Eclipse Shifts, Snow Bunnies & Saving Bunnies

How has everyone been feeling around this last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

And even just in general, how are you holding up?

It’s important these days to check in with yourself and really see what you’re feeling. The body has a lot of wisdom to share and your emotions, if addressed lovingly, will reveal to you their truth.

This Eclipse opened another doorway for some radical shift potentials and the cycling through of endings and beginnings. It continues to be a potent time to stay aware of any realizations, openings, and insights that you receive without pushing them aside. Some breakthrough potentials are within reach if you’re willing to let go of energies that have become stagnant and any false securities that may have been crutches or subduing the real song of your heart.

I continue to feel that as we take the steps, the fog will clear. But it’s by moving that you actually get to the other side and have greater ability to step into the new version of yourself you are recreating – and the new version of the world at large that you want to experience.

I’ve been hearing a continuing theme from more people than I can count that speaks to dramatic personal shifts being implemented. People are realizing they need some major time-outs for personal wellness and healthier life choices.

While more and more people are beginning to feel they’re finally thriving, there are so many people I know and keep hearing about through the channels that have become completely burned out, depleted, and realizing that the way they’ve been going for years, and fell into believing they needed to operate, simply won’t cut it anymore. Physical challenges are popping up left and right, mental anxiety and breakdowns, along with emotional turmoil that can no longer go uncared for are literally screaming for attention. Stress is on all-time high and exhaustion has finally run its course. And I’ve seen this with both women and men. Although, I do happen to know of a lot of female entrepreneurs with their own businesses who have had to completely step back, reassess, change the mode of operation of their businesses, and integrate self-care protocols on every front from nutrition and exercise, to counseling in the spiritual and shamanic fields, and learning how to create greater balance all around.

This balance being one that speaks to a more naturally harmonious lifestyle where personal needs are a priority and seeing how that guides the creative flow of their business, instead of overextending themselves in all directions of what they thought they needed to be doing until there’s nothing left to give. They’re discovering more meaning in their lives by listening to their needs, which in turn enriches their relationships, family, daily life, and the quality, as well as content of their creative output – all realigning to a reflection of a healthier inner world and the relationship they are honoring and giving importance to that is blossoming from personal integration of their layers that went untended to until now.

There is much shifting in some really enriching ways even though these aren’t the stories that get the spotlight these days.

And although the changes have also spoken to losses on one side of the spectrum, there’s been incredible gains on the other because this is the cycling continuum of energy.

I definitely felt this Blood Moon’s energies keeping me more alert and energized the two nights before it, which has continued forth. I’ve also continued experiencing some odd alignments that are too literal and precise not to be connected to recent energies and specific days for both Dave and myself. Actually, since 10/31 these kind of precise experiences have been revving in extra uncanny ways. And that’s saying a lot since I’ve experienced quite a lot of wild alignments.

There’s an interweaving of both an acceleration of things and time taking place, but within that, I’m also experiencing a slowing down happening…yes, that’s possible. We can bend time to move fast or slow depending upon how we use each moment – I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. A few minutes of silent meditation or super presence with something feels like an hour or even breaks the barriers into timelessness. And hours or a day can go by in what feels like minutes. I notice it much more intentionally and those experiences of everything making sense and expansive cohesion are becoming the norm.

Today being 11/11/22 felt like a day to highlight some of this, as it’s a potent portal for manifestation and transformation.

So, what are your intentions and dreams? Please don’t be afraid to say them aloud. This is a gateway of alignments and the streaming through of support for the potentials you seek to experience.

Repeating number sequences are something that never cease to show up for many of us – you know those clock, odometer, receipt, addresses, license plate numbers, etc. that blare at you? I know, for me, it’s been nonstop for years and it just constantly increases with a variety of them showing up, as well as many sequential numbers that speak to me of everything lining up and progressing step-by-step in perfect alignment…that things are on track and will come to fruition.

Things may seem in disarray or chaotic, but I feel the train really is on track to unknown, but expansively rich destinations. It may boil down to which train you’ve chosen to get a ticket on, but no matter the train, it’s headed where the energy is being fueled.

And in that case, what you fuel is not really that much of a mystery when recognized as an energy stream. And, you can always jump tracks to a different train if you want at any time.

Since October 31st a lot of big things have been culminating in our lives here. It’s been a busy period, but greatly rewarding to put in the efforts. This can be a busy time, as year end approaches and holidays roll in, but it’s also the time when carving out space for yourself becomes vital.

I find myself finally seeing the simultaneous end and beginning point for another phase in my life and that feels really good.

It hasn’t come without a lot of twists and turns and learning even more about myself along the way. That said, the end of this year feels to hold a really clear freshness and I’ve drawn the lines to support that. I’m excited about the shifts taking place for my projects and focuses – I’ve had an ear open for inspiration to take me in uncharted directions.

