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I had a garden date this weekend in celebration of completing my painting commission that will be featured on the cover of an upcoming book – I’ll share that once it’s released. Although it’s quite rare that I take on extra projects, this was a very synchronous, flowing journey that felt important and aligned. And as with all projects there’s a flurry of feelings that come with the territory, including excitement at both ends of starting and ending. Garden time felt like the perfect addition to the experience to integrate, ground, anchor, and continue the momentum of energy in motion.

But what about the process?

Most of the time we focus on the end result only and even sometimes get caught up in the adrenaline rush of the new beginning alone, yet somehow the process seems to lack in luster, can feel daunting, and even endless. That is so for not only our individual experience, but for worldwide experiences.

The process of change can feel unclear and often muddy.

I’ve actually had to do a lot of work around this idea of process being less fun and the belief that only attaining the conclusion ideal was where peace and achievement could be found.

That is, until I not only learned the perfection within process and the journey as being whole every step of the way, but really started living this as an actualized experience and brought intention and purpose to every part.

It begins with letting go of attachments, being mindful of triggers, and being more present and conscious of the reach of our actions. It involves the understanding of how life is always energy in motion, but at every moment that energy is whole and complete. It includes realizing how every piece has value and without it there can be no next step.

It’s all interwoven and any pressures around it are simply ego-based judgments that want to control what already knows the nature of this reality.

My garden has become a beautiful example for me to model after and learn from. I find beauty, joy, and value in every stage of growth and rebirth it goes through. Every time I see new little sprouts of green or a bud emerge I celebrate. I also celebrate seeding when the ground is ready and fertile, as much as I celebrate blooming in its full glory, and preparation for rest when colors have shifted and winter slumber sets in.

I have also learned to celebrate the unknowns and surprises, as there are many along the way in gardening that teach patience, presence, resiliency, adaptation, and peace with it all.

If I can find enjoyment and beauty in all of my garden’s and nature’s cycles, then why would I not enjoy and bask in the beauty of my own and that of others?

Each has meaning and purpose and each holds a very powerful presence in the process.

It’s a peace process, whereas no matter where in the cycle you decide to focus on, it’s rich with the gift of being…being what ever is necessary in that very moment.

Not one thing more than another is more valuable. It’s a unified experience that only we compartmentalize to fit our immediate gratification ideals.

But what if all of it could be gratifying?

That’s where attachments step out so that relaxing into the peace process steps in.

My garden is currently at different phases right now, where some things have already cycled through their blooming phase, others are in full bloom, some are reaching a budding phase, and still others are at varying stages of incremental growth with hopes to reach the sunshine in time to bloom for the season.

I recently brought home several new plants – six foxgloves to add to the ones I already have and are growing (because I love these faery flowers so much and wanted a variety of white, peach, pink, and purple) and a new yellow lily plant. My garden date this weekend included planting these, as well as transferring my two strawberry plants to the garden tower from indoors.

I also cleaned up and got rid of some older, smaller pots whose plants didn’t do so well after the winter, and watered (because I have new seedlings needing lots of nurturing to grow big and strong), while Dave seeded our two front lawns and one back lawn with clover seed.

It was a fun day and we finished literally as tiny raindrops began to fall from a mountain thunderstorm that helped out with lots of good moisture.

We’re in a little window of short thunderstorms that can happen at any time and so I’m glad to have gotten everything in place before then.

Everything now is in its own peace process, as we nurture and watch what unfolds.

As you can see, my garden is carpeted with varying sizes of new growth that will all turn into wildflowers once they mature. They’re at the stage where that growth is more noticeable, but even though they’re not to the flowering stage yet, it sure is fun to watch them and they sure are cute!

The same will happen with our lawn. We decided that we’re switching over the lawn to all clover, as currently it already is about 75% clover with some patches of lawn or blotchy areas the sun dried out. These areas Dave worked in new topsoil and seeded with matching clover. Tearing it all out to start over was far too much work and money, so hopefully this will do the trick.

Not only is it beautiful (especially right now with all the sweet little white blossoms), but it conserves watering, is low maintenance, and is far less expensive than full landscaping.

Check out the happy ladybugs. So many sweet little ones were flying around and doing their own creating while I was out watering.

I find it very faery and there’s already a variety of little flowers that bloom in it that are a mixture of what would be considered weeds, some fern-like beauties, and other forest plants. The dandelions already went through their bloom, which laced it in yellow flowers. If the clover takes, my next step will be to throw the same wildflower seeds I used in the garden all over it to have flowers mixing with the clover to create some extra wild beauty and draw in even more pollinators.

This also creates a wonderful sanctuary for the forest animals to enjoy and the bunnies to munch on!

I may also add more bulbs at onset of Fall to the front yard.

It’s all a process and an evolving journey that’s enjoyable to watch unfold.

So, why then, can’t our lives, change, and our endeavors be the same way?

I know that they can, as I’ve witnessed my own journey go from one of anxiety when things are in between stages, to being able to breathe and relax into each step instead of holding my breath until the end.

That doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate the beginnings and endings with excitement still, but I have removed the added stress and frustration associated with the journey. This helps me to anchor in more love, compassion, and acceptance. I continue to redefine this process for myself and write new stories that my body finds more nurturing and harmonizing.

My garden paves the way for life as a peace process.

I hope that we can each find our own guide to bring more peace into the journey, as I believe this can foster more consciousness to every choice and step.

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  2. Looks gorgeous, and yes, I have learned more from my garden than anything else! ❤

    • thank you! i have some more faery lights on the way to add to the little orbs/planets in the garden hehe! ❤ nature is the bestest guide for sure! the bunnies, terra, and the garden have taught me the most too!

  3. Gardening can bring so much joy and wisdom. I love your gardens and the natural clover lawn. That was one of my ideas for the yard before I sold my house. Kudos on your peace process, new painting, and flowing life.

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