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Crystal Love Offerings for Christmas & Beyond – New Guardians Welcome

There’s a lot of things that make me happy, but one of those things that really warms my heart is when I help unite Crystals with their Guardians.

All of the Crystals from the first offering, except for only 3 of the 7 remaining Reiki Stone Sets, moved on within two days. Even my two largest Crystals I’ve ever had, at 150 lbs each have journeyed forward. Some that I didn’t post, but past students from my Crystal Workshop had been drawn to, also moved on. So beautiful to know everyone is where they are meant to be and I can see how the journeys these people are on, mirror my own.

As we change, everything in our lives may change. I am always excited about the creative possibilities of that and sharing those co-creative energies with others.

With Christmas close at hand, you may find these to be wonderful gifts to self, or might feel they are perfect for a loved one. I have found these Crystal friends to be of most amazingly beautiful and powerful assistance in my own life.

Again, all Crystals are offered for sale at cost, as it’s important to me that they get to the right guardians more than anything else.

That said, since I am offering them for what I purchased them for, minus sales tax that I paid, I will need to add in credit card processing fees, if you choose to pay via this method on Paypal, and shipping costs. (Paypal processing fees: 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the price.) Or, you can send money direct to me at Paypal to avoid the transaction fees. Message me at if any call to you. 

reiki stone sets1) Three Reiki Stone Sets (these have the Power, Mental/Emotional, Distant, and Usui Master Symbols on them): Lapis Lazuli, Red Jasper – SOLD, and Obsidian -$28 each

  • Lapis Lazuli: sacred stone of transformation, vision, truth, mother of Earth magick, father of luck, carries the energy of the dragon because of transmutational magick qualities and ethereal connection to other realms, grounds while opens to otherworlds, teaches ancient arts of past while grounding in present, good for meditation, purifies, success, ancient wisdom, inner truth, inner power, seeing beyond illusion, intuition, love, self confidence, awakens to self, manifestation, higher mind, knowledge, memory, honesty of spirit, all forms of deep communication and clarity, expression of inner feelings, serenity, harmony, speaking your truth from the heart, relieves stress, induces sound sleep and dream journeying….
  • Red Jasper: – SOLD gently stimulating and also an extremely protective stone, neutralizes radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution, rectifies unjust situations and grounds energy, brings problems to light and provides insights into difficult situations, calms the emotions, aids in dream recall, cleans and stabilizes the aura, stone of health, it strengthens and detoxifies the circulatory system, blood and liver. Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome things, sustains those in the process of healing and recovering, especially from violent sexual experiences. Red Jasper is a perfect stone of courage and strength, great confidence builder, re-activates a passion for living, sparks sexual or creative energies. It assists in identifying one’s personal ideas and beliefs about sexual expression or orientation, and helps release shame or guilt around these issues. Red Jasper also helps maintain balance and emotional stability during difficult times, like periods of remission during a serious illness or in long treatments where the outcome is uncertain….
  • Obsidian: increases awareness and dispels illusions in order to become more grounded in day to day reality, very powerful and creative stone that grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane by helping to bring them under the direction of the conscious will and making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on Earth, forces facing your true self by revealing shadow qualities for release, including from the ancestral and family line, as well as past lives, reverses misuse of power and helps address power issues by teaching that to be empowered is not to hold personal power to yourself only, but to channel power for the good of all, very protective, as it repels negativity and unloving thoughts, supports transitional shifts and change, helps remove physical disorders, as well as release old loves….

emerald52) Raw Emerald – $11 – SOLD

Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love” bringing with it loyalty, good fortune, abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, honesty, integrity, eloquence, enhances psychic abilities (known as a stone of prophecy), stimulates greater mental capacity, strengthens memory, clarity of thought, brings awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition (great for the deep delving and uncovering we are processing through right now), imparts wisdom and reason to discern and understand it all, inspires deep inner knowing, promotes truth (reveals truth or falsity of all things) and discernment, and are supportive in successful business and relating, as well as for the creative arts – magicians have used them in spells and rituals to promote harmonious and fortuitous practices.

emerald2As the sacred stone of the Goddess Venus, it enhances and preserves unconditional love, unity, balance, hope and partnerships of all kinds. It also helps focus intention, raise consciousness, and draws in, as well as incites, positive, focused actions that enhance the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It is well known as an aid to growth, and assists people who are not so well adjusted with this world, to adjust, thrive, and prosper. The green of Emerald is closely tied with the vibes of the natural world and the plants of nature.

It is most effective on the Heart Chakra because it has the ability to access desires held deep within and provides infinite patience, inspiration, healing, and harmonious balance. Emerald promotes physical, emotional and mental equilibrium so that all aspects of life can be unified.

emeraldFor this reason it is good for lifting depression, helps with insomnia, knowingness of the heart and peaceful dreams. 

They say that if you stare at an Emerald and meditate upon it by visualizing the green color washing over every cell in body this can greatly benefit your well being. 

Physically Emerald is an excellent general healer that enhances the immune system and was used by the ancients as a blood detoxifier and anti-poison. They are good for breathing issues with lungs, heart health, swollen lymph nodes, blood problems, the thymus, the pancreas (balances blood sugar), help detoxify the liver, good for labor and delivery, eyesight, sinuses, strengthens the backbone and spine, muscular, and the etheric field.

pendulum33) Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulum with Rainbows – $20 – SOLD

Many of you continue to message me about the Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed pendants which are no longer available, but if you have fallen in love with the powerful little Crystal spheres, you may find yourself drawn to this pendulum. I had two, and still one remains with me, but this is the last one I have available. It is quite lovely and very sweet in energy.

Lemurian Seed Crystals: are crystals that are reputed to have been seeded by the Lemurians – an advanced and peaceful, ancient civilization based on the consciousness of love and connection – to teach and guide us in this time. Lemurian Seed Crystals have been programmed to hold and transmit messages of unconditional love, conscious connection, and equality, while they assist us in remembering who we really are. They are very supportive, positive, and life affirming, as they enhance and encourage inner development and connectedness. They are also great for dream work and dream interpretation. Lemurian Seed Crystals have a very pendulum2Yin or feminine energy, and for all their power are more gentle-feeling energetically than Yang/masculine crystals. They are very powerful tools for meditation, healing on all levels, and are excellent for clearing and balancing all chakras. There are vast universes inside each Lemurian Seed Crystal that is home to many beings of light and unique spiritual information and wisdom, as they are connected to inner earth, the earth’s surface, and the stars. Lemurian Seed Crystals were planted in different areas of Brazil, millions of years ago, for the purpose of guiding a future generation toward healing enlightenment known of in ancient days. During the last days of Lemuria, it was decided to plant, or seed, crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. The Lemurian Culture’s center of consciousness was the emotional and spiritual dimensions of existence, unlike our modern world’s mentally based focus. They had a deep connection to the heart, which allowed the expression of unconditional love for the Divine pendulumand each other. Lemurian Seed Crystals also help us to maintain our connection with our spiritual source and teach us how to be both individuals and integral parts of the cosmic design. This is mirrored by each seed crystal’s energetic connection to all other seed crystals, while on the individual level, simultaneously doing its own work to pass forth their knowledge and programming for the earth, in preparation for the transitions and shifting changes in consciousness. There comes a responsibility, to honor and work with, when you and your Lemurian choose one another.