Speaking of freshness, the alpine landscape here has been extremely invigorating with the continual snow we’ve been receiving. November has really kicked off the white wonderland that has been reflective of putting everything to rest, while experiencing the sparkly inspiration that floats in on each snowflake.

We’ve received probably about a foot and a half from the latest storms that just ended Wednesday at our elevation and there’s been 3-4 feet at the highest mountain tops. Pretty good for the start of November. In fact, for the first time in a while, our local ski resort will be opening tomorrow, the 12th. That means ski snow bunny and peaceful integration time on the mountain tops begins.

The photos laced throughout this post are some of my favorite from our snow adventures recently both on trail destinations near us and just behind our house in the forest.

I hope they bring you some of the bursts of wowness that we’ve been experiencing and drawing from for daily inspiration.

Yesterday was a big day for Astrid and me, so we’re laying low today. I’ve mentioned before that she’s one amazing rabbit when it comes to strength and health and luckily her only challenge is that she happens to produce extra ear wax that can become hard for her to release fully from her ears. Long story short, she had to go under for the first time yesterday for preventative measures of removing one really big ball of wax that was blocking 80% of an ear canal (too deep to remove unsedated without risking damage) and a smaller one in the other ear that was found in the process. Neither had developed any issues or infections, as I caught things in time and trusted my intuition to keep an appointment for her even though she stopped demonstrating curious ear behaviors.

All that said, she got through it with flying colors and didn’t skip a beat in bouncing right back. But it’s definitely no fun to run to the vet twice in a week, an hour’s drive away skirting snow storms and to be probed in your ears, or to have any kind of sedated procedures.

But it’s just such incredible ears of hers that speak to me of telepathic waves opening to deeper levels of communication, connection, and clarity.

I’m so grateful for all the support we have and that she’s one super bunny.

I also love how she and I share the same color hair and fur…a match made in heaven!

Some of that support came in the form of our animal messenger friends, including Frith who came running by our room right before heading off to the early appointment yesterday, wanting to let his friend Astrid know that he and the rabbit collective would be with her. Then a large marsh hawk appearing for me right after I dropped her off. And upon picking her up and making our way home, there were two bald eagles sitting in a tree together, followed by another large marsh hawk. We have a very unique relationship with these sentinel birds that is unusual given the dynamics of predator to prey. But for me and all of my bunnies, they have always protected them and kept vigil over important procedures, showing up as messengers of everything being in alignment between Earth and Cosmos.

And speaking of hawks….this one above came to me this past weekend just outside our bedroom. This was the best photo I could get of him with the highest zoom on my camera, but clearly defines his stunning silhouette.

He was fluttering around on the ground and from tree to tree, wanting to get my attention. Then came to land here looking like the regal Horus himself.

But going through all of this with Astrid, as we come to year-end here shortly, had me reflecting on Astrid’s and my connection with her rabbit rescue, Save A Bunny – where Joy also was adopted from and the place that Nestor led me to in the first place. End of year is a time we like to give to rescues and organizations, and Save A Bunny is always on my list, as they do amazing work there. I hold Marcy, SAB’s founder, dearly in my heart. She’s a very special soul whom I admire greatly and am grateful to for connecting Astrid and me together.

This gave Astrid and me an idea last night about raising some extra support for them, and so we were inspired to auction off our last original painting that hasn’t yet found a forever home – Gem of the Emerald Forest, featuring Panda animal messenger totem.

Gem of the Emerald Forest – Original Available 24″ x 30″

Synchronously, Panda’s message fits a lot of what I shared today in theme:

Pandas are rare gems that symbolize many valuable things we can learn from. Being generally solitary, they teach us the importance of solitude, going within and understanding the value of slowness and being still to receive. They are very agile tree climbers giving them the unique ability as a totem to tap into higher knowledge and teach us soul development. They teach us balance and finding that center that learns to integrate opposites in harmony. Their black and white colors depict the energy of the Yin Yang Symbol, indicating the importance of this balance between masculine and feminine energies, East and West, and anything of duality. They also draw our attention to the need to create more balance in our immediate lives. These contrasting colors represent differences in cultures and how we can break the barriers and boundaries, realizing we are one global community. They also teach us adaptability, connection to the Plant Kingdom, and Eastern beliefs.

Pandas are also masters of being elusive, despite their bold, contrasting colors and so they point us to where we are feeling a lot of inner conflict that may be causing us to “hide” rather than allow ourselves to shine and be seen. In this way they remind us to nurture self-encouragement and cultivate soul nourishment in order to reach our fullest potentials – basically, to realize the gifts of your uniqueness and to stop hiding.

