Another Storm Blows Through ~ Pre-Solstice Enchantment, Reflections & Stocking Stuffer Magick

This 12/12 update comes on the heel end of another snow storm – again the biggest here yet that we’ve had. I don’t blog very often these days, so posts tend to be longer when I do, to include an overview of experiences that have unfolded and tie-ins with what I receive and integrate through them. Many times these weave collectively shared messaging and themes, so they represent my mirroring thread.

We are definitely receiving some great moisture earlier than we have in years and the snow pack is growing! We received another nearly three feet at our elevation and more up at top just between Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and the snow tapered off after that. I took this photo when I woke in the middle of Saturday night to a power outage, using slight flash to capture the scene before me.

It was a strange outage, as I woke to flashing yellow orange lights outside, but when I looked I saw no wire or pole down near the house, which one would have expected to see. Dave said he saw the same a few hours later, still in the wee morning hours, when he woke to do his early morning meditation.

In any event, the outage lasted twelve hours, but luckily we have a gas fireplace and were also able to warm up hot water for tea and coffee on our gas stove. So we all stayed cozy upstairs, as you can see by the kitty babies snuggled in by the fire with Astrid keeping warm watch from her castle tower, as mounds of snow, three plus feet high, built a buffer of powder between realms.

And this was the morning scene we woke up to surrounding us outside.

And due to the ski runs being closed because of the storm, we headed out back for a pre-lunch snow shoe through the thick blankets of white. We were the first to break tracks, so the journey was quite a work out especially with snow up to our knees most of the way and to our lower thighs at times too.

Everything looked like a real life Narnia in our backyard.

Including a portal entry point to get there that crossed over a frozen creek.

Snow covers everything to be seen and it’s just beautiful!

Just take a look at these dreamy landscapes (above and below) from pre-storm, recent adventures (also) right behind our house on the forest.

We so enjoy our mountain life nestled into the woodland realm, making our home feel like a forest cottage from faery tales. It’s definitely not for everyone, but we were made for this.

I took this photo above on our way back from snow shoeing a few days ago, and this one below at night with the forest scene lit up from our deck.

Life on the forest is a special feeling we carry with us always and never stop remarking on how much we love and are grateful to live here.

Even just our street enchants me, as the serpent-winding road provides delight around every corner.

I’m sure you can tell I love me some white wonderland enchantment, as I just can’t get enough of capturing the inspiring vistas before my eyes to share with you.

We have continued our doubling up on outdoor activities with skiing and snow shoeing/hiking pretty much daily (because these are some of our musts for life fulfillment and wellness) except for a couple of days we had finalization to this year’s indoor house work projects done. You can see how much joy it brings us.

Besides, we can’t resist this kind of enchantment that OUR dreams, at least, are made of.

I, for one, won’t stop exuding my heart’s joy and gratitude around every corner. I am known to just blurt out exuberant statements and feelings, as we wander through nature’s beauty.

And steal kisses from cutie snowmen we “randomly” find in the most secluded places.

But amidst it all, closure continues to be the name of the game as we’ve been wrapping things up. I even have an eye appointment tomorrow (I haven’t been for a couple of years) and had myself a successful dental exam recently as well. These felt good to add to the cycle of full circle conclusions.

Some other key celebratory endings we’ve been waiting on with other facets of our lives were supported by the Full Moon energy too. I took this photo very early on the morning of the Gemini Full Moon when I woke to feed Astrid her greens. The light was beaming through the windows and she was of course sitting tall in that glow.

Speaking of which, the Moon felt kind of like a landmark crossover on the journey and these gorgeous landscapes from our Full Moon sunset snow hike out back punctuated that feeling.

The 9th was a “call in the miracles” day of manifesting as I focused energy toward some intentions while on the slopes. Some seemed impossible, but I believed and would not falter. They did in fact come to fruition within minutes of a deadline.

It just so happened to be a day where the sky was filled with giant cloud ships too. I noticed them while skiing…the whole sky had quite the cosmic presence that was literally surrounding the area. I usually just see a couple of these at once, but a whole sky full of them?! Hmmm. I only captured this one shot on the way down the mountain that day of the 9th.

The 9th was also another day for bear tracks sightings.

