest period of daylight came the lighting up of a new beginning in my life. Saturday 6/20/2020 was our wedding day igniting at 5:55 pm, but it was also a New Moon, Solar Eclipse for us PST peeps, Astrid’s third anniversary of her adoption, and preceded 6/21’s Father’s Day, which was also Joy’s departure from the Earth plane four years ago when it happened to be Summer Solstice and a Full Moon that year. It was indeed a very packed day and weekend, which was equally enhanced by a build up of astrological influences before and after, a very full week of prep, personal monumental shifts underway, and worldwide historical events unfolding to include a pandemic that was our reason for creating a virtual experience for this mountain matrimony event.

Please bear with me in today’s longer post, as I haven’t blogged since the 15th. It seems fitting to share it on Ask Astrid Fridays’ spot since she is so intertwined with all that is igniting.

Perhaps this new “lighting up” reflects the feeling I’ve had since as far back as I can remember that the second half of my life would truly be the best years yet and when I really started living. Summer Solstice feels profound for me and telling of a new chapter I’ve long wondered would be like. I also feel that recent Eclipses and overall energy dynamics unfolding, are creating quite the collective paradigm shifts.

If Saturday was any small indication, I feel that the foreshadowing senses I’ve had for so long, are indeed underway for an exciting new adventure with unlimited potentials.

One might wonder, just as we did, how a virtual Zoom wedding broadcasted by amateurs doing it for the first time from the middle of the forest in a mountain town at 6600+ feet of elevation would turn out.

Tons of hiccups, distant, cold, and detached, disappointing, a full-on disaster?

I’m happy to report the complete opposite and then some unfolded.

It was so successful that we’ve joked about this becoming the new thing or perhaps we could support others as zoom wedding advisors lol! But all kidding aside, it’s been amazing to hear the feedback on what we had no idea until the day of, how it was actually going to go down. We’re far from the first to do this, but I have to say that it was hugely rewarding, memorable, and extremely beautiful.

Everything far exceeded our dreams and not only were we pleasantly surprised by minimal technological challenges, but were overwhelmed by the outpouring of beautiful, extremely moving, and loving energy we received. It was so powerful that I had a hard time going to sleep that night, as my energy was through the roof from all the good vibes shared between everyone. That, alongside being up while the Eclipse was happening, definitely felt like an activation and timeline leap!

I literally felt like a Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice, myself, with all of the light from the longest day having been shared and received, creating a powerful ball of energy deep at my core that couldn’t help but still seep out with loving vibrancy and vitality around the edges of the New Moon, even when darkness was abound.

While things turned out more than what we imagined, at the same time they WERE all that I envisioned they could be in essence and then some! I’ve said from the beginning, and over and over, that the theme for the wedding would be “simple and sweet” and “perfectly imperfect.” So even the sweet little hiccups were part of that synergy, creating the innocence and purity that is reflective of our values.

The alchemy of this day seemed evident in the dance of light codes and elemental energies that were present during the ceremony – we even had a lizard couple playing and perching on the pyramid rock altar that sat directly between and behind us, throughout the whole thing. Although this was a day to share our union, it truly felt like much more than that. Everyone present created a beautiful energy beam of collective intention on such an auspicious portal day.

And on our end, this intention was harnessed by an incredible Herkimer Diamond crystal that came to me just a week before the wedding through a dear crystal and cosmic friend of mine who had just received a new shipment of exquisite Herkimers. The clarity of these Herkimer Diamonds was incredible alone. I had only seen one photo of the one I had him send me, and its description. I immediately asked if it was taken and he said, “It’s yours!” What made this one special was that it is a sharp, clean, direct, and mystical Dow or Trans-Channeler crystal, which is unique in itself, but to have a Dow Herkimer Diamond is extremely rare. And when she arrived I discovered big rainbows inside (an exciting added surprise) and that it is a record keeper (with triangles etched on the face)! I call her a she, but she is very balanced between her sacred feminine and masculine energies. I look forward to exploring more with her and finding out what other surprises she has in store, but I knew without a doubt that she should anchor the center of our ceremony and union, as a way to channel the energy from this sacred experience out to the collective.

A quick explanation of a Dow/Trans-Channeler crystal is that it has three perfect seven-sided faces in between three perfect three-sided triangle faces – 7-3-7-3-7-3. It’s considered a being of perfect light, energy, and physical form, accesses all planes of existence, splits light into all colors (rainbow comes to mind with the rainbow inclusions this one has), they activate higher chakras, but strengthen and open energy via all chakras between you and the Universe for greater Source connection, truth, and higher wisdom/guidance, exist in enlightened reality alone where love heals and transcends all challenges, accelerates conscious re-programming, and embody divine balance and connection. I placed the crystal directly center of our gold wedding bands sitting atop a Selenite charging plate between us (from another dear crystal friend), not only to charge the energy of our rings that symbolically would bring union between us, but would charge the merging energies of sacred feminine and masculine energies (Yin and Yang) that we could transmit out via this potent channeler, for the collective through our love.

It literally turned 11:11 am here, as I wrote that. 😉 I’m writing in parts when I have time.

Other auspicious happenings just before the wedding included seeing a baby Sierra Garter Snake two days before the wedding on a distanced hike with our only two wedding attendees (officiate and witness).

This little one literally glided in such a light way, she appeared to be flying or swimming across the blade of grass tips in the meadow.

Then, a large coyote running through the wedding site on the day before, while we were prepping and testing out the setup and connection. Then, a rare marmot sighting popping out from the forest to greet me, on the same day, as I drove away after dropping off Dave and Paul (our friend/one wedding witness/photographer/helper) to tackle a mountain bike ride for the first time on the most extreme, black diamond trail known as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” (cool reference to life and foreshadowing to symbolism that showed up yesterday).

Snake, coyote and marmot all carrying their own powerful symbolism.

And then, two dead chipmunks I found and buried (one, three days before wedding and one directly after the ceremony) – more on their significance to me in a bit.

We were very lucky to have our friend Paul able to join us. All three of us had been diligent with quarantine precautions in order to make it possible for him to come. We needed one witness alongside our officiant in order to seal the ceremony officially and still maintained distancing for the event. But with Paul around, it was a huge help on many levels, and offered some fun before and after the wedding with nature immersions.

This offered Dave and Paul time to do some mountain biking they love, which helped let off steam with all the prep going on, and me, some alone time in nature, as I would often hike the trail they were doing, on my own. We also did hikes together and sometimes I stayed home in order to do things like bake the wedding cake and make flower arrangements, while getting in some downtime too.

Something interesting took place upon the very first hike I did alone, the day after Paul’s arrival, and has continued since. I’ve always been a decent hiker, but suddenly I noticed transforming into a power hiker and I can only pin it to some form of rebirth taking place.

The guys did a long bike ride, while I hiked ten miles that first day – the most I’ve done alone. I always clock the hikes on my Sports Tracker, as I like to know how far we’ve gone and how much we have left. Well, on this day I had gone three miles, up nearly 1600 elevation gain, in only one hour (a personal best!). I’m usually a bit slower on the inclines, as I am mindful of my breathing so I don’t get my EIB cough. But I powered through it and ended up doing the full ten miles in nearly exactly three hours (3:01 to be precise). That included a stop to bury the first chipmunk I mentioned. I stopped my tracker in order to take a twenty minute picnic lunch break at the top overlooking Lake Tahoe and resumed it upon beginning again so only my hiking was timed. At the speed I went, I also got to see the boys twice – once going up and once going back – as I was in line with their speed of biking to the point of intersection our trails had, even though they were doing nearly three times the mileage.

I mention this because something around this new beginning, Solstice, New Moon, and Eclipse really physically shifted something. There were other physical changes that took place for me too, which included losing nearly two and a half pounds in a week to add to the already transformational physical shifts intermittent fasting has done over the last six months of losing twelve and a half pounds and saying goodbye to some of the imbalances experienced. This includes my no longer experiencing the EIB coughing (exercise induced broncho-constriction), having greater vitality and endurance, my peri-menopausal body/hormones balancing out on their own without herbal supplements anymore, and in general feeling clearer, lighter, and more inspired. I never set out to lose any weight, as I always feel perfect at the weight I’m at being reflective of the energy needed – ex: more grounded and embodied or lighter and mutable, etc. Lifestyle intermittent fasting was something Dave and I started (it was actually his idea) for all of the health benefits and we’ve ended up really liking how we feel physically with it. Yet, this time period in my life seems to be refreshing things and the added embodiment/weight that I previously needed to ground, manifest, and anchor things, is finding its new equilibrium. So, rather than having to physically have that to bring my once very wispy self back to Earth, I seem to be energetically embodying the balance I need to be in both places – Cosmos and Earth. That’s a huge deal for me!

But I’d like to circle back briefly to the two chipmunks and their connection to my bunny, Joy, who passed four years ago on the 21st of June (Summer Solstice that year), as I feel this theme speaks most loudly, to me, amidst all that has unfolded.

