Much To Be Grateful For

We were away five days for an early Thanksgiving family gathering in Southern California – primarily Ventura County – and have settled back already, readying for continued upcoming feasting and fun for the long weekend. It was quite the contrast going from white wonderlands of our alpine home, to temperatures in the 70’s with very different terrain.

You can see a bit of that shift in these before trip and during trip photos.

My life always seems to oscillate between extremes, as a way to literally work with duality and integration. Those Pisces fish aspects of myself are always workin’ it, set on how to harmonize division as one integrated experience.

These are some of the vistas and surroundings we left.

These are some of the places we found ourselves in while away.

And this is some of the beauty of the in between – our road trip.

We managed to find some good hikes with decent variety and Fall colors, and even found ourselves walking the beach of Malibu where it seems my Oregon time was still wanting to linger with me, as a sealion found his way to us and I was led to quite the jackpot of agates and some quartz.

I was actually floored by the agates because in all the years I lived in So Cal I never found any – I was born, and lived the majority of my life, there. In fact, a lot of old memories were circulating and a lot of continued deep closure was taking place.

Whispers of the energy and messages from our Summer were definitely wanting me to remember – the new must begin.

It was a nice little break and great to see Dave’s family since we don’t get to very often.

Our time was filled with great meals – vegan extravaganza restaurant immersions – hiking, a couple of shows Dave’s dad and step mom surprised us with, and just hanging out. It gave us a lot of good quality time with all of them – his dad, stepmom, brother, our sister-in-law, and niece.

The shows were awesome – a family theatre young artists performance of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (who doesn’t love a magickal wardrobe portal that whisks you off to Narnia?) and a spectacular classical music performance (Ode to Joy – Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with a really fantastic composition to kick it off that mixed Western Classical Music and Hindustani Classical Music traditions).

It was especially sweet to have more time than usual with Violet – our niece, whom I’ve shared about before. She’s growing up fast and is becoming quite the little lady with a wide range of passions and talents. It will be interesting to see where she’s led, but for now it’s just fun to see things through her eyes.

She and I always have a lot of connective threads that we share and she’s big on fashion, just like her Auntie. She and I are always gathering faery treasures we find and will often show up wearing the same color, similar things, and even wore our hair the same way one night without knowing it.

We also both love rabbits – in fact she has a couple of old stuffed rabbit friends she brought along on the trip to sleep with.

The two of us just HAD to take a photo in front of both of the giant painted rabbits we found at two separate locations. I shared the second one above, which was outside the family theatre. And this is the other that was outside a restaurant we ate at, right before that – my favorite photo of us ever!

I just love her!

We miss them all already, but are very grateful for the time we got to spend with them, as the most important things include being with those you love and making the most of the now since tomorrow is never promised.

Thanksgiving day we plan to be with my family – mom, dad, and brother. I’m sure we’ll be immersing in the usual warmth and festive feasting, as is my parent’s signature way! Then we have two more gatherings to come after that – my tummy is already feeling full thinking about it lol!

Since I’ll likely not blog again until some time after that (so won’t be backtracking on Thanksgiving – onward and forward!), at least we did manage to get these photos of me and my parents before we left on our trip.

I was at their already-Autumn/Thanksgiving-decorated house awaiting Astrid to come out of her mini ear surgical procedure and luckily they live close by so the hours were well spent without focusing on wondering about my sweet girl.

My mom is such a cutie, isn’t she? We’re always laughing!

I’m happy to report that Astrid continues to do well and she and the kitty babies are all continuing to enjoy the warmth of our home on the forest surrounded in white blankets of magick. You can see Astrid and Sweet Pea by the big window and Boojum on the couch.

They all love looking out the windows, but Astrid is especially fond of looking out at her realm from beneath the giraffe temple.

She actually received some fun, bunny-themed, early Christmas gifts the day before we left and was so excited to explore them (see two bottom photos below). I loved making it special before having to leave her and was so happy to find her in prime Astrid mode upon returning (see two top photos below).

I’ve been immersed in things so I’m still laying a bit low these days, and that’s included that theme of endings to beginnings.

The kitties have also been in on full-circle-tying-up of things and actually had their first vet appointment in quite some time, just as precautionary since they’re getting up there in age. We’re grateful they never have issues, but just thought it a good idea that everyone have a wellness check. Awaiting on blood results, but so far everything checked out and only Sweet Pea will be needing a teeth cleaning. Not bad for two nearly 16 year-olds.

Individual wellness has continued to be a priority for us, and I continue to also focus on living the fullest in each moment. Nature time is always on that priority list and whether away or home, you’ll find us there. Dave has already had his first two ski days and I plan on joining today. The forecast is showing a lot more snow on the way beginning Monday, so this year is starting off well in the moisture department – AND the magickal one too!