The sphere shape of round pendulums is potent for utilizing the most complete and whole energy of the crystal.

auralite24) Raw Auralite ~ Stone of Awakening & Regeneration – $24 – SOLD

Definitely a stone for personal development that fits wonderfully with current re-focusing back on the self, as this is where the real change takes place.

Auralite was formed during the Meso-Proterozoic Age (a time of emerging multi-cellular creatures) by Meteoric impacts about 1.2 billion years old. These impacts brought rare metallic ores to the Earth’s surface that were integrated into the structure of Amethyst Crystals that were growing.

Just being with these Crystals is powerful to initiate healing. But because of its powerful presence and energy, people share that it is a Crystal to work slowly with until you get used to it.

And it does feel different than some of the “lighter” crystals I know people are drawn to. Likely because it is a Crystal that reminds us that in order to expand and truly ascend, you will need to do the inner, deep work. So it brings you back into the body, while also keeping an anchor of guidance from Source within you. This helps to ground and integrate the physical (as your form will need to change along with your mind)  for a New Earth reality of the heart that unifies all of it.

So, it may take a little while to become accustomed to it because of its ability to help strip and release layers of energetic “debris” from your consciousness.

It’s said that Auralite 23 takes Super 7 to another level. As we accelerate, so too do the friends, tools, and knowledge accelerate in mirror to this. We will always call to us the perfect supportive guidance to reflect where we are and this will be a constant evolutionary process.

And having a Crystal (many of which are Elestial) that embodies so many minerals, but especially the rare existence (not seen until now) of Gold included in Quartz, let alone the Amethyst variety of Quartz, is bound to bring about some astounding effects.

And they ARE even stronger than regular Amethyst. Not only will Auralite really open and activate the Upper Chakras such as the Crown and Third Eye, but as mentioned, I truly feel how they draw you deeper within at the same time, so you aren’t taken to a place that resides outside of the body, but into an embodiment of very inner focused body and heart awareness experience that takes you into account all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

YOU become the sacred temple that you are and your Divine Blueprint – or nature of your consciousness – is activated.

They bring a sense of calm and tranquil harmony, but all the while bringing you into greater awareness of your true self and spiritual purpose beyond the day-to-day world that preoccupies your mind. It is then up to you to accept and integrate the energetic link it provides and when you do, higher awareness and telepathic connections will get stronger.

A lot of personal growth, rebalancing, and spiritual healing is possible with the assistance of Auralite and this includes an inner purification process to cleanse what is hidden and trapped within so you can come to love yourself.

auraliteAuralite has many things to share and teach including: release of old patterns of anxiety, fear, judgment, self-defeat, resentment, depression, and dissolution, brings rise to solid new potentials, optimism, and hope from the lifting of these veils, increases intuition, psychic sensitivity, and ability to see truth, supports integration that leads to release of chronic problems within the body, activates balanced kundalini awakening, stimulates eternal now awareness, telepathy, telepathic viewing, soul travel, lucid dreaming, past life regression, opens to angelic realms, good for meditation, emotional peace, karmic release of patterns, teaches the Oneness of All, opens the mind and spirit, helps release time restraints and expectations so you can relax, decreases stress, nervous anxiety, tension, and panic attacks, uplifts and comforts spirit, teaches the law of attraction, cools down anger so you learn to think before speaking/acting, and helps you to put into action the knowledge you have.

Auralite really supports all of the energy centers of the body, but especially resonates with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, helping to integrate their wisdom through the body in deep and practical ways. It has the ability to “read” into your soul and acts as a highlighter that will reveal where you’d benefit from clearing and improvement, and then guides you to ways to assist this.

In so doing all of this, Auralite is like a Twin Spirit to its keeper, always having your best interests/well-being in mind, and always willing to tell you the truth from that place that knows the benefit sometimes of tough love to teach you true self love and responsibility.

Auralite is one of the Crystals that truly embodies the essence of the New Consciousness, supporting each of us who feels called by it to awaken and activate the sacred way of being that this is reflecting.

arkansas crystal5) Self- Healed Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster with Rainbows – $25 – SOLD

Quartz is a master healer, amplifies, activates, energizes your intent and broadcasts out into the etheric realms. Self-healed crystals have sealed over their broken end, which smooths and may create new crystal growth, as this one has. These are considered powerful healers since they have healed themselves.

Self Healed Arkansas CLEAR QUARTZ CLUSTER With Mega Rainbows2Self Healed Arkansas CLEAR QUARTZ CLUSTER With Mega Rainbows

crystals46) Phantom Lemurian Seed Crystal – Record Keeper – Isis – $36 – SOLD

Like Strawberry Lemurians, these Phantom Lemurians are a new find and so there is much to explore with these beauties. Helps to connect you with inner spiritual guidance. It can also be used to access the akashic records, stimulating recollection of your progression through past lives. The phantom crystal can also be used in meditation to assist you in meeting a personal spiritual guide. They help to restore a sense of inner balance, unity and an aura of magickcrystals2 where there had been pain and struggle. Being a record keeper it contain ancient stored information, knowledge, wisdom and profound secrets of the Universe. And being an Isis or “Goddess” crystal it is very nurturing, emotionally healing, provides strong divine feminine energy and power and connects to Sirius and Syrian magick. Helps you get in touch with unselfish parts of you and to integrate divine feminine with more compassion and understanding of this nature.

Andara Info For 7) and 8): 

Andaras are not for the frail of heart, as they are extremely powerful and work on you.

seafoam andara (1)Andaras are created by the natural heating of their elements – they are primarily composed of Prima Matra (first matter), monatomic metallic elements found in Etherium powders – to extremely high temperatures that transmute to produce a glass-like material. Monatomic elements have been confirmed with such properties as being able to pass their vibrational energy to other objects, being first-matter elements, and being used over the years for healing and raising of consciousness, to name a few.

