Slipping Into November

As we sit here in the middle of our first real snow storm, I’m already looking out the window at 2-3 inches for our 6600 altitude – much more at top of the mountain for sure.

You might remember that we had our First Snow – just an enchanted dusting – on October 22nd, which happened to be the 14th year anniversary of our first date. We need the moisture and I love the beauty of it all, so no complaints here. It also helps prep the barren ground for Spring and cover up the saw dust from the tree removal.

This current snow fall is supposed to go through tomorrow afternoon and then said to bring ongoing on-and-off-again rain and snow showers through the 15th. We’ll see, but it appears an early Winter is wanting to appear this second half of Autumn as we enter the November gateway – something that I was sensing from our encounters with animals, that unpredictable weather was ahead and an unusual Winter.

Just as I was writing about the animal encounters our resident big wild bunny friend, whom I believe is Frith, just popped his head in at the sliding glass door to our Wonderland realm and where I sit typing this. He then went over to the fence and with glee turned around and did a binky and joyful leap with zig-zag across to the next sliding glass door of the other room and then off under the fence to the forest. It was the CUTEST thing ever to see him so excited about the snow, his little cotton tail bouncing about like a snowball, and his coming to tell Astrid and me how happy he was. He’s grown into quite the spirited prince of the Forest Portal. I had no time to capture his cuteness, but here are his tracks.

I love that he showed up today after connecting so much with Cosmo yesterday. I feel a bit of his spirit in Frith.

And to continue with the animal encounters theme, we’ve actually now seen a total of ten bears in just a couple of weeks, which is more than we’ve ever seen over the years living at this house. On a Halloween/Samhain hike we saw another three – a momma and two cubs (although I only was able to capture a brief snap of momma and one cub here) hidden behind the tree branches at center of the two tree trunks.

This hike also showcased another sun halo, this time with some rainbow infusion, and some beautiful between-the-veil energy vistas like these below.

Even the day before Halloween/Samhain was extraordinary. The landscapes we biked along were dressed in rich layers reminiscent of the web of life.

Everything I see is mesmerizing and like a mirror reflection of both the interconnected fascia of my body and the interwoven frequencies that mesh together the very fabric of my being. If I find sites like these enchanting, then so too is the consciousness they are mirroring within me.

I just love it all and the tall, golden grasses of this season really evoke feelings of lightness within, like golden feathers of love and grace.

They remind me for some reason of Ancient Egyptian practices at death – something interesting to ponder at this portal.

Upon death, the heart was weighed against the feather of Maat – goddess of truth and justice. The scales were observed by Anubis and the results recorded by Thoth.

On Samhain I also found this rock pile amidst the feathery golden grasses that were like a sacred burial or sacred marker. It felt like a beautiful message since I had been thinking of Cosmo so much on this day. It was a sweet stack or cairn of rocks that someone had intentionally hand-placed at the base of the tree with a light colored small heart rock at center. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it was a perfect little heart.

This heart was supported by an almost triangular taller rock and surrounded by other rocks of all sizes. It didn’t matter that the heart was smaller than the others. The love it exuded was the focal point of this gathering, and each of the others helped radiate its power out. Thoth would definitely have had great words to record about this heart’s journey.

After our hike and a shared, celebratory feast out we ended the day with our Meditation and Mindfulness online gathering where I honored Cosmo and shared how he is my greatest teacher. I briefly talked about how he assists me daily in my own mindfulness practice by reminding me to just love more and open my heart more when met with any triggers, less than pleasant or debilitating experiences, or outside influences that could throw me off balance.

We’re conditioned to tighten and close up our hearts, perhaps even cut off our emotions or react in overblown ones, when we go through challenges. I’ve done that for sure, but learned that challenging myself to step back and open up more is much more helpful. Allowing love in is a choice that can lighten up any dark crevices if need be, even if only for yourself in that moment.

And then before getting into a sacred space for tuning in with the forest and trees, and all who have walked before us, Boojum joined me for a little Samhain faery witch fun, because sacredness is not just about seriousness or heaviness…the sacred lies within all experiences and that includes the sacred art of joy, whimsy, and lightness.

Even Astrid got in on the magick too, of course. Just look at how cute she is, loving her cosmic witch hat.

I’ll preface this by saying that one of my strengths is to share through the artist me, to you. My creative heart not only is an artist of creations made by hand or written from inspiration, but it also is an artist by way of what I see (through a camera lens for example) and how I feel I can move energy through via imagery and my own vehicle of expressions. In this way, helping to evoke more than I could simply by words and to help connect even more via the energy channels through the world wide web, which in many cases is all we have until telepathy becomes the mainstay again.

So with that said, here we go with another little impromptu creative share to empower those aspects of your inner uniqueness and courageous heart not to fear any aspect of your gifts and who you feel yourself to be.

Yesterday, I donned my favorite cosmic witch hat, a custom Samhain themed dress designed with block prints of crow wings, web, candle, hearth broom, bunch of thorns and rose hips, etc.), sweet bat pendant with sunstone, and witch necklace – hehe!

