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To Journeys Ending & Beginning ~ Full Heart of Gratitude

So many incredible, awe-inspiring, synchronously magickal, and powerfully shifting experiences have been taking place in rapid alignment, it’s truly hard to put into words how it all feels. “Harmony” is the most resonant I can get with one simple word. During all of this Raja Seraphina, my Crystal Skull, has found her new guardian and Fiver has found a new family…both beginning new journeys in their eternal beingness. I just wanted to take a moment to express immense heart and soul gratitude to everyone who has so generously shared their love, stepped up, and taken time to be a part of the journey we are weaving together, and relative to this post, for those of you who responded to Raja Seraphina and supported Fiver.

I’ve been literally “knocked off my rocker,” as I put it to one dear friend last evening, with the amping up of “wow” experiences that continually and consistently take place and this has especially been so with both Raja Seraphina and Fiver.

I’m still in awe of how Fiver, as one friend put it, literally “jumped worlds” and like “he was planning it all along”. To see him fully released from pain in his last moments, his body restored, and how he leapt upon the quartz crystal to rocket him through the portal to the Otherworld where his journey would continue, still gives me chills and if not for capturing it on camera, I’m not sure others would believe me.

He has touched us all in so many ways, which goes to show us that everyone and everything no matter how small, has great impact and meaningfulness. It is up to us to “see” and embrace the sacredness in it all.

It’s no surprise that Fiver’s journey became entwined with Raja Seraphina’s, as it was in the days he was with me that R.S. came to peaceful closure with her own journey of connecting to her new guardian.

The day of peace they both shared enabled clarity of messages to come through to both them and myself in receiving them.

There is too much to R.S.’s story and the also amazing things that took place in her decision making process, as well as how she relayed her decision to me, to share here and of which some is personal to her new guardian and connection with myself and R.S.

But in the end, she spoke in shamanic riddles to decode, manifested literal appearances shared between myself and her new guardian of an animal spirit guide journeying between us both, provided us both with signs that were puzzle pieces to each other, and dream messages that “wed” us together in bonded sisterhood and Earth guardianship.

Her timing also could not have been more perfect in utilizing Mercury Retrograde to do her searching, exploring, reviewing, and tuning in with everyone. Not to mention her decision coming at the end of it and official, soul contractual agreement to take place on her appointed day of 1/11/2017 (1-11-1 portal) which will also be in the beginning illumination of 1/12’s early morning (PST) Cancer Full Moon – all divinely in perfection.

To add to that, it isn’t arbitrary that her new guardian is located where I’ll be journeying to shortly, which enables the transition of Raja Seraphina, between us, to take place in person so that she will not have to be shipped (something we both felt was not in her best interests) and makes the exchange much more aligned as a sacred ritual we can share.

I find great peace in knowing both Raja Seraphina and Fiver are in loving company and exactly where they are meant to be.

What has been overwhelming in a most beautiful and surprising way was the amount of response received with both experiences, and especially in the case of R.S. I was so in awe of people stepping into their power, claiming it, and knowing of their roles and paths that bring to light the gifts each has.

I was grateful I did not have to make the decision and was able to detach and allow R.S. to do the work, as everyone who showed up is incredibly amazing, gifted, and powerful in their own right….each having very important roles and equally special.

I know Raja Seraphina was equally moved, which is why she demonstrated her compassion and honor to each of you, not only tuning in extensively, but did healing and activation with each of you during the process, which many of you shared with me. It was astounding how she touched you all and I know that it was her way of showing mutual reverence and encouraging each of you to continue with your path and to know that you are recognized and honored for your roles that continue regardless of her being with you physically or not. Her love is collective and can be called upon if in need.

There will be another being that will show up for you, or another manifestation of how you can do the work you felt called to do. So keep alert to the signs and continue to follow the guidance you are messaged in your heart and soul.

Thank you again SO very much to everyone. I know deeply in my heart and soul that our journeys will continue to entwine themselves.

With love to all and special thanks to Raja Seraphina and Fiver for opening our hearts and encouraging us to be all that we can be.