The Prima Matra is the result of combining an inter-dimensional implosion taking place billions of year ago with natural factors such as heat and pressure later. This resulted in the crystal glass with enhanced properties of its Etherium Powders that resonates at the same proven frequency as the original Prima Matra.

seafoam andara (2)Andara Crystals are known as one of the master crystals with healing vibrations that are from another world. They are thought by some to be the highest vibrational crystals because they contain Prima Matra (which combines 70 minerals). In general, they support us to move multi-dimensionally through space and time, to increase our awareness and raise our vibrations to access universal knowledge and connect with beings from higher realms, to detoxify negativity and balance and cleanse the chakras, assist our ability for energy channeling, powerfully heal, and accelerate spiritual development, awareness and manifesting abilities. In addition, each unique Andara embodies specific properties that focus their energy and our work with them. They are translucent, luminescent glass-like crystals of beautiful transparent colors and share an energy simply not experienced from any other material. Their energy is an anchoring of bleed through connected to Mu/Lemuria and “other” multidimensional realms.

seafoam andara (3)7) Seafoam Andara from the Sacred Land with Rainbow – $50 – SOLD

Sea foam Andara Crystals – representing the primal waters of our conception, these Andara crystals resonate the original blueprints of creation as possibilities. Within its effervescent depths one is transported to the timelessness of one’s being, with infinite potential and promise. Seafoam have some of the attributes of ALL Andara Crystals making them rare, unique, very special and potent indeed!


luminescent green andara (3)luminescent green andara (2)8) Luminescent Green Andara from the Sacred Land – SOLD

Luminescent Green Andaras from the sacred land work with Archangel Raphael for healing and focus through the Heart Chakra. Also concentrates on concrete science, knowledge and research, and is connected to the Temple of Truth. Works with Ascended Master Hilarion in helping to use our mental powers and works through this Andara to expand the mind and bring it into alignment with the Heart, helping to bring new consciousness, spirituality, accuracy and justice into all areas of discovery. The work done by both is connected through the healing bridge of the heart of this Andara and to the heart of you. This is a very powerful healing Andara that creates balance and harmony.luminescent green andara (1)

starbrary59) Lightning Strike Starbrary Quartz Healing Crystal from the Pleiadian Star System – $85 – SOLD

Starbraries are rare, precious, extraordinary, but completely natural Quartz formations that have been individually encoded by various, distant Star Systems throughout the Universe – at least 6 different ones who have left ancient crystal records of maps, histories and legends of their people. Their energy is undeniably different.

They hold information from the peoples of these Star Systems that positively influenced human evolution. They have come to be known as Starbraries and are identifiable by unique glyph-like symbols, markings, or sometimes geometric patterns along their shafts (occasionally also on the main face) and usually will also have a doorway/portal or key. And even if they don’t have keys, which they may not, they always have a shape that makes them very easily and comfortably held in such a way that helps to access the opening to these many layers of information stored within.

They are like encyclopedias of Cosmic knowledge.

lightningstrike1Much like other kinds of record-keeper crystals, you unlock the doors by aligning your fingers with them and this facilitates journeying though the multiple layers of informational experience. The information received was meant to be a permanent record to help humans to rebuild Earth, in the event of catastrophe.

These Starbraries were scattered in chosen places across the globe so that a variety of people everywhere could have access to them. There are sets of these crystals that are like chapters of books, or series of books that you will want to ask the order in which to read them. Once you welcome one into your experience, you’ll likely receive more.

The main difference between Starbraries and Lemurian Seed Crystals is that Starbraries have been encoded “remotely” by civilizations outside of our solar system, while Lemurians have been embedded by peoples that actually “inhabited” Earth long ago – seeding/planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover thousands of year later.

They have to both be deciphered, but the Starbrary language is much more complex, partly because they contain such huge amounts of information within each, which is also considered “crucial” to the human race’s evolution and survival, along with the planet’s as a whole. Times of extreme crisis, major shifts, or global need may herald many of these showing up more and more in the hands of lightworkers, visionary leaders, bridge workers, and Earth keepers.

lightningstrike2Lightning Strike Starbraries, which are very rare “spirits” of profound change that have had their information downloaded/embedded into them using the intensity of a bolt of lightning as a conduit. They are identifiable by jagged, zig-zag scars along their shafts where the lightning struck. Lightning Strike Starbraries can be from any of the Star Systems, but not all Lightning Strike crystals are Starbraries.

It’s thought that the cosmic travelers imbued their knowledge into the crystals (that were exposed or purposely placed on the surface) during electrical storms over Brazil thousands of years ago.

The Lightning Strike adds another quality to the crystal, which is easily understood by what we know of lightning to symbolize. These crystals help to connect, balance, clear, and unify all of the Chakras, as well as your energy field. They will also increase your personal vibration, starbrary4taking it to a much higher frequency that actually assists access to information found on Master Starbraries. While accessing the higher dimensional frequencies, you also are supported in releasing deep, old emotional patterns at the cellular level, which helps you along your path with greater clarity.

Some of the Lightning Strikes will appear more fresh and others will have been healed through the eons – each of these also having different energies. The more fresh ones will help you to work with very traumatic and dramatic change that needs to happen quickly so it will herald rapid clearing and be experienced more intensely. The healed Lightning Strikes (like this one) are softer and more gentle, and avoid unnecessary negative effects of instant results. They assist with old beliefs, past childhood or life carry-overs and help you to repattern things at the core.

Both are all about change and herald flashes of enlightenment. If you get one of these, you are ready for, and asking for, transformation in big ways.

Last Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystal

strawberry lemurian 2

#2 – SOLD

Just a quick update on yesterday’s post regarding the new Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals that I was able to procure and make available.

Of the three only one remains. It is Strawberry Lemurian #2 that has a Time Link to the past on it – actually upon further closer look at it I believe it has two past Time Links (one is very thin) so that brings another dimension of depth, as well as has a lot of geometric shaped markings that also are encodings, and tiny rainbow sparks inside at certain angles. It’s the tallest/longest of them at 4 1/2″ long.

Again, my role with these is to help steward them to the right homes where they may be of service to the highest good of all concerned. I offer them at cost, however a processing/handling fee will be added, along with shipping.

If he (as I feel him to hold male energy) speaks to you, you can message me with questions and to order.

If you visit the link above, you’ll find more information about these lovely Strawberry Lemurians, as well as a couple of more photos of #2.