It’s the theme of how grief and death can crack you open to joy and rebirth, which speaks to the seamless connection of everything that creates wholeness. Endings are beginnings and beginnings are endings.

At the same time that we were experiencing a big heart and life opening with increased depth, and subtle, but profound expansion, also present were endings, death, mourning reminders, and contractions simultaneously – the celebration of the circle of life and the Universe’s nonjudgment around these cycles.

While I was filled with vitality hiking, my attention was drawn to be present to honoring the sacred dance of life and death when the sweet, peacefully positioned chipmunk laid directly on my path. I’m convinced he’d been accidentally hit by an oncoming mountain bike at some point recently and it felt like a quick death. I still sent Reiki to the time of impact and gave him love, then proceeded to bury him, and created a little marker around his burial place. Interestingly, after I did this many chipmunks chattered at me along the way back, as if they knew I took care of one of them. I was grateful for nature’s way of teaching me.

Then, the second chipmunk I discovered on the hike back, after the wedding ceremony was complete. I stopped to honor him and felt the potent synergy of this meeting once again. It was late and I was carrying a load of things from the ceremony with a ways to go, so I placed him safely under a bush next to a pine cone, telling him I’d return to bury him the next morning. I followed through with that promise, hiking back to where he was and decided to carry him home with me this time, to bury him by a special old natural sculpture tree trunk behind the house. Again, grateful for the full circle ending and new beginning teaching and realizing the sacredness of life these dear ones were celebrating with me.

It all mirrored the bitter and sweet of Joy and Astrid – my two rabbit companions I adopted from SaveABunny. Four years ago, Joy departed this Earth plane on the Solstice and one year minus a day later on the Solstice of three years ago, Astrid came into our lives. We both mourned, honored, and celebrated the lives of these two dear souls in rabbit bodies on our wedding day and all around me reflections continued of the sacred circle of life.

It was the same with all of my animal companions’ transitions – the first major one being Nestor’s whose departure did literally crack my heart and soul wide open to experience the Cosmic depths of everything possible all at once.

Death cracks us open to life.

Mourning cracks us open to heart expansion.

Sadness cracks us open to joy.

And the spiraling of life continues as a single thread with no true ending or beginning, although there are many such continuous sparks igniting simultaneously.

And all of this echoed loudly to me through the personal and the collective experience we’re creating right now and always.

The bunnies, animals and nature always teach me the most and I’m not surprised their energy would be framing this important day in our lives.

I was surprised, though, at how astoundingly the souls in human bodies enveloped us with such a magnitude of loving support on our Solstice wedding. It truly was overwhelming to us and really created a most memorable experience of collective togetherness that deepened bonds in beautiful ways.

From our very dear friends, Reid, who so beautifully accepted and honored us with conducting our ceremony and Paul, who stood up for us and took on many wedding hats for us to bring it all together, to all of our family members that gave readings and toasts, and extended family and beloved friends who joined us….it was a day to remember.

In Dave’s dad’s words, “I was extremely skeptical of a zoom wedding, actually quite disappointed it was going down that way.  But it turned out to be quite spectacular, more dramatic, amusing and above all moving than any other I’ve ever seen.”

Although we didn’t have a big in-person wedding to coordinate, it still had a lot of little details, mostly technologically, that had to be worked out and until the moment of truth we really didn’t know what would happen. Here are some day-before practice shots in the forest at our site.

Dave was brilliant in his execution of fine-tuning everything and I know it was a huge relief for him when it all DID come together, as I just knew it would in perfect imperfection. He deserved this little break after setting up, while we waited to begin.

He was quite stressed by the technology aspect of pulling this off in the middle of the forest with us hooked up to his phone’s hot spot alone and wondering if all parts would work. I kept telling him it was going to be just fine, sent energy to the day, and released it for the highest good – however that was meant to be.

Here’s a little look at what was going on behind the scenes. It was a perfect merging of nature and technology – harnessing the best of each in harmonious partnership.

I believe that having no attachments really helped, and it made it possible for me to focus on some of the smaller, more fun details like the flowers, wedding cake, attire, and tiny touches that were energetically important like the Herkimer Diamond as a source of broadcasting and channeling the love out into the world from our tiny point at center of the forest.

It was a simple, but enchanted Woodland Wedding faery dream and I could feel the presence of the otherworldly beings, whom of course had personal invites to join too.

My dress also arrived just eight days before the wedding. I had it custom made by a clothing artisan friend who creates slow, eco fashion with all natural components.

The dress is a take-off of a new upcoming style called the butterfly dress because of the little flutter sleeves and is organic cotton and hemp, hand-dyed in a natural indigo dye that slightly shifts from lighter to darker, just at the bottom and two-layered skirt edge. Together, we dreamed up this two-piece ensemble – dress with underskirt – and is something I can and will use for many years to come.

I wanted to keep in line with simple and sweet, natural, and having a light faery touch in the blue family, which is my favorite.

Everything about it was exactly what I envisioned and to the ensemble I added a pair of vegan Faery/Elven shoes I’ve had for a while, but never felt right until now to wear.

Everything about it was exactly what I envisioned and to the ensemble I added a pair of vegan Faery/Elven shoes I’ve had for a while, but never felt right until now to wear.

My bouquet and one flower arrangement were my creation done on the morning of the big day.

I put together a mix of flowers I picked both from the forest (lavender lupine) and my garden (purple salvia) and found the exact flowers I wanted just down the street at our local supermarket. Two musts were sunflowers (my favorite) and I wanted pink Gerbera daisies.

I had a vision of the other color frequencies and types to reflect Summer Solstice joy and pure vitality and there they all were! I used a round vase with crystals in it for the arrangement (a vase I saved from this year’s birthday arrangement my dear friend Dawn sent me) and my bouquet I arranged, rubber-banded, wrapped the long stems in soaked paper towels inside a baggie with some water, and then wrapped that in a gauzy blue, white, gray and green material I had with flower and butterfly motif, and then spiral-tied it up with a satiny green leaf vine ribbon that had ribbon vines hanging from it.

And then there was the cake. I knew I wanted something with an infusion of lavender, so I could use my dried garden lavender I have from last year’s fall harvest.

Then blackberry came to mind to blend in somehow. And in the end, the evening before the wedding, I created a vegan blackberry lavender chocolate cake using the inspiration of a recipe I found that I tweaked into my own creation, as always. I doubled the recipe and baked one very high cake.

While it baked I made a blackberry lavender jam mixed with a fluffy butter-creamy-like whip. I then sliced the cake in half once cooled and layered the jam in between.

I whipped up a batch of butter-cream icing that I drizzled with some of the blackberry lavender liquid from the jam I made in a pot, so that the icing would turn lilac when mixed together. It worked! And then I played around with white and green icing decorations simply guided by inspiration into a sweet little design.

I photographed the cake with these gifts that actually arrived just the day before the wedding! Two hand-painted chalice glasses from the ever-sweet and magickal Laura that arrived all the way from England just in time. She actually ordered them on the Lunar Eclipse, preceding this Solar Eclipse. The stag for Dave and the rabbit of course for me. We used these for toasting after the wedding.

Then the wedding fiasco happened, as there must be at least one or more to remember days like this by, right?

I had placed the cake on my new cake platter that sits high atop the cutest little bunny pedestal who is on his back holding the cake up with his nose and thumpers. I literally had just finished and went to pick up the platter when the bunny came unglued! LOL! The bunny broke off of the bottom and the top platter went down, with the cake sliding backwards onto the counter. As it did, the top layer slid across the jam and there was a puddle of jam at the back that was no longer between the cake. I yelled out, “Paul, Dave, grab the cake!” And we all somehow pushed the back of the layers back together the best we could very gingerly so as not to break the cake. We couldn’t get it perfectly aligned without damage, so there was a one inch gap at the front. I was able to get most of the jam back in and some in the gap and then went to work on remaking icing to try to camouflage the difference and fixing the design that got partially smooshed.

I still remember my sweet faery friend KC (aka Bean Bunny) texting me “It’s always a mess when the bunny comes unglued! – sorry I had to.” LOL! And it was the perfect punctuation from my bunny family to ensure that not only I keep things light, innocent, and fun, but to remind me that everything would be “perfectly imperfect” and they were there to oversee that.

So I experienced about 30 seconds of freaking out, followed by a rush of peace and deciding it was exactly as meant to be, to laugh about it, and to trust I’d be able to put things back together in a meaningful way.

I don’t know how I did it, but I did get it back about 98% with only part of the back where it slid having a little bit of jam mixed with the icing.

Originally we were going to try to see if it was possible to hike the cake to the wedding site, but after this I knew it was meant to stay home and enjoy after the wedding to create a second celebration.

Rather than be upset about anything, as even our rehearsal tech-check dinner done the Monday before the wedding hadn’t gone so smooth, we just kept trucking along, trusting all would come together…and it did. Again, beyond our wildest imaginations.

