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New Sacred Tattoo Designs & Rates for 2016

Aymey Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred tattoo design created for over the Heart Chakra filling middle/upper back to reflect her essence and deepening into her heart


Beginning today, I’ll be sharing some of the sacred tattoo designs I’ve been working on since returning from my sabbatical in batches of 3 or 4 at a time, so you can see the new energy that’s channeling through with a new year upon us.

I don’t have the time to share the in depth symbolism anymore for each design, but I do believe that everyone receives the message, reflection, and symbolism perfect for them when viewing these, regardless.

The energy continues to be potent and the process for me continues to deepen and lengthen due to the amount of pre-work I invest in it that takes all of me to emerge in and “draw” forth.


Sacred tattoo design created for entire left arm. The bottom portion on the inner forearm, extending up to the whole upper arm. I only created the left half of the upper arm (the darker portion), as that part had to be integrated with a tattoo she already had there which included her Dutch heritage (coat of arms and tulips along with Dad’s name) and reverence for her father on the right and center (the lighter portion). She wanted to integrate her new journey that has opened with Reiki and the expansive path ahead of service from being more in her essence, along with connections with family and love.

And designs continue to align with energetic things on the collective or personal landscapes, which is always such a magickally synchronous unfolding.

Nikki Sacred Tattoo Design

This is just the forearm piece of the above design, as I created it in two parts since this one opened the flow for the vision on the second upper arm piece that unfolded in clarity, as we journeyed deeper in dialogue after the creation of this one. The inspiration actually came to me in the shower. I am constantly working!

So, it has taken me longer than it used to, to move through designs, not to mention, my life is much fuller with the increased balance I’m creating for personal and service.

This is ultimately all tied together since my optimal condition reflects on the work I am able to do and provide for others.

Because of the increased amount of work involved with these designs that begins the moment someone commissions me and continues as a thorough exploration through the extensive life journeys I read from each person where I then help people to bring to life the most optimally integrated symbolism for empowerment, I’ve been guided that my rate had to increase in reflection to my personal investment on all levels.

Kris Sacred Tattoo Design

This sacred tattoo design is quite large and so deeply rich of her life’s journey, challenges, and transmutation of it all into the essence of who she is today and continues to become as a result of her growth. It fills the upper and mid back and extends through right shoulder blade and up on to top of shoulder to connect with an already there lotus my client has sitting on the front of the shoulder, and then it wraps and flows from around solar plexus area through waste and some of ribs.

I’ve been sharing that this would happen come the first of the new year and it is now in effect.

I understand this may affect some people’s ability to work with me, however I believe the people meant to will, and being that I can’t possibly take on all of the inquiries I receive on this, it helps me to be able to balance and focus my time on other areas of my work needing my attention now too.

I am currently booked until March, but if you decide you’d like to embark on this journey with me to co-create your most beautiful reflection of you, as an embodiment of “spiritual skin” you can find all of the necessary information to understand the process, along with new rate and how to place your deposit to get on my waiting list, here:

Life Changing Tattoos

Limited July & August Bookings Available for Sacred Tattoo Designs ~ Once Filled the Next Bookings Will Be For December & 2016

Sacred Tattoo Designs

I’m currently still booked through mid-July, but if you’d like to get a sacred tattoo design done before I take my sabbatical, you can still schedule one to be completed by end of August. So there’s still a month and a half open for bookings.

Of course my moving doesn’t affect my ability to continue supporting clients with sacred tattoo designs, as I do this work completely by distance via email.

I’ll just be taking a 3 month hiatus from creating designs.

However, if you really feel you want a design co-created with me that you’ll be wanting to get inked before the end of the year, then you’ll want to schedule something for July or August, as I will be taking three months off of all services offered.

While I’m off, you can still request bookings and get on my calendar for when I return, by placing your deposit here: Co-create a sacred tattoo design with Tania Marie

This is also the same link where you can currently book a consultation with me by placing a deposit and scheduling for July or August. I’ll get in touch with you on the timing when I receive your deposit.

But if you want to wait, just know that I will not be back to creating until December of this year. If by any chance things shift and I need to extend my sabbatical to the beginning of 2016, I’d contact you to let you know.

Just be aware that once July and August fills, I will automatically be scheduling out for December and January, to accommodate my personal time off.

From Tattoo to Book Cover – Sacred Art with Layered Purpose

Kathy's Sacred Tattoo DesignYou may have remembered me posting back in August about the new inspirational book by Kathy Jourdain that was released – Embracing the Stranger In Me: A Journey to Openheartedness.

In that post I mentioned that Kathy would be sharing the story, once she launched her website, behind the creation of her sacred tattoo design (which I was honored to co-create with her) and how it came to be the cover design for her book.

Well, I’m happy to announce that her story behind the artwork that now graces her cover, has just been released yesterday. So I thought I would share it here so you can see how synchronous magick weaves itself into our lives when we choose to embark on a consciously aware journey of life.