Note: Sorry, this last Strawberry Lemurian has been SOLD as well. I’m so happy that all three have gone to loving homes. If I get any more Strawberry friends I will keep you posted.

Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals Now Available

strawberry lemurian 1 (1)

#1 -SOLD

Well, what do you know! You’ve read about them, you’ve seen mine, and now these powerful beauties can be a friend to you as well.

Yesterday I was guided to share about Time Link Crystals – The Past & Future Made Present, which ended up bringing back our magickal Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals into the limelight again. I mentioned that I felt called to journey to the Gem Faire yesterday, feeling some Crystals were calling in terms of upcoming workshops they’ll be part of.

And in fact everything I saw in my mind’s eye, materialized and came home. 🙂

Of course I paid a visit to my friend, who is also a Reiki Master Teacher, and has high quality, “clean” Crystals. He was the first one to introduce me to the Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals and I was blessed to have been able to choose from, or rather be chosen by, his first family that he had procured. He is very particular in the Crystals he will pick up and assured me he had brought the best he found from the first dig.

Three times I looked over his first group and this is how my three and a couple of others I procured for my friend, arrived.

strawberry lemurian 1

#1 -SOLD

When I first met up with my Crystal friend again yesterday, I asked if he had any more Strawberry Lemurians and he said, “Why yes, actually I have just received a second new group that was found.” And once again, he told me he picked up every single one that felt energetically pristine and had the most unique qualities.

I immediately started exploring them and three ended up coming home with me by end of my time there. 🙂

If you’ve missed reading any of the information on these magickal Crystals, you may find this article I posted to be of interest: Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals – The Scarlet Temple to the Heart & Beyond.

So, needless to say, it was a lovely surprise to be able to connect with another group of these lovelies, and I actually did end up being the first to purchase some from this group. I didn’t have intention of any more Strawberry Lemurians, but makes sense since I was focused on their energy yesterday, that the prompting was likely a hint that some more were on the way.

strawberry lemurian 1 (2)

#1 -SOLD

That all being said, I have checked in with the three new and have received that they are for me to make available to other Crystal Keepers and Guardians since many of you may not be able to get a hold of these rare, “new” finds, and in the meantime, they will be prepared for their new homes.

I’m posting images of the three (three of each) so you can see if any call to you.

I have not explored them fully at all, so all I can say for now is that two of them have Time Links to the past, two have Keys, one I get is a Master Crystal with tons of Record Keeper Pyramids (Record Keeper Crystals have clearly etched pyramid shapes on a side/s that hold imprints of all that has gone before and are portals for spiritual wisdom and catalysts for growth. They can help you to access personal/collective past, inner knowledge, and receive evolutionary insights by meditating, putting pyramid over third eye, or rubbing with finger to “open the portal or book” so to speak.), each have tiny rainbows inside, and so much more to discover!

You can feel their energy and figure out more about them just from the photos, which speak volumes themselves.

If one or more of these very rare and powerful Crystalline Beings speak to you, you can contact me for more information on purchasing and welcoming one into heart and home at

These will only be available via my blog site. When inquiring, please let me know which one you are interested in. I’ve made it easy by labeling them with numbers to reference them by – 1, 2, and 3.

strawberry lemurian 2

#2 – SOLD

My role with these is to help steward them to the right homes where they may be of service to the highest good of all concerned. I offer them at cost, however a processing/handling fee will be added, along with shipping.

I don’t know that I’ll have more in the future or not, as I only pick up Crystals, as I’m guided and not sure when another family will emerge from the Earth. I also only see my friend on limited occasion.

strawberry lemurian 2 (1)

#2 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 2 (2)

#2 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 3

#3 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 3b

#3 – SOLD

strawberry lemurian 3b (1)

#3 – SOLD

So, if you really feel drawn to one of these, I’d suggest bringing it home. It’s undetermined how many there are of these, as they are a new discovery.

These three are truly spectacular and would also make a nice threesome, like my own Trinity, especially since they come from the same family group that were found together – just like my own.

NOTE: Sorry all three of these are SOLD and have gone off to loving homes already. If I get anymore, I will let you know.

Time Link Crystals – The Past & Future Made Present

I’ve had Crystals on the mind a lot lately again – not that they aren’t always part of my life, but there are periods when their voices are much louder and they show up more than simply as daily companions and healing partners in my work and life. I feel this is their way of messaging to me, and us, that they are ever-ready to be of service and to also step up their service in more ways, in mirror to our opening to new levels of readiness and experience.

There are times when new Crystals make themselves known to me, ones I’ve known about but never had find there way to me or become very resonant, or that my healing work is deepened with new discoveries prompted by synchronous messages and directions received from them.

I’ve worked and taught about Crystals before and it appears they would like more of that, hence with my feeling called to the local Gem Show that opens today again, just 5 minutes from my house, I felt a Crystal article wanting to be shared. Seems there are Crystals to bring home that will be part of upcoming workshops and that will be part of experiences we will be sharing together.

And with it being a refreshing/cleansing rainy and winds-of-change kind of day, it feels to be the perfect time to be in my watery essence and intuitively receive any Crystal soul essences that speak up and volunteer their services to the teaching and fun to come.

strawberry lemurian starbrary4

My first Strawberry Starbrary

You may recall my article Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals – The Scarlet Temple to the Heart & Beyond where I introduced the new and rare Strawberry Lemurian friend that found its way into my heart. In the article I shared a lot about their energies, how they are said to be encoded by the Wizards of Mu, and the unique attributes, including hexagon Keys, a Window, and Morse Code encodings, I discovered about my friend.

What I also learned was that she was a Strawberry Starbrary, meaning she is from one of the Star Systems – Lyra – and is a Rosetta Stone Starbrary, which indicates she can translate between a minimun of two Star languages. She translates for Cassiopeia and the Pleiades, which was a perfect partner to my Pleiadian Lightning Strike Starbrary I had received around the same time.

But since her arrival, I then found myself housing 2 more Strawberry Lemurians – each of which ALSO are Starbraries. The three feel like a perfect Trinity Family, with two around similar sizing and the third being a much larger integrative one.


Sister Strawberry Starbrary

The similar sized new friend feels to be a sister Crystal to the Hexagon Key Strawberry from Lyra, and so they are always side by side together when I am not actively working with them. Interestingly, I got all of them from the same supplier friend, but hadn’t been energetically drawn to the 2 others the first time. Always interesting that we become aware of things when and only if we are ready.

But they came from the same batch family, so it made sense they would be connected.

I discovered that the sister Crystal is from Cassiopeia, which is perfect for its counterpart Rosetta Stone Crystal that can translate her and the Pleiadian Starbrary I have.


