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Divine Union & the Empowered Goddess – Custom Sacred Tattoo Designs

Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie Copyright

It has been a full and abundantly creative channeling week of commissioned painting and sacred tattoo designs (including one for myself), along with mid-week beach enjoyment (days and evenings absorbing the ocean energy) and more of that this weekend. Definitely a time to connect with the inner realms of intuition, telepathy and emotion, as well as embrace the flow of creativity and visionary intentions into manifestation – especially with yesterday’s Full Blue Moon in Pisces (my Sun sign). Feeling very at home in this watery realm.

Today I’m sharing the latest sacred tattoo designs that have emerged from the energies surrounding this week (and actually began the week prior, as the moment the connection is activated with the soul I am assisting, the process begins). I love to hear the stories of how things energetically already start shifting with the intention and portal opened from the onset of the intents we set forth in the creation process. Sometimes the process is quick and other times, it unfolds divinely and things are able to percolate in the background while the downloads take place.

The designs today that I’m sharing emerged over a couple of weeks. When I finally sit down to do the designing, after allowing things to flow in their own time, it is then a very fluid process. I truly embrace the sacred connection that takes place between myself and my client as a divine and sacred partnership.

I like to share “some” of the symbolism included in each design to allow others to see how tattoos, or any form of symbolic art, can truly encapsulate so much more than just a pretty picture.

The first image above was the desire of my client to create a rendition of the symbolism in an image she was drawn to, which I then imbued with elements that would support the energy she is evolving into and embracing more of. It is of a woman holding a lightning bolt – my artistic interpretation and intuited energetic depiction of the Motherpeace Tarot Deck’s Tower Card by Vicki Noble that was shared with me. I preferred her holding one lightning bolt that extended across her body as a solid, integrated energy that bridges both aspects of herself and depicts her ability to be in control, rather than controlled by outside forces that may seem threatening.

I also felt a more Earth Mother Goddess depiction felt mirroring for my client and the energies she is connected with and conveying. The image depicts this woman as having a natural beauty and simplicity, a gentle nature, but empowered, centered strength with inner peace and confidence. She is both nurturing and self sustaining, with abundant creation energy at her disposal. She is a woman of vision and shares her gifts through her heart, which is represented by the heart chakra 12 petaled lotus emanating behind her that is the supportive driving force behind everything from which she unconditionally and lovingly gives and receives. She is a woman of tremendous empowerment that has wise and responsible use of power, discernment and personal alchemy. She is centered and grounded within and allows her energy to be bigger and more vibrant, feeling safe, confident and vulnerably courageous to do so.

I enveloped her in a simple shawl of leaves and spiral symbolism that radiates from her sleeves. All of her chakras are radiating, activated, open and in harmony. Her hair and bottom of her shawl create an infinity symbol and I created the petals – the two at top and bottom – as almost a protective energy bubble around her, or could look like an energy cloak, throne, and the shape is also reminiscent of those more primitive goddess images/shapes. The lightning bolt crosses through her equally and brings together the element of “as above, so below” and in essence the design is also about “as within, so without.” A perfect blending and harmony of all aspects.

The same for the spiral designs to the left and right, which I included because of my client’s resonation with this design from a reference photo she shared and because the spiral energy is so powerful about how we move through our processes of life in continuity. They anchor and draw the energy out and spiraling. The spirals and edges of the heart chakra petals also flow with and mirror the design she already had on her lower arm.

This is a depiction of a woman that is in control of her environment, inward and outward and stands strong and confident in her grace and knowing. A very powerful, heart based energy indeed.

Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie Copyright

The second sacred tattoo design I created for the same client is pictured right. This came to me like a flash. Here we incorporated a couple of elements she wanted, infused with my intuited rendition and added imagery and way to tie it all in to one beautifully integrated symbolism. She wanted the Gaelic phrase “Anam Cara” (one I actually have myself) and the 3 moon phases, which also connects to the triple goddess energy. I kept getting nudged with an image of, and the word, sunflower for her. It is the main part of this design, with a beautiful organic feel, radiating energy like the sun and a center that has the 3 moon phases, with full moon culminating in a spiral center. (perfect time to be creating full moons on yesterday’s full blue moon in Pisces!) and then I felt the anam cara to be the grounding and stabilizing stem, adding a small bud that is emerging.

So here we have the fully blossomed sunflower in all of its glory, fully sharing its joy and vibrancy of life and life sustaining energy demonstrating the fullness of her embracing and standing in her power, and a bud that represents the parts of her that she continues to evolve, nurture and will bloom into fruition. I felt that since sunflowers are symbolic of the sun, that to put the moon phases at its center was a perfect empowered unity symbolism.

We have the integration of divine male and female here in beautiful synergy and partnership. The male sun petals framing, supporting and protecting the beauty of the female creativity, intuition, emotions…Inner and outer in harmony.