A Powerful Night & A Beautiful Day

20170105_081803_resizedLast night was powerfully supercharged, so much so I was up for about 3 hours full of energy surging through me and my mind racing while the storm continued outside, there was an ominously mysterious glow through the windows of gold on the snow all around, and my Crystal Skull was next to my head, as usual, on the nightstand beside me. I knew Raja Seraphina was actively connecting with everyone that has stepped forward as potential new guardians. And this was reiterated with some messages from people sharing so this morning, even people who had only seen her photo, but hadn’t messaged to be her guardian. So, it’s no surprise the power went out last night too.


This morning I awoke to breathtaking beauty all around…Powder blue and white powder everywhere. And not in the least bit tired, but full of energy and new ideas.



Up high where we are we’ve gotten 4 feet of snow.. Lake level about 2 feet.


Nothing like sunny days nearly year round, dry cold, powder, and four seasons.


This Winter baby and Snow Faery Bunny loves this surreal, otherworldly reality that surrounds and inspires me.



As for Raja Seraphina, she is working intently with each person’s soul signature. I am basically leaving her to her thing and only checking in every now and then to see where she’s at in her process. It seems she’s moved through a lot quickly (evident by my being up while feeling her) and is now focused on three souls she’s exploring more deeply.

Thank you for your patience with her and thank you to those of you who embraced your role and stepped forward.

While she continues her tuning in, I will be out tuning in with Nature.

I LOVE how everything around me reflects the purity, majesty, and grace of her essence…So it’s like delving into the realm within her that she’s projected without.

Quick Crystal Skull Update

Thank you SO MUCH to those of you have expressed to me your intents and desires in working with Raja Seraphina – my Crystal Skull – I actually didn’t think there’d be more than one or two interests, as it’s definitely not something as resonant with most people as crystals can be/have potential for in general…and even in my crystal workshops, although people were interested in learning about them, hardly anyone expressed they felt to be a Crystal Skull Guardian. Needless to say, she has her work cut out for her and I support/encourage her time taken in connecting with each of you, dialoguing energetically, checking in telepathically as I know your higher selves will with her, especially in dream time, and I’ll be tuning in to receive her thoughts and path chosen when she is ready. Each of you are incredibly powerful souls (um wow!) and if it is not that she chooses you at this time, it is only because of the alignment of paths in the now of precedence for the highest good that she is tuning into. And, she may know that there is another waiting for you (as I know it took me a long time to find her/be found by her), or perhaps down the road if she moves on again.

Are You Her New Crystal Skull Guardian?

20170104_113627_resized.jpg2017 has already been starting off with several welcome, but unknown surprises, and one of them that really took me off-guard pertained to my Crystal Skull, Raja Seraphina. I thought that she was one of my forever crystal companions, but it appears that she has other plans in store and after thoroughly reviewing with her, I can understand why she is wanting to move on to a new Crystal Skull Guardian.


She has been with me since early 2009…actually it will be exactly 8 years in just a couple of weeks. Indeed working alongside me during the most potent years of my life. And, since I am now headed off on a new personal journey, I realize why her message that I’d been feeling from her the last few weeks is anchoring.

And no coincidence, as a new crystal being is about to enter my life here shortly for the next part of my path.


I’ve shared a little bit about her and how she came into my life in this post “Introducing My Giant Quartz Crystal Skull – Raja Seraphina” and have shared images over time of her and her connecting with my rabbit, Joy.


Crystal Skulls are like ancient computers or historians/librarians filled with knowledge and wisdom of the ages that is said to help heal our Earth and to unlock the truth within our DNA and true soul ancestry.

They can help activate latent DNA and help you to align with, and retrieve, your true origins, while assisting the collective into raising the overall vibration that activates original harmony.

They are particularly drawn to Shamans, master healers, guardians, Children of the Law of One and are of the Highest Order.


Many of you may know the story about the 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls and how Crystal Skulls you may have as friends with you now are connected to the collective family of Skulls and tap into that network of energy and knowledge in their own way.