Our experience with bear energy has also continued, as just before we left we found a bunch of bear tracks in the snow – a first!

This was the same location we had been a week before where we saw a momma and two cubs exploring – evidence that they haven’t hibernated yet, as the snow came earlier this year.

Speaks to me of some last preparations and explorations, before hunkering down, which is very reflective of my own experience.

We’ve also been witnessing consistently amazing sunsets nearly every evening since the snow has graced us. I can’t remember seeing so many stunning skies – and that has included the day too. But evenings have been explosions of color over the lake, which we can see above and through the trees of the forest.

Late afternoon walks out back just before the sun sets have become a thing as well, so we never miss a beat between sky art show displays or the snow taking on pink, violet, periwinkle, or peachy tones.

And, as mentioned, even the day skies have been quite something.

Sun halos, rainbow bursts, Moon beams, and gateways galore…..

It’s hard not to have hope and feelings of being on the precipice of something.

But mostly I’m quiet these days.

And the early snow mirrors the stillness within.

These days my voice feels to be shifting as well – by that I mean the way I express myself and what I feel guided to express through the vehicle of me. I know that is a big part of the changes happening. And I sense it’s something others are going through too.

Where ever you find yourself, I hope that you can find peace with where you are and who you are right here and now.

The more we feel that embrace within, the more I feel we’ll embrace much more without.

Abundant gratitude to all of you for being here and being you.

Sending warmest wishes for the holiday season upon us and heaps of hopeful seeds for every day now, then, and to come to be nurtured in the vortex of your heart.

Vegan love gummies and chocolate magic(k) yummies to all!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Wow, Violet is SO grown up! What a beauty. Such lovely photos from start to finish. Glad you had such a good time away and that all the fur babies are well.

    We are still very much in winter wonderland here. Well over two feet remains from our storm that started late last week. I’m definitely feeling the endings and beginnings and a blend of realities. I awake smiling, though, so things are going well. 🙂

    Happy New Moon in Sagittarius! This one is right on my progressed Moon, so we’re semi twinsies by Moon progression right now. xoxo

    • Yeah, time flies and she’s growing fast! Just turned 10 this summer! It was a nice gathering, but also goes so fast! 😊 Thank you for the shared feelings for the babies. So far so good!

      Glad you got your snow magick too! We’re super enjoying it all still and happy that it has stuck around with more on the way! The first 3 hours of our drive from here was saturated in snow, which is so nice to see! I hope the winter continues in this vein.

      So happy to hear that you are also feeling good about everything!! Weeeee! And that we are sharing the syncs of experiencing these energies. Yay! Lol! There’s a huge feeling of relief and release I feel that keeps increasing. Sea lion has been so supportive through the changes! Keep having interesting dreams like you. Last night was a literal break through. I’m excited to see what’s ahead for us both!!

      Happy New Moon! Hehe! I purposely didn’t write that in my post, as I felt this time I’d express it differently but you picked it up of course! I love Sag Moons! And I love sharing twinsies with you! Love you bunches!

      • Yes, relief and release is a great way to put it! I just returned from another CGL outing (Crazy Glasses Lady). Hehe, I got a pair just for computer work so that I have a much larger areas to look through while diving more into writing on my desktop. I may or may not get another pair of sunglasses. My prescription is essentially the same, just a tiny tweak that should help with close up work. We shall see!!! Pun intended. Love you bunches, too!

      • Awesome we feel the same!!! 🤗 LOL on CGL!!! Love it… I’m looking forward to my eye apt in December so I can see what’s changed and if I try progressives. For now I have just 2 readers and 1 pair of glasses. I may have something for CGL for Xmas hehe! Xoox

  2. Thank you for sharing your splendors!  May you have a another beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving.

  3. What gorgeous photos and scenery! You sure have been packing in the adventures Tania. I’m glad that your heart is full with family love, food, and nature. Thanks for being a friend and great example of living fully. 💕

  4. The story and your photos literally took my breath away. There’s definitely so much you can be grateful for.
    Also, American Thanksgiving is in correct time. Canadian is early October, and that doesn’t feel right. I’m not sure why that is. All I know, it never feels right.
    You certainly could enjoy company of all your people, and Astrid, and gifts, oh my, such a fantastic event you had. Very happy about you!

    • I so appreciate your sweet comment Inese and that we share that value for gratitude. I find so much more each day to extend that reach to…it’s unlimited. And you are part of that gratitude I feel. I am grateful that we’ve connected and for your artistic beauty you share with the world.
      That’s an interesting observation about the Thanksgiving celebration differences of Canada and U.S. I wonder where that stems from?
      Hmmm…I so appreciate your shared joy and I’m beaming out love and warmth to you!

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