Large Master Strawberry Starbrary

And the larger Strawberry is a Master Starbrary from Sirius.

Now that everyone’s been introduced in this family, I can share a bit about one of the attributes that they each share. In the above article I talked about what a Window Crystal is and included an image of what a “Window” looks like. But for this article, my Lemurian Strawberry Starbraries would like me to share briefly on Time Links.

Back several years ago, I took a Crystal class when living up at Lake Tahoe, to learn a huge body of information about Crystals and how to decipher their unique qualities in a text book sort of way. This included learning about their sides, faces – Generator/Transmitters, Isis/Goddess, Receivers, Wedges, etc., edges, axis, 3 types of energies Crystals have, types of inclusions – Record Keepers, Message Plates, Keys, Veils, Phantoms, Rutile, Portals, Windows, Time Links, etc., Nature Spirits within the Crystals, types of Quartz and origins, etc.

Phew! And there is always so much more you can learn. I took the class at the time to just get an overall download that would trigger within me things I knew in my soul. But over time, I went back to my intuitive ways and just felt the Crystals, rather than trying to dissect them – allowing them to be whatever they wanted to reveal in each moment that I was ready to receive their gifts. And I enjoyed relaxing into the love and wisdom that opened to me, as I did.

s6That being said, now and then, some of those attributes start to stand out and when they do, I realize how they reiterate to me what I intuitively was feeling, experiencing, and receiving from my Crystals, even if I wasn’t “naming” the process or particular identifier.

This started to come about more when the Starbrary and Strawberry Starbraries arrived in my life, as well as the Andaras and Tibetans.

s5A dear friend of mine that I procured two Strawberry Lemurians for, brought to my attention again the Time Links (of which her two new friends ALSO had). And since, I have felt it significant to bring this to light since we are more consciously moving through space and time these days and having more access to things than ever, because we are ready to receive and experience it.

I discovered that, among other things, my 1st Strawberry Starbrary has a “future” Time Link and a Window, the sister to it has a “past” Time Link, and the Master Strawberry Starbrary has a “past” Time Link and Window. (I love saying Strawberry Starbrary – it’s such a tongue twister)

Like with anything, there is always so much more to explore, experience, and learn and that definitely is true for our Crystal friends. I have but scratched the surface of my Starbrary friends, let alone journeyed to the depths their Time Links can take me. They have a lot of unique qualities I haven’t mentioned yet and am still discovering.

s7But I do know that from the moment they arrived in my life, things have continued shifting. A lot of it happening in dream time, as I sleep with most of my crystals under my pillow at varying intervals. And that’s beauty of processing is that you don’t have to understand it, walk it through step by detailed step, or even have to know what is happening in a cognitive way, because it still IS happening, still will affect change in your life, and you will understand it in Divine timing when you need to and are ready to be consciously aware of it.

But back to Time Links. If you don’t know about them, I’d like to provide a little bit of insight so you can see what is possible to partner with, when you are graced with such Crystals that offer you this gift. And then you can run with it from there, as to how far you want to go and discover your own unique ways to work with this bridge.

strawberry lemurian time linkTime Links show up “randomly” in Crystals, and not often. A Time Link Crystal is a special kind of Crystal that contains a 7th face (maybe more) that is just below the 6 main faces of the termination. You can easily distinguish it by its parallelogram shape, which is like an elongated rectangle turned at an angle. Some will help you travel to the past, others to the future, and some will take you to both.

I’ve shared some photos of the time links on my Crystals and the two I procured for my friend (they all come from the same batch family procured from Brazil at the same time) so you will be very familiar with what these look like.

The parallelogram is known as an ancient symbol for the power to emerge from your present state and position, through the flexibility and willingness to learn and accept new ideas and directions.

The way to distinguish the Time Link past or future abilities is to look at which direction the parallelogram is sloping. If it slopes to the left when you look at it, like this: \ then this will link you to the past. If it slopes to the right like this: / then this will link you to the future. As mentioned, some may have one of each, in which case if you have \ and / then you are working in multi-dimensional realities simultaneously.

It is also thought that if the parallelogram leans left that it supports you in achieving your goals and if it leans right, it is a tool for igniting your natural inspiration and creativity.

But then there’s also where they are located in relationship to the main face that is said to have an added dimensional quality to their energy too. The “Activation” Left Time Link Crystals have an extra inclined facet located to the left of the main face of the crystal and can also be used to activate the right hemisphere of the brain, having the attributes of creativity, imagination, psychic ability, and meditation.

The “Activation” Right Time Link Crystals have an extra inclined facet located to the right of the main face of the crystal and can be used to activate the left hemisphere of the brain, which accesses logic, intellect, and action-orientation.

I like to think of these Time Link Crystals to be like Bridges, much like the Distance Healing Symbol in Reiki, which bridges space and time. These Bridges support your soul access to travel through these portals in order to consciously connect with aspects of the self existing in other times and places. This enables you to free yourself from 3D illusions in order to immerse in nonlinear exploration. While journeying these “pasts” and “futures” you can transmit intentions, do integrative work, and send healing energy/Reiki to affect change in the present.

strawberry lemurian time link 2So if you aren’t attuned to Reiki, these Time Link Crystals are another tool to here to serve and assist you with this healing work that is outside time lines our mind constrains us in. With the aid of these friends, we are able to assimilate fragmented aspects of ourselves, release blocks where we were frozen in time from painful trauma and misunderstandings, and free ourselves into wholeness of the eternal now.

Perhaps these Crystals are showing up more now because many of us are ready to do the deeper journeying and integration, and the collective is ready for the bridging assistance they can provide to this.

I mentioned that I like to sleep with my Crystals under my pillow. I find the work done during dream time to be powerful. You can also meditate with them in wake time. In either meditation or sleep, the Time Link Crystals will help you begin to unravel the intellectual challenges around your personal concepts of Time.  They can help you to trace past and future lives to understand the evolution of your soul essence.

Time Link Crystals are also great telepathic communication tools since they work inside and outside the limitations of Time with understanding beyond perhaps what you are capable of grasping otherwise.

Time Link Crystals also symbolize your willingness, readiness, and ability to learn, grow, and freely emerge from your current state of experience, are considered a Shaman, Channeling, and Dream Stone, are powerful tools for past and parallel life recalling, help you to understand the limitless available to you as you transcend Time, remind you to have patience, see illusions, ignite creative inspiration, work toward goals/intents, assist you with challenges connected to definitions/concepts of Time, and help you to expand your reach with integrative healing processes.

strawberry lemurian time link (1)Like with anything, you need to ask yourself if you are really ready and wanting to know the information they are capable of bringing into greater clarity for you. It’s always helpful to speak with clarity when you are engaging with your Crystals, as to the specifics you seek. And never forget to honor and respect with great awareness these powerful beings that you work with.