Once again, the bear tracks were super fresh like the family of three’s tracks we found that other time. This time it was just one bear, but she likely had been there minutes before us. It seems they are still not fully hibernating due to the early onset of Winter that no one was expecting.

Bear has been around quite a bit and on my mind a lot too. Polar bears as well.

I always love bear showing up, as I connect bear with Arcturus (the bear keeper or guardian of the bear) and the constellations surrounding it (Ursa Major and Minor – Great and Little Bear).

And so it is bear that inspires these themes:

These days I feel that our Cosmic connections are streaming through even more deliberately in the form of undeniable synchronicities and experiences. I feel that the more the frequencies on Earth are shifting and the more we are evolving to match those frequencies, incredulous kinds of things are increasingly being experienced and at some point will once again be the norm. I feel that they’ve always been and been possible, but now can no longer be dismissed so easily. Evidence of how powerful we really are and that the seeds of potential are ripe.

I experience this as more than just glimpses these days and it increases the more I maintain my own perspective on life. I’ll get back to that thought in a moment, but for now I’m super excited to be seeing the finish line finally within reach well before year’s end. What a great feeling it is to cross off things on my list without adding anything more for once! Yay!

And how good it feels to be implementing so many changes all around. The release of things definitely frees up space for so much to flow in with ease and to receive support with. The momentum of inspiration flooding through has helped me to stay focused and feel how good the new energy is worth remaining unyielding to old stuff for and staying the course towards. I also love how I feel another aspect of me working on new things behind the scenes, the more I stay on path. Things feel lighter and freer, even when surrounding energies want to try and bog stuff down. I feel capable of much more than the mind, alone, would otherwise allow itself to believe.

Through the crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s – tending to details, not missing a beat, believing in endings creating beginnings, and not letting minor set backs and momentary stresses define us or the course ahead, things DO get done. We can learn to dance with the distractions, but remain focused on the goals.

Things keep trying to veer off into different reality spectrums and steer us off course by getting a hold of our emotional wavering, but I’ve been reminding others not to let that energy overcome them and to maintain anchor in the trust and peace, as this has been my saving grace.

I’ve continued believing in last minute miracles and am grateful they do in fact keep manifesting. I haven’t let others sway me – stay the course I say! It feels like things are dragging us down, but we have the ability to float and rise above the waves.

The Full Moon of the 7th felt like greater alignment anchored in as a precursor reminder that everything is in divine order if I continue trusting the stream I’m riding. Things have taken some small hits, but none that are disastrous. We can’t let things dismantle us, as things are going to continue to shake up and throw a monkey wrench into the course we are working to stay on, but our strength and resiliency is where we can fall back on keeping us balanced and continuing momentum forward.

The forests here in the mountains remind me of that, as we just remarked yesterday how resilient the trees are to go through such extremes in weather conditions…freezing to drought…weighed down upon by loads of heavy snow…whipped around by harsh winds, and so on. And yet, the forests and trees live on. Life goes on.

We will continue to stand and thrive no matter how many rocks get thrown at our windows. Essence still remains in tact even if you strip all the framing away because the energy field outlives the superficial structure. Your frequency of purpose can weather any storm because it exists without reliance on outside validation.

You master the unknown by knowing your deep self and you change history by becoming the author of the story. See yourself through the lens of your soul and this becomes a spiritual awakening.

I often feel that a false sense of powerlessness is what drives actions and even with things like changes we want to see in others, we tend to forget where the power truly lies…in changing ourselves.

Many of us, I feel, are involved in ending the ancestral lineage of outmoded patterns in order to create a new collective experience. And so often we admit how we, ourselves, aren’t operating and behaving in alignment with even our own ideals or visions, yet we exert energy over others to try to change them to be these very ideals, nonetheless.

I’ve come to a place of being okay if others don’t change.

It’s only important that I do and to know that when I do, I can stop the ancestral line’s patterns. No other person has to do this for me to be able to do it myself. And no one may ever any way, as that may not be their role. Their role, in fact, may be to hold exactly where they are in order to strengthen me into my own power, to ensure I don’t sway or give up. They hold the old energy as a gift for me to alchemize, as if there weren’t the necessary ingredients then alchemy wouldn’t be possible.

