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This offering has been sitting in the background for a while and today is the day to share it. I’m currently on personal retreat still through the 12th and gratefully having the most soul nourishing and magickal time away – just what I needed. It feels like the perfect segue from old to new that is also being reflected in the seasonal shifts that remind us to reflect, release, and renew.

And after having reached the end of a cycle with everything I had on my last trajectory, I’m now moving into a different phase of life. Within this new cycle comes this offering, as I follow guidance to present it.

It’s called the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum and here’s a little about how it came to be and why it feels important in these more challenging times.

I’ve seen the power of community and togetherness and these are a couple of the anchoring foundations for this offering that are also key for how we move forward as a collective in general.

I’ve also received powerful feedback about how much people have gotten from the one-on-one intuitive energy guidance sessions and this is a way to offer support with wider reach. Something that has been evident from online classes is that people benefit from the questions others ask. They tend to be something someone else was curious about and help with greater understanding that they may have been afraid to ask, or didn’t know how to ask. Another highlight has been the comradery and sense of soul family that is created – some people have found new friendships, as well as rekindled soul relationships from other times that have been extra supportive for traveling the days ahead.

In addition, it’s a way to create ongoing conscious conversations that lead down enlightening rabbit holes, open to more perspectives, activate latent DNA with that curiosity, keep energy circuits fluid and moving by challenging ideas, exercise things like compassion and unconditional love for differing opinions and feelings, as well as create a forum for creative strategies and solutions, while supporting real-time relevant steps we can each take relative to our parts of the whole.

An added benefit is making support more accessible and affordable while I’m able to help more people efficiently.

These are some of the intrinsic elements that the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum offers and some of what merged to create it in the first place.

You’ll see just how these come to be ingredients of the new C.E.D.F.

I have a separate page for this offering, but I’m including the details here in today’s blog as an introduction and highlighted launch. You’ll then find a link at the end that will take you to the page itself, where you can explore which if any of the options fits your needs.

What the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum is all about:

This is an online venue that, for starters, will take place over a 6 month period – I may extend it after the initial launch, but for now it’s a half year immersion to get through these crucial times.

Included will be real time group sessions and recorded video sessions.

Here’s how they work and what the 6 month immersion looks like.

There will be 3 real time group sessions that will meet once every 2 months via Zoom. Each of these sessions will run 90 minutes with a half hour at the end for wrap up discussion and connection to be a total of 2 hours. Participants will get to submit up to 2 questions per session – you’ll receive details after registering. During the live sessions, I will be choosing one question per person to discuss (this will vary depending on number of participants, in which case I may split the group in two to ensure I can get to everyone’s questions, or I may be able to do 2 questions per person if there’s a smaller group or we move through things with extra time). These aren’t meant to be psychic readings, but instead are a way for us to explore some deeper themes to help navigate the energies we’re moving into as a whole or look at things you’re navigating that underscore shared life challenges and choices. So, we can discuss the field of experience at large (macro) and/or touch on the everyday to support greater alignment and manifestation of intentions (micro). Topics are open to your interests from relationships, work/life path, life changes, creative and personal growth endeavors, nature and cosmic connection, to exploring broader topics on healing, spirituality, understanding collective dynamics at work, etc. and how they are playing out so we can feel more empowered. A lot of times in classes we end up discussing energy streams outside of the curriculum, but with limited time we can’t follow that stream as fully. This is a chance to do that more. These are some of my favorite things to discuss – delving into things deeply and esoterically – and so this excites me greatly to provide this opportunity for expansive topics and explorations and open myself up to you for what wants to channel through. The only thing I ask is that anyone who wants to participate comes with an open, non-judgmental, compassionate heart willing to listen to differing thoughts from others. Participants have the choice of having questions remain anonymous or not during discussion.

There will then be 6 recorded video sessions that participants will receive a link to. Each of these will run approximately 90 minutes. For these I will also welcome up to 2 questions per session per participant and depending on number of participants I will decide the format that supports answering one question per person or if there’s a smaller number participating, you could have both of your questions answered. These sessions will also begin with an overview for the month of what I’m sensing as themes energetically and any other pertinent information that channels through to share, along with practical ideas to help. Whom the questions come from will remain anonymous. Additional bonus gift with each session.

The timeline will be November 2021 through April 2022 for the 6 month C.E.D.F. The 6 recorded sessions will be sent out near the beginning of the months and the 3 live sessions will be set up for one of the weekends of the given months they fall in. Once all registrations are in, I’ll contact the group with time/day choices for the live gatherings.

