Diverse Nature Encounters ~ Listening to the Messages of Pronghorn & Steller’s Jay


The wildlife encounters, connecting, and sightings continue…wow we are feeling so blessed!

One of the things we cherish about our lifestyle right now, living in an RV and enjoying the simple life, is our access to all of Nature where ever we go and the opportunities to see and experience incredible and diverse natural surroundings and animals we would never otherwise have.

The trees, rocks, waters, mountains, all creatures great and small whisper a message to us.

Timely alignment has been on our side for so many amazing encounters.

Yesterday we decided on a relaxed day, mostly at home and stepping out for some grocery shopping and picking up a space heater.


This proved to be the perfect thing, as that brought us our encounter with the Pronghorn since they enjoy foraging in the open fields between us and the General Store. Although this was the first day we saw them there and right close to the road…all because we decided on a different day than our usual.

We spent the first part of the day doing more spring cleaning alongside our work and later in the late afternoon enjoyed some quiet time with vegan peppermint hot chocolate – Dave reading and me a fun painting project.

Since we’re in the forest, Nature is still abound, but it felt like a perfect time to cleanse and refresh more.

Even our pipes that had frozen are thawed out and we figured out how to keep them so, so we don’t have to leave early like the other RVers that were all making a beeline out of the park yesterday because of the snow.

So some cleaning of the inside of the RV, cleaning out more clothes, and tending to my plants filled my morning, which made things feel more refreshed and open for creating.

If you haven’t already, some Spring cleaning of your literal and energetic life might be just the thing to refresh and recharge.

Where in your life can you release things, people, and situations?

What is no longer serving you in small and large ways?

Is your space clean and organized? Clutter won’t assist you in feeling focused and having clarity for your intentions, dreams, and things you are trying to create.

Even if it’s as simple as making a commitment to spend less time worrying and thinking and more time relaxing and feeling…that’s renewing too and will attract new experiences in your life that mirror the change.

Taking stock of what is helping or hindering you is key…there IS more time and energy available to you than you think there is for all that you desire to create.

And one of the things we wanted to create was opportunity to experience and see the magnificent and regal-looking Pronghorn, which came to be.


We saw a few large herds (you can see more in the distance in the photo below) foraging in the open fields and I marveled at how beautifully unique these creatures are!


This is a great link to information on the Pronghorn – North America’s fastest land animal:

Nature Blows My Mind! North America’s Fastest Land Animal Can Outrun A Cheetah

Pronghorns were reintroduced into the area after almost completely being eliminated in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Pronghorn are action oriented (this year is all about major action for me in layers of ways), masters of delicate maneuvers, are very nimble and rely solely on pure instinct that’s driven by ancient wisdom within their DNA.

They are like sentinels, always on guard, and have complete trust in their tribe, indicating a need to have like-minded souls is important.

They have adapted and evolved for survival, becoming faster than the predators that have hunted them more than 10,000 years ago.


Their symbolism is rich with psychic energy, as their horns do not shed and these horns symbolize an antennae attuned to psychic energies at the crown for receiving sacred wisdom and guidance. Their horns emanate powerful vibrations through the crown to activate Kundalini.


Pronghorn are actually a rare sighting, very elusive and quite skittish. I didn’t know that about them, but it made my encounter much more precious, as we stopped the car when we saw them and I slowly approached the fence to get closer to them and they did not run off.

In fact, a couple of them came toward me.


They were curious and listened to me, stopped with perked head and ears, but were not threatened in any way.


Their white bellies symbolize truth at the core of their – your – being. Pronghorn are true to self and others, as their lives depend on it and this pure truthfulness amplifies and strengthens psychic abilities.


I was reading up on their symbolism and loved the image of envisioning this that I found of how you can use a visualization to help activate your psychic gifts and receive the initiation that Pronghorn brings to your life upon their appearance – whether in dreams, in life, or as your Spirit Animal Totem.


Imagine strong spiraling horns that emerge from your crown chakra while you feel cosmic energies flowing and spiraling and welcome Pronghorn’s initiation into the psychic realm.

And yesterday, I also had a visit from Steller’s Jay.


Yes, even though we did not go hiking and deeper into the terrain around us, the animals came to us!