It was perfect in every way and even though we couldn’t have people there in person, it actually ended up being better because people we likely would never have had the joy to share it with, were able to, more people than usual got the chance to give toasts and share, and for some reason the whole thing created a depth of connection and intimacy that everyone was surprised about.

We were floored by the powerful energy of the event and the feedback from the people sharing how it was one of, if not the most meaningful, inspirational, and moving weddings they’ve experienced. Some even said it was the best. Wow! We’re just floored and speechless, as we had no idea. We just wanted it to be authentic to us and let the rest unfold the way it was meant to be.

To say we feel humbled is an understatement. There were many a tear being shed for sure – most of them by me! LOL! I was smart and had a package of tissues ready and one in hand right off the bat.

There were also many funny moments, including my inability to remember some of the ring lines while placing Dave’s on his finger and pushing the ring on with all my might because his knuckle had swelled with the warmer temperatures while hiking to the site with equipment to set up two hours ahead.

Dave didn’t disappoint with his touching and humorous vows either and guests chimed in with laughter and tears of their own.

There were many moving and sweet moments – too many to write about, but I did want to share some of how this day and the days leading up and following have unfolded. It’s both a way to create a memory log for myself and a way to share what felt like so much more than just something between us that had many layers of symbolic significance.

We had an extraordinary showing of loved ones that would never have happened if in person. Apparently there were 80+ attendees, which included dear family members from Australia and all areas between coast to coast of the U.S. Our Europe-based family and close friends were unable to make it due to time differences and some friends had internet challenges leaving them unable to get on, but we felt every single one of them and all of you, who have all sent so many heartfelt wishes and made your presence in spirit known.

The wedding ceremony also included five different readings by family members and a fun toasting celebration after.

The entire ceremony was written originally by us, the readings hand-picked and reworded by us, our vows written by us and not shared with each other until the day, and we included a twelve minute video at the beginning chronicling our nearly twelve years together that included photos of us with loved ones.

I did want to mention one lovely full circle attendee, my sweet friend Marcy – the founder of SaveABunny – who shared a sweet toast that highlighted Astrid. I so wished we could have had her and the kitty babies there, but she was strongly connecting and a part of the ceremony nonetheless. We also told everyone that we didn’t need any gifts, but that if anyone wanted to, they could donate to one of two non-profit animal organizations that are dear to us. My choice was SaveABunny and Dave’s was APRL (Animal Protection & Rescue League). We don’t have official word yet, but so far the generous gifts raised are totaling a very generous over $2000 in donations. We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting the bunnies and animals. Again, it’s all overwhelming and our hearts are overflowing.

I wanted to end with some of the wonderful things that have taken place since the wedding that all feel very richly interwoven with the theme of cracking open through the continuity of endings and beginnings.

After the wedding we continued to enjoy some beautiful nature immersion on some of our favorite hikes while Dave still had some days off. We didn’t officially take a honeymoon due to the state of things making travel not possible, but every day here we feel is a honeymoon. We’ll look into travels later down the road for continued celebrations.

The day after the wedding we did one of our favorite hikes in Hope Valley – a perfect name for current energies – and while picnicking on some rocks over one of the three lakes’ water you see on this hike, my cell phone decided to take a swim.

My astrologer sister-in-law later pointed out – “Haha that is SO Mercury retrograde in Cancer!” And indeed it was! Miraculously, after being immersed in foot deep water for several seconds, it continues to work just fine! Right after it happened, I bubbled it in Reiki when I sent energy backwards to the point of time when it fell in the water and supercharged it too. After that I shut it down for the rest of the hike and took out the SIM card overnight when we got home, to ensure it would dry. I’m grateful it’s okay so no new phone is in order. Perhaps it just wanted a refresh/rebirth like me! Hehe!

Three days after the wedding my incredibly beautiful irises made their debut with two blooms and three more on the way! My first small purple irises, as you might recall, bloomed miraculously for my birthday at the end of February and now these beauties blooming as a wedding gift.

Other garden delight wedding gifts include my bubblegum pink rose bush blooming right after the wedding, my wildflower seedling plants suddenly flourishing strong, and a new lilac pompom bloom emerging with delphinium, salvia, and my fuschia foxgloves on the way soon.

And one of the sweetest garden nature gifts is our front and side clover lawns! 

I’m so in love with the lush clover that rolls in billowy pillows of little white and yellow blossoms now, looking like the faery meadow I envisioned.

It buzzes with pollinator excitement all day and look at the other wild flowers that are popping up on our faery clover meadow, too!

It’s exactly what I had hoped for – so dreamy! I’m in love!

Then Wednesday was Dave’s last day off so we decided to hike around Chickadee Ridge and Tahoe Meadows where we got engaged. We found a different trail on the Tahoe Rim Trail we haven’t done that circled around the mountain tops at nearly 9000 elevation. We then climbed off-trail enjoying the magick both below and above us.

The Earth was covered with tuffets of sweet enchanting little faery flowers all around and the sky

revealed a bunny portal, a “T” and other magickal things including a dragon head and neck reaching up into the sky (didn’t get photo of it).

The bunny felt to be from my sweet Joy whose ashes had returned to me the day after this day, four years ago. It was a beautiful gift from her to connect with my bunny loves she’s flying with in the stars and to know they are supporting and guiding me/us with their love.

After the hike we decided to enjoy our very first official beach day and got our annual beach pass for the season. We picked up a to-go lunch picnic and relaxed lake-side with chairs and umbrella, soaking in vitamin D, immersing in the fresh water, and receiving a guest visitor.

Right as we walked to our spot I actually found two twin goose feathers (perfect for our wedding unity) and then this sweet one made a beeline for us! There was a ton of connecting and eye contact that took place in a very deep way with him.

It was another full circle, as one of the things Dave shared in his vows was a funny story about me protecting a goose in a very vocal way on the beach one day from an abusive guy. It was as if the goose knew and wanted to return the favor with a little sweet communion and added giggle.

And last, I’ll leave you with this sweet discovery and his message.

While I went out yesterday to water my garden and prepare a hole for our new mock orange blossom bush wedding gift, a new, sweet little one greeted me – my first mountain frog friend. He’s decided to make the top of my Garden Tower his little habitat. We don’t often see frogs here, although hear them a lot in the meadows and near creeks. Isn’t he cute?

I’ve written before about frog symbolism, but I’ll copy and paste it in here to make it easy to read:

The frog speaks of luck, purity, rebirth, renewal, fertility, healing, metamorphosis, transitions, dreaming, and opportunity. In many cultures, the frog symbolizes shamanism and magic as well, teaching us to leap swiftly from one level of consciousness to another – from this world to the Otherworlds. Frogs help us to find courage in accepting new ideas, to foster a sense of self-nurturing, and to discover connections between ideas.

When a frog jumps into your life it may be indicative of the opportunities that can be discovered in the now of your transition. The frog has a unique growth cycle and undergoes some incredible transformations in its progression and attainment of full adulthood, just as we humans do. Hence he understands what it feels like to endure some serious growing pains, and uncomfortable and even yucky feelings, along that transition. And their ability to lay enormous amounts of eggs lends to their fertility symbolism as well as being synonymous with abundance.

Different meanings are found from all over the world. The Egyptians share with us the Frog-headed Heket who is an Egyptian Goddess of birthing and creation. The Celts believed the frog represented curative and healing powers because of its connection with water and cleansing rains and to them, was deemed lord over all the Earth. Western and European views see the frog as a symbol of resurrection and spiritual evolution, deemed by the 3 stages of development (egg, tadpole, and fully formed amphibian). The 3 stages also associate the frog, for Christians, as a symbol for the holy trinity and resurrection and are found often in Christian art under this guise. To the Chinese the frog is an emblem of yin energy and good luck. Feng Shui practices recommend putting an image of a frog in the east window of your home to encourage child birth and a happy family life.

Frogs have also been considered a link between the living and dead, represented by Asian custom believing if you placed a jade frog in the mouth of the deceased, not only would this insure safe passage for their transition, but would allow the spirit to communicate more clearly with living loved ones. In Japan, frogs are especially good luck charms for travelers and wearing one was thought to provide safe passage on long voyages, particularly across waters. The frog took on a more cosmic symbolism for Ancient Hindus however, believing frogs not only signify darkness, but that they project the world into orbit in space.

Again, there’s that theme of synergy between the dead and living, or endings and beginnings all being connected, rebirth, and metamorphosis – something I spoke about in my wedding vows to Dave. My new frog companion is here to stay, as he greeted me this morning again with wide-eyed wonder. He’s a peaceful, curious, and dear little one who seems to reflect the huge quantum leap of hope, faith, and adventure underway for us all, with the promise of enriching metamorphosis and fulfilling potentials to be revealed.

