Golden Bears & Hope Rabbits ~ The Earth is Full of Potential & So Are You

I knew I wanted to share one more blog with you before the turning of another year and so, here I sit feeling into what wants to come through.

I feel short on words, but big on feeling so it’s no wonder that I will be ending this post with a gift that is loaded in meaning, but absent of need to express what that is.

Until then, unless you bypass this intro to go straight there, I thought I’d share this fun, little word prompt that a friend of mine posted recently on Instagram and seemed to be a hit with others too. I’ll follow that up with a few thoughts on the year ahead and the feeling tone I’m ending this one with.

The word exercise is simple…just follow the prompt at top, soften your gaze, and then take in the block of letters below. Go!

What words showed up for you?

I just did it once because each time it’s going to be different and I trust the first energy stream that flows through.

My four word mantra that came through is:

Gratitude Change Breakthrough Miracles

It’s up to you how, or even if, you want to approach this. It’s just a light-hearted way to perhaps create an intention, energy focus, or mantra around your year ahead if in fact you hadn’t given it much thought as to what you feel this year to be about for yourself and wanted a little something to direct energy toward.

Intentions aren’t just something for one time of the year, but can be a check-in point with yourself whenever you feel you’d like to create more focus and/or commitment toward something. You can also upgrade your intentions at any moment, if you feel yourself shifting.

I know some people also like to focus simply on one “word for the year” and in fact in our recent meditation Meetup, this was something people were sharing in our last meeting of 2022. I didn’t have one in mind at the time, but I’ve since been feeling into things and revisited the four word mantra that in totality really DID resonate with me.

However, “breakthrough” carried a particular resonance to the overall energy field I sense I’ll be navigating and so for now this word is feeling like my partner.

In any event, 2023 is a big one for me and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to learn that my turning 50 would be paired with the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Although I’m a Water Ox by birth, we all know I’m part rabbit and that many of my Cosmic family and cocreators have all been, and currently are, in rabbit bodies. They support me tenfold and to feel the impact this year holds in terms of changes on so many fronts, I’m feeling extra lit by my rabbit kin.

I love that their energy will be supporting the collective at large too, as the Year of the Water Rabbit is said to be one of hope.

And alongside an incredible gift lineup of the perfect alchemy for this year that I received so sweetly from others, I also LOVE that I received several rabbit-themed gifts this Christmas to kick things off! These are just a few including rabbits slippers, a heated lavender rabbit snuggle bunny, a jackalope and Moon beanie, a rabbit holiday dress, a sweet ballet bunny in her warmup clothes (a faery bunny version of the ballet dancer me with great symbolism of dancing through this year’s new portals), and the three wise rabbits (instead of monkeys.)

I may have also baked half a dozen lavender chocolate chip bunny bread loaves on Christmas Eve too!

But personally speaking, not only will I be 50 this year, but Dave will be 60 (and in fact, he IS a Water Rabbit by birth – so this is his year), my mom will be 80, my parents will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary, and quite a few others close to me have big birthdays, anniversaries, and new beginnings all igniting as well.

What the year looks like in terms of how I’ll be showing up here, or in general, has yet to be seen. That will reveal itself as the changes take form, so I am not placing parameters on anything and just allowing things to organically unfold.

I do continue to feel relief, I’m still loving the unearthed feelings and fears that surround the changes, and I’m feeling the perfection of exactly where I am.

And the more I do all of this, the more I am also able to extend greater depth of sharing the same toward others.

I can feel the paths to new doorways lighting up like neurons in my brain and each transmission carries valuable keys necessary for the next steps.

I loved finding this little tree on our snow hike the day after Christmas, lit up by the sun like a star at top.

Do you also see the faery portal on the tree in the background with a snow lock, or key, etched onto it?

Oh the wonders all around us.

And the mirrors too! Hehe!

Everyone spends the holiday season in their own way. Ours was a mix of warmth and love shared with family and peaceful intention and quiet cozy on our own.

Even the fur babies enjoyed their fun gifts and having mom and dad snuggle time. The Moon and Stars tunnel was a big hit with all three of them.

And Astrid was all thumpers for her Christmas extravaganza.

But their favorite part was just having us all together…hanging out watching the forest through the windows, opening gifts, helping mom with Christmas Eve baking and last minute wrapping, napping with dad while he reads, and cozy nights by the fire.

No matter what’s going on externally, the inner world is ours alone to experience the way we choose to and can never be taken away from us.

Our power is there and is determined by how we engage anything outside of it.

The inner sanctum of your heart is just that….a sacred place that you are the keeper, creator, and emanator of.

And speaking of the inner sanctum, I had an incredible dream about golden bears Tuesday night that felt like it emerged from that vortex.

