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Custom Crystal Creations – Commissions that Empower

Master Healer

We, are enjoying creating custom pieces for clients, which has been a focus over the last couple of weeks. Each piece is as unique as the eclectic clients we work with.

The images you see here are of the first of these custom creations that has birthed – “Master Healer” – a radiating communicator of light Quartz Cluster crystal pendant created for a special lady in Brazil with a raw company. It is quite the piece measuring in at 3 3/8″ high (including bail) x 2.5″ wide x 1.5″ at its deepest point. We have a custom Moldavite piece on the way for a professional graphic artist and artist – he is an artist with words, known in his field for his logos and ambigrams. And we are in the midst of creating a lovely pair of energetically connected crystal pendants for two soul friends in Oregon with an amazing twin soul connection. So fun!

Master Healer

So while we create specific pieces that are like energy footprints that match the vibrational needs of the person it calls to, we can also be commissioned to create a special custom piece just for you or someone special to you.

Joyful Earth Crystals can be custom designed and chosen to tailor-fit your exact specifications and desires. Please message us with your ideas and intentions. You can email either myself at or Allison at with your requests.

Master Healer

Each Joyful Earth Crystal is created with only the highest quality materials and is imbued with Reiki healing love and individual, energetic programming specifically focused on empowering their new keeper with the supportive energies they have to share. We hand craft each piece with either pure sterling silver, pure fine silver, or pure copper, blended with the finest intuitively selected crystals available.

We intuitively hand-select each crystal and stone for its unique elemental properties, its essence and its empowering ability to help you embrace and integrate deeper connection with that desired energy by cultivating this energy and drawing it more fully into your experience. The focus being on the energies of compassionate embracing and empowered regeneration. Each piece is meticulously crafted and the designs are channeled inspirations and visions from the Heart and Spirit. No two pieces are alike and each is intended to embody a specific energy and designed with you in mind.

Joyful Earth Crystals are beautiful embodiments of raw Earth and Cosmos and make extremely memorable, unique and empowering gifts to yourself and others. They can be used in meditation, worn as beautiful, stand-out adornments for that special occasion, can lend energy and a bit of whimsical magic to daily life, or simply be worn as energetic support to help cultivate harmonic balance. Joyful Earth Crystals are a way to embrace your life as a work of art and to integrate your dreams into manifestation.

You can visit our current inventory that is available here: Joyful Earth Crystals

We have a ton more crystal pendants on the way. Their creation can’t be rushed, so we’ll keep you posted as each new piece comes into birthing.

Temple of Creative Inspiration – Harness Your Creative Potential

I’m feeling a big flow of newly evolved and even deeper inspired, creative expression coming through again. There’s always a mirroring effect to the work that channels through, reflective of the shifting experiences embraced. I’ve been immersed in some really profound intuitive sacred designs lately that have been quite potently involved and am simultaneously ready to get back to my painting again. I find I can’t be away from it for too long anymore, having had such a huge distance last year from it. Once I reopened a new door, it now wants to stay open and lead me to inner sanctuary gateways to unexplored depths!

With all this creative inspiration flowing, I’m really excited about Joyful Earth Crystals’ newest “Temple of” pendant – Temple of Creative Inspiration. I hope that it will help others to ignite, embrace and hone in on their uniquely beautiful, creative expression in ways they have never experienced before. Harness those creative potentials for loving service to the world!

For those who haven’t read about our new line, our “Temple of” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen crystal and stone beads that embody a “sanctuary of experience” to the temple body of you. These pieces not only make gorgeous necklaces (I have one myself!) but can double as pendulums!

Some of the “Temple of” pieces to look forward to are: Temple of Loving Integrity, Temple of Powerful Presence, Temple of Integrative Healing, Temple of Manifested Abundance, Temple of Intuitive Vision, and Temple of Vitality! We are taking accepting pre-orders on any of these if you’d like to request any that speak to your needs. Many more on the way as well!

These are currently in design birthing, but you can see, read all the energetic information on the properties of each and order the piece pictured above, along with “Temple of Harmony” at our Etsy shop: Joyful Earth Crystals. Again, if you have any requests, we welcome your ideas and can create something custom made for you.



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