Everything is connected with a sweet thread of continuity whether we realize it or not. While Summer Solstice was a portal of transformation for us, it was also one for the collective, as is everything we experience different ends of in our own ways.

I don’t know what the future looks like for any of us, but I trust it is unfolding in perfect imperfection, has simple and sweet things to value that we often overlook, and is above all, a Great Mystery to respect, marvel in, and honor that will take us on continuous adventures that mirror Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

We couldn’t be more grateful to have received and experienced such blessings and love on this day – a day that proved my receiving the date “randomly” when weddings were far from our minds, is why trusting those little nudges makes all the difference.

Here’s to cracking open fresh beginnings for all of us!

Summer’s Here!


Taking a quick little break to share with you my Solstice Iris that bloomed on Summer Solstice yesterday and to just share a little bit of light on this beautiful day. This is likely my favorite gateway and likely due to Joy’s and Astrid’s connection with it, was feeling a bit nostalgic, especially with preparation for tomorrow’s Reiki workshop, which Joy used to always help out with. Seems she had a little gift for me, as I feel her energy in this Iris.


I had no idea what kind would bloom, or even if any would, but what a gift! As you may recall, Laura sent me Iris bulbs all the way from Michigan, and I planted them when we got this house last Fall. And voila! This one finally bloomed and what an exotic beauty surprise she is! So far, only this and the purple Iris I already shared, from out back, are the ones that bloomed. We have many backyard Iris plants that were surprises from the previous owner, and about five that I planted out front. I will likely get some bulbs again this Fall and plant more of them and the Daffodils all about.


I have had a busy day and week, so I did take a little garden break on this Summer day to get that balance (so key), sunshine, grounding, watering, and intention planting in. I planted some more Lemon Balm, some “Ring of Fire” Sunflowers, and the best yet (because I LOVE the name, as it’s so me!) Wee B Little Pumpkins!! Omgosh, don’t you just want to giggle?! When I saw the name I said I of course HAVE to have those even though I’ve never had pumpkins before. But wee pumpkins?! WEEEEEEEEEE!

Everything’s doing amazing and growing back quickly from my last harvest a few days ago. I have strawberry blossoms happening, broccoli galore, my tomato plants I saved that nobody wanted are doing well, and their tomatoes are growing.

Anyway, yesterday’s Summer Solstice was lovely and as you know I shared two magick offerings of a crystal from Astrid, and a crystal wand from myself. Astrid’s crystal has been spoken for by the sweetest guardian (love that it went on the Solstice), but the wand still is available for the right person it calls to. Always extra goodies will be added too, as you never know what’s up my sleeve! 🙂

We also celebrated the end of the Gratitude Giveaway and I’ve been enjoying seeing the emails pour in today and last night from all of the people who joined – 41 in all, as some last minute people jumped in. A couple of people dropped out due to being too busy, but still shared they had an incredible time while they did it and enjoyed the presence it created in their life that they would like to carry forth, so that makes me happy.

Yesterday also closed out the pre-registration to our “Living a More Magickal Life” workshop with Laura and I. We now only have officially 5 spaces remaining of the 12 total. You can still register until 9/15. I know there are a couple of people intending to do so, so just keep in mind although it’s still 3 months away, we could fill. Everything always works out perfectly and it’s a wonderful group we’ll have for this intimate gathering. We’re excited, as Laura just booked her trip so we’re looking forward to the whole energy of that Equinox and Full Moon week.

And last, I will leave you with the song my sweet bunny, Cosmo, and I share as “our song,” which feels perfect for now and the energy I feel.

Okay, I’m off and back at things. I won’t be back on until Monday when I’ll be sharing the 11 recipients of the Giveaway then. Stay tuned! Have a wonderful sunshiny weekend!

Solstice Reminders & Magick Offerings

Hoppy Summer Solstice, as Astrid says! This is a very special and magickal portal for us, not only because Astrid came to me through it last year, but Joy returned to the stars through it as well two years ago. Today so much is culminating, including the last day of the Summer Solstice Gratitude Giveaway and the last day to pre-register and still save for our “Living a More Magickal Life” Workshop. Can you say fun?! Astrid has been hopping all over this morning with excitement! Seems sweet Joy is channeling through her. 🙂

So, if you know you’d like to join us on Fall Equinox for a very special gathering with an amazing group of souls, then don’t forget to do so by end of the day to save $77.

You can still sign up until 9/15, as long as space is available, but we are officially over half full at this point with only 5 of the 12 spaces remaining. Although have an 8th commitment, so 4 spaces really.

You can register here: Living a More Magickal Life with Laura Bruno & Tania Marie

Today is also the last day of the Summer Solstice Gratitude Giveaway! For everyone who has joined these last 11 days, don’t forget to send me your journey with this by end of tomorrow, the 22nd.

I have a busy next couple of days, including preparation for teaching a Reik workshop Saturday, so I’ll be making the announcement of the 11 recipients of the drawing on Monday the 25th! Gifts will be sent out next week too! Stay tuned both on Facebook and here on my blog for that.

If you need reminders on the guidelines you can view them here: Summer Solstice Gratitude Giveaway

It’s truly been a powerful week with a lot happening fast and many changes underway. A lot of people I know have had some huge liberations and rebirthing, as well as powerful changes creating opportunity.

One of my sweet friends’ new business just launched officially today and another’s just this past week – in both cases I was floored and excited to learn that I was the very first sale to help ignite each into birthing! That truly was special and meaningful. I also have another friend who’s recently launched another channel of her work through a podcast and new branding, and yet another who has been envisioning the expansion of their business and rebirthing their brand/logo. And the list goes on. Overall it seems that everyone is blossoming and expanding! I imagine many of you are experiencing similar things in your own way, but it does seem that things are coming to light and clarity with potential looming like a lightning bolt of inspiration.

I got a lot done too, including finalizing my office closet cleaning/organizing with fresh clarity and space!), but did find myself a bit antsy with energy and excited that I’ll be done next week with my book’s editing. Today I’ll be doing a little Reiki Healing Attunement ritual with Astrid, getting my hair trimmed and the silvery streaks revitalized, as well as getting things in order for a potent forest workshop this weekend. I finalized some things and along with prepping the massage tables for Reiki teaching on Saturday, they will also then be released and sold next week to close that part of my journey too.

And that brings me to some magickal potency that just yesterday I got that both Astrid and I would be offering up today on the Solstice.

Many of you will remember the Magick Crystal Wands I channeled last year. They all found their beautiful partners and guardians, but there was one at the time I had felt to keep for myself. Several people were wanting it then, but it had work to do with me.

Yesterday, I received the message to release it and offer it on Summer Solstice.

So that is what I am doing – here is the info that I posted about it when first sharing it.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand ~ $222 – SOLD

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (2)

This wand called to me from the shore of Fallen Leaf Lake here and I was taken back by its appearance immediately. It was already fully carved, smoothed (as if someone had rigorously sanded it), and has a beautiful golden blonde coloring with perfectly spaced dots in a design along its shaft. I do not know the type of wood it is, but I know it is not of this world, as it was ominously placed out in the open like this for me to find it, singing to me like a wizard’s wand would.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (1)

On its own, without any added adornments, it is a powerful and complete wand, but I immediately knew that it desired elements to bring forth the harmony of its embodiment.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (3)

This to include three irridescent blue Mallard feathers and one Blue Jay feather at the center. Along with these beauties, there sits a Tibetan Quartz above them at center and a combo of silver and gold wire individually woven and ending in triple spirals.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (4)

And at the top, a very special Quartz point wrapped in an intertwined gold and silver wire ending in a spiral at each side.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (5)

The Quartz at top is a small point, but large in its presence. Since this wand was already potent on its own and had a perfectly rounded bottom and softened diagonal point, it did not want any large stone, but simply one to enhance and act as a fine-tuned channel at top.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (6)

It was evident which crystal it would be, as only this one had the exact slant to its bottom that perfectly matched flush to the top of the slant of the wand.

But as small as this Quartz point is, it is no ordinary crystal. It happens to be the one that Fiver, the mouse who I helped transition in peace and love, jumped aboard to fly off into the otherworld when he transitioned.  But to add to that, when I looked even closer I discovered perhaps why this had been the crystal chosen to be with him and why it was so powerful for journeying beyond.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (7)

It happens to be a Channeler Transmitter Quartz, or Dow or Trans-Channeler Quartz, as they are known with perfect 3-7-3 and 7-3-7 sides to its faces, front and back. You can read more about that here: Dow or Trans-Channeler Crystal. Divine balance and connection with Universal Truth being its essence.