Coupled with the energy of the particular crystal they are carved from, they will each have their own focus. They reflect what is in the heart of each individual and the expanse of each soul.


The Skull is symbolic of the mind, leading to higher awareness, spirituality and psychic abilities. It can receive and transmit information and energy, amplifying, storing and transmuting them, and can help to increase one’s focus. A Skull also represents, for obvious reasons, change, which is inevitable and would benefit you to embrace in order to enable and empower your growth and greater embodiment of wholeness that you are.


Crystal Skulls are very useful companions for anyone exploring the metaphysical realms and call to the person whose energy resonance induces its activation.


Being a Crystal Skull Guardian is not for everyone indeed, but they will be great teachers, friends, and lead you on a journey of multi-dimensional discovery if you are.


Raja Seraphina has very unique energy that feels symbolic of the New Sacred Feminine. Again, you can find info about that and her in the link I shared above.


I’ve received from her that she will be ready to move on come my birthday this year 2/26 and until then will finish out her work with me, I’ll prepare her for moving forward, and that will provide time for the new Guardian to prepare energetically to receive her.


It may take longer for the right person to come forward for her, but if in fact that person presents themselves, then come 2/26 she will be released to you.


I am not posting much more than what I already have about her, but am posting some new photos (in different lightings to reveal some of her hidden gifts) I’ve taken of her that showcase some of the amazing rainbows she has throughout (more than I even caught in photos), including one very special one at her Third Eye, which is very unique.


I also included a photo of Raja Serphina with Joy and an energy capture of her when she was part of a Crystal Bowl Sound Healing event at the Reiki Retreat I hosted in Laguna Beach, CA.


If you feel that you are her next Keeper and are devoted to the sacred knowledge she holds and has access to, I welcome you to message me and we’ll go from there.

Serious inquiries only, please.

I will be consulting Raja Seraphina as to who of anyone that steps forward to be her Guardian, she feels most aligned with working with.

Payments are available, but will need to be completed by 2/26 if in fact the aligned soul steps forward for her before then. If no one does by/before 2/26, then we will revisit a payment plan timeline at that time, if one is needed.

You can message me here if Raja Seraphina calls to your heart and soul and you feel a sacred contract as a Crystal Skull Guardian:

Tania Marie

Visions of Atlantis

Visions of Atlantis
30″ x 40″ Acrylic by Tania Marie
click on photo to enlarge

I’ve had such an amazing, beautiful, flowing and deep journey with my newest painting. I followed the guidance I was receiving, as to what would be next and there were so many signs all around that pointed me energetically and literally to where that was. I love how there just is no thought process involved anymore, and it all is simply about unleashing the trust in my heart to bring forth the channeled image that wants through – even the title of the paintings immediately come in crystal clear before I even start them, while I am receiving the vision in my my mind’s eye.

This is one of those times I wish I had a professional photograph or scan to share, but these photos will have to do in helping to convey the energy. The colors are so rich in person and different in shade, and the ethereal detail really takes flight when lit by just the right lighting. As a Pisces and with a strong connection with the energy portrayed here, I felt quite at home in the visions manifested.

Having been surrounded by Larimar energy, my Quartz crystal skull, a new lively and stunning batch of 30 Lemurian Seed Crystal L.O.V.E. Seeds, my finalized magic dragon tattoo just newly healed, and profound shifts (yes again and big time!) it all has proven to be very supportive and opening for what was to come through with this painting.

Visions of Atlantis close up of nautilus-vortex energy and dolphin – click on photo to enlarge

The title is, “Visions of Atlantis,” and I’ll let its energy speak for itself.

What I can say is that when I first began painting the water depths and energy movement of it, I experienced deep Root Chakra/tailbone intensity (triggering my injury of a fracture to it several years ago) and as I completed it today, (finalizing the Nautilus-like underwater vortex and emerging bubble orb with Atlantean temple inside) big time Crown Chakra head energy…quite a complete journey of integrated healing.