Kathy shares her story here:

Not Just Cover Design; It Is Sacred Art



Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness by Kathy Jourdain is available now from Balboa Press here:

Embracing The Stranger In Me

This title is also available through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer. And if you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can also now find it on the shelves of Little Mysteries.

You can also follow updates about Kathy’s book at her Facebook page: 

Embracing The Stranger In Me

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at Remember that there is currently a waiting list and price changes are going to be in effect at start of 2014. 

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation


A “Spiritual Skin” Design Graces the Cover of Kathy Jourdain’s New Book, “Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness”

Kathy Jourdain Embracing the Stranger in MeToday I want to briefly share some very exciting news about an inspirational new book that is now available. Not only do I foresee it being another empowering tool that will support many globally, but I am also deeply honored and grateful to have my artwork gracing the cover.

Kathy Jourdain and I connected via Facebook, through a synchronous connection via another sacred tattoo design I created for a shared friend. It was an instant bond right from the onset and it was clear our paths were meant to converge to channel this divinely aligned co-creation. I can’t express enough what an honor it has been to work with Kathy and to experience the beauty of such an amazing bridge worker spreading her light and love all over the world.

From client to friend, I cherish the connection she and I now share, as bridge workers and beyond, as well as cherish all of the amazing soul friendships that I have been blessed to have in my life that the service I do enables me to connect with.

Kathy will be sharing more about the amazing story behind her sacred tattoo, which she also now wears upon her back over her Heart Chakra, once her website is launched here shortly. In the meantime, I would just like to express how meaningful and priceless the work I do is to me, that bridges connections between myself and so many across the globe in deep ways.

As Kathy shares, and I heart and soul-fully agree, “When she gets homesick, it is not for the place she calls home, but for the people she has the privilege of knowing and falling in love with all over the world.”

Beautifully and perfectly put Kathy – my sentiments exactly.

kathy-bookI just received a copy of Kathy’s new book, “Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness” – published by Balboa Press – A Division of Hay House, in the mail this weekend and was so moved to see and feel the emanation of this stunning cover that seems to glow with such powerful simplicity, the core essence of her story. It was a beautiful, channeled, collaborative co-creation between Kathy, the Balboa Press designers, and myself.

What an amazing gift to receive and more so, was the beautiful, personally signed dedication I found inside the cover from Kathy that truly touched my heart. Thank you Kathy.

I am so looking forward to continuing to read her personal journey, seeded deep in symbolism that threads a woven tapestry of experience – one that we can each find gems of inspiration, empowerment, and support from. After which, I will share a review.

In the meantime, here is a brief overview of Kathy Jourdain’s book:

This is an empowering—though at times heartbreaking—work that seeks to encourage others to embrace their inner selves in the face of adversity. It illuminates how we make meaning of our experiences by the stories we tell and how stories of human tragedy can be transformed through the perspective of soul journey with the potential to shift the shape of your life.

And here are a few of the many wonderful comments from people about Kathy and her book that continue to flow in:

“Reading your book is an intimate exchange between the reader and the book.”

“You are an amazing story teller! I was riveted…”

“This amazing book has made me laugh out loud, weep, ponder, and made my hands sweat and shake…sometimes while reading the same page!”

“I am devouring your book. Opened it this morning and having been reading it ever since. I am touched by your grace, eloquence, and honesty.”

About Kathy Jourdain:

This book took shape and form at the confluence of three significant threads in Kathy Jourdain’s life over five years from 2005 to 2010. One was awakening to a spiritual lineage deeply buried in her consciousness. Another was being confronted by a physical lineage she had no idea existed. The third was discovering how to walk in the world with strength, joy, and compassion and to be powerful in her vulnerability, growing her depth of presence and capacity to do deep, meaningful work in the world.

kathy-book3Kathy is a powerful practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, a self-organizing, emergent global network living the principles and practices of shared responsibility and shared leadership. It demands that practitioners become increasingly self-aware and present and that they collaborate with others in tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time.

As a global steward of these principles and practices, Kathy is invited into hosting teams and consulting work for increasingly difficult work, primarily in Canada, the United States and Brazil. She shares what she is learning through her writing on her blog, Shape Shift.

She was born in Nova Scotia, was raised there and has lived there all her life. She currently resides in Bedford.

Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness by Kathy Jourdain is available now from Balboa Press here:

Embracing The Stranger In Me

This title is also available through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer. And if you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can also now find it on the shelves of Little Mysteries.

You can also follow updates about Kathy’s book at her Facebook page: 

Embracing The Stranger In Me

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at Remember that there is currently a waiting list and price changes are going to be in effect at start of 2014. 

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Divine Union & the Empowered Goddess – Custom Sacred Tattoo Designs

Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie Copyright

It has been a full and abundantly creative channeling week of commissioned painting and sacred tattoo designs (including one for myself), along with mid-week beach enjoyment (days and evenings absorbing the ocean energy) and more of that this weekend. Definitely a time to connect with the inner realms of intuition, telepathy and emotion, as well as embrace the flow of creativity and visionary intentions into manifestation – especially with yesterday’s Full Blue Moon in Pisces (my Sun sign). Feeling very at home in this watery realm.