The Mallard Duck feathers embody spiritual freedom, grace on water, self expression, emotional strength and protection, mystic and seer, combines land and water balance, integration, and manifestation, knowing what to do and how to do it, graceful self confidence, knowing, preparedness, letting go, speaking truth, intuition, gentle flow, the now, and being that they walk the Earth, swim in the waters (fresh and ocean), and roam the sky, they are links between Heaven and Earth, or this world and another, and also represent eternal life.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (8)

Blue Jay brings the energies of clarity (in this case double clarity/vision to express purity and truth of heart and soul with great clarity of thought in bringing these through to share), communication, presence, wise and balanced use of personal power, resourceful adaptability for ease, creative self-expression and assertion, sound and song, authenticity, and bringing higher thoughts into action.  Their crest that reaches into the heavens, directly links both Earth and Universal/Cosmic energies, bridging them for integration and active expression of divinity brought into embodiment.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (10)

So both bird spirits linking and bridging here and beyond, personal and collective, immediate and bigger picture.

Merlin & Lady of the Lake Wand (9)

And next we have Astrid’s offering.

Dendritic Opal ~ $111 – SOLD

dendritic opal.jpg

It stands 6 inches tall and is 2 inches wide at base.

You’ll remember I shared this crystal back when Astrid came home to me. She was given a couple of crystal friends, but this is the one she would like to offer on today’s Solstice.

It is a lovely raw crystal that is pale silvery blue in person with some darker areas and wonderful portals.

Here’s some info on the stone: Dendritic Opal and here: Dendritic Opal

Here are photos of Astrid activating it.


Wishing everyone an invigorating Summer Solstice!

Sending love and creative magick to all!

Summer Solstice Gratitude Giveaway


It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway and this is another challenge close to heart that will benefit you greatly if you commit to it and continue it forward. It will begin on June 11th and conclude at the end of June 21st – Summer Solstice. That’s 11 days and there will be 11 gifts to giveaway. But first, let’s touch briefly on gratitude and giving and then I’ll share how these apply to this month’s giveaway.

First let me very briefly explain a concept you already know, but as we know, knowledge doesn’t mean much unless you’re putting into action the practice of your knowledge applied.

This one is focused on gratitude and giving.

We all know that the more gratitude you have and express, the more abundance in all areas of your life you will experience. Not to mention, the more enriched, vibrant, joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling your life will be in every way.

We receive far more than when we are aware of, which indicates we actually have way more to be grateful for than we even make a point of realizing.

Think about the air you have to breathe, the sunlight that gives life, the trees that provide oxygen, the animals that keep our ecosystems healthy, or things like eyesight, ability to taste, smell, hear, touch, and experience life in sensual ways not elsewhere possible.

Yet, even things like our bills – whether you struggle to pay them or not – are actually things to be grateful for in the service they provide like electricity to see by or run your air conditioning, gas to warm your house or cook with, water to bathe in and clean your clothes, and mortgages that keep a roof over our heads.

And not only does recognizing and acknowledging everything we have to be grateful for help us to enjoy and receive more in life – yes even the hidden gifts in something or someone that rubs us the wrong way because they are emotional trainers for us to strengthen our hearts to love more – but we also find it easier to give more. And this is important because the flow of giving AND receiving is also part of living an abundant life.

Even when you think there’s nothing to be grateful for, you’re wrong as there is always something and in recognizing and thanking those things with all of your heart you will align your frequency with an increase in things that will enrich your life.

Even when you think you have nothing to give, if you give anyway – including money in a relative amount to your life, but greater than you think you’re capable of – the more you’ll find things flowing in.

Abundance equates to love, gratitude, and living in the flow of both giving and receiving.

Gratitude is one of the most effective ways to bring more of what you want into your life in incredible ways you wouldn’t even think of. It opens you to the highest good through simple, heartfelt gratitude, as this aligns you with your matching frequency.

There are many ways you can put into action a daily practice of gratitude, but I’ll leave that up to your creative imagination. The beauty of it is that it doesn’t take away from your life as you always have moments while you shower, drive in your car, are brushing your teeth, drinking your coffee, or pumping your gas when you can be thankful for what is, what has been, and what is coming, regardless if it has happened yet or not.

I’m quite the positive person who loves to give and give thanks, although had my ups and downs with that in the past while I went through challenges. Yet, it was always my turning to gratitude and seeing what I did actually have, that would pull me up and out of the dark places of struggle and sinking. And even now that I don’t experience those times anymore, I still challenge myself to go further with finding more ways to be grateful and to love even more. Because truly there is no limitation and we can always fine-tune and create even more magick in our lives.

So while you may say, “Oh I already do that,” I challenge you to do it more and to also really be honest as to if you know this or are doing this.

Dave and I have recently put into practice a huge increase in our own expressions of gratitude that now include new daily practices in addition to current ones and reminders to each other to take our own journey to another level. We are experiencing the results that in some cases of manifesting things happens immediately and in all cases of increasing the quality of life and our way of approaching and experiencing each day happens instantly all the time and is fine-tuning our frequency of alignment.

Even though we already live a pretty magickal life, as I said, there is no limit to the alchemy you can experience. So we are wanting to continue growing into our highest potentials by evolving and fine-tuning ways we can enrich lives for everyone.

This also included the implementation of a new giving practice to add to what we already were doing, but increasing in bigger ways, while breaking it down into a consistent sacred process. For example, we always would give to charities at the end of the year, as well as did a lot of little giving throughout the year, but now we decided to do a big giving (of course this is relative to us, as your own would be in the form you choose) once a month to charities of his or my choosing to exceed what we were giving before, as we truly are grateful for our lives and want to be able to give back in reflection of how much our hearts have expanded along this journey.

And this leads me to the journey of this challenge, if you feel so called to embrace it.

I have done some challenges in the past – my favorite being the Nature Immersion Challenge. And while I could just not do anything, I have found that timing of these kinds of things can really ring a bell for some people and having that accountability, responsibility, rise to action, and integrity built in, can be just the thing to help get you into that next level of experience that takes thought or knowledge into active practice – process into natural way of being – and sometimes getting what you want to more consistently manifesting as the abundant and creative being that you are.

This inspiration came to me yesterday and now I present it to you.


So, without further ado, if you choose to accept the challenge and accountability of this magickal portal’s challenge, here are the details to follow:

Summer Solstice Gratitude Giveaway

  1. Accountability: You must let me know that you are committing to this challenge before Monday, June 11th
  2. Gratitude in Action: Starting June 11th and for the next 11 full days until the end of June 21st (Summer Solstice) you will begin a daily practice of gratitude – even if you already are – in which case go further. This will include finding at least 10 things a day that you are grateful for and why. You can write these in a journal and then type them up later, but I will want you to share them with me at the end of this period so you could type them up to start. However works for you to have a log of these to send me at the end is up to you. You are not limited to 10, but 10 is the minimum requirement. It can be something that happened that day, things you’ve been blessed with to get you where you are, something about your life, about yourself, the world or nature, etc. Don’t forget the why. This will give you 110 things and reasons by the end of the 11 days – this might be why you may want to type them up each day so as not to have so much to do at the end. Make this part of your daily ritual and make it fun. Use your creativity in how you go about it so that it is enjoyable, which makes it more likely you’ll look forward to it and it will stick with you long after these 11 days. The more heartfelt you are with each thing you find to be grateful for and the more you connect with love for each of them, the more you increase the frequency of this experience and magnetism it creates.
  3. Giving in Action: For each of these 11 days do one thing in the way of giving that you wouldn’t normally do. This could be giving $1, a bottle of water, or a warm meal to the homeless person you meet on the street. Lending a hand to someone having trouble carrying their groceries. Donating things you don’t use or need to a local shelter. Randomly leaving a “you are loved or you are beautiful note” on someone’s car windshield. Slipping an “I love you” note in your child’s lunch bag or husband’s/wife’s briefcase or purse. Volunteering at an animal rescue. Letting someone in front of you in line that seems in a hurry or has more than you have. Donating a larger sum of money than you think you can afford to to your favorite charity. Giving a compliment to someone or a smile that makes you more present with who is in front of you at any given moment. Etc. Write/type this one thing you do each day along with the gratitude list. Again, you are not limited to one, but one is the minimum. Note: when you give more than you think you have to give, this is one way you create abundance and draw amazing prosperity in all areas of your life in, in mysteriously beautiful and incredible ways. The key with all of this is to do it from your heart without attachment, expectation, and without resentment or fear around it.
  4. Responsibility: Send me your Gratitude and Giving lists by the end of the day on Friday, June 22nd. I would also love to hear how this experience was for you and anything you noticed shifting in your life during and/or after the 11 days.
  5. Integrity: All of this truly is between you and yourself on whether or not you actually do these things and how much you invest of yourself in them. And with that said, it would be wonderful if you can make a promise to yourself to continue this forward long after June 21st. See the Summer Solstice as the portal to make a huge life shift – even if it is simply in fine-tuning what you already do. For some, this may be a new experience. Either way, I assure you that you will experience positive and enriching shifts in your life during this time period and as a result. And if you maintain this as your daily walking meditation you will experience things exponentially, but most importantly your quality of life will be enhanced, as will everyone and every experience you come in contact with. There are so many ways you can fine-tune this process and challenge yourself to rise to greater levels with it by going farther with it all and in every circumstance. You will learn creative ways that gratitude now is simply aligning you with probable realities your frequency is matching. The choosing of the realities is up to you, but they await you realizing them.