Visions of Atlantis close up of dolphin and bubble orb with Atlantean temple inside emerging – click on photo to enlarge

The experience of, and the literal painting of this piece, was such a profound contrast to my painting, “Water,” from the In Lak’ech series, which was at a very different place in my and the collective’s healing journey with ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.

Needless to say, I am in love with this painting – it is very dear to me in many ways and its timing is sooo synchronous and divine.

I just received word, as I was painting it, that the Bimini Reiki retreat I have mentioned I was likely going to be offering IS to take place this summer. Dolphins, Atlantean energy and more! All the exciting details for this empowering healing journey will be posted here shortly in the next couple of days.

Until then, wishing you sweet dreams filled with “Visions of Atlantis” Love!

Visions of Atlantis close up – click on photo to enlarge

Traveling the Inner Waters of Creation and Healing Love – Larimar Activations for Art and Heart!

My raw, natural Larimar collection

I have been reconnecting with my Larimar friends lately – they have been one of my top 5 favs for quite a while (revolving back around to #1 when that energy is calling me like right now!) I just recently acquired (and gifted) a new Larimar heart ring to add to my collection of rings and necklaces I have adored wearing. Not only for their stunningly beautiful energy that so feels at home to me, but for their amazingly gorgeous variations, color (aqua – my favorite color since I was a wee one), and vibrational resonance of a special number (another fav since the childhood days).

I love how synchronicity is consistently at play, as I’m also currently working on the same vibrational energy with my new painting of dolphin, ocean, Atlantean energy (should be completed in a few days) and have been starting to plan a Bimini Reiki and Dolphin retreat to offer hopefully late this summer.

Raja Seraphina – my Crystal Skull

So, yes, my lovely Lemurian friends have taken center stage in assisting the energy. Interestingly though, so has my amazing Quartz skull – Raja Seraphina. She (a balance of female and male energy creating an integrated and strong Divine Feminine Energy) is feeling very active right now and oh how I love her and crystal skulls!! I tried to take a good photo of her, to capture her amazing rainbows (one at the third eye and many in her crown), but no sun was out to do so. But here she is on center stage in my studio sanctuary on her little pedestal and stand that lights up with my Larimar ring again, expressing the love I have for her. She faces my easel where I paint.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m traveling in ocean energy currently and yesterday while painting the emotional watery abyss, the depths of energy triggered quite an activation in my Root Chakra that put my injured tailbone, from a fracture several years ago, into a tizzy. My tailbone (amongst other things) has been overly active for the last several months as energy shifts. Rooting and balancing the new energy, as the old receives loving release.

For those not familiar with Larimar or who would like to know a little more here are some of the properties to explore and see if the energy calls to you!

Larimar Properties:

Opens creativity through the throat chakra, aids and strengthens self-expression, patience, acceptance, gives wearer mysterious ability to communicate and transmit messages, ability to channel healing energies to the Earth, enables one to overcome self-imposed restrictions, helps one to view events from a different perspective, softens, enlightens and heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, draws one’s soul mate (soul mate stone), heals negative karma between soul mates and lovers, aids clear communication and emotional strength and stability to speak from the heart, facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation, balances 3rd eye, crown, throat and heart chakras, provides a strong sense of peace, eases stress and anxiety, calming, brings tranquility of water, sea and air to heart and mind (it is from the Caribbean), soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, opens mind in the face of change, supports patience, acceptance, simplicity, creativity, artwork, cools, promotes serenity, relaxes and soothes the emotional body, draws out inflammation, uplifts the heart, radiates healing and love, vibrates numerologically to master number 55 to help access Higher Mind and channeling it through your individuality, is a direct line to the Universal mind and akashic records, it calls upon you to responsibly harness and direct the knowledge that is attainable now and signifies change and responsible choices. Larimar is known as the Atlantis and Dolphin stone, as it helps channel energetic connections with the ancient civilization and also aids communication with sea creatures.