Today I’m sharing the latest sacred tattoo designs that have emerged from the energies surrounding this week (and actually began the week prior, as the moment the connection is activated with the soul I am assisting, the process begins). I love to hear the stories of how things energetically already start shifting with the intention and portal opened from the onset of the intents we set forth in the creation process. Sometimes the process is quick and other times, it unfolds divinely and things are able to percolate in the background while the downloads take place.

The designs today that I’m sharing emerged over a couple of weeks. When I finally sit down to do the designing, after allowing things to flow in their own time, it is then a very fluid process. I truly embrace the sacred connection that takes place between myself and my client as a divine and sacred partnership.

I like to share “some” of the symbolism included in each design to allow others to see how tattoos, or any form of symbolic art, can truly encapsulate so much more than just a pretty picture.

The first image above was the desire of my client to create a rendition of the symbolism in an image she was drawn to, which I then imbued with elements that would support the energy she is evolving into and embracing more of. It is of a woman holding a lightning bolt – my artistic interpretation and intuited energetic depiction of the Motherpeace Tarot Deck’s Tower Card by Vicki Noble that was shared with me. I preferred her holding one lightning bolt that extended across her body as a solid, integrated energy that bridges both aspects of herself and depicts her ability to be in control, rather than controlled by outside forces that may seem threatening.

I also felt a more Earth Mother Goddess depiction felt mirroring for my client and the energies she is connected with and conveying. The image depicts this woman as having a natural beauty and simplicity, a gentle nature, but empowered, centered strength with inner peace and confidence. She is both nurturing and self sustaining, with abundant creation energy at her disposal. She is a woman of vision and shares her gifts through her heart, which is represented by the heart chakra 12 petaled lotus emanating behind her that is the supportive driving force behind everything from which she unconditionally and lovingly gives and receives. She is a woman of tremendous empowerment that has wise and responsible use of power, discernment and personal alchemy. She is centered and grounded within and allows her energy to be bigger and more vibrant, feeling safe, confident and vulnerably courageous to do so.

I enveloped her in a simple shawl of leaves and spiral symbolism that radiates from her sleeves. All of her chakras are radiating, activated, open and in harmony. Her hair and bottom of her shawl create an infinity symbol and I created the petals – the two at top and bottom – as almost a protective energy bubble around her, or could look like an energy cloak, throne, and the shape is also reminiscent of those more primitive goddess images/shapes. The lightning bolt crosses through her equally and brings together the element of “as above, so below” and in essence the design is also about “as within, so without.” A perfect blending and harmony of all aspects.

The same for the spiral designs to the left and right, which I included because of my client’s resonation with this design from a reference photo she shared and because the spiral energy is so powerful about how we move through our processes of life in continuity. They anchor and draw the energy out and spiraling. The spirals and edges of the heart chakra petals also flow with and mirror the design she already had on her lower arm.

This is a depiction of a woman that is in control of her environment, inward and outward and stands strong and confident in her grace and knowing. A very powerful, heart based energy indeed.

Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie Copyright

The second sacred tattoo design I created for the same client is pictured right. This came to me like a flash. Here we incorporated a couple of elements she wanted, infused with my intuited rendition and added imagery and way to tie it all in to one beautifully integrated symbolism. She wanted the Gaelic phrase “Anam Cara” (one I actually have myself) and the 3 moon phases, which also connects to the triple goddess energy. I kept getting nudged with an image of, and the word, sunflower for her. It is the main part of this design, with a beautiful organic feel, radiating energy like the sun and a center that has the 3 moon phases, with full moon culminating in a spiral center. (perfect time to be creating full moons on yesterday’s full blue moon in Pisces!) and then I felt the anam cara to be the grounding and stabilizing stem, adding a small bud that is emerging.

So here we have the fully blossomed sunflower in all of its glory, fully sharing its joy and vibrancy of life and life sustaining energy demonstrating the fullness of her embracing and standing in her power, and a bud that represents the parts of her that she continues to evolve, nurture and will bloom into fruition. I felt that since sunflowers are symbolic of the sun, that to put the moon phases at its center was a perfect empowered unity symbolism.

We have the integration of divine male and female here in beautiful synergy and partnership. The male sun petals framing, supporting and protecting the beauty of the female creativity, intuition, emotions…Inner and outer in harmony.