Boojum was actually more excited than it appears, as he kept coming back to me when I would put him down, wanting to ham it up with mom, but also because he remembers some sacred days shared in our lineage together.

He LOVED the attention and getting to be center stage.

And just look at his wide-eyed curiosity and excitement watching mom in the bottom left corner below, lol!

He’s a momma’s boy for sure!

He and I have quite a soul history together of sacred work, and if you knew the details you’d understand his fascination with me and how we “fit” together.

My sacred work these days is mostly focused on the alchemy of the heart, as it feels to support the greatest leaps in evolution for me – the kind of leaps that open doors where none seemed to exist…and the kind of doors I really want to travel through.

Days like these I’m reminded that a doorway opens each time I stretch my heart further and dare to create and feel outside of the box.

They also open the more I dare to be me.

It’s not always easy to hold your own vibration and feel differently than others around you, but it makes the greatest difference for you AND for them.

I hope that this new month, after Samhain’s opening doorway, can shed some light on the places within you that want more to be heard, seen, embraced, and loved. And maybe the veils between who you were conditioned to be, and who you really feel yourself to be, can become thinner too.

I’ll end this little slip through the veil with some words from Lee on the month ahead. Perhaps you’ll find some supportive threads from his themes for November. These include:

  • Ongoing global and personal shifts in power
  • Releasing Assumptions
  • Allowing your conscious bravery to appear and SHIFT the energy
  • Shedding or insulating? Balancing against the outer storm
  • Heart pain and grief becoming heart appreciation and openness
  • The dissolution of old conditions and programming = disorientation
  • “Why are you alive?” Have you decided why, or are others deciding for you?
  • Vision a new future for yourself and us all

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. What a wonderland tania❤️ and beautiful pictures of autumn sunshine! Love your dress and here’s too keeping open our heart to receive our most highest potential💃🕺🙏 Wgatever the weather let’s make sure we play and have fun… keeping our vibration high, no matter what, sending love x

    • Thank you Barbara! I sure find joy in the environment here and all the splendor it reflects that my heart feels and loves. I so appreciate your shared childlike heart and how you always look for ways to shine your brightest through it all. With love and laughter, I join you in raising the vibrations. Warmest hugs!

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    Awwwww Frith!! I could feel the joy he felt as you described him binkying with his sweet little cottony tail! 🤗 I loved hearing about his excitement and his Princey-ness🫶 The rainbows energies of that sun portal just infused my heart with multi-faceted delight! It elevated and resonated the happiness I’m feeling; and seeing all the exquisite wonders of our dear Mother Gaia through your eyes, always means so much to me. I loved the reflections you shared too, about the Ancient Egyptians and death so much— for sure, this resonated deeply, (and I COULD see that perfect little heart stone on the cairn!!!) especially at this time since as you know I’m adorning our home with many more touches echoing Sacred Egyptian Temples as well as other Sacred beautiful pieces that represent our families’ new found Sacred Spiritual Authenticity!!!!
    I SWOONED over your gorgeous Witchy dress!!!!! Omgosh it’s just stupendous on you!! Soooooo special and perfect on you….and I of course just LOVE your Cosmic Witch hat— (Sooooo fun how we were both Withes for Samhain—) that Boojum boy is too darling and funny for words; you can see the loves he has for you in his eyes— he is such a ham, and always makes me laugh!! And I truly felt some poignant messages enter my heart, along with more layers of support and confirmation from your visual story and words!! Heart Alchemy……deep sighs……. .YES. And embodying ME and shining who I truly am~ .YES. Even as I type these words, I have on each one of my wrists, a Sacred Egyptian Mother Isis winged cuff bracelet!!!!! (Craig says I look like a Goddess with them on my wrists!! 🫢☺️) The girls, add to that by saying they hold special super powers, not unlike Wonder Woman’s cuffs!!!!! 😆 LOL
    I’ll be watching all of Lee’s energy update too!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed hearing about Frith! He comes to see his friend Astrid a lot! Btw, when I first posted this blog I had forgotten Astrid’s witchy cute photos, but added them later. You would have to go to my website and not read it from the email to see how cute she is. She wants to make sure you and the girls see her. She loves her hats! And this one suits her well.

      I just love sharing all that I see out in nature because I feel the energies that come through there are powerful and cross all boundaries, speaking the language anyone can feel and understand.

      So happy you saw the heart! I just knew the Egyptian energy would be resonant hehe! Can’t wait to see your place all decked out in the new!

      Thank you about the dress and hat… not as decadent as your costume but yes you and I and Annee were a witchy trio! Boojum is a silly child for sure. Quite the cartoon character! Haha!

      So happy you received so much from the share! And I giggled at the wonder woman super powers bracelets. The girls and I think alike! Hehe!

      Big love to you. Enjoy the energy update when you get a chance to listen. Always good stuff.

  3. So much beauty and fun! Thanks Tania. Happy Samhain! 😊

  4. So much love for the earth in your words, your photos are beautiful and your outfit is lovely.

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