This is an opportunity for me to connect with the community in an even more intimate way – especially if you’re someone who has been following along via this blog or any of my social media pages, or perhaps used to receive newsletter updates when I sent those out – and answer your deeper questions, which are usually collectively shared in some way.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This is a nonjudgmental space and what I find is that questions lead down rabbit holes of discussion that end up spiraling us to exactly where the energy needs to go. We’ll discuss dynamics playing out, how to navigate the collective energy streams, and making more empowered choices. This is a way to stay connected, know that you’re not alone and have a dynamic group to unite forces with, as well as to keep a sense of accountability with what ever is important to you and maintain that energy flow. I find that many times when we don’t have a particular practice in place or way of showing up, it can be easy to let things slide or we find ourselves falling into a certain stagnant or darker place with potential of getting stuck. My hope is that this provides some momentum and supports you to keep moving through things or taking steps in some way. Perhaps even, reveals or fuels that silver lining, hope, or inspiration that can be harder to find these days.

Many have shared before that it only takes 1% of the population to create a massive wave of change and if we can induce transformation on some level via a connection like this, then we can contribute to that change on a wider scale. Regardless of the numbers or even if that statement/thought is true, what I do know is the more people who stand in the light of who they are and open their hearts as the bridges they have the strength to be, the more things shift in wondrous ways. I know that I was guided to provide this because of the importance right now for people to rise up and step into their power. Perhaps this can be one way to help us through the shifts and create an anchor and greater sense of peace and understanding through it all.

I’ve also decided to create a Pay It Forward aspect to this offering, inspired by the pay it forward gifting that took place recently with the Cosmic chests from some of you in the community to others.

The way the Pay it Forward will work:

Whether you’re interested in participating or not, you can help someone else who would like to, but may be unable. While registration is open, if there are any sales that take place, I will be donating 100% of sales profits from any of the remaining items in our Etsy shop or that I still have on hand into a community pool. This pool will be applied toward full or partial registrations for others in need. If any funds become available, I’ll reach out to let people know that are interested. Items that are available include 3 Cosmic Chest bundles – the Cosmic Woodland Faery, Blossom & Mermaid, 2 framed Magick Rabbit prints – Cosmic Voyage and The Journey, 2 original animal spirit guide paintings – The Child In Us (porcupine) and Gem of the Emerald Forest (panda), and 3 custom metal framed prints of Fire, Earth or Air. Some of these latter ones had gone through a couple of interested people, but fell through so remained with me, feeling the energy was being guided perfectly for needs at the time. I’m making them available again in case that energy has shifted for anyone. Their symbolism is included in the link below.

So, if you’re looking for holiday gifts or a treat for self, here are the links where you can purchase as a pay it forward community pool.

Link to shop is here: The Magick Rabbit (There are five items available)

Link to the paintings and custom framed prints: Artwork (Please scroll down to the bottom to see or purchase the available art mentioned above – there are five pieces available)

And here is the separate page link for the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, which includes the info I shared here, but also includes the registration links and options: Register for Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

You have the option of registering for just one of the session choices – Real Time Group Zoom Sessions or Recorded Video Sessions – or both. Early registration savings are included in the options, so make sure to choose the option that fits both your interest and timeline of registering.

Payment plans available – please CONTACT ME to set this up. Details found on separate page link above.

Pay It Forward support available if there’s a sales pool that comes in by 10/31. Feel free to email me if you would benefit from this support so that I can make note to contact anyone if that happens.

Sometimes you need some good time away to reflect on the big changes upcoming in your life, release all the old ideas and ways that could hinder the new taking form, dream wild and big, goal journal with clarity of vision, and nurture yourself with all the things you love and hold dearest. This is where I found myself this week and perhaps you are feeling similar.

This personal retreat provided confirmation on the path I’m choosing and also confirmation to open this new space and share even more deeply with you all.

And just look at the powerful medicine I was led to in the most magickal of ways – an abundance of gorgeous wild turkey feathers nearly every day and two separate, but complimentary deer antlers (left and right found in separate locations miles apart). All of them hidden and undetectable, scattered about, and a seeming miracle I even found them.

Alchemy isn’t something I need to attain, I am an alchemist by way of being a creative force. Alchemy is me taking a new path on the fork in the road and making it golden with every breath.

This is available to us all and the forum is a place to support and remind you of that, as you step more into your inner alchemist.

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  1. This sounds interesting Tania. I remember how helpful and powerful my men’s groups and other intentional small groups were. Kudos for realizing and sharing the power of intentional group work.

  2. What a wonderful offering, fullbof all sorts of possibilities. Sure love your shaman gifts from the animal kingdom

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    This sounds ahhhh-mazzziiing!!
    🤗 🙌🏻💛💛💛💛💛✨

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