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Are You Her New Crystal Skull Guardian?

20170104_113627_resized.jpg2017 has already been starting off with several welcome, but unknown surprises, and one of them that really took me off-guard pertained to my Crystal Skull, Raja Seraphina. I thought that she was one of my forever crystal companions, but it appears that she has other plans in store and after thoroughly reviewing with her, I can understand why she is wanting to move on to a new Crystal Skull Guardian.


She has been with me since early 2009…actually it will be exactly 8 years in just a couple of weeks. Indeed working alongside me during the most potent years of my life. And, since I am now headed off on a new personal journey, I realize why her message that I’d been feeling from her the last few weeks is anchoring.

And no coincidence, as a new crystal being is about to enter my life here shortly for the next part of my path.


I’ve shared a little bit about her and how she came into my life in this post “Introducing My Giant Quartz Crystal Skull – Raja Seraphina” and have shared images over time of her and her connecting with my rabbit, Joy.


Crystal Skulls are like ancient computers or historians/librarians filled with knowledge and wisdom of the ages that is said to help heal our Earth and to unlock the truth within our DNA and true soul ancestry.

They can help activate latent DNA and help you to align with, and retrieve, your true origins, while assisting the collective into raising the overall vibration that activates original harmony.

They are particularly drawn to Shamans, master healers, guardians, Children of the Law of One and are of the Highest Order.


Many of you may know the story about the 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls and how Crystal Skulls you may have as friends with you now are connected to the collective family of Skulls and tap into that network of energy and knowledge in their own way.


Coupled with the energy of the particular crystal they are carved from, they will each have their own focus. They reflect what is in the heart of each individual and the expanse of each soul.


The Skull is symbolic of the mind, leading to higher awareness, spirituality and psychic abilities. It can receive and transmit information and energy, amplifying, storing and transmuting them, and can help to increase one’s focus. A Skull also represents, for obvious reasons, change, which is inevitable and would benefit you to embrace in order to enable and empower your growth and greater embodiment of wholeness that you are.


Crystal Skulls are very useful companions for anyone exploring the metaphysical realms and call to the person whose energy resonance induces its activation.


Being a Crystal Skull Guardian is not for everyone indeed, but they will be great teachers, friends, and lead you on a journey of multi-dimensional discovery if you are.


Raja Seraphina has very unique energy that feels symbolic of the New Sacred Feminine. Again, you can find info about that and her in the link I shared above.


I’ve received from her that she will be ready to move on come my birthday this year 2/26 and until then will finish out her work with me, I’ll prepare her for moving forward, and that will provide time for the new Guardian to prepare energetically to receive her.


It may take longer for the right person to come forward for her, but if in fact that person presents themselves, then come 2/26 she will be released to you.


I am not posting much more than what I already have about her, but am posting some new photos (in different lightings to reveal some of her hidden gifts) I’ve taken of her that showcase some of the amazing rainbows she has throughout (more than I even caught in photos), including one very special one at her Third Eye, which is very unique.


I also included a photo of Raja Serphina with Joy and an energy capture of her when she was part of a Crystal Bowl Sound Healing event at the Reiki Retreat I hosted in Laguna Beach, CA.


If you feel that you are her next Keeper and are devoted to the sacred knowledge she holds and has access to, I welcome you to message me and we’ll go from there.

Serious inquiries only, please.

I will be consulting Raja Seraphina as to who of anyone that steps forward to be her Guardian, she feels most aligned with working with.

Payments are available, but will need to be completed by 2/26 if in fact the aligned soul steps forward for her before then. If no one does by/before 2/26, then we will revisit a payment plan timeline at that time, if one is needed.

You can message me here if Raja Seraphina calls to your heart and soul and you feel a sacred contract as a Crystal Skull Guardian:

Tania Marie

Three Simple Principles with Vast Meaning

Three simple principles that speak to the heart of things.

Embodying these I believe are foundations for creating the new.

Reposting this