Pandas are adorable and make you just want to run up and cuddle them, however they are also very strong and not to be messed with. In this way they teach us to be mindful of making judgments and not to judge a book by the cover. There is always more than meets than eye and by taking panda’s advice of going within, you will find the heart answers you need.

As a very exotic being, panda cultivates our love for the exploration of exotic lands and appreciation of different cultures. Pandas have always been highly treasured in China and because of their history of China gifting Giant Pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries, they represent diplomacy, peaceful relations and have also come to be ambassadors of good will and conservation.

Pandas hold many hidden treasures for us to embrace. It is clear to me why this lovely being has channeled through in painting #6. Many of us are working with these aspects of integration, balance, working through inner conflicts to find peace, revealing our authenticity with courageous vulnerability, honoring inner wisdom and realizing the importance of times to withdraw in order to reconnect, seeing things with unconditionally loving hearts, and uniting as Global Human Beings.

The Emerald Forest habitat this panda resides in symbolizes the Heart Chakra that has the ability to be the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power. As you see by panda’s wisdom, this energy is very much reflected in what it has to teach.

I’m sharing this painting, once again, during this doorway of change to see if it speaks to anyone who is working with these energies and that would like to support the rabbits in need – many of them special needs rabbits like our dear Cosmo was.

I plan to donate the full amount of any potential winning bid to Save A Bunny for Christmas, minus shipping expenses.

Unfortunately, paintings of this size are not inexpensive to have packaged and shipped safely. Packaging and shipping runs $150-200 alone. This is within the U.S. only.

So for that reason, I will be starting the bids at $150 (I’ll cover any bit of overage on my end) and then anything over $150 that might be bid, will all go to Save A Bunny.

This is an original painting – not a print – and is the last original painting I have available. It was part of my series, “Universal ARKitecture” that featured animal spirit messengers for these New Earth cocreative times.

If you feel called to this painting and helping the bunnies, please CONTACT ME with your bid/love donation.

I’ll keep the auction open through 11/20 at which time if there have been any bids, we’ll contact the new guardian with highest bid and prepare your panda partner for his forever home. I say him, as he reminds me of Cosmo with both his coloring and loving essence.

It’s SO hard to capture the colors, details, and energies of paintings in photos, as they are always so much more rich in person.

We also decided to add a few other little options that will also be added to our donations to Save A Bunny if they find their forever homes too.

These include the following three framed pieces Astrid and I just created last Friday with feathered messengers while we were making some for ourselves and the sacred space here at our home on the forest.

I’ve transformed the energy of our bedroom and just love all the new freshness flowing through!

These are 8 3/4″ x 10 3/4″ frames filled with the energy of channeled bird spirit totems that were found/gifted as naturally shed feathers.

We call them Flames of a Feather and they feature a collective of bird spirits offering their support as you walk through the sacred violet flame of transmutation.

They are each $55 and the amount over the shipping cost will all be donated to Save A Bunny as well.

The first one features the Woodpecker family – a variety of Woodpeckers including Northern Flicker with our song bird friend the Steller’s Jay joining them.

Woodpecker and Steller’s Jay Flames of a Feather – SOLD

The second features the Grouse and Pheasant family joined by our friend the female Mallard.

Grouse, Pheasant & Female Mallard Flames of a Feather – SOLD

And the last features the Macaw family of Yellow Collared and Hahn’s (Red-Shouldered) Macaws (gifted to me by a dear friend’s Macaws I got to connect with)

Macaw Flames of a Feather – SOLD

We are also going to do the same with the last two remaining Sacred Offerings.

The light plum/rosey wine colored bottles of crystalline magick can be found at the link below.

The amount over their shipping cost will also be added to our Save A Bunny Christmas donations. They are each only $33.

Crystal Closet

Thank you in advance for any and all love and support you share for our friends in rabbit bodies. They’ve saved me as much as one might say I saved some of them.

And thank you, once again, simply for being here at this fertile time on Earth and in our lives. Your friendship is invaluable and our connection, near or far, is carried in our hearts always.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I love this post sweet T. So grateful that dear Astrid did so well. She just needed some help in tuning in for bigger and better creations and adventures. Just like Momma. Miracle and I send our love. Much has been going on here as well. Hoping this goes through. I havent been able to comment or share any of your posts for awhile for some reason but maybe that is unblocked now.

    • Aw thank you so much dear D! We both appreciate your sweet words, love, and ever-healing energy. You shared that perfectly!! Her ears are so magnificent and they truly are giant antennas 📡 that channel so much. I’ll never forget seeing her ears move to follow a moth outside the window crawling on the glass. Definitely getting ready for the next level of frequency flow as you said! Thank you to both you and Miracle! We adore and appreciate you both and hearing how you’ve been moving through a lot too. We hope it’s all been supportive. Thank you for letting me know of the recent challenges you’ve had on WordPress. Looks like that’s lifted now. Perhaps the eclipse opened something 🤔 💫😊😘 lots of love to you always and kisses to Mir from us both!

