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Crystal Announcements & Changes – PLUS! Crystal Illuminations Sacred Paintings Now Officially Available

chrysocollaIf you didn’t read some of my earlier posts in the last couple of months, with all of the transitions and my always following where I’m guided, I have been led to no longer offer any crystal jewelry. Instead, the evolution of things had me listening to my crystal friends’ messages to begin an exciting new co-creation with them, where-in I help to channel their essence on to canvas and they get to take center stage as healing arts sages in a way that can assist lighting up your life.

Joyful Earth Crystals still remains, as this has been the name channeled for the beautiful crystals that grace their presence in my life for the last 6 years, but it only encompasses crystals that I procure for these new sacred paintings, Crystal Illuminations, as well as occasional crystals that will be available for sale. Both embodying specially chosen crystals with a certain frequency of energy that is attuned to supporting a return to natural harmony within and without – for you and the Earth collective.

The Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy shop is no longer. Nor, is the Joyful Earth Crystals Facebook page. These have transitioned into my former J.E.C. partner Allison’s new company Aloha Shakti so that she may bring to the world her own creations and services that she is developing. (the shift was announced in the post link).

You’ll now find Joyful Earth Crystals (which is the name I call the family of crystal friends that I’m honored to have come through my life) at home here on my blog site – Creating Life as a Work of Art. The name Joyful Earth Crystals came from my two beloved animal companions Joy and Gaia (Earth Mother Goddess) merging together as the symbolism for supporting the Earth into a return experience of natural harmony, which the crystal beings are here to assist.

I have a new page Crystals for Sale that will feature any individual crystals that are being offered.

Currently I have the ever-popular and amazing Lemurian L.O.V.E. (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Seed Crystal Pendulums and Giant Aquamarine available to bring into heart and home. You can read about them at the page link, as well as any updates on things such as Pendulum classes, new crystals offered, and anything crystalline in nature. 🙂

amethyst-and-blue quartzYou will also find a link to the new Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings on this page to make them easy to find. Of course I will always continue to post blogs on amazing crystals and their metaphysical properties, new crystal discoveries, working with crystals for healing integration, share magickal experiences I have with our crystal friends, post any class or workshop updates involving crystals in any way, and individually announce any new crystals available. (Can you tell I love crystals?!)

You can quickly and easily purchase anything you see on the Crystals For Sale page via secure Paypal credit card payment. This will also be the case with any workshops and classes that I may be offering, along with any new products, services, or special offers – you’ll be able to easily just register or purchase through my blog now when I post about it.

As always, any of my paintings and Reiki services are available at my signature website Tania Marie ~ Emerald Bridge. And my book and sacred tattoo design consultations can be purchased at Spiritual Skin.

One last quick annoucement – Crystal Illuminations are now officially available for purchase!

They debuted at the April 11th RAW MARVEL art showcase where several found new homes – yay! – and now can be easily purchased at my website. So if one was calling to you, you may want to see if it is still available, as these special pieces are one-of-a-kind and moving fast.

You can view and order crystal infused sacred paintings here: 

Crystal Illuminations

For more information on the properties of each crystal painting, you can contact me. If you’d like to commission a specific Crystal Illuminations painting (for a focused energy intent or that works with a specific crystal you are drawn to), you can also contact me for a custom quote at

As always, enjoy the journey. There isn’t anywhere you need to be, but exactly where you are. All things are always unfolding in Divine perfection. 

Wishing you creative love, harmony, and magick!

Temple of Creative Inspiration – Harness Your Creative Potential

I’m feeling a big flow of newly evolved and even deeper inspired, creative expression coming through again. There’s always a mirroring effect to the work that channels through, reflective of the shifting experiences embraced. I’ve been immersed in some really profound intuitive sacred designs lately that have been quite potently involved and am simultaneously ready to get back to my painting again. I find I can’t be away from it for too long anymore, having had such a huge distance last year from it. Once I reopened a new door, it now wants to stay open and lead me to inner sanctuary gateways to unexplored depths!

With all this creative inspiration flowing, I’m really excited about Joyful Earth Crystals’ newest “Temple of” pendant – Temple of Creative Inspiration. I hope that it will help others to ignite, embrace and hone in on their uniquely beautiful, creative expression in ways they have never experienced before. Harness those creative potentials for loving service to the world!