And in essence, Anam Cara being that uniting of inner and outer within yourself in the temple of your sacred “you” home, that then bonds with the energies of others on that same level you have attained in beauty and love with yourself. So to have it written on the stem of her sunflower (symbolizing her) is to acknowledge that sacred union and partnership she has with herself and that she is sharing in joy with the collective. Having the sunflower uniting divine feminine and male as created here (and in general is the beauty of flowers) is the essence of this Anam Cara essence emanating from shining and sharing her inner light and beauty in all of its glory. You can read more on how the energy of Anam Cara unfolds from within our sacred relationship to self and then without in bonding relationship and connection to others here: The Meaning of Anam Cara

Sunflowers are also symbols of spiritual attainment, flexibility and opportunity, the way they move their massive heads to meet the sun. Here is some more beautiful symbolism that sunflowers possess, which to me speaks to so much of what the energy intents were in creating a design to empower certain elements for my client and that are in process for her: Symbolic Sunflower Meaning by Avia Venefica 


My work is in the spiritual process: intuitive channeling, telepathic connection, sacred symbolism, manifesting the abstract visions/essence into form and to help pinpoint the energies most supportive (including, if desired, the placement) through an encoded creation of sacred body art. It’s a very involved process.

If you are interested in having me assist with the co-creation of your own personal sacred tattoo design I provide both stand-alone consultations via email or design consultations to create the perfect custom tattoo reflective of you. For information about both of these and my fees please visit Sacred Tattoo Consulting and Design

To read more about how sacred tattoos can empower your life, you may find my book Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep to be of resonation. 

Contact me with any questions at 

Heart Chakra Crystals and Tattoos

Emerald Bridge Logo

The Heart is the gateway for expressing the inexpressible and allows one to experience so much more than what we think is possible. It supports harmonious evolution and integration when we are centered in that space of unconditional compassion, presence, patience and love.

It is from this powerful and divine Heart space that Emerald Bridge emerged – my company- and the image you see here was revealed and created.

Loving to spread the love, we then created Emerald Bridge sacred temporary tattoos so that everyone could share and empower that unconditionally loving energy in energetic emanation!

Emerald Bridge Sacred Temporary Tattoos

You can purchase your own sacred temporary tattoos as pictured above, here:  Emerald Bridge

The Heart Chakra lies center of our Chakra system and is the “bridge” between the three lower and three upper Chakras, making it Chakra #4. It acts as an integrator, blending the beauty and experience of all of our parts into a transmutable green brilliance (synonymous with the crystalline being known as Emerald), which symbolizes its essence and also embodies an abundant healing energy. Emeralds are known as the “Stones of Successful Love,” bringing not only prosperity and abundance, but also act as integrators of the mind and the heart in opening and stimulating both capacities.

Cosmic Beacon – Moldavite Custom Pendant

Moldavite is another emerald-hued, crystalline being that powerfully vibrates the Heart Chakra energy. I like to call it the “Emerald Gem of the Galactic Heart,” as it resonates a powerful, Universal Love energy that reflects the Earth and beyond.

I love crystals because to me they are like an organic journey of the Heart, synchronizing our Living Earth with Divine Oneness. This is why I not only have a very unique personal collection of crystalline friends, but I have a passion for creating loving crystal pendants to support empowering human evolution!

To purchase or commission your own Heart Chakra crystal pendants visit: Joyful Earth Crystals

Heart Chakra Sacred Tattoo Designs and Spiritual Skin Sequel?

New Heart Chakra Sacred Tattoo Design

It matters not
Who you love
Where you love
Why you love
When you love
Or how you love
It matters only that you love.

John Lennon

Heart Chakra energy is the most powerful energy there is. In the human energy system, the source of powerful and creative, unconditional love energy lies at the center of your chest in the Heart Chakra, or “Anahata,” in Sanskrit. From its middle position as fourth in a system of seven chakras, it is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power.

Not only do I wear an empowering Heart Chakra sacred tattoo design over my own Heart on my back, but I have seen the wave of Heart Chakra sacred tattoo designs increasing among those I work with and that are drawn to my work to receive a co-created, custom sacred tattoo. I love creating all potent and symbolic designs, no matter where they are energetically needed, but I have a special place in my heart for this energetic area to channel a creation for. And what a lovely canvas of emanation the upper back is! A visionary artist’s dream to create on in ways that can really empower at the core of being!

Most of you have seen one of the recent pieces I did for a client, pictured above (the piece is still going to receive coloring and shading, but you can see the powerful presence and beauty a piece like this creates for this energetic love spot!

I’m excited to see the final results of several others I have helped to manifest into creation, as well as can’t wait to see this new one posted. I love to hear the stories of the experiences my clients go through in the process of, and after, receiving their new Spiritual Skin. It truly is powerful, which I can share from my own personal experience.

Here’s what this lovely client had to share about the design you see here that I helped create. I can’t share her personal experiences, but her testimonial she did provide:

“What a true blessing it has been to get my Sacred Tattoo designed by Tania. My gratitude cannot be described with words. I have searched for years for the perfect design, but never found anything close to what I was searching for, needed, or imagined. Yet, when Tania completed my design, it was exactly what I was seeking and needed.