Looking for a lovely Larimar pendant that can support more balance in your life? You can commission a custom piece by contacting me at or check out our collection of crystal pendants at Joyful Earth Crystals to see if another crystal calls to you. A pendant of any crystal you desire can be created. New crystal pendants coming soon!

Hare Symbolism for the New Earth – Birthing the Cosmic Egg

In a recent, previous post I touched a bit on my painting, Spirit, the last of five in the series In Lak’ech. Spirit takes us beyond polarities and is full integration with transmutation inwardly and outwardly. As mentioned, this painting has many embedded codes and symbolism for energetic healing integration, which is why this and the other paintings I create can be used as meditational tools. One of the symbols, the Dagaz or Dea Rune is found anchoring the white hare’s feet in this image. Spirit holds some powerful energy and as promised, I wanted to reveal a little about one more aspect to this painting in regard to why the hare/rabbit being (with human and extraterrestrial essence) was chosen intuitively for the representation of this “beyond polarity” energy representation for the fifth element, Spirit.

Joy with Raja Seraphina

Of course those that know me know how deeply connected I am with rabbits. As a vegan and lover of all animals and beings, I have felt connected with animals since birthing into this Earthly experience, but rabbits are just, for whatever and many reasons, extremely dear and close to my heart and I resonate profoundly with them. Not only do I connect and understand them in a very personal way as a reflection, but I absolutely adore their magickal and precious essence in a way I can’t describe.

As I speak, my dear little Joy (lop eared bunny) is exploring my office and came to rest right next to the table that holds my large Quartz Crystal Skull, Raja Seraphina – a profound sign of her supporting what I am writing and connecting with the energy, as Raja Seraphina possesses the integration of both empowered female and male energies. (I’m actually really proud of her because she is on the wood floor, which was a fear she has been learning to overcome all by herself. She has learned to be safe on the floor in my/our sacred space, so I’m sure she will soon be exploring the entire house freely. A great example of how we can overcome fears).

I’ve been honored to have 3 bunny loves in my life, one of which is Nestor, whom I speak of often and has departed this Earthly plane. Part of the reasoning for the white hare in my painting, has to do with very personal healing stories connected with her, as well as simultaneous, collective healing that spoke through her for the essence of the painting.

The other 4 paintings depicted either a male or female being as one of the main focal points of the message, and as mentioned are fully integrated/empowered males and females that have embraced the empowered counterpart within them. However, for Spirit, we move beyond depictions of polarities, even in integrated form, and go straight to the heart of integration – and that is where the white hare comes into play.

Hares, throughout time have been associated with a whole myriad of powerfully profound, transmutational energies, as we will see in these excerpts from’s post, Hares and the Spring Equinox:

“Ancient peoples found hares one of the most mysterious and perplexing animals around. Hares were thought to be hermaphrodites, male one month and female the next month.” …”The ancient Greeks asserted this was so too, and associated hares thus with powers of self-impregnation and something we now call superfoetation. Superfoetation is “the fertilization of an already pregnant female which causes the simultaneous development of eggs of two different ovarian cycles within the genital tract.” …

“The ancient Mediterranean peoples also all believed that the male hare could also become pregnant.”

…”Going back to the idea of balance between the masculine and feminine at the Equinox, we mustn’t forget that many religions and myths, especially those derived from mystics and shamans, believe that the true nature of ourselves and the divine is found in the union of opposites. And from this union of the Masculine and Feminine, all Creation breaks forth into life and consciousness. It then makes sense that anything in nature that brings together the masculine and feminine, be it sexual intercourse, self-replicating plants, or in this case, hares who interchanged between male and female, were all held as some of the highest most sacred subjects in our world .. because they embody the actual creative powers of the universe.