For those who haven’t read about our new line, our “Temple of” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen crystal and stone beads that embody a “sanctuary of experience” to the temple body of you. These pieces not only make gorgeous necklaces (I have one myself!) but can double as pendulums!

Some of the “Temple of” pieces to look forward to are: Temple of Loving Integrity, Temple of Powerful Presence, Temple of Integrative Healing, Temple of Manifested Abundance, Temple of Intuitive Vision, and Temple of Vitality! We are taking accepting pre-orders on any of these if you’d like to request any that speak to your needs. Many more on the way as well!

These are currently in design birthing, but you can see, read all the energetic information on the properties of each and order the piece pictured above, along with “Temple of Harmony” at our Etsy shop: Joyful Earth Crystals. Again, if you have any requests, we welcome your ideas and can create something custom made for you.



The Hare and The Tortoise – Joyful Earth Crystals’ Inspiration for Empowered Living

Gaia and Joy - friends demonstrating harmonious integration through love

I am blessed with two sweet friends, a Russian Tortoise, Gaia and Lop-Earred Rabbit, Joy that inspire and support me each day along this path and who inspired the birthing of Joyful Earth Crystals – crystal healing jewelry for empowered living.

Joyful Earth Crystals is a special collection of jewelry created in honor of Mother Earth and our partnership with her. The name “Joyful Earth” came from my two animal companions, a Mini Lop-Eared Rabbit named Joy and a Russian Tortoise named Gaia – Gaia being the Goddess and embodiment of the Earth. They possess the symbolic and meaningful message of “The Hare and The Tortoise,” conveying that life is about balance, recognizing and honoring the beauty in all of creation and integrating duality/opposites to create harmony. Each possess a different kind of strength we can learn much from by embracing. As a high raw vegan and explorer of ancient and cosmic mysteries, I celebrate all life and unity consciousness and convey this love of organic nature fused with the Cosmos in all that I create. This includes compassion for our Earth and Universal connection, as a focal point of my creations. In honor of these two very precious beings in my life and to celebrate and embrace a return to natural harmony with the Earth, Joyful Earth Crystals was created. To learn about this line of crystals and their uniqueness, you can find this and more here: Joyful Earth Crystals

And by the way, Miss Joy and Gaia are also huge lovers and supporters of crystals, and are crystal keepers and workers themselves. They each have their own crystalline friends they specifically asked for, that they sleep and meditate with and both love mom’s crystal collection, especially our giant amethyst rabbit geode (infused with my beloved Nestor’s energy – my physically departed twin soul rabbit). So, let’s just say they have inspired me in many ways, as we share a deep soul resonance and path. Here are photos of them with the amethyst rabbit geode:

Joy curled up with her amethyst geode friend

Gaia sleeping inside the amethyst geode she crawls into on her own

Angelic Illuminator

This co-creative, integration of harmony has also been mirrored with the birthing of a new partnership for the Joyful Earth Crystals collection. The energy of the now calls for a melding of minds and hearts and blending our resonating gifts in collective service. In embracing this energy, it was a natural progression to join forces to create a beautiful and synergistic collaboration that speaks to the now. And so, Allison Jacobson, Designer and Reiki Master Teacher, has joined my company, Emerald Bridge, bringing to the table her beautiful gifts to really infuse these crystalline creations with the exquisite grace they deserve. All the pieces are hand, intuitively chosen, programmed and quality wrapped in all fine and pure silver, sterling and copper and come with matching chains. As things evolve, it is essential to flow with that evolution, as this opens up the ability to do more than you could have imagined and to touch more people than you can on your own. Allison and I blend our intuitive energies, individual gifts, visionary designs, and synergistic friendship together in partnership to birth amazing new crystal pieces to support empowered living in the now.

Star Seed

The new collections of Joyful Earth Crystals are now available via the website now, for those that were inquiring on pricing and how to order. We will be announcing a new Etsy store as well in the next couple of days with exciting stuff. The pieces currently available are the first of many that are on the way and in process of creation. Unique two and three stone combinations, along with more single pieces, and some new crystal bead collections and other surprise goodies will be available. So keep checking back.

Custom, commissioned pieces also available, if you have a favorite stone or intention you’d like to harness with a beautiful new crystalline friend.

Click here to view, read about and order the Joyful Earth Crystals that speak to you: Crystal Jewelry Gallery

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