In the dream I saw a mass of golden fur in a large ball across the field from where I stood on a porch. The mass separated and I realized there were two golden bears that had been entwined together. They separated and started running around playfully. Then one bolted all over…the smaller of the two, although both were quite large. There were other people around outside and the bear was running toward everyone, but without any threat. He was simply bursting with joy and running as a way to release the feeling of exuberance and wanting to share it. He reminded me of a dog running at top speed after a ball and returning it to his human with joy. I noticed the people were running in different directions away from the bear, even though he was bounding toward them with joy. The bear ran here and there and doubled back and straight at the other people on the porch, but they continued to dodge away and the bear just kept joyfully running. Some people seemed to just step out of the way so as not to collide with the bear, while others ran away. He then was directing his joyful explosion at me. I was at the end of the porch with the railing at my back and no where to go, so the bear would definitely have collided with me. Not wanting either him or I to be hurt or stopped in the momentum, and although the bear meant no harm, I decided to jump off the side of the porch to the ground since he wasn’t stopping and didn’t know the magnitude of his power and size. To my surprise, as I started my jump, the bear leapt at the same time. We were in perfect unison and divine alignment, as I started to descend after my leap up and the bear was able to jump over my head with just inches between us. We appeared like synchronized jumpers, keeping the momentum, and both landing in unison as well. The space of air we shared in our jump was this in between place that carried incredible potency. I landed on the ground filled with exhilaration and the bear continued on running with joy. I just remember the beautiful, thick, silky golden fur dancing like flames on these bears and how it dazzled and delighted me. The essence and meaning to me felt like alchemy for the year ahead, since I had been focused on things to come. Perhaps it may also have collective and wider meaning too.

Synchronously, it also came on the heels of having earlier that day listened to a 2023 message from Lee Harris where he stated, “Be a protector of joy and love on the planet, by being a creator of it.”

He went on to share how these energies of joy and love diffuse so much, are healing forces, and can break the spell of disconnection in the most powerful way, but are often dismissed. If others around you have a different narrative, or you keep noticing lower vibrational, doom and gloom narratives circulating, it will help you greatly to unhook the tethers to them, let go of giving power to them as the whole truth, and become heart consciousness in yourself.

There’s only hopelessness if you believe all is lost.

And now I’d like to end with a little gift to welcome in 2023 – The Year of the Water Rabbit.

It just organically unfolded. I didn’t know what was going to come through and wasn’t even sure if I was going to share it, but I knew I was supposed to do it and see what happened.

So, I started the record button and surrendered to the energy streaming through. The result is below and was done in one take without any prep other than a prompt to do so.

You may notice woven layering of different realms or frequencies building upon each other. You may notice portions to be somewhat familiar, as there’s a recurring melody undertone in parts I recall from past channelings, and then shifts into something that may spark remembrance, but is altogether different.

Is it a language? Is it just sound?

Perhaps it’s simply the language of the heart when the veils are dropped.

I’ll leave that to you.

It may be intense for some at times or it may find you only when the moment is aligned.

Sound channeling is a meeting of heart and spirit through the body. It’s a very intimate and vulnerable space to allow and surrender to the frequencies that want to move through.

Like the golden bear, I share the source of light and creative force within me for anyone who would like to dance in synchronized momentum together.

Yuletide Sound Channeling ~ Opening the Stargates

Impromptu layered sound channeling of star codes joined with a harmonic pair of crystal singing bowls that help balance, invoke conscious dreaming, receptivity and open a gateway to the subconscious and beyond. This was recorded on the eve between eves – after Winter Solstice and before Christmas Eve. Both times connected to a return to light and star energy. May new inspirations ignite and your courage be strengthened to emerge brighter than ever before. The gateways are open. The Earth is full of potential, and so are you.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. My four word mantra is virtually the same as yours. Gratitude, Love, Breakthrough, Miracles πŸŒˆπŸ’œπŸ™β€οΈ

  2. So good to see all the Christmas goodies making you happy! Also, you’re right, we both did Christmas Eve Star Gates, portal stuff. Just beautiful. My first four words were:


    xoxo and love,

    • Thank you so much again! Yes all the bunnies and me are hunkering in and having fun. Hehe! Love that we were in tune with star gates. On the eve and the eve before eve. Makes for double whammies! 🌟 awesome words! We have 2 overlaps πŸ’« YAY! Happy New Year!!

  3. You and Dave look very happy and cozy in your Christmas wonderland! I love all the rabbit presents. May your year be full of rabbit miracles. And thank you for the reminder that I can move past hopelessness by making it my purpose to spread love and joy. Big hugs! πŸ’•

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    Ooooooooo my!!!!! 🀭🀭🀭🀭🀭
    You rendered me nearly speechless with that magnificent Sacred Star Gate Channeling🌟🌟
    I’m just now recovering~the effect was so so strong and overcoming!! (In THE BEST way of course!! πŸ˜†)
    (I sent you a personal response…..πŸ˜ŒπŸ’ž)
    It was unforgettable. I love you soooooo much!! Thank you with all my heart and every fiber of my soul~ and they are both STILL vibrating with the downloads//star energies ✨πŸ’₯πŸ’«πŸ’«βœ¨
    I always love and adore seeing you, Dave and fur family in your cosy heaven you’ve created for Holiday celebration, rejuvenation and joy!
    I love it ALL and ALL of you! xx

    • Woweeeee! I can feel your experience through your share and can’t wait to see the personal response when I get home. I’m unable to download anything big right now while traveling on the road. I’m really grateful you shared your experience. I didn’t write this is the post, but I had and continue having a huge shift since the channeling. That evening I had some odd physical feelings and wasn’t even sure if my throat would hold up, but as always, moving the magnitude of energy through my heart, body and throat is a game changer. I was completely changed, clear, and balanced after and am unable to describe the rest. Sounds like you had similar in your own way. Love you too!!! You are SO welcome!!! And thank you again so much!
      We all send our love and gratitude!!

  5. So glad you posted the star 🌟 portal energy syncs! ✨️ Thank you for sharing πŸ™ ❀️

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