  2. Just so much peace and beauty there… 🙂

  3. I love seeing you so happy and vibrant in your yellow bunny parka Tania! I’m falling in love with the beauty of where you live, although I probably wouldn’t like the cold. I’m glad Astrid is OK and you’re following your inner urges for her and helping other bunnies. The panda painting and feather art are beautiful! 😍

    • Aw thank you so so much Brad! That’s really so sweet of you to say. I was having a lot of fun in my bunny and yellow out in the snow! We came across a couple of people with their dogs and I think it made them smile and their dogs got excited and jumped up on me! Fun to find a giant bunny out in the fun snow ❄️ hehe! I’m glad you enjoy the beauty I share of the surroundings here. Definitely not for everyone but inspirational nonetheless. Astrid and I really appreciate your tender heart and shared happiness that she’s doing well. We also greatly thank you for your appreciation of these creations! Warm hugs and nature majesty to you!!

  4. Beautiful photos, as usual, and I hope we get as snowy a winter here, as it’s been dangerously dry all year, with the Mississippi R. being historically low. I’m shifting toward planting more drought tolerant flowers and plants in the yard than I ever have (aside from native flora which have long been a major focus for me, long before it became trendy).

    The framed feather creations are eye-catching; they resemble shrubs or cacti, in a way! 🙂 I hope you’ll do more, in time.

    Seeing a lot of 9:11 and 11:11, and of course 11/11 is my birthday, and it’s a 5 year in numerology for me (5+0, how can that be?!?!). Maybe some forward-momentum shifts ? 🙂

    • Thank you Kieron!! I sure hope our winter will continue like this, as we need it too. It’s unusual to get so much so early. I did see that about the Mississippi… moisture needed everywhere.

      I hear you.. I’m like you with drought tolerant and native plants. There’s definitely different things we need to think about these days.

      I so appreciate your words about the framed feather creations. Love that you see cacti and shrubs! That was something I felt when creating them.. an organic plant feel doubling with the flame energy!

      Wow awesome! Happy birthday my friend!! A 5 year sounds pivotal and exciting! Wishing you an expansive and transformative new cycle!!

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    The effects of this Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse has been powerfully supportive on so many levels… you know!! (Felt it building up before it arrived, and am still feeling it very distinctly!!) It was literally so strong in bringing forward deeper layers of what needed releasing, addressing, and clearing on different planes including the physical//spiritual AND emotional, so much so, that I could either harness it’s energy, take action and flow with this energy, OR have the stagnant effect of staying stuck in a place I had far outgrown!! Taking heart guided, aligned forward-moving action has had ENORMOUS and BEAUTIFUL effects and I am soaring with joy!!
    (Sooooooo many layers to this all!)
    Exquisite self care for me, has been priority to navigate everything as well! I no longer allow myself to even entertain the idea of going back to old patterns of draining my well…..I keep it FULLER than ever. Which has been the best shift ever!!!
    In fact, Craig and I just returned home yesterday from a lovely, two day restorative trip we took alone together to rejuvenate and do nothing but rest, laugh, eat delicious vegan food, yoga, walking, reading in bookstores, browsing a huge Vermont Artist gift gallery, and getting lost in our favorite Garden Center that has the most incredible glass greenhouse full of plants and pottery complete with a small rock waterfall and pond full of fish…..piles of Holiday trees adorned with every kind of ornament you can think of……and gorgeous everything…….and we just LOVED it!! So we’re doing ahhhhhmazing supporting ourselves through all these huge changes, and creating this new life, (although very challenging heavy and hard at times), it’s in total balance because of the stunning joy and happiness and peace flooding our lives!
    Sooooo happy darling Astrid is feeling so well!
    And these beautiful pictures make me feel wonder and excitement for the seasonal shifts….,,
    Love love LOVE

    Ohhhhhhh and the synchronicity of numbers and signs?????? It’s unbelievable!! Confirmations are everywhere! xx 🫶💛💛💛💛💛💛✨

    • So so happy to hear how you’ve embraced the Eclipse energies and your empowerment through everything! To feel and hear your joy is a gift!! And I love envisioning you and Craig enjoying your new life and extra time together doing such wonderfully nurturing things… ask things I love doing too. Was with you just in description, as I can vividly see it all. You two are prime examples of the thriving possible even amidst the crazy!

      Thank you so much for being there for Astrid. She’s still adjusting and it’s been a bit challenging but I keep holding the peace and did a healing attunement for her.

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