I could leave it as that, but now I’ll throw in the Giveaway part.

I will do a blind drawing at the end of receiving all participants’ journeys to me via email. You can either comment to this blog or use the Contact page to let me know that you are participating.

From all who enter, I will choose 11 people to receive gifts simply for committing to this. If less than 11 participate, everyone will receive something that enters. If more participate, then the drawing will randomly choose.

I like to challenge myself in giving and so for this Giveaway I wanted to make it something near and dear and truly in the spirit of giving. So each of these things are special to me and not things I would have thought of giving away, but I truly feel in my heart the importance of this and want to demonstrate an immediate reflection of how doing something from your heart can give you something lovely in return.

Of course, this shouldn’t be the reason to do this, but again that’s between you and yourself, what your motivation is. Hopefully you’ll find this speaks to what you’ve been wanting to do more of already and it’s more of a supportive hand up the mountain you want to climb to get to greater heights. Either way, I do it without attachment to what your motivation is, as I’m simply going to give from the sheer joy of doing so.

I could easily just donate these to Goodwill or sell them to raise money to donate to charities of my choice and still stay in the spirit of giving, but I prefer to help cultivate a world of people rising to their highest, expanding their hearts, and creating more gratitude, compassion, abundance, and love.

I also like to give things I wouldn’t normally think of giving. In this case, I’ve decided to give away special necklaces, pendants, or crystals as the gifts.

I will intuitively choose which will go to whom, from the names I randomly draw.

I do not want to share photos of these, as I don’t want that to be a factor. But they will range in value of $30 – $300 each. Perhaps something else will get thrown in that’s not mentioned 😉 but I’ll know what at the end when I prepare the gifts to send.

Unfortunately, most of the things, besides crystals, are feminine pieces, so if you are a guy wanting to join in, know that there are a few non-gender gifts, but if you are open, then perhaps one of the more feminine gifts could be for your sister, mom, grandmother, friend, girlfriend, wife and you could gift your gift as a way to pass forward that giving spirit.

And there you have it.

You also have the option of simply taking part of this without letting me know or receiving anything in return.

You are a limitless being and there are limitless reasons you might be reading this right now and it might be speaking to a part of you.

It’s completely up to you how or if you want to take this journey.

Yet, I assure you, by truly committing and upping your normal approach, your life will take a lovely turn.

In the Womb of a Crystal ~ Summer Solstice Full Moon Activation

The Solstice Full Moon of Monday June 20, 2016 is one I will not forget for many reasons, one of which was the amazing immersion inside of a crystal cave that sent chills throughout my entire body upon entering. It was exactly like the crystal meditation I teach in the Crystal Magick Workshop where we enter into our crystal’s domain as a cave to meet and connect more deeply with our crystal friend, but I was now physically experiencing this. Incredible, to say the least.

Our day began with a picnic lunch overlooking Firehole River in Yellowstone, continued with exploring the dynamic Fountain Paint Pots (which include geysers, mud holes, hot springs, and fumaroles), and a short hike to Harlequin Lake, which was laced with tons of lily pads in a secluded area you get through by walking a trail that reminded me of a bamboo forest like the ones I’ve explored in Maui, but they were instead dense fields of thin trunked trees.

After returning home to check on the bunnies and give them nourishment and love (I never like leaving them much), we met up with my friend Janet who was staying at the Cinnamon Lodge in Gallatin Gateway, not far from Big Sky.

She’d heard about an old abandoned quartz mine that people don’t know about and so we all decided that we should go there, as a perfect way to harness the energy of the Solstice Full Moon.

The hike was more than we thought given the brief description of “just an easy walk that way”, climbing up over 700 feet of elevation rapidly in a very short distance (about 3/4 of a mile), which was basically like a close to vertical climb. But we found the mine and it was well worth it.


The trail took us across Gallatin River over a bridge – very symbolic like a bridge to another world, realm, and new reality that would be activated from this experience – and through a beautiful forest with gorgeous moss laden rocks that were rich in Faery essence and like a hidden world where Faeries, Elves, Hobbits, and Gnomes were frolicking about.


We then arrived at our destination.


Basically it was like stepping inside of a quartz cave or a giant crystal. It was at least 30 degrees cooler inside…so cold in fact that when I was left alone inside for a while, I could see my breath before me, which added to the experience. I think I was the only one though that saw this, as I stayed a long time inside at the very back of the mine, alone. My breath before me looking like spirit essence merging between me and the crystal cave.

Even before entering the mine the ground was laced with quartz fragments both small and large. One did not need to even venture in or that far in, to find some lovely pieces.


But, despite my having fears in the past of going into mines and dark spaces (bringing up things from childhood), I ended up feeling very comfortable here. In fact, was quite joyful, which I think shows through in this photo above.

Dave and I have hiked into mines or near them before and I’ve always had this eerie or off sense about it that didn’t sit right. I did not feel that with this mine, perhaps due to its crystalline nature that I connect with so much and its energy inviting me deeper.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to see when I went inside, but when I flashed my cell phone flash light on the walls of the cave I was in awe at the beauty before me. That is when I realized that this wasn’t just a mine with some pieces of quartz here and there that you might find, but in fact it was a living, breathing crystal womb.


The side walls, ceiling and floor were all quartz interlaced with calcite in varying colors and just incredibly beautiful.


The ground was laced with smaller polished crystals like pebbles on top of larger ones and with a sediment of moist clay in between or on top.


We were being nurtured and cradled by a giant crystal. I felt like a baby star inside a mother star getting ready to be propelled into another dimensional experience. And indeed we were inside of a crystal portal, outside of space and time.

The farther back you went into the mine, the more clay was on the ground.

As I mentioned, as soon as I stepped inside and realized I had literally entered into a giant crystal cave and touched the walls, my whole body got waves of chills running through me. I could feel the energy and it was potent and beautiful.


The photos throughout are from the inside of the mine – hard to capture in the dark the crisp brilliance, but I think you can get the idea from them. You can even see spirit essences coming through in them, like in this one where there is a very clear face that is almost cherub or sprite-like.


I first decided to explore and ran my hands along the walls, rummaged through the loose crystals on the ground and just took it all in. The walls were delicate and pieces of crystal easily would come off.

I had a deep feeling of reverence and did not want to damage or hurt the crystal in any way, so although one could easily go chipping away and amass some majorly amazing crystals from within the cave walls, I felt that what wanted to come with me would easily be on the ground, hidden in the clay peeking out in brilliance, or loose and would let me know without having to pry them loose.


After exploring, I then started picking up crystals and used the skirt of my dress to hold them like a basket. I had felt called to wear my magickal Peter Rabbit dress for the Solstice in honor of and support of my bunny loves.

Dave had already gone in and found his right away (one beautiful golden quartz – later outside he found two more), so he waited outside above the mine, just connecting with the energy and doing intentions for the Solstice from there, while Janet and I continued to explore.

We went in twice, bringing out several pieces to look at in the sunlight and used Janet’s necklace as a pendulum to make the final decisions as to which actually needed and wanted to come home with us.

Mine ended up being the ones I had felt most strongly, which is always nice to have that reiterated.

Janet felt complete and had even found a larger specimen that was quite lovely with varying layers and coloring of calcite with some quartz in between, which you can see here a bit in this photo that she took of it:

janet crystal

The quartz that ended up coming home with me were not all visually what one might find the most beautiful and in fact several are encrusted with other minerals and Earth, which to me makes them very potent and alive with Elemental energy still intact. Some are root pieces too, which feels grounding and integrative. I trust that the ones meant to come home did (8 in all pictured below) and I love the raw, natural potency they have, with one being a naturally polished stone.


The rest of the ones that weren’t meant to come, but which I had picked up from the cave, I returned back inside to the cave to their mother.

I then felt it was important to do a deep connecting and my intentions inside the cave for the Solstice. Dave and Janet did not and so they did their own thing elsewhere.

So I ventured again all the way to the back of the mine on my own. The second time it was even colder than the first and this is when I saw my breath before me while I was alone at the back of it. I am not sure how long I was in there (Janet said a long time), but I felt compelled to be there and loved it.


It felt like home and reminded me of the ancient parts of myself, and the places of potency I have spent time in like in my lives as a Nymph and Sibyl, for instance, who love caves and springs and any place that really connects me with the womb of the Earth. This is also where sound is at its most powerful and where I can go deeply into my essence to retrieve the soul signature songs and hear the vibrations of creation from.


It is for this reason I feel that I was not afraid, where I thought I might be, to be in the deepest, darkest part of the cave/mine by myself.

At first I’d said to Janet, “don’t leave me”, upon first venturing in, as I was conditioned by my previous experiences in these mines and dark places, but I soon got over that and was consumed with my love for this place and this crystal cave and ended up not wanting to leave and feeling like I was home.