Crystals have experienced much abuse over “time” and still many continue this treatment. This disregard and disrespect is not okay and many of our Crystal friends need our assistance to support them into their highest service once again by recognizing who they are, cleansing, reactivating, charging, and loving them.

Always ask first. Do not expect or demand of your Crystal. Meet them with open heart and great reverence.

I LOVE my Crystal friends and hope to inspire others who feel drawn to this Crystalline beings to explore your Divine relationship with them in your own way. Information you learn can be guidelines and foundations, but like with anything, let your heart and intuition guide you, as to the journey you are meant to uniquely take.

Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals – The Scarlet Temple to the Heart & Beyond

strawberry lemurian starbraryAnother new find of crystal is the Strawberry Lemurian Seed Quartz – sometimes known as Scarlet Temple Lemurians by some. These are very rare and very powerful, natural crystals that have a gorgeous strawberry red color as a result of being coated with high quality Hematite, which is the mineral form of Iron Oxide. This Iron mixing into the Quartz is exceptional and is said to come from collapsing stars, which gives these crystals links to the Cosmic and Ethereal Realms.

With the addition of Hematite’s properties of grounding, protecting, balancing, and overall strengthening of personal vitality and our connection with the Earth from the Source of Cosmic awareness, it creates a very harmonious synergy when integrated with the Strawberry Lemurian’s energy.

Strawberry Lemurians are a very new find from Minas Gerais region of Brazil that, after millions of years within the Earth, are now surfacing. Because they are so new to our “re”-discovering, there is limited information about their energy and properties, but as more and more people work with them, this information is coming to light.

The images you see in this post are of my special Strawberry Lemurian friend, which I also discovered (unbeknownst to whom she traveled through to reach me) is a Starbrary as well. This makes her a Strawberry Starbrary – say that 10 times fast LOL!

strawberry lemurian starbrary4You may remember my post on Starbraries where I detailed the different Star Systems each derive from and some of the unique types that include Master Starbraries and Starbrary Rosetta Stones. Well, this sweet Strawberry Starbrary that has graced my life, I have discovered is from one of the Star Systems more recently discovered – Lyra – and is a Rosetta Stone Starbrary. (this is the 2nd Rosetta Stone recently I’ve become aware of, as a friend of mine discovered she had one too after my Starbrary post)

Rosetta Stone Starbraries help to translate between a minimun of two Star languages and this one from Lyra translates for Cassiopeia and the Pleiades. Very opportune, since my Lightning Strike Starbrary is Pleiadian. 🙂

Check out her deeply embedded Hexagons, along with her numerous encodings that are very pronounced on three of her shafts. Then on the rest of her shafts she has the identifiable ladder-like grooves that Lemurian Seed Crystals are known for (this is where they have been programmed with spiritual information and wisdom from the ancient Lemurians), along with tons of tiny Morse Code dot-patterns accompanying these grooves. (both the grooves and dots were harder to photograph)

strawberry-lemurian5I am still discovering so much about her, but she happens to be what is known as a “Window Crystal” as well. The name itself will likely mirror to you that old adage “a window into your soul,” and that is just what they are. Window Crystals have a small diamond-shaped face at the corner where two of the parallel faces meet. (You can see this diamond shape in the photo of her to the left.) These crystals help you to see what is inside yourself, hence are introspective, and help to draw forth deep things or things you hide from yourself, so that you can effectively deal with them and make the correlating changes in your life to do so. In this way they help you to understand the “why’s” behind challenges you are experiencing and help you to face things head-on. Window Crystals are very personal crystals and it is said that if one comes into your hands, it is intended to help you specifically. And I knew the moment I saw her, that she would come home. Her Hexagon markings were another clue, since those show up so much for me as well.

But back to these amazing Strawberry Lemurians…

Strawberry Lemurians date back to the times of Lemuria and Atlantis where they were used in healing ceremonies by the High Councils, Priests, and Priestesses to provide insight, guidance, and assist with healing, as well as stimulate recall of the “beginning.” They are said to have been encoded by the Wizards of MU.

strawberry lemurian starbrary3Strawberry Lemurians are each structured differently with their own purpose, helping to activate the Heart and Crown Chakras for self-empowerment, self-guidance, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. Through the Crown you are able to access the ethereal energies to integrate and activate your leadership role from the Source of your Essence. They are also powerful healing tools to assist with distance healing and Reiki, help enhance Earth healing and energy transfer, and support access to the divine, compassionate love of Oneness. It’s no wonder that they vibrate to the number 1.

But they are especially vibrationally aligned for stimulating and opening the heart center and drawing forth the love and harmony into integrative balance in your life – basically filling your whole being with the feeling of true, unconditional love. Strawberry Lemurian Quartz is known for its ability to provide opportunity for you to travel (stimulating the astral body) to the “center of the universe of life” to receive the available information there. This to include the strawberry lemurian starbrary2pathway to the source of knowledge and relevant data that relate to the actual, chosen reasons of your soul for the reality that is of most importance in your life, as well as the creation of the planetary forms, reasons behind everything, and guidance with respect to living fully in each moment.

While very powerful, Strawberry Lemurians are extremely gentle, calming, and nurturing with the ability to help you to recenter, restabilize, and rebalance your energy field through the guidance of your Higher Heart. This refreshing energy provides a sense of emotional strength and love. They can also help you to access past life information, if desired, and can bring exciting discoveries about Universal origins that can become assimilated wisdom.

I really love this crystal….

Well goodness, yes I love them all, but there are some you develop an extra bond with and these are the ones that remain with you for long periods of time, if not your lifetime/s. 😉

A Crystal for Every Season of Experience – NEW CRYSTALS Plus How Crystal Consciousness is Mirroring Our Shifts

singing4I’m finding more and more people being drawn to work with crystals and/or are finding themselves suddenly attracting crystal friends into their lives for the first time. I get a lot of questions and inquiries about crystals and which would be good for certain things people are working on and I also hear a lot about children asking specifically for certain crystals by name (who have never been told anything about crystals in “this” life so far), and are finding particular crystal energies to be supportive for their highly developed consciousness.

The types of crystals people used to be attracted to is also changing, finding that they are now drawn to ones their body and soul are calling out for rather than mirroring the aesthetic preferences they have usually liked. And many new crystals and stones are making themselves known to all of us, that we never had on our radar before, because they are so aligned with the New Earth experience we are creating – hence becoming a part of the collective consciousness experience, as we become more aware and ready.