This beautiful little Steller’s Jay visited me in the tree right just outside my desk window…playing, singing, full of life out in the cold and snow…a beautiful reflection of how to approach our days with lightness of heart no matter the circumstances.


They symbolize bold, fearless energy, and the power of presence and how to use personal power effectively.

The crest on their heads connect them to the sky and above, drawing energy and wisdom through the crown and reminding us that our true power needs to be applied in a balanced way that integrates both spirit and body, mind and heart.


Since they are very resourceful, they too symbolize adaptability and how to do so more efficiently.

They also symbolize a great amount of talent, but a talent that needs to be developed and used wisely. In this way they mirror to us, if one has also appeared for you, that this is a time in your life where you can begin to support the inherent wisdom within you to mature and come forth in a bigger way.


Interesting that my little Steller’s Jay friend was looking at me through the window, perhaps also playing with his reflection while we peered at one another and he reflected his message through the looking glass to me.

Steller’s Jay also alerts us that anything of value, spiritual growth, and relationships takes work and they show us how to activate our internal resources to do this. Communication abilities are strong, access to memories and assimilation of them come to awareness, risk taking, seizing opportunities, discovering new things to explore, balancing intelligence with silence and patience to align with divine timing all come through Steller’s Jay in message.

Their crest that reaches up also places attention at the energy centers of the head/crown, indicating an increase in new spiritual knowledge and wisdom that may become activated.


Very interesting that both the Pronghorn and Steller’s Jay are indicating a psychic channeling of information from the crown, as I was given messages that even showed up in the reading that I had in Sedona, twice (once this year and last year), that energy would no longer being moving up the spine like Kundalini usually does for most, but that I’d be channeling through my crown now in this next part of my life.

Nature has me soaring…yet in a grounded way that feels more like embodied spirit that is down to Earth.20160330_183851

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. You are getting so many beautiful, clear messages from wildlife. A woman after my own heart. Haha ❤ I see Stellar's Jays every day and have hundreds of pictures of them. I just can't stop clicking because they are always doing something interesting or funny, and they are so pretty. Have you ever seen pronghorns run? I see them fairly frequently on my way to and from Albuquerque, and we see them on Bill's jobs a lot. Sometimes they race the car. It's like only their feet move and they are so fast. Born to run. Their backs stay totally still. They would be great to ride, if we were smaller, and if they'd let us. We can always pretend.
    Oh! It's snowing here. Maybe it will amount to something. That would be good. Glad you got your pipes figured out!
    Be well and have fun.
    Much love,

    • it’s been such a blessing…i am so loving it! yes indeed we are so much alike in this way! how blessed you are to see so much wildlife where you live too, including the amazing pronghorn. you are just like me with the camera when we see our animal friends…they are just too fun and adorable not to want to capture those expressions. i haven’t seen the pronghorn run in person, just in wildlife documentaries…amazing indeed! how cool that they try race the car!! well, if we get into our faery suits we can ride them…hehe!!! cool you have snow there like we have some here….sending you snowy enchantment oh!! you were in my dream last night…it was interesting because i knew it was supposed to be you, but you looked different and your husband’s name was watson, or maybe it was just someone you showed up with or perhaps another aspect of you and your husband from another time? i don’t know…but you showed up at a gathering my friend was having and i found out you were coming, but didn’t tell you ahead so it would be a surprise….and it was!! was very cool! love and hugs!!

      • Hahaha! Watson. That’s so cool you dreamed about me. 🙂 It was nice to see you, and a great surprise. I just can’t remember! Yes, indeed! Let’s put on our faerie suits and ride those pronghorn! That would be a blast! When they run along side the truck, there is no panic in their stride, like they pace themselves so perfectly, they could run forever and never tire. So beautiful. Good lesson in pacing ourselves too.

      • hehe!! yes i thought watson was a hoot too!

        riding them pronghorn!! weeeeeee! lol!

        i agree..such a good observation about pacing ourselves and conserving our energy….i’ve been doing the same with the strenuous hikes we’ve been doing….i keep saying…slow and steady…i keep the same pace..don’t miss a beat…and just march on…dave calls me a little soldier when i’m doing the uphills, but it works! and i don’t even have to stop to take any breaks.

      • You must be in such great shape right now. I am not. I need to get out there and get my endurance up! Pacing myself, of course! 🙂

  2. PS. I love how connected you are with the animals and that they come to you.

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