I told Janet I was facing my fears by going in all the way, and what I discovered is that the crystal infused me with wonder and love and became inviting rather than ominous.

So, while I was there alone inside, I pressed my third eye to the very back of the cave’s crystalline wall, with hands gently touching the quartz in front of me and leaned my body into the giant crystal to do my connecting and intentions.

It is here that I asked for support for Joy and to bring her the peace she and I so desired for her and to give me strength, and both of us to have beautiful closure. I also asked for support for Cosmo and continued on with personal intentions for myself, loved ones, and the collective. Then surrendered it all completely for the highest good of all and released any attachment.

I called in the Faeries, Elementals, Spirit Guides, my Cosmic family, and others, along with meeting them with my Essence and Higher Self to work together as one. For things that I asked to receive, I also promised to give in return, as I never feel it to be a one way street.

One of the things I promised to the Faeries, this Crystal that represents Ancient Earth and the Cosmos, and to the collective I called in was to sing my song and to continue in larger ways to give the gift of sound channeling to continue with the work I left off doing, to support the collective and Earth experience into a new vibration and reality. And I have done so, as the next day I was full of song that I recorded and sang out from my heart.

It was hard for me to leave, as I was having such a rich connective time there in this other wordly, but so Ancient Earth realm.

My breath appeared before me upon coming out of my meditative connecting time and it looked like spirit essences intermingling in the darkness.

I felt enchanted and definitely activated, infused with so much universal and unconditional love that was like the tear drop of a star merging with the cosmic waters of my soul.

I reluctantly, but with fulfillment, exited my crystal cave womb, feeling birthed anew and with greater clarity and strength for what I would soon be experiencing and or the rest of my life.

We then descended the mountain, with me lingering behind a bit.


The light of day was beautiful and sparkling like a star through the trees.


We made our way back across the bridge and back into the world where we would integrate the energy received into our lives and in interaction with others for the highest good.

We parted ways for the evening with Janet, saying good night to her and her dog, Daisy. Leaving her sitting on her porch – all of us smiling wide and grateful for this potent Solstice experience that was like an initiation into all of the new the three of us each individually, and together, would be creating.

On the drive back, which was about 35 minutes, we stopped at a large beaver dam complex on our right, which was beautiful and could see the lodge and felt the reflection of this community and interweaving ecosystem they have created, as an example of our cocreative experience and connection to the collective and how we are woven together.

We then also saw a large bald eagle on the left, right at the side of the road. He was on the ground and picking at something. We saw that it was a dead mule deer that he was feasting on – quite a sight and only several feet away. This reflecting the cycles of life and transformation taking place. What brings death, also brings life, as all is interwoven.

Transmutation was at hand and this was all heralding the end of an era for me about to take place.

I knew one of the quartz I had brought home was to support Joy, so I placed it with her when I arrived home, along with her Nestor and Gaia crystal statues, and another sparkly crystalline stone I’d found a couple of days before that was connected to her (more on that soon). She was surrounded with everything possible to be of assistance energetically.

That evening, when it was dark (it doesn’t get dark until 10pm or after here, which has changed our inner clocks to naturally cycle with the light rather than keep to our conditioned schedules, having us eat dinner at 9:30 or 10 pm at night for instance) we walked across to the beach on Hebgen Lake where we were staying. Our site was basically a few yards from the beach and the Full Moon rose directly in front of us, which we could see out the front of the Magick Bus.

I took the eight quartz crystals that came home with me along for the walk to take in the Full Moon’s blessings and to receive the Moon’s activation. I held them out in front of me, as we were all illuminated by Grandmother Moon’s light and gently surrendered into receiving and flowing out love.

I gazed upon the rabbit in the Moon and felt the expansiveness of this Sagittarius energy that it was in, deepening, widening, expanding my heart, soul, and entire being.

A potent blessing, gift, and experience all around indeed.

Father’s Day & Summer Solstice Gratitude

I thought I’d share a few poems in celebration and honor of Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice today that spoke to me.

Perhaps they will bring a moment of reflection, as you pause in gratitude for what they symbolize in your own life.

This first poem isn’t about a father, directly, but embodies what fathers and father figures do in life. The “old man going a lone highway” builds his bridge, which is what “dads” do for their kids – they are bridge builders.

Niagra falls

Me and my dad at Niagra Falls when I was about 3 years old


THE BRIDGE BUILDER by Will Allen Dromgoole

An old man going a lone highway,

Came, at the evening cold and gray,

To a chasm vast and deep and wide.

Through which was flowing a sullen tide

The old man crossed in the twilight dim,

The sullen stream had no fear for him;

But he turned when safe on the other side

And built a bridge to span the tide.


summer-solsticeAnd here are two Summer Solstice poems to honor Mother Earth with and cherish all that she gifts us.



In recognition of the blessing of being alive on this beautiful planet

With great gratitude I honor the four directions

To the east and all that lay in that direction…


May the air and oceans enfold you in glorious beauty

And all creatures thrive upon your shores in health and harmony

Blessed be

To the south and all that lay in that direction…

May your mountains and rivers wash clean water to the sea

And your lakes and forests shelter all who dwell there

Blessed be

To the west and all that lay in that direction…

May the big sky of your plains sparkle with crystal clarity

And gift all life with healing rains and glorious sunshine

Blessed be

To the north and all that lay in that direction…

May your midnight sun shine upon a planet filled with hope

And the possibility of a peaceful world be made real

Blessed be


From MAYA: POEMS FOR THE SUMMER SOLSTICE by Gillian Harding-Russell

Blossoms blowing through the solstice – 

Come April’s cool rays, tender of apple blossoms
pink-kissed white gives way to tang of May’s
honeysuckle withering off-whitish yellow

vegetal nubs on a branch and to intensity
of June’s lilacs, joy a poignant pain on the brain as she walks
through glass doors under fairy arc of sprinklers

into wet-cut grass aroma of a summer day
as if she were passing into the pixel perfect of a movie
paint box blue and green, another country

(far from memory of winter’s white shadow of trees
bristling with hoar) when at her foot she notices
a dandelion turned from sunny coquette to old lady

white-haired fluff, and thinks she might have glimpsed
a midsummer god-light grinding gears on some invisible
wheel towards the shortest day…

Hitting the Reset Button ~ My Upcoming Move & Sabbatical

Since many of you are not subscribed to receive my monthly newsletter, and this month’s updates seem important to share, I am going to repost June’s newsletter here for all of my blog readers and friends, as it pertains to why you won’t be seeing me online for an extended period of time beginning September 1st, and yet you’ll still know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the Earth (at least not yet 😉 ).

I’ll simply be on a personal sabbatical for several months, which entails my unavailability on all accounts, which will overlap with my moving. So this pertains to services I offer, which you may want to take advantage of before then, otherwise I won’t be able to assist you until I return. I’ll post two separate blogs following this, specific to how this pertains to workshops and sacred tattoo design consultations.

As I replied to a dear friend this morning who was sharing similar experiences and asking how I was:

“I’m doing well…just getting clearer and lighter. And taking advantage of the windows presenting themselves…following where I’m guided and doing what I need to stay true to myself and my path, which ultimately is for the highest good. I’m in a mode of needing to pull back from everything, as my contracts are done and I now am in a place of creating from a clean slate.”

Here’s my newsletter update:

I’m a bit behind on June’s newsletter, as we are already slowly approaching the half-way mark of this month – incredible!

And while there is SO much that has taken place this first half of the year and upcoming, I’m going to keep things as succinct as possible.

Some of what I have to share may come as a surprise, but if you really know me, you should know by now that I’m constantly moving and reinventing myself and don’t intend to stop that ever.

As we approach the Summer Solstice, I am envisioning revitalization for everyone’s current experiences. Remember that this is a time of blossoming, celebrating, embodying self-awareness and your Higher Self, releasing the old patterns of suppression, and recharging the mind, body, and spirit to bring what you desire into your life.

And that only comes if you are willing to release ALL that no longer serves you.

I recently made the declaration out loud in the presence of an intentful, intimate gathering, that I was moving forward and saying goodbye to everything old and hindering in any way. This included creating new aspirations, as even the ones I had just months ago, no longer stand.

I needed to create brand new ones, am continuing to purge everything from my life that doesn’t align with that energy, and am investing in me and only the now-aligned and cherished experiences I choose.

It’s a time of the Divine dance, union, and balance of the Feminine (Earth, Mother, Moon) with the Masculine (Sky, Father, Sun) energies. And this is something experienced WITHIN me.

It’s a time that the Mayans believed to be for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to balance the Earth’s energy – “balance” and “harmony” always definitely being key.

This is an opportune time where we can invite the Sun’s energy to connect with our Higher Self and to follow inspiration and dreams, while tuning inside and realizing the alchemy of “as within, so without”.