I also find that with all of the varying stages in each individual’s unique process, a variety of crystal energy is showing up to support the different parts of the path being worked on. And this is also why we are seeing more crystals flowing in and out of our lives more than they used to, as they are only needed for short periods of time to assist with current focuses and shifts, and then are ready to move on to other keepers to help them in similar ways. Of course there are some that are our loyal partners in life too, and will likely be with us indefinitely.

carn5Crystals have a collective consciousness and so they are attuned to the greater good in their service and therefore will be happy working with a variety people. I have also found things shift in my own experience with my crystals. I used to be more protective of my crystals and keep them in my own experience to work with only. But I have in the last several months started receiving the message from them that they were wanting very much for me to share them and allow others to experience their energy and support when they are in my presence or during classes I teach.

This feels to be reflecting shifts I am making, along with how that synergizes with the collective experience.

With the ability to cleanse and charge crystals with Reiki, as well as having the ability to program crystals, I have found no need to worry about things I may have before, and to relax in trust of supporting service for the highest good of all concerned.

Things are constantly shifting and so I feel it is important to allow these shifts to flow in all aspects of our lives and not block energy, if in fact you ARE receiving nudges about things that may be different to your regular practices. The Age of Aquarius and this Age of Intuition is based on collective sharing, unconventional vision and new ideas, and trust in inner guidance, knowing it is always connected to the greater good.

citrine5In the shifts we have been experiencing, there is also a blend of high vibrational crystals coming into our experience that are powerfully transformative and pure in unity consciousness, as well as crystals that are helping us to balance, fully ground ourselves, restore our vitality, and help us to manifest all of the things we have been envisioning and opening up to energetically – assisting the creation of new realities.

There is a tendency to forget about the body temple and to work with high crystal energy stones that have the ability to take us “out of body” and in many ways “escape” life – especially something many souls subconsciously may feel drawn to do because they are not fully comfortable living here on Earth at this time, and may be more connected to their cosmic Source.

However, doing this may mean that you are unable to truly achieve your potential or remember why you came here to Earth at this time. If you feel like this, it may be beneficial to look at ways to integrate your experience, which may be by working with lower Chakra connected crystals and stones, as one potential.

This may already be happening for some of you. I know it did for me. And as you continue to trust your inner guidance, you will find how this continually shifts in terms of which crystals you will be drawn to for assistance at any given time.

By using crystals of a more “base” nature you can help yourself to fully ground into the physical, and restore your vitality, passion for life, creative power, strength, and manifesting abilities. They will also help you to draw energy through all of your Chakras in more balance, while connecting a circuit between all of your Chakras and into the Earth Chakra to connect your heart with that of Gaia’s herself.

apacheGrounding crystals of the three lower Chakra’s energy will help you to move energy through the body, which may help to enhance poor circulation, as well as may aid in the increase of your energy levels, general vitality, overall well being, and zest for living.

All of our parts are necessary and important. And so too, then, are tools that mirror all of these varying frequencies that can assist every level of our experience. These are some of the reasons I have been guided to offer a variety of crystals and stones, some many of us know well, and others that are more new to our current life experiences, along with a spectrum of lower and higher Chakra energies to assist anyone at any stage of their personal journey.

I try to also provide a spectrum of price ranges that can fit anyone’s needs, as well as created the Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings to provide meditational sacred art that synergized crystal energy with creative energy.

I continually update my Etsy Shop: Crystal Illumination with new crystals and sacred paintings, when I have time, to keep the flow moving, as crystals continue to find new keepers. I follow my intuition as to the Divine timing certain crystal energies would be most supportive to put out there.

I just added new inventory of amazing crystals (Lower, Upper, and Heart Chakra connected), as many have moved on, and will add more again in another week or so, as I have time. Some of these include a Trinity of Magical Singing Lemurian Seed Crystal Laser Wands, a stunning Fire Agate, Natural Lemurian Citrine Quartz with Rainbows, an amazing Natural Rainbow Anandalite Quartz from India, a gorgeous Carnelian, Apache Tears, and Icy Blue Kyanite.

ananda3I’m still in the process of creating the new Crystal Illuminations paintings – of which there will be 13 in total to look forward to. In the meantime, there are still a few in the shop available still.

There is potentially something new I feel percolating, which I was receiving a vision today of while at the beach. So keep checking back for what may be coming up, plus all the new I mentioned already.

Everything unfolds as is perfect always, but if something calls to you with a strong nudge, you may not want to wait too long, as I have had a few people do so and were sad to find someone else follow their nudges before they had a chance to trust their own.

Life is a journey of remembering our Divinity and what ever tools or methods you are drawn to, to support empowering that experience is perfect. Crystals are living beings that not only love, as their focus through the particular frequency they are attuned to, but also light up from the love we share from our frequency merging with theirs through conscious cocreation.

If you have any questions about crystals, or particular crystals you see in my Etsy shop, you can contact me at

Don’t forget that the Thank You Coupon Discount Code you receive with purchase for 10% Off is only good until 8/31/13 (that’s the end of this month!). So please remember to take advantage of this special discount. Also, there are only FOUR Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulums remaining. Don’t miss out on these amazing little ones you will LOVE working with.

To view all of the crystal friends that are available to welcome into heart and home, you may visit Crystal Illumination.

Bitter Sweet Journeys – The Last of the L.O.V.E. Seeds Move On

We just connected and are about to send off our last 3 magical Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds. These amazing crystal friends have been such a joy for us to help find new homes for. It is sort of a bitter sweet end seeing our very last ones off, being that we have nurtured these little ones to prepare and support them for their missions. What an honor it has been to facilitate their journeys.

It has been the same for each of the crystalline beings that we have assisted on to their new keepers. We see them moving on quite rapidly in this time of shifts. Another piece that was quite moving for me to assist to its new keeper was the giant Smokey Quartz I have posted before.

Giant Smokey Quartz

I was both excited and teary-eyed to see off the giant and most amazing Smokey Quartz (which many were not only drawn to, but received healings and openings just by his photos) to his new friend just this Monday. I know that he is going to an amazing soul to do some extraordinary work, and that fills my heart with joy. At the same time I was saying good bye to a beautiful friend, seeing him off on his next adventure! Full circle giving and receiving is the bestest!

And when we are in our hearts always, this naturally takes place.

