December’s Fresh Start to a Year-End

Once again we kick off the first day of a new month with fresh snow here. I love that energy of a clean slate for the cycle ahead.

Mirroring the first big storm of November 1st, today – December 1st – we’re sitting cozy watching a huge storm come through. As you can see, Astrid was awaiting the snow early this morning. She loves sitting by the window watching for Nature and Cosmic displays, and this is her (above) early this morning right before the snow hit.

And this is her snuggly napping on her castle tower (see the dark shadowy ball of comfort) while the snow continues to build thick blankets of white.

This one is said to be the biggest yet with several feet blowing in and continuing through Monday. So, things are definitely starting off with much more moisture and white than we’ve seen for a few years this early on in the season. We received our first teaser on October 22nd, and we’ve consistently had snow on the ground since.

It’s been a bit more patchy around the house and some sun-drenched areas, but higher elevations and shadowy areas amidst tree cover have been holding their white blankets. In fact, I had to wait to complete my Autumn seasonal cleanup because the yard, garden and pots were still covered with snow and ice. But I’m happy to share that this past Monday I finally had a chance to put the garden to rest once and for all – and also, so much more.

That little delay definitely mirrored how I was still focused on other projects that were being finalized. So I was grateful for the time to keep the momentum on that. Then once I saw the opening, the upcoming storm, and the alignment of timing with my end of things, I jumped on getting that done in one day.

It was quite the task, as things had really gotten overgrown this Summer with our being away and having the new drip system. The only opening there was for me to do this also happened to be quite a brisk and windy one. So much so that my garden-themed head wrap was standing hilariously straight up on my head like a pyramid most of the time…I then switched over to ear muffs to protect my sensitive ears. But, at the end of the day, I was once again feeling that relief and release to see it complete.

And so has continued nearly everything else in that same vein. It’s been a joy to see my list completely disappear and things crossed off without adding more.

This snow storm is the perfect pivotal juncture – a shift point – where the thick white blankets will clear things all away. I’m feeling lighter by the day and keeping present to what shows up.

The messages keep coming in loud, but gentle.

Even if I think for a moment to try something in some way connected with the old, I’ll receive an immediate and supportive redirect/intervention. In fact, I place intentions in that regard so that if in the moment I waiver, it’s like a safety net to ensure I stay on the new path.

It’s very clear where I’m meant to go and not go…more than ever. It’s very clear that this is the point of no return.

And in the last couple of days leading up to this snow fall, it was definitely the calm before the storm all around us.

We’ve spent the last two days skiing in the morning and then snow hiking into the early afternoon and you could almost hear a pin drop in the stillness.

The mountain and trails have been super low key and quiet and the water of the lake and river we walked along has been like glass – pure reflections of the inner and outer and above and below.

And what does that storm feel to be like for me?

A transformational doorway that hinges on exhilaration of a promise I never stopped believing in.

And I’m seeing that reflected also with people close to me – big leaps of change are anchoring and it’s beautiful to witness. Things that have been years of journeying for some, now look as if they’re happening over night. Yet in fact, they have been long in the works behind the scenes. And the changes are rippling out with widening effect.

I mentioned in a previous post that we shared a lot of celebratory gatherings this last holiday and that felt deepening of the gratitude that has also anchored more in our daily life practice.

I’ve spoken about this quite a bit, but it never ceases to come to me as something key to continue sharing. In fact, I had also commented more in detail on Laura’s blog about it recently, where she chimed in along with me. This is a summarization of that (from an IG post I recently made) and why I feel gratitude is so powerful to implement as part of your daily routine:

My gratitude practice has truly been one of the most valuable tools I have for instantly changing my experience. I love to list off things I’m grateful for when I wake up, to start the day, and when I go to bed, to put loving closure to it. And any time I find myself feeling anxiety or off balance I use my gratitude practice to shift me back into harmony and peace. Literally within seconds I can change how I feel and it’s worked wonders where other things like even breath work haven’t helped. I simply focus on things I’m grateful for and that space of anxiety is then filled because stress and worry can’t exist where gratitude is being held. I focus on both the gifts in my life that aren’t always recognized AND on things I may want more of stated as something I already have and am grateful for… this is a manifestation practice built into the gratitude as well. It’s all been a life changer for me.

Part of that expansive gratitude practice is also about embodying what that feels like and I love expanding that out to the colors of the rainbow I infuse into my bodily adornments.

I love expressing my joy for life through life as art, as you know. Celebrating the wide range of expressions and creative energy strokes we can infuse life with and add to the bounty of beauty is a way I share gratitude for the very fabric of consciousness unfolding and each of our unique and valuable threads of that tapestry.

Just as I tend an actual garden, I am also a walking garden ever in process of cycling through the shades of each season.

I love aligning with Nature’s cues and cycles. It becomes easier when the mind is relieved of needing to run the show and instead can support the heart’s flow.

I also love following her lead and how she says so much without actually talking.

That leads me to some thoughts, as we move through this last month of 2022.

Strengthened silence and loud quiet has become more prevalent for me as this year unfolded. While I’ve generally been more of an observer and inward all of my life, it’s more recently that I’ve really understood the layers of that. Also, after years of my shifting journey where triggers could prompt me more easily out of that, or my comfortable recurring soul history took over in feeling prompted to take on certain roles, I now have been rewiring a new norm and comfort for the next phase of the journey.

And I’m seeing a lot of reflections come faster through this space of letting go and letting be, but holding a more solid vibration that speaks on its own. It’s a sweet spot right now to be in and by not having a foot straddling worlds, I love seeing that open space being embodied by others. And so, too, do I know the same has happened for me to be able to go into this newer space more fully.