Yes, it is time to fully embody yourself as the Sun, the Light, the All That Is – you are the creator creating through the heart and soul of you. When you truly recognize and live this, you will just know.

And if you’re feeling anything similar to what I am, that Light cannot hide any longer, without creating challenge and pains.

So choose wisely and choose from the heart.

This update will contain a bit more of the personal, but I always feel that this enables others to identify with similar experiences and to find comfort and connection through them.

That said, I have been mentioning an upcoming move and while we still do not have the exact date yet – since a huge amount of things are all being orchestrated right now, I’ll be working a lot of energetics, and awaiting windows – our projected timing is October or thereabouts 4 months from now. 

At least that gives you a better, more concrete idea, as I’m not sure people have taken me seriously about this, but I assure you I’m quite serious I will not be here in Costa Mesa, CA for much longer and have been saying this is the last Summer here. 

People keep asking where we’re moving to – and to that I’ll say, there is no specific place at this time that we are moving to, as we will be moving around for quite a while until/or if a specific place calls to touch down again. Until then, we’ll be exploring like gypsies in an RV.

As mentioned, this has been an incredibly busy year for me and I’ve been traveling nonstop – all with great intention and each trip has been hugely supportive, nurturing, and activating for me. I just returned from Sedona, and Goshen just before that, and between the two of these a ton has shifted like overnight.

Everything is amped up – you might be experiencing the same – instant manifestation, deeper knowing, alignments, divine support, and increased intuition, visions, connection, and energy enhancement.

One of the only challenges that presented themselves were my bunny loves going through some things recently, but that immediately corrected itself when I was reunited back with them. And in the end I now have two special, special needs bunnies – Cosmo with his spinal disability and Joy with one blind eye.

Yet those challenges were so supportive to both them and me in unseen gifted ways. They always know what mom needs and because of them I got in touch even more deeply with myself and integrated a lot. That experience also drove home that I want only to cherish this moment doing and being with what is most important to my heart only.

The other challenge has been that I’ve had email issues for months now, which I believe I’ve addressed. I apologize if you’ve tried to email me and had your emails bounced back, or never heard from me because I never received it, but apparently the Universe was filtering my emails, preparing me likely for the next announcement.

I will be taking a personal sabbatical starting September 1st. Right now I’m being shown that it will be for 3 months, but I’ll be taking heed from Spirit on that and following intuition, as I’m guided. 

What this means is that I will not be available for anything during this time. You will not see me online in any format – no social media, no blog articles and posts, no services offered, and not answering questions.

What this looks like for me is that I am going underground for a bit in order to create without any distractions or things pulling at my energy and time. I have some new creative projects I am being guided to work on and the only way I feel this can be done the way I want it, is to fully immerse myself into my “Tania bubble” in order to do so.

I also want to spend personal quality time in ways that I need right now only, and as I shared, am working a lot of energetics for what is being created.

It feels like I’m hitting a reset button in my life on all fronts and I have to say I so LOVE it.

That’s why a lot of things this year have shifted so much and I started seeing the focus that Spirit was directing me, was about self-nurturing, creative cultivation, recharging, and major downloading.

So several events and trips cancelled and have been cancelled, or were shifted into a different focus – all divinely orchestrated. This is why I just embrace things and am not attached to any outcome, as I know there is always a silver lining and amazing reason to discover from changes that take place. And I believe this is why so many things have flowed with a great sense of grace and peace…because I just moved with the energy, not against it.

So, that all said, I’ll still be putting out another two newsletters before I disappear 🙂 and I’ll still be winding down things and available between now and end of August for scheduling and requests.

For more details on these offerings, along with a “Create Your Own Workshop” opportunity, due to this announcement and my being away for a while, please see below.

Wishing everyone an invigorating Summer Solstice! Sending out love and creative magick to all!

Life-Enhancing Summer Events & Workshops You Can Still Join

This will be my last Summer in Orange County, Southern California. More exciting details to come!

But for now, here’s the exciting Summer line-up of current scheduled events and workshops that will enhance your life in powerfully positive ways!

    • reiki initiationSunday, June 14th – Reiki 1 & 2 Accelerated Workshop 9 am – 6 pm *** (see below)






    • oasis11Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 21st – Summer Solstice Magick & Manifestation Weekend in Beaverton, Oregon co-led with Aymey Sangill

We’re now only 10 days from our registration deadline to join this event.

Come join the magick and fun with us, while you learn ways to create greater empowerment in your life, reawaken passion and abundance, learn secrets to manifestation and creating YOUR dreams, as well as receive an activation to kick things to the next level!

Early Bird Pricing & Registration Deadline is May 23rd (save $100)

Details & Register Here:

  • mustangs10Thursday, July 9th – Sunday, July 12th – Horses & Reiki: Living With Vibrational Integrity ~ A Four-Day Certification & Experiential Retreat

We’re less than 2 months away and spaces are filling!

Working with both the horses and Reiki combined is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.

Limited Space for this Intimate Gathering

Details & Register Here: 

  • reiki master teacherSunday, July 26th – Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop 9 am – 6 pm *** (see below)

***If you are local to Orange County and have been wanting to take one of my Reiki workshops or are ready to complete your training with me, the above June and July Reiki workshops are your last chance, unless you schedule your own private workshop with me before I leave the area. I’m already booking privates for when I return in June so just keep that in mind, as my schedule is filling.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


If you’re interested in co-creating a design with me, please check out the link below for details and place your 1st hour deposit through the link provided on that webpage.

Life Changing Tattoos

A FREE Spiritual Skin book goes to the first client who books their consultation

June’s Summer Solstice Magick & Manifestation Workshops & Ceremony in Beaverton, Oregon

herkimer diamond

Summer Solstice is just around the corner and that means there’s just 19 more days to register for the upcoming Sacred Summer Solstice Magick & Manifestation Workshops to be held at The Offices of The Wise Alchemist in Beaverton, Oregon.

If you’d like to join us for this special Summer Solstice weekend, don’t forget May 20th is the last day to register and confirm your attendance to join us.

You can choose to come for one or both of these fun days and get ready to learn ways to experience more magick and empowerment in your life, as well as receive a special activation initiation to accelerate your vibration to the next level!

DSCN1804Saturday, June 20th & Sunday, June 21st – Sacred Summer Solstice Magick & Manifestation

Hosted by Aymey Sangill (RMT, Feng Shui Expert, Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, M.A. Counseling Psychology) & Tania Marie (RMT, Crystal Healer, Sacred Artist & Author) in Beaverton, Oregon

This is a two-day series of workshops over Summer Solstice to support clearing and empowering your life, as well as bringing more magick into your experience

EARLY BIRD Pricing & Registration Deadline:
May 23rd, 2015 (Save $100!)

***** Minimum registrations needed due to guest teacher flying in. If minimum not met, you’ll be refunded your registration fee.*****

Some of what we’ll focus on:

Spend a weekend understanding how easy it is to move, shift and clear stuck energy around you! In this two-day workshop you will find out how simple it is to take back the power in your life, shift the energy around you, and know exactly how to move forward to create the life you want!

Workshop Day 1:
– You will learn which stones and crystals provide the most powerful properties of healing, protection, motivation, and drawing love and money into your life.
– You will learn how to create a protecting and enhancing Crystal Grid for your home, office and sacred space.
– You will finally understand how energy moves through your home, and what’s currently blocking your dreams and opportunities.
– Simple and powerful ways to enhance the energy around you and align with your highest purpose.

Workshop Day 2:
– Learn how to clear energetic blocks within the body and gain clarity in your life.
– You will learn the profound insights for manifesting what you want and need most in your life right now.
– Learn how to connect with your spirit guides and highest self to make the clearest decisions.
– You will learn the secrets that make vision boards the magical tools that they are, a focused way to bring about positive change, dreams and the power to create the life you want.

*** During the last day, we will have a special ceremony to celebrate the Summer Solstice and welcome the light to ignite the fire within you, as we honor the sun’s power and energy in your life. There will be powerful individual blessings given as you step into the world with new tools and insights to shift your life and invite in the power of new light and opportunity!

Where: The Offices of The Wise Alchemist
12525 SW 2nd St.
Beaverton, OR 97005

When: Saturday, June 20th 9 am – 4 pm
Sunday, June 21st 9 am – 3pm
Lunch Break: 12 pm at cafe around the corner

*Veggie snacks and water provided

*Free gift for each person that joins

*Reiki charged and Peru magick-infused crystal pendulums and crystals will be available


June 20th: Crystal Healing & Feng Shui Magick Workshop

June 21st: Sacred Solstice Ceremony and Manifestation Workshop

Energy Exchange to join one or both days’ events:

EARLY BIRD Pricing & Registration Deadline
by May 23rd = $444 (save $100)!

May 24th-June 17th, Full Price = $544 for both days, or $272 for choice of either day.

This event has been cancelled. Updates will be announced for a future event.

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