Honestly, I’m not surprised at the perfection. The energy and consulting invested throughout the creation process was like no other I’ve seen or heard of; but exactly what I needed. It’s no wonder my design came out perfectly the first time. 

I even had a chance to learn about the healing aspects of tattoos which was new to me, but now makes so much sense.”

I like to sometimes share the symbolism behind the images I have helped to create, to help others to understand what goes into these pieces and the layers of depth to the energy that they embody. I can’t possibly share everything, but it gives an idea of what is encapsulated into a sacred tattoo design. The image you first saw at the start of this is about a 10” x 7” piece. It incorporated the elements this very in-tune and lovely client had shared with me, with some additions I channeled and then finely brought together to incorporate one integrated piece embodying the intended energy.

Here is a little about the image. I won’t reiterate some of the elements that I have shared in other designs that are more Universally known, like the symbolism of Ganesha (remover of obstacles, Moksha (liberation, release, to free oneself), and Lotus. But here are some insights into the way they were created:

I wanted a beautiful image of Ganesha firmly rooted, balanced and open, receiving at the gateway of the heart and sitting center of the lotus throne, as if comfortably at peace and blossoming from this sanctuary. I created a very royal and layered lotus with petals at top that come together in Namaste honoring and prayer form, which also represents a meeting of duality into harmonious integration and create a beautiful petaled throne for Ganesha. I placed Moksha in Sanskrit at the bottom on the completely open petal that is shaped like a heart. I think that speaks for itself.

I added two elements to incorporate the “grace” this client wanted to represent someone dear to them that had transitioned and the grace of their being that my client embodies as the gift received from that person through them. These elements are represented by the Konrai, or Golden Shower, blossoms to the left and right of Ganesha. In the Hindu culture this has been known as the  flowering symbol of Siva’s or Shiva’s honeyed grace in our life – cascading, abundant, golden grace. Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from forces such as lust, greed, and anger. He grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in His devotees. Shiva is also similar to the Phoenix energy, with a primary responsibility in maintaining the life cycle, cycling  destruction and recreation always in a circle, thus maintaining order in the Cosmos. So having this symbol of the Konrai/Golden Shower in here I felt was energetically potent for imbuing that showering of grace into my client’s life, as well as embodies the embracing of experiences they have been through and the peace in knowing the Divinity of it all. I also added the butterfly gently emerging from the lotus petals. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, transformation, balance, grace and the ability to accept change and also has that connection of Source through nature. I also felt that the butterfly not only could represent these qualities and healing energies for my client, but symbolized the transitioned soul who is divinely guiding them and showering them with their presence and gifts from their ascended embodiment (butterflies have also been said and known by the ancients to represent those that have moved to a different reality, returning to us in this life). This transitioned dear soul helps my client to draw in through their petaled lotus heart, the beauty they embody and guide them with.

The image is very centered and integrated, anchored and also elevating and expansive in the way the butterfly is flying up through the Chakras to Universal Consciousness and Cosmos (from its Heart Chakra placement) and the heart petal points down through the other Chakras and to the Earth. This representing an evolutionary process of integration that takes place through the Heart Chakra that will remind my client to always be present within their own life, as well as be example in their supportive service to others. The many layers of the lotus petals are also like the many layers of our life processes and peeling them away in timely perfection, similar to the onion, where we then reveal, in vulnerable strength, our core in complete liberated, unobstructed flow and grace. The beauty this person enjoys sharing with others I believe will definitely be embodied in this image, which is why I channeled a visual interpretation of the image references I had been given, as I really wanted to mirror the qualities of my client and what they are, at essence, about – that meant interpreting it through the heart.

I really love these Heart Chakra sacred tattoo designs and look forward to more. I am about to start a new design this weekend for another client, so who knows what will channel through as the most potent area to create their very first tattoo on. It does seem that everyone can benefit from an empowered Heart experience, as love is the most powerful energy there is!


Well, I didn’t see this coming in the beginning, but have been receiving nudges since the first day my book, Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep came out. Like with all things, shifts take place, and right now MAJOR shifting has been occurring in record speed, so these days I can truly say only that which I feel in the moment, as the next is a whole new playing field. However, it is also my experience that if I keep receiving a recurring seed idea along with the clear vision, start downloading specifics and start to feel the seed as if its already blossomed, then chances are it WILL happen. The when is the only question! With that said, I have received the hard shove that a sequel to Spiritual Skin will be birthing and as that evolves, I will keep you posted. With the embrace that the first book has been receiving, I am understanding why a second is in need of emerging to support this new paradigm of sacred and empowered body art. So stay tuned! When and how I’ll manage to get this one out, who knows! But where there is a need created, there is a way to supporting it!


If interested in your own custom sacred tattoo design, temporary tattoo, or to learn more about and order a copy of Spiritual Skin, please visit: or you may contact me at

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