And in essence, Anam Cara being that uniting of inner and outer within yourself in the temple of your sacred “you” home, that then bonds with the energies of others on that same level you have attained in beauty and love with yourself. So to have it written on the stem of her sunflower (symbolizing her) is to acknowledge that sacred union and partnership she has with herself and that she is sharing in joy with the collective. Having the sunflower uniting divine feminine and male as created here (and in general is the beauty of flowers) is the essence of this Anam Cara essence emanating from shining and sharing her inner light and beauty in all of its glory. You can read more on how the energy of Anam Cara unfolds from within our sacred relationship to self and then without in bonding relationship and connection to others here: The Meaning of Anam Cara

Sunflowers are also symbols of spiritual attainment, flexibility and opportunity, the way they move their massive heads to meet the sun. Here is some more beautiful symbolism that sunflowers possess, which to me speaks to so much of what the energy intents were in creating a design to empower certain elements for my client and that are in process for her: Symbolic Sunflower Meaning by Avia Venefica 


My work is in the spiritual process: intuitive channeling, telepathic connection, sacred symbolism, manifesting the abstract visions/essence into form and to help pinpoint the energies most supportive (including, if desired, the placement) through an encoded creation of sacred body art. It’s a very involved process.

If you are interested in having me assist with the co-creation of your own personal sacred tattoo design I provide both stand-alone consultations via email or design consultations to create the perfect custom tattoo reflective of you. For information about both of these and my fees please visit Sacred Tattoo Consulting and Design

To read more about how sacred tattoos can empower your life, you may find my book Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep to be of resonation. 

Contact me with any questions at 

The Essence of You – Do Tattoos Support or Hinder Your Personal Essence?

Spiritual Skin

Since putting out my book, Spiritual Skin, I get an influx of questions from readers, clients and curious enthusiasts and I notice themes and their energetic timing. One such theme I’ve wanted to address for a while and got another nudge recently to do so, is on the topic of inner confliction and how tattooing hinders or supports one’s personal essence.

Questions emerge when people have been facing the prospect of getting their first tattoo and then an inner and outer dialogue begins that comes to the surface to process and integrate. Many then begin to feel unclear about their decisions and start questioning if this is the path for them, wondering…Does it really mirror who I am? How does something seemingly harsh or “non-organic” translate into the essence of what I and others see myself as, in being more pure? Will this change how others see me? Will it change who I know myself to be? Is this really aligned with what I am trying to create and embody in my life? Is this really the right expression for me or should I choose something less permanent? How will others feel about me after I do this? Will I be ostracized or judged and if so, does that matter?

All of these are valid and valuable questions and in my opinion, very normal, when faced with what I’ve come to see as a huge step in the journey of self-empowerment and ultimately, collective awakening. Does this mean this path is for everyone? No. Does it mean it may not be the right timing or there may be a more suitable personal channel? Yes, potentially. Does it mean there are shadow aspects and potential unauthentic and conditioned beliefs and fears you are weeding through still? Yes, most likely. Does it mean you are remembering and empowering who you really are. Yes, definitely.

What I’ve come to see is that when someone in question begins the journey to find answers to those questions and seeks those answers out from others, the plot seems to thicken. I have found that others mirror you and your own inner dialogue and will play that out for you in the way that you need. So you will always find the answers you want or need to hear and they are accurately sharing based on what is coming through. However, the question is, to which voice are they answering and mirroring? Others are always a good and timely sounding board to ourselves and will reflect what you need to hear and play out the shadow aspects for you that will best serve your personal growth, path and the choices you make along it.

The key then is practicing wise discernment as to which voice is of your heart of hearts.

I wanted to write a blog on this for a while and when I recently answered this theme again for someone, I felt rather than piece together a long drawn out dissertation, (I’ll leave that for my book when that comes to be and address all these aspects specifically then) I’d share my response and allow that to speak as it may to each of you that may have similar questions and experiences. It doesn’t address each point specifically, but in essence covers this theme through my own story. Here is a version of what I shared:

The best way for me to share this is through personal experience.

Everyone throughout my life has held a very pure and ethereal feeling of what I portray, both physically and energetically. In some ways that may have at times felt like a lot to live up to in terms of other’s expectations and what they deemed those definitions to translate as. They would never have thought that my getting tattoos would be part of their observational idea of what that translates into as, or looks like to them. The key being, when they share an opinion, it is based on their observational viewpoint separate from the object (me) being viewed. It is channeled through that person’s conditioned funneling system and interpretative ability to formulate what someone/thing (I) energetically manifests as through their personal experience of me. This observation and conclusion is also based on what I have revealed, or allowed to be revealed to them, that they go by, coupled with that personal interpretation of how they see me to be through their filtering system that is unique to them.

When I first got my tattoo there were levels of depth I needed to penetrate within me to understand how all of this translates and where “my” desires stemmed from outside of what others shared or even how I might have bought into thinking, based on the constant mirroring of what people would share and how that “should” relate and translate to “them.” Seeing where I may have attachments to their concepts and definitions, because of the emotional acceptance bought into and felt comforting not to diverge from, and how those varied or conflicted with my own personal beliefs and feelings that made more sense in my heart and soul, was key.