For many of the reasons stated above, the hare has long been thought of as a mediator of the sacred…

Not only does the hare have lunar connections, but also many Buddhist and Hindu texts describe the hare as a creature of fire, but not just any fire–the same consuming sacrificial fire of the phoenix, then to rise again out of the ashes. The hare in this sense is not just a symbol of cyclical life like the moon and in many tales blatantly depicted as a bringer of reincarnation to mankind, but also in the same way, it becomes a symbol of simultaneous destruction and recreation that is at the very heart of all Life. Life is not just about being creative, but also requires the balance of first being destructive…

For all these reasons, the Hare then is not only associated with the Moon and the Sacred Fire and Spring, but also with the dawn and more importantly, with enlightenment…

Traditionally, the Easter Bunny, actually a Hare, was said to lay eggs at Easter. This concept is of course very strange to our factual minds, but taken symbolically, the Egg is not only Potential, but it also represents the Cosmos, the very ground of Being from which we spring–no pun intended! One only need think about the Cosmic Egg and the Druid’s Egg to begin to get the full scope of this meaning. No wonder then that the Hare was at one time considered both male and female. To produce the cosmos, both must be present.

This union of masculine and feminine makes the Hare an excellent symbol for marriage…

Other associations with the hare that I won’t go into now are witchcraft, or in ancient societies, with the seer or shaman–the hare is also the trickster figure in many stories, who outsmarts Winter and Death…

Overall then, the Hare is a symbol of many things, all involving balance, Life, creative potency, regeneration, fertility, and eternity. This symbolism manifests in associations with Springtime, the Dawn, the Moon and Sacred Fire, the Egg, the Circle and Infinity symbol, Marriage, Androgyny and Hermaphroditism, as well as Madness, Genius and Inspiration (which seem to go hand in hand).”

To read the entire, very insightful post, please visit:

We still have another month or so to go before the Spring Equinox, but as “time” is speeding up and I’m always several “bunny leaps” ahead, I continue to post things before we get there, to support the space in the now for that energy integration to begin.

After reflecting upon the information, I think you start to get some of the picture for why the hare was the channeled message I received to depict in my painting, Spirit. The rest, we will have to save for another story. For now, I leave you with “Spirit” to receive its message.

Spirit by Tania Marie

Pietersite – Tempest Stone Holding the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

I had so many people message and ask me about this stone that I thought I would repost it and share it with those that may not have had a chance to see it, and for those who requested wanting the information again.  Many shared feeling so drawn to get one themselves, had one they loved and were thankful for the reminder to reconnect with it, or were simply fascinated and feeling one on its way into their life now that the connection had been made, after my Facebook post on it.

So, I decided to re-share the info on Pietersite, a new favorite of mine. (As many know, I share a deep love for my crystal friends and have a knack for procuring very uniquely potent ones). And how I LOVE this stone and its properties. It is a great stone for supporting major transformation needed now on many levels and has been personally very appropriate in many ways for me currently as well.

The photos throughout this post are of my new friend (crystal skull ring) gifted this Christmas that I was intending to draw in. Here is some very cool info on the stone for those interested, that I have found in my researching. I always like to help people to know our crystal friends in the mineral kingdom, as it is their joy that they are here to co-create and co-support with us. They are examples for us to embrace the joys we are here to experience and share as our innate gifts.

Get ready to really rock-n-roll and shift your reality out of illusion, as this is a powerful stone for mega-empowered transformation, while also possessing gentle calming qualities, simultaneously. For myself, one with high nervous anxiety to the point of kundalini shaking experiences from each major transition and opening embraced, this is a great balancing and unconditionally loving one that mirrors the now with empowered, ascended and integrated energy, that works personally and collectively, simultaneously.

Information I gathered from various sources, which I have found to be very true so far in my experience of the stone:

PIETERSITE (Tempest Stone)- Stone of Change. The Pietersite stones mineral exhibits an energetic quality like the quartz. Pietersite has a connection to the storm element and is thus sometimes called the Tempest Stone and helps one see beyond the immediate to beauty in the All. Pietersite energy feels like a highly charged atmosphere of a thunderstorm that enhances telepathy, activates the mind, imagination, and stimulates psychic vision. It links daily consciousness to the spiritual. Used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating the third eye and increasing your inherent intuition. It enhances courage, tenacity, and ability to maintain or create what is yours. Spiritually and psychically, pietersite helps in working with angels, experiencing visions, and precognition, relating to feminine or goddess energy, as well as astral and dimensional travel. Emotionally, pietersite helps to relax, and release deep emotions in a calmer way. Physically, pietersite balances body fluids, improves nutrition, helps with gastrointestinal functions, and helps the endocrine glands, as it can be used to stimulate the pituitary gland, balances female hormones, alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms. It helps produce, in the proper quantity, the hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure and body temperature. Pietersite is also excellent for improving memory. Physically Pietersite helps to calm and activate the nervous system by strengthening the brain and nerves. It is helpful to lungs, liver, intestines, feet, legs.

Pietersite crystallizes in the form of masses, the structure a result of inclusions in jasper where the inclusions are pseudomorphs after asbestos. The color is blue/black and the mineral exhibits a chatoyant quality. It was discovered by Sid Pieters from Namibia South Africa in 1962 while prospecting on a farm there, and is truly lovely. He came across a rather heavy small stone covered in white limestone. As he could not see what was in the stone, he took it back to his work shop in Windhoek, where he cut it open to discover the beautiful blue and gold coloured patterns of the stone which he later named after himself. He returned to the farm in Namibia where he began mining the stone, but after a short period of time, due to most of the material begin stolen, he abandoned the mine. In the meantime however, he registered the find in the mineral records of Britain, and it was published in 1964 as Pietersite. “Of all the gemstones I have seen worldwide , Pietersite is one of the most beautiful, “says Mr Pieters. Due to these characteristics, Pietersite is one of the foremost stones used in jewelry and ornamental pieces worldwide, and as it is a very hard and tough stone lasts for many years.

This stone has come to represent the movement and chaos that break up those energy patterns which are resistant to change. The energy of Pietersite is very forceful and jolts us into personal change. This stone represents change and indicates a need to make changes in your present life. In a lay-out place this stone on the solar plexus chakra, where the flow of energy leads to assimilation and integration. 

Numerology- Pietersite vibrates to the number 9. Unconditional love and forgiveness… [Astrologically: Sign of Leo]

This mineral can be used to stimulate the pineal gland and to assist one during meditative states to experience visions and per-cognitive thoughts. It aligns the energy centers of the body while providing grounding, not to the Earth, but to the etheric body; this rarity in grounding ability has facilitated travel throughout the spheres of existence, culminating in access to the akashic records or your past lifetimes. It allows you to release your connection made in the past albeit early childhood in this lifetime or other lifetime, allowing you to be fully in the present. Pietersite is a spiritual activation stone, helping one find a new direction to move forward. Pietersite helps to unblock pathways that feel blocked or stagnant by activating the chakra system and allowing light energy into one energy field and body.

Pietersite has been said to hold the “keys to the kingdom of heaven” by linking the spiritual realm with everyday living, dispelling illusion and assisting one in the recognition of the beauty of the soul. It exhibits and energy conducive to the actualization of the loving characteristics of the “brotherhood” of humanity. It brings the potential of the individual to the perfection of the source of all being, stimulating dignified power and loving guidance. It promotes loyalty to the self and to the ultimate experience of life. They gently remind you that you are first a spiritual being experiencing the human condition, not the other way around. As it does this we are able to see the lessons and positive outcome of the struggle and problems we face in our daily lives.

It assists one in remaining open to experience, enabling the effect of an illuminated glory when one proceeds to “walk the stage of life’. It further allows one to see beyond the horizon or mirage, helping to support human courage, tenacity, and dauntless effort to both create and maintain beauty. Supports your willpower, strengthens inner guidance, helps recognize truths.

Pietersite is a good stone to use with other high vibration stones such as moldavite. By using them together one can experience a rapid spiritual transformation and revolutionary spiritual insight. Iolite with Pietersite can help one to develop their third eye and psychic ability. Calcite, Phenacite, Natrolite, and Scolecite can be used in conjunction with Pietersite to further enhance inner journeying.

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