One must have the old, the in between, the desire for evolution, and the belief in imagination, to create the new.

This current season makes me believe in that kind of magick and miracles, incubates the potential, and even draws upon the old through nostalgic feelings that are conjured up in the comforts of memories.

I love all of these feelings and their potentials, as we approach Winter Solstice/Yule on the 21st – just nine days away.

And with every recipe I bake, every decoration I string, every creative thread I weave, and every snowflake that melts into my skin, I am rewriting, recreating, re-envisioning, and reintegrating the way I want to begin again.

I’ve been getting in the magickal mood for a while with baking fun, getting out our Holly King seasonally scented soap, making ornaments like this crystalline snowball encrusted in lilac sparkle, and adding to our woodland tree with decorations since last I shared some photos.

The new Christmas delights come from a couple of fellow kindred spirit bun moms. One who makes bunny-themed creations (see the awesome mini wreaths she made me – one of which symbolizes our life here on the forest).

And one who shares a love for all things whimsical and bunny-filled (see the cutest bunny and magickal deer additions below).

The Wonderland room I share with Astrid is always decked out in whimsy and year-round mini decorated trees and lights even though these other decorations are ones we put up seasonally.

We love to always feel the warmth and enchantment of all the seasons and find no greater joy than our sanctuary realm with every single tone of our frequencies etched into the space around us. The warmth of this time of year, as our house is surrounded in white, simply adds magickal vibrations to the already-muse-filled mix we are immersed in. And with all the crystals that surround us, it’s a wonder we haven’t lifted off already as the energy vibrations are through the roof!

The enchantment is real and the portals of possibility are open.

I’ll be back again before year’s end, but for now, in case I venture off deeper into the powerful silence over these upcoming magickal days, Merry Yule and Happy Solstice!

May the light of the Great Central Sun be known within the vortex of your heart and may you celebrate the power of your faith so that you may stay the course and see dreams become realities.

Let the darkness spawn inspiration and new impetus, deepen your strength and resiliency, and nurture your inner light to glow against all odds and in spite of them.

Until my next peek-in, if you’re still looking for some sweet stocking stuffers or mini magickal gifts for the holiday, we have a variety of Enchanted Realms items in our Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store that include year-round ornaments – each whispering a message reminder for your journey. These specially picked items were created from the original wood art as seen above.

And a little surprise of mushroom magick for anyone who loves mushroom energy as much as I do (I’m literally surrounded by a mushroom crystal forest with Astrid here) for the depth of their mycelium web of connection that has been a powerful messenger for our evolution. We’ve added four crystal mushrooms at the link below that also make great stocking stuffers, as well as powerful little companions for self. I feel strongly about mushroom energy and so I got extra ones to share with you. Now and then something calls to me to be a bridge for and this is the current energy stream.

Mushroom Magick

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I’m celebrating this for you:
    “Things feel lighter and freer, even when surrounding energies want to try and bog stuff down. I feel capable of much more than the mind, alone, would otherwise allow itself to believe.” !!

    Wishing you so much lovely magick and peacefulness on this lead up to the solstice and beyond! Your photos, as usual, are gorgeous! Your home is a sweet white magickal palace right now!

    • Oh thank you so much Ka! Feeling your loving support and it warms my heart ❤️ Your message made me smile and made my day! I’m sending you warmest Solstice wishes and enchanted blessings for this new year ✨️ It’s a true joy to connect with you and share in the journeys!

  2. Beautiful and lots of syncs as usual! ❤

  3. Thank you for sharing your beauty, joy, inspiration, and insights Tania. I love the beauty of fresh snow too and gain vicarious joy through your photos and posts. Sometimes your posts trigger comparison and lack in me. After that initial impulse today, I heard and felt the possibility that I may be part of the old energies that are not changing. That feels like a relief. I’m tired of the pressure to be more and different than I am. Hugs and blessings. 🙏💕

    • I’m really grateful for your reflections Brad and receive a lot from all that you share…more than you know ❤ I so value your friendship and value every contribution we all add to the tapestry…so so needed and so so important. I appreciate that you always are supportive of what I feel to share as my journey. I have my own mix of old, in between and new within me and I love every part of them. It's taken me a long time to feel as I do and to decide where I want my particular stream to flow. It's been a relief to embrace that what ever I choose is perfect and equally the same for others. Huge hugs back to you dear friend! Celebrating your soul shine!