This was a continued process that went deeper and deeper with each tattoo experience. So many things to transcend and break as patterns and conditioning and even sabotaging within myself or hiding from myself because as a Pisces I was, and could be, so vulnerable to taking on what others feel and think (having no boundaries and being collectively ultra-sensitive and mutable) and could easily misinterpret it as me, when in fact it wasn’t at all. That discovery was an unfolding process of taking very courageous steps in challenging myself to discover me and learn how to discern, understand the energetic nuances of what was real and authentic to me and what was not, and to still yet maintain my collective connection while empowering self.

My serpent tattoo

This especially was so when I got my serpent on my hand that at first I found myself subconsciously hiding and pulling sleeves over because of the connotation of serpents and how others have come to view (misinformedly) the serpent symbolism. Once I integrated the understanding of this beautiful and powerful symbolism and shadow aspect that I had come to know and resonate with, then I saw the direct and beautiful mirroring of my integrated embodiment of it in other’s experience of it as well.

Stories could go on, however, in the end, I STILL have the same mirrored feelings from others about how my energy is pure, faery, ethereal, otherworldly, earth goddess, nature connected, how vibrant or healthy they see me as, despite AND because OF my tattoos.

The reason why? Authenticity and because I have learned how to transcend all of it and connect within me as to who I am and putting out the vibration of that through my heart. And that emanates through anything that may or may not be on my body, as well as shifts perceptions, helps transcend judgments, and has helped others to expand their definitions of what pure looks like. Every time I may take things up another notch with tattoos or anything in general, as I like to challenge myself to greater expansion, there can be that time period of integration, which now is much swifter and more natural than black and white.

Everything is energy and the energy is what comes through my tattoos and is what they are made of – magick. Not separate, not defining, and not altering of who I am at the core, but are an extension of my energy expressed through me so that others can feel who I am and see with new eyes a whole picture that exists. They also help to activate and empower more of who I am at the core in the power of their intentful symbolism and ability to assist in DNA shifting/aligning and accessing portal experiences, which in turn collectively has healing benefits and openings.

Who I am at heart and how I embody that, reflects how anything I do, say, or wear translates. Everything stems from me and when the truth within is embraced and honored, it shifts everything outwardly as a direct mirror.

This is why I have experienced others being very drawn to the tattoos I have as sacred body art, not simply because they think the designs are cool or are done in a way that aesthetically resonates, but because they emanate an energy that alone they could not do, but they have because of what is emanating through them FROM me and the intentful and heartfelt energy I’m connecting with when I share myself with others. The deeper I go with myself, the more energy exudes. I have been stopped by the most arbitrary people, including those who aren’t normally attracted to tattoos, and even mothers with children in stores who show their kids my tattoos, who in turn are fascinated. Kids are connected with more purity and this is not a usual behavior of a mom to share.

I may be unique in my experiences and my path is not everyone’s, but for me this is how I have seen the process play out.

It’s all a beautiful process into ourselves. It’s valuable to ask these very important questions to go deeper within so that you come to honor that place within “you” most heartfully.

If interested in reading more on this topic you may find resonation with my book, Spiritual Skin. If you would like assistance in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design, you can email me at

A Shaman’s Journey – Weaving Integrative Healing and Magic with Sacred Tattoo Designs

Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie

I just completed another sacred tattoo design and it has been a beautiful journey, to say the least. When I am provided with the ability to let the designs work their own magic, in their own time, I love to see how they flow with what I have going on in my own life that ends up connecting beautifully with the client I am designing for. With this particular design, I was able to let the energy percolate while I was away in Big Bear and Lake Tahoe/Reno, taking in the energy of the mountains, forests and lakes. Perfect energy to connect with and through for what I was channeling.

Interestingly my computer had blown out when I arrived in Big Bear on the 4th of July and with everything I had in terms of information for this tattoo, on there, I was unable to work on it. So, I knew it was the first sign to let the energy work its own timing. Much time I spent out in the forests hiking and biking by the lake, where I connected with the Earth, nature, elements and animals – the Divine wholeness and bigger picture of everything. When I returned, I had to get a new computer up and running and in the meantime, catch up on other work, so I would tune in and do some channeling work with this design, when I felt the intuitive hit to do so without anything interfering. Then I was off to Lake Tahoe and Reno, where again, I was immersed in the beauty and magic ofnature and experiencing an integrative healing journey personally, as well as receiving collective messages as well. I had printed out the info for the design I’d been provided, so I could read it while in the plane there and back, so that I could allow it all to percolate and emerge in vision through me with what was flowing in energetically on this trip.

My intuitive feelings from the start would become more and more clear and upon returning, I knew the time was right to finalize the process and bring it into manifestation on paper. The day I began to have the flow emerge, I also took an evening walk on the beach where I was met by a pelican that allowed me to get as close as I wanted. I connected with it and knew it was communicating and had waited for me and the messages mirrored things for myself, but also reiterated the shamanic and shapeshifting, healing energy I was working with for this sacred tattoo design.

And yesterday, it all just flowed with grace and ease, as I played music to accompany my process that held the right energetic resonance, along with having my new smokey quartz heart crystal I got in Reno, alongside me to aid the channeling creation.

What I love is how the images emerge. I usually get a sense of the energy and even the exact symbolism/images that will be incorporated – the essence – but how they will look doesn’t really happen until I sit down and put pencil in hand and allow. Then it is like a channeling process and that guides me, by something beyond myself that comes through and things just magically start to appear. It’s the same with my paintings. But my process used to be that I would receive the exact vision in my head and then work towards creating that vision. Now my process has shifted where I receive the essence and how that comes to be is a beautiful and vulnerable journey of letting go and allowing that divine image to come through, unencumbered by any thoughts. A purely in-the-moment creation of heart expression that comes from tapping into that neither here nor there place and flowing freely – stepping out of the way and having Spirit move through me.

This is the process of sacred tattoo designing, for me, and what emerged with this one. And it is always so beautiful to hear the reiterations from those I co-create these designs with, in how so many elements synchronize with things in their lives or how specific things manifested that they didn’t share with me, but are in the image, etc. A mirror of open heart channeling between souls. More and more this whole process is deepening and collaborative team efforts are emerging in this partnering and people meeting each other heart to heart with courageous vulnerability. It really moves me to experience all of this with others. And it is a learning process for each of us in how to communicate and meet at that very revealing and authentic place that is honoring of each other during the journey. I go through my own evolution each time and with the different people I work with and what each brings to the table that challenges me on many levels to push myself to that space in which I can be bigger than myself. I am grateful for that journey and the integration it provides both of us.

This design that came through was special to work with. Each always is uniquely special in their own way since they reflect the individual beauty of each person, but I truly was honored in this journey, as it’s one of those times the soul I was working with basically revealed themselves in naked truth to me by choice of laying it on the table. I still get to do the intuitive work to see how things come together in the most empowering way, in circumstances like this, but it’s really indicative of how many are finding that self awareness and comfortability to expose their naked skin to others (me in this case) and in so doing I can assist in transforming it into spiritual skin that mirrors that beauty (and in general, that equates to people being able to truly interact at a heart and soul level without masks or hindrances.)

Usually I share a lot of the symbolism in the designs, but this time I wanted to share more on the journey. What resulted was a reflection of this client’s soul to me that revealed her shaman/healer/magical/shape-shifter/earth keeper energy. It was definitely a shamanic journey to receive it and what resulted was a beautiful tapestry of her soul that will empower the integrative healing and magic into her life she needs, as well as provide the energy to grow into. It will also help to balance the very male energies she has to bring in the divine feminine to integrate. The placement of her left hip/thigh, helping to integrate that feminine energy (as it’s connected with the right brain) and also the hips and thighs are about moving forward without fear and keeping one in balance.

The symbolism included were a mixture of ones that were important in her life, that she had connection with, or that I intuited based on what she shared and I received. I loved hearing how when she read my explanation to her of the design, that her Raven friend came to visit her at her window while she wrote back to me, she also had recently gotten some smokey quartz earrings (connecting with the one I was working with in channeling this), and some other cool synchronicities with what I designed for her. I originally had created four similar feathers as the four directions, unknowingly about her connection with feathers and then that opened up her sharing about her 3 feather collection she had given to her by special people and coming from powerful birds. She then realized that those 3 feathers would be powerful to incorporate and I agreed! So I took her photos and redid three of the feathers to match hers and the last remained as the one I created – a gift now from me. I intuited which feather was to go in which direction and used my pendulum to verify, which it did. I love the result and I can’t wait to see this in the flesh.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of people’s journeys and to assist in empowering others.

If interested in a sacred tattoo design for yourself, you can contact me at and visit this link to see if my work is an energetic match for you: Spiritual Skin

Doorways to Liberation – Sacred Tattoos as a Tool to Access New Realities

As mentioned in my last post, there has been an influx of experiences not only for myself, but with clients and friends going through their own personal shifts and amping up. It’s exciting to watch and support! I’ve seen more and more people ready to take those leaps and needing to have that reflected in their life in varying ways that mirror their personal trajectories that are awakening in alignment with collective needs and shifts. This is a very active time for people to step into more empowered authenticity and one of those ways has been through personal and symbolic expressions to hone in on those energies – sacred body art being one tool many are drawn to.

Those who never had been drawn to this form of art or personal expression (or had secret connection with it), are finding themselves drawn to it now, as they awaken those natural parts of themselves reflective of “their” authenticity and in resonance with what speaks through their heart as supportive, regardless of the environmental factors that have had their influences until now. I love to see people finding liberation through all the different channels available to assist – and mostly I just love feeling peoples’ lives on fire with the embracing of their own truths. I feel it to be an honor to be able to assist this liberation of others’ gifts, through the gifts I have available.

I’ve been a bit behind on posting as much, especially with new creations. I recently helped design a pair of tattoo designs for a client that spoke to her own personal evolution, which has been quite a journey. And I love how her first, and idea for only one tattoo, turned into two at once! It’s also always interesting for me to watch the evolution and processing that takes place in helping to assist with these designs and what it reflects, reveals, and challenges in each of us upon stepping into the realm of courageous and vulnerable self-expression and open liberation.

I’ll be posting more, as I’m working on some amazing pieces right now. I’m also excited about my next tattoo (yes another has evolved for me) that I”ll be getting at the beginning of August. VERY symbolically potent in terms of my personal experiences into a new reality. It has a connection with one of these I’m posting today, but through my own personal expression and needs, will manifest as is reflective of such.

I’ll be posting her designs when they come to life in the flesh, but wanted to share a bit about them for now. The first is a lovely hummingbird (the client’s animal totem and symbolic of much for her) with a magical rune embodied within it) and the other a custom made Seven Pointed Faery/Elven/Pleiadian Star (gateway to the Otherworld) to suit her energy and personal expression. Synchronously, this symbol has been showing up a lot for many, including myself since the beginning of the year, and is being fitted to my own energy as my next tattoo as well.

We created two versions of the hummingbird’s tail, so she could play with how it would flow on her inner forearm/wrist – one more hovering and one more in flight – along with a simple, elegant tail for one and one more airy and feathery. These are some of the tweaks that take place in the process for those that need visual support in feeling out what reflects best and gives choices to play with when taken to their tattoo artist.

Interestingly, but never surprisingly, as I had completed the Faery Star, an earthquake hit immediately after. Definitely creating energetic shifts and opening doorways to other realities, which was exactly what I was personally working on and everything we focus on is collectively linked. I love to see the direct manifestations of our creations. Rockin’ and rollin’! 🙂

If you are interested in having me assist with a custom sacred tattoo for your own personal liberation and symbolic empowerment for the new reality you are creating, you can contact me at to co-create one together.

If you would like to read more about sacred tattoos you may enjoy my book Spiritual Skin.

In love!

Sacred Tattoo Co-Creations – The Beauty of Embracing

Original wrist sacred scarab tattoo design

Many have been drawn to the blog and design I posted in May of the Sacred Scarab Tattoo for my amazing client, friend and business partner, Allison Jacobson. This was the original post of the initial design we co-created: Sacred Scarab Goddess Tattoo Design. And at left you see the original design that resulted, which was intended for her wrist.

My initial sense, knowing and intuiting Allison’s energy and what she wanted to create in life and where she was headed, was that something “bigger” would be appropriate and was feeling her upper back.

The new sacred scarab tattoo design that emerged from the shifts, thus becoming a MUCH larger upper back/back of neck piece

Knowing my own processes, which I’ve shared some of in my book Spiritual Skin, as well as the collective processes and challenges people go through with embracing things in life, let alone tattoos (part of the reason for writing the book), I understand and support divine timing for each individual and what they are ready for. There are always those that are exceptions to things – like myself, Allison, and several of the clients that are drawn to my spiritual design work and my work and services in general – who are in temporary process of catching up to the parts that are already where they intend to be. I call these designs “space holders” that allow one to grow into the energy, while supporting that rapid shifting and experience we desire to manifest (and can) immediately.

Allison’s tattoo in process – black lining and some color done, with added drop shadow (the man behind the inking pictured right – James Spooner)

So, while we both loved the design that emerged from our first creation, upon its completion things rapidly started to mirror the immediate shifts.

Different things started to not feel right for Allison and there was uneasiness about the challenges presented when we were discussing the design with our mutual vegan tattoo artist, James Spooner. And as we held the space to allow for the embracing of the shifts to take place on the inner plane, within a day we were already on the new trajectory of creating a MUCH larger piece for her upper back/back of neck area. he he!

Allison’s tattoo in full color completion – minus last fine tunings

The feelings were unanimous and Allison’s tattoo transformed into one majorly potent piece. Every design is uniquely beautiful because they mirror the unique beauty of the individual that is being projected, but Allison immediately felt renewed and on fire as her new reflection blossomed and was allowed to emerge. yay!

It was such a beautiful meeting of minds, hearts and souls between the three of us in co-creating this together, as I see each design as a co-creative process – me providing the intuitive vision and spiritual insight to reflect the “template” design, Allison providing her unique soul imprint, reflection and courageous vulnerability to transfer the projected imagery via the channeling between us, and James providing his gifted artistry, vision, experience and ability to fine tune both my and Allison’s contributions to bring forth the end result. A  beautiful merging of ingredients and partnering souls creating the perfect recipe for potency!

Allison’s tattoo and closeups

I see the design process to be like a spiritual coaching session, transformative healing and shamanistic, sacred ritual. And the entire process truly is reflective of the now and working together by embracing our individually unique gifts and inviting others to assist and contribute theirs in order to create a collective tapestry of authentic heart. The result is pure, LOVE MAGICK!