Having one each ourselves of the L.O.V.E. seeds, Allison and I are ecstatic to be connected with the whole collective family of 50 friends we started off with. It’s been such a beautiful experience all around. Thank you to all who have honored the calling and for welcoming these powerful beings into heart and home.

Each crystal has their own unique energy resonance and are equally as powerful in their own way. It is best to let your intuitive heart guide you in choosing, as aesthetics do not necessarily mirror what is for your highest good.  

If you are in love with the Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds we do have a limited quantity of them available as pendulums. For those taking our Pendulum 101 class on 10/21 you may be interested in purchasing the one you work with during class. You can order your L.O.V.E. Seed pendulum here: Pendulums

Much love to all who have shared the journey with these 50 amazing Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds. 

L.O.V.E. Connections Being Made – Only 3 Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendants with New Spherical Design Now Available

As promised, I am super ecstatic to officially announce that our new Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed crystal pendant design is now available for purchase at our Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy Shop.

These new Lemurians are very active and shaking things up. Both Allison and I have had quite the energetic experiences working with all of them in preparation for their debut. We started with 50, but only 3 remain. I love the connections being made and how much loving energy is flowing.

The new beautiful design enhances their spherical energy, taking things to a whole new level – merging cosmic and earth in balance! Round sphere crystals have no point to break or chip and is optimum for utilizing the most complete and whole energy of the crystal.

Allison Jacobson, my partner in crystal love, did a gorgeous job at bringing the vision to fruition. And not only is the design aesthetically gorgeous and enhancing to the crystals’ energy, but they ensure very protective and sturdy care to your lovely new friend – I keep joking with Allison they are like crystal cribs!

The wrapping design will be available in either pure fine silver or copper (depending on personal desire) and will be created on a per order basis – each hand crafted with love and uniquely imbued with Reiki energy aligned with you.

Here are a few photo peaks at the new design in silver and copper. More photos and information can be found here: L.O.V.E. Seed in Silver and here: L.O.V.E. Seed in Copper

Since the last posting where I announced the new family of 30 Lemurians and the upcoming new design, 27 have been ordered. This leaves 3 to explore and choose from. And they are all, uniquely breathtaking.

Here are the 3 L.O.V.E. Seeds. You can either choose the one that calls to you, or you can allow me to intuit the one for you. Each are numbered, so when you order, if there is a specific one you desire, please mention the number of your new friend you have chosen.

One thing to remember about crystals is to feel with your heart, as what aesthetically catches your eyes, isn’t always what is energetically most supportive for you. 

If you have any questions you may email or




Sneak Peak at a Spectacular Family of 30 Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds

We have one last family of Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds  that will be available shortly. Every single crystal I have come across or worked with is special in its own way and holds a unique energetic footprint. It’s so amazing to feel the potency of these little ones beside large pieces like the giant Lemurian Seed Crystal and Smokey Quartz (which are still available for purchase). They all definitely hold their own and have unique and valuable purposes. And they are all connected, just as we humans, while different in appearance and personality, are all of one family.

The first family of L.O.V.E. Seeds have all happily gone off to new homes and I have heard from all of their new friends, that they are indeed loved and spreading love – the joy of creating and offering them to others.

I shared a photo of the 30 new Lemurians a few weeks ago, as one collective unit, but today I will share each individually – one snapshot of their beauty and personality they chose to share with me to share with others. I can’t begin to express the stunning and potent energy of these little ones, so I will let them speak for themselves. You will easily feel and see their individual personalities that will speak to you in different ways.

I am excited to share that these 30 are going to have a brand new design. I had this vision for them since I first started working with the little spheres, but it took a while to manifest. And after discussing this with my amazing design partner, Allison – who has the ability to manifest the vision into tangible form – we are now ready to bring to fruition a beautiful wrapped design that will really enhance their spherical energy, taking things to a whole new level! The wrapping design will be available in either silver or copper (depending on personal desire) and will be created on a per order basis.

One of them, #30 pictured below, has already been claimed and so it will be the first created. Once it is, I will post images, so you know what to expect from yours, when you place a request for the one calling to your heart.  #29 is on hold right now, as this one has chosen to work with me and stay with me for a while, so likely if it does become available, it won’t go until the end, or at least until it is ready. That leaves 28 beauties to explore and choose from. And they are breathtaking.

I spent a couple of hours today with them in the intense sun, waiting to capture what they wanted to share. I’ve been spending a lot of time with these little ones and let me just say, size doesn’t matter! 🙂

If one of these speaks to you, you can message me at to claim your new friend.

The new pieces will be available at our etsy shop once we get the first one made. The new pieces’ pricing will reflect the work and materials involved, and so they will be a little bit more than the earlier L.O.V.E. Seeds, but still affordable and mighty potent! We always do our utmost to keep prices as low as possible to ensure these crystalline beings can easily get to where they are needed.

Here are the 30 L.O.V.E. Seeds, pre-design phase. You can either choose the one that calls to you, or you can allow me to intuit the one for you.

One thing to remember about crystals is to feel with your heart, as what aesthetically catches your eyes, isn’t always was energetically is most supportive for you. 





#5 – the only clear crystal ball piece





















#26 – almost crystal ball, but with tiny etheric flecks



#29 – this one is currently on hold working with me

#30 – this one has already been claimed and will be the first created

Stunning Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Preview

Today, as I was intuiting a new friend as support for a beautiful soul and taking photos to send so she could start connecting with her while she is still in creation, I was just overtaken with the energy and amazingness they all naturally possess. Every crystal is beautiful and unique, so perhaps its just my expanding heart that is getting overwhelmed by this new family of 30. I was telling my friend and co-creative business partner, Allison, they’re driving me bonkers (in a very good way). She said, “You already are!” LOL!

I thought I would share a preview of what the 30 of these Lemurians are like, by posting photos of this sweet and lovely little one (she’s the tiniest of the family too! But gorgeously packs a punch!) She is a taste of what this collective group is ALL like! Stunning!

If interested in pre-ordering one of the new Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds and having me intuit one for you, you can contact me with questions and energy you’d like to have infused supportively and lovingly into them at and you can place your order here:  Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

I am more than happy to send photos of your little one you desire me to intuit for you, or you can allow for complete surprise!

The new Lemurians will be ready to ship out in about 2 weeks or less. I will let you know when they are ready to ship, which could be sooner, but I’d rather come in early on them than late!

I hope you enjoy the photos of this lovely little one in her pre-creation-into-pendant stage. I took them in succession of slightly moving her angles to catch the light in different ways. I find her beauty breathtaking no matter how she reveals herself. I imagine her new friend will too and in the meantime, her beautiful energy can be felt and shared with others here:

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed

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