  4. Beautiful and magical, like you. ❤️

  5. I’ve come to a place of being ok if others don’t change, too. The inner work is plenty and enough. Thank you for sharing all of these absolutely gorgeous photographs, along with your wise words around acceptance and serenity. I’m so glad this post was the first thing I read after waking up this morning—a blessing. Especially appreciated the beauty in how you described endings making way for new beginnings. 🙏🏼❄️ Happy solstice! ✨💞

    • Aw you’re so welcome and thank you dearly for your sweet words and love beaming through them. It makes me smile to know this arrived in divine alignment for you today. ♥️ Magickal Solstice 🌟 blessings to you and much love!

  6. Desiree Bergeron

    There’s always so much in your posts that mean so much and resonate so deeply to me… Star streams of music touching and activating the soul chords of my heart in support of what I’m manifesting and working on activating…’s so nurturing and makes me joyfully soar higher into all the potentials I know that are meant for me!!!!!! In Tania language: Weeeeeeeeeee!! LOL
    This is the one (deep&potent) bit (out of much) that holds particular strength and energy medicine for me this morning that I’ll make mention of:
    “You must master the unknown by knowing your deep self and you change history by becoming the author of the story. See yourself through the lens of your soul and this becomes a spiritual awakening”

    Consciously coming home (completely) to my Sacred Authentic Self and opening the doorways that separated those parts of my truly aligned self from me (something which I always yearned to do!!) has been, and continues to be the most powerful and beautifully rich experience of my life.
    As I author a new story line, I know I’m creating a pivotal and deep potent work that’s effecting me as well as my loved ones across time, space and all dimensions!! I know you understand. To be here, is a dream come true!!!!!
    I love you so so So much!
    We love you all so so much!
    Happy Yule!!
    Merry Winter Solstice!!
    I get teary eyed and happy smiles of joy come to my face when I tenderly think of our Winter Solstice Celebration we had together last year!!!!!
    ~AND~ I thank you dearly from my soul to yours Sistar~for all the unbelievably supportive and powerfully nurturing (exquisitely written!!) posts that you’ve shared with us all this year……all of them……they are so SO stupendous they are nearly beyond description!! All the breathtaking pictures//captures of nature that hold such high vibrational light frequencies and downloads~ there’s so much healing in each one!! All the supportive, time-sensitive messages you clearly channel for us all~ for the collective~ I just deeply appreciate the time and energy you pour into them~ into the collective stream consciousness~ the shifting you create is incredible!!!!! So I thank you again and again for this priceless, ongoing gift in my life that I don’t take lightly or for granted!! 🌟🌟
    P.S. you know Girls and I treasure mushrooms too!!!!! ♥️🍄♥️🍄♥️

    • Feeling the depth of this share from you even beyond your words. What a gift it is to move energy as communication in ways that the heart can receive and to know that others can feel it in that way too. Thank you for always sharing your vulnerable strength and transparency and for being an open vessel of love and connection. Weeeeeee indeed! Lol!!! Watching your journey is beyond a gift and beautiful. What you are shifting in your line is power-FULL! GO YOU!!
      It’s amazing that it’s already a year since last Solstice and our celebration. We hold those memories dear to heart. And wow how much had changed since then for us all.. new timelines activated for sure! And I know the meeting was integral to that.
      So grateful for your loving support and seeing all that is channeled. I’m so glad to feel the lightness of the process now for what wants through. 🙌 the heavy has dissipated and that feels so good! I know you know too!
      Lots of love to you mushroom loving sweeties 💖

  7. “I’ve come to a place of being okay if others don’t change.”

    Likewise. My current desktop wallpaper is a quote from Adyashanti: “Freedom is the realization that everything and everyone gets to be exactly as they are.” I have ample occasion and opportunity to remember and practice this. 🙂

    Cold and clear here after much snow and cloud cover this past week. The sky is currently as blue as yours often seems to be. 🙂 Happy Solstice time 🙂

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