People are making powerful soul shifts, even if we aren’t seeing exactly what that will look like yet on a wider scale…it’s certainly changing the playing field and moving dynamics around the Cosmic board.

I feel that often we don’t give ourselves permission to let go, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and may take on a persistent martyr-like role as a way to support our conditioning. At least for me, I sense this as a diversion built up from old ego feeling “if I don’t, who will?” Yet, as long as we believe that, we don’t allow others to step into their own new phases of empowerment and growth. And we don’t nurture new roles, creative energy streams, and frequencies to be part of our potential either.

One of the biggest lessons of this past year for me has been a deeper anchoring of this, by calling up particular experiences that replay the theme or triggers so that I nurture that trust both in myself and others – that there is something beyond what I’ve known and that in allowing my evolution to progress, I do actually nurture the same in others. Because truth be known, people are more ready than we give them credit for and in perpetuating a dependency reliant upon us or some idea we are attached to, we may actually be enabling disempowerment for all.

Another lesson has been the power of that silence and, in addition to that, being extra mindful with behaviors that have been on overdrive, but asking to press the power button to off. I make it a point to immediately process things and vulnerably shift into a state of activated realization, where I implement and commit to the new version I want to live. It’s making a huge impact.

Synchronously, 2022 and this last month of the year also reflect the last years of my 40’s, as 2023 will see me beginning a new decade. I’ve been sitting with what I want to call in for this fresh cycle and a good majority of that is continued implementation of what I’ve shared, as I relax into a celebration of closure I have permission to enjoy, as well as excitement and gratitude for the space others have helped open for me to create in.

So as this year speeds along, and transformative wild vibes have spiraled through our lives, what do you feel has been your biggest lesson/s this year and what are you excited about calling in for 2023?

As always, I love sharing Lee’s perspectives on the month ahead. They’re a great way to give yourself permission to sit with your own experience and reflect on the themes he brings up, so you can see what nudges you and/or helps strengthen a direction you’ve been heading.

Here’s Lee with December 2022’s reflections:

December’s Full Moon in Gemini is approaching with that energy illuminating on the night of the 7th. It’s known as the Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon, the Moon before Yule, Oak Moon, and Wolf Moon.

A great time to focus on your mental realm and the thoughts that feed your experience past, present, and future. Where might changes in head strong perspectives, be approached with greater lightness? Rather than feeling at war with ourselves and others, perhaps we can find ways to broaden our mindfulness so that we channel the heat creatively rather than at each other.

I took these photos yesterday of the Moon above Heavenly Mountain where we ski and hike.

I love the second one where it looks cradled in deer antler-like branches. I feel a powerful symbolism in that and how it kind of reflects the Celts name for it – Oak Moon.

Last Saturday I started my woodland themed seasonal decorating, as I felt it would really ground all the new energy and nurture what’s stirring within even more for me.

I have always loved this time of year and having these sweet, magickal touches twinkling in our space, tickles my heart into even more trust, hope, and creative momentum.

And if you want a little help with lightening the energy for yourself or others this magickal Yule and Christmas season, here’s a link to gift ideas all under $40 that each carry sweet reminders and animal messengers to kindle your heart’s flow.

The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store

Sending you magickal, crystal-infused snowy fresh energy from our hearts to yours for this last month of 2022.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. That’s a lot to digest Tania! Your gratitude practice (and embodying the feeling) strikes me as very relevant for me. And I’m loving seeing the beautiful mountains, lake, and now, fresh snow. You definitely live in a beautiful area. To new cycles and growing more love and joy.

    • I’m still digesting it fully too lol! 😉 That’s so beautiful to hear that something in this touched a place in you. I’m grateful that we can help one another simply by sharing from the heart. Cheering on more love and joy along with you!

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    So so many beautiful reflections!! 😌 The first batch of nature pictures carry such a potent depth of clarity and stillness……they deepened my contact with my inner visions coming through for my new life I’m actively creating~ reflecting on the pure ness and just allowing myself to quietly pause and feel the energy codes in them, raised my frequency this morning!!!!!
    Staying grounded in new patterns and ways, and not falling back into the old is major for me too right now! Aligning 100./. authentically down through ALL layers of my life is proving to be an endeavor I am now savoring, instead of fearing, as each step unveils new vibrant layers of my soul~ (much like your exquisite way of shining your sacred authentic artistic creator light in the way you dress in the whole palette of Mother Gaia’s stunning colors!!!🫶) and all possibilities I see are glowing invitations to live in full expression of my sacred authentic aligned self!!!!! Ty~as always~
    More thoughts……but these are the main things…….!! Can’t wait to watch Lee’s newest updates xx ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️🌟🌟

    • I always love hearing how the images reflect for you… so beautiful! 😍 These days so much is coming through that I feel images are more reflective than words to share. Gotta love those layers of the onion journey! You are such a great example of what is possible with all the huge changes you’ve implemented. Thank you so much for the sweet words ❤️ and the rest you shared about the garden and weather portal connections 🤭 enjoy the video!! Always good nuggets and confirmations 💫

  3. I enjoy your blogs so much. The photos that you capture and the way you write and Dave’s awesome flannel shirts! Love it all! Love you guys!

    • Aw thank you my little banana eagle master of the PNW! I’m so happy we see through similar eyes…as I always LOVE your photos too and the stories you receive from all that surrounds you. Hehe!! Gotta love the D flannies! We all send our love and especially the fur babies to you AND Cousin Indi!

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