Sacred Tattoo Co-Creations – The Beauty of Embracing

Original wrist sacred scarab tattoo design

Many have been drawn to the blog and design I posted in May of the Sacred Scarab Tattoo for my amazing client, friend and business partner, Allison Jacobson. This was the original post of the initial design we co-created: Sacred Scarab Goddess Tattoo Design. And at left you see the original design that resulted, which was intended for her wrist.

My initial sense, knowing and intuiting Allison’s energy and what she wanted to create in life and where she was headed, was that something “bigger” would be appropriate and was feeling her upper back.

The new sacred scarab tattoo design that emerged from the shifts, thus becoming a MUCH larger upper back/back of neck piece

Knowing my own processes, which I’ve shared some of in my book Spiritual Skin, as well as the collective processes and challenges people go through with embracing things in life, let alone tattoos (part of the reason for writing the book), I understand and support divine timing for each individual and what they are ready for. There are always those that are exceptions to things – like myself, Allison, and several of the clients that are drawn to my spiritual design work and my work and services in general – who are in temporary process of catching up to the parts that are already where they intend to be. I call these designs “space holders” that allow one to grow into the energy, while supporting that rapid shifting and experience we desire to manifest (and can) immediately.

Allison’s tattoo in process – black lining and some color done, with added drop shadow (the man behind the inking pictured right – James Spooner)

So, while we both loved the design that emerged from our first creation, upon its completion things rapidly started to mirror the immediate shifts.

Different things started to not feel right for Allison and there was uneasiness about the challenges presented when we were discussing the design with our mutual vegan tattoo artist, James Spooner. And as we held the space to allow for the embracing of the shifts to take place on the inner plane, within a day we were already on the new trajectory of creating a MUCH larger piece for her upper back/back of neck area. he he!

Allison’s tattoo in full color completion – minus last fine tunings

The feelings were unanimous and Allison’s tattoo transformed into one majorly potent piece. Every design is uniquely beautiful because they mirror the unique beauty of the individual that is being projected, but Allison immediately felt renewed and on fire as her new reflection blossomed and was allowed to emerge. yay!

It was such a beautiful meeting of minds, hearts and souls between the three of us in co-creating this together, as I see each design as a co-creative process – me providing the intuitive vision and spiritual insight to reflect the “template” design, Allison providing her unique soul imprint, reflection and courageous vulnerability to transfer the projected imagery via the channeling between us, and James providing his gifted artistry, vision, experience and ability to fine tune both my and Allison’s contributions to bring forth the end result. A  beautiful merging of ingredients and partnering souls creating the perfect recipe for potency!

Allison’s tattoo and closeups

I see the design process to be like a spiritual coaching session, transformative healing and shamanistic, sacred ritual. And the entire process truly is reflective of the now and working together by embracing our individually unique gifts and inviting others to assist and contribute theirs in order to create a collective tapestry of authentic heart. The result is pure, LOVE MAGICK!

I am sharing the process that took place, feeling that it would be supportive for others, as I see this kind of thing happen a lot (moreso recently). Even in the process of assisting with designs, there can be challenges the designs present for the individual to process since they are mirroring a depth that can sometimes be scary (in a good way). As mentioned, these are not JUST drawings. They are SACRED tattoo designs that have healing magick and I’ve seen how what one’s soul transfers to me, even through semi-conscious transference, can sometimes take a while for the conscious to embrace. This can present shifts to the designs with tweaks, major changes, or simply time to sit with, meditate, and digest in order to come to realize it IS exactly what was desired, but was scary or sitting behind the veil awaiting full conscious embrace.

Allison’s tattoo – check out the cool floating effect – gorgeous!!!

After four tattoo inking sessions, Allison’s Sacred Scarab Goddess Tattoo Design is reaching completion. She only has one more half hour session to just fine tune some of the colors/shading. It has been so amazingly cool to be able to be there from start to finish in this process, as usually my clients are from around the world. So this was the first time I was able to actually be there in person to see the design I helped to co-create, come to life in the flesh!! I love to see the final results of the designs I create and encourage people to send them in so I can celebrate with them, the birthing of this beautiful leg of their journey, as well as will use them in an upcoming edition of my book.

I shared the story, the images and the process in hope that it will be insightful and supportive to those on this path of creating sacred body art.

My designs are meant to be templates created in black and white (pencil) and then it is up to you if you desire colors and to relate that to your tattoo artist to find the perfect ones that work for you, as well as to add things like the drop shadow James did. Some tattoo artists will add their own unique flair and fine tuning to the designs I provide, depending on their visions, as well as may adjust sizing if needed (which is easy).

My work is in the spiritual process, sacred symbolism, manifesting the abstract visions/essence into form and to help pinpoint the energies most supportive (including, if desired, the placement) through an encoded creation of sacred body art. It’s a very involved process.

If you are interested in having me assist with the co-creation of your own personal sacred tattoo design I provide both stand-alone consultations via email or design consultations to create the perfect custom tattoo reflective of you. For information about both of these and my fees please visit Sacred Tattoo Consulting and Design

You can contact me at or visit Spiritual Skin.

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  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the 3D shadings. That and the color really make it pop! (Oh, and of course, I love the Runes.) 🙂

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