I am sharing the process that took place, feeling that it would be supportive for others, as I see this kind of thing happen a lot (moreso recently). Even in the process of assisting with designs, there can be challenges the designs present for the individual to process since they are mirroring a depth that can sometimes be scary (in a good way). As mentioned, these are not JUST drawings. They are SACRED tattoo designs that have healing magick and I’ve seen how what one’s soul transfers to me, even through semi-conscious transference, can sometimes take a while for the conscious to embrace. This can present shifts to the designs with tweaks, major changes, or simply time to sit with, meditate, and digest in order to come to realize it IS exactly what was desired, but was scary or sitting behind the veil awaiting full conscious embrace.

Allison’s tattoo – check out the cool floating effect – gorgeous!!!

After four tattoo inking sessions, Allison’s Sacred Scarab Goddess Tattoo Design is reaching completion. She only has one more half hour session to just fine tune some of the colors/shading. It has been so amazingly cool to be able to be there from start to finish in this process, as usually my clients are from around the world. So this was the first time I was able to actually be there in person to see the design I helped to co-create, come to life in the flesh!! I love to see the final results of the designs I create and encourage people to send them in so I can celebrate with them, the birthing of this beautiful leg of their journey, as well as will use them in an upcoming edition of my book.

I shared the story, the images and the process in hope that it will be insightful and supportive to those on this path of creating sacred body art.

My designs are meant to be templates created in black and white (pencil) and then it is up to you if you desire colors and to relate that to your tattoo artist to find the perfect ones that work for you, as well as to add things like the drop shadow James did. Some tattoo artists will add their own unique flair and fine tuning to the designs I provide, depending on their visions, as well as may adjust sizing if needed (which is easy).

My work is in the spiritual process, sacred symbolism, manifesting the abstract visions/essence into form and to help pinpoint the energies most supportive (including, if desired, the placement) through an encoded creation of sacred body art. It’s a very involved process.

If you are interested in having me assist with the co-creation of your own personal sacred tattoo design I provide both stand-alone consultations via email or design consultations to create the perfect custom tattoo reflective of you. For information about both of these and my fees please visit Sacred Tattoo Consulting and Design

You can contact me at or visit Spiritual Skin.

Feathered Serpent Sacred Tattoo Design

I just completed another sacred tattoo design I wanted to share and what an involved piece it was! One of, if not the most involved to date!

Some potent energies along with some extensive detailing, made for quite the process indeed.

I worked with the things my client shared, and since they allowed the flow of my interpretation/intuition in ways to bring about certain aspects, that was how I was able to intuitively feel and bring to life the vision that was coming through. I also work with how to make things make sense in balance, placement, aesthetics…that support the energy, as well as the intents. This piece will act as a template for their tattoo artist and the end result is going to be in rainbow colors, as well as a very cool style of part full-color-fill-in and part negative space – parts being inked in and others perhaps with just hints of outline and letting the skin peek through leaves, feathers, etc, which will be a very cool design style to alternate. I like the idea my client had especially with such a rich and abundant piece like this so it sort of “breathes” energy.

I wanted to create something that was both powerful and feminine at the same time..strong female energy. And so I did that with a flow and certain placements of the flora and fauna that create interesting movement and not just bulkiness. I took one of my client’s ideas and tweaked it. This resulted in creating the lotus in the mouth vision I received having the powerful feathered serpent (known as Quetzalcoatl or Kulkulcan) delicately holding the stem of the lotus that is coming out of its mouth, between its sharp teeth…there is an interesting energy of something so powerful holding something equally, symbolically powerful (yet delicate in appearance), but with care and honor and showing that delicate balance of life and union of male and female energies.

I wanted the serpent to piece to feel as if it is moving naturally (rather than contrived into an infinity symbol, which was an intent of my client’s) in the way the serpent’s feathers are placed and the actual flow of the body and form of the symbol, while literally being visually able to perceive the symbol and at the same time, with the flora and fauna placement, seeming natural and almost slightly hidden having everything work together. I have it so that the serpent will be facing forward when placed on my client’s right hip (from buttocks to abdomen region), and the crown will sit on their front abdomen (nestled energetically amidst the flowers) where the serpent is moving toward.

With all the rebirthing energy and moving into a new phase of life my client is and has gone through, this is such a powerful image they were drawn to. I really wanted to capture that essence of stepping fully into the light of their unique splendor. A design expressing that they hold within them such empowered energy and that they are on a path of continual soul evolution that is just bursting with abundance, as the magnificence of their self-recognized cosmic essence regenerating and blooming into the rich fullness of who they are honoring and embracing. Lol! A loaded sentence, for a loaded design and soul.

There is always so much symbolism and energy in a sacred design that speaks to the individual it is created and meant for. I can’t possibly write it all out. I like to let the person receive and feel for themselves. I just channel the vision and allow myself to be guided in the creation that feels to mirror the energy of what each soul desires/needs. Sometimes it can be a shock what is reflected 🙂 It’s always interesting and beautiful to hear how the designs affect/touch the soul it is intended for.

If interested in commissioning your own unique, sacred tattoo design you can contact me at or visit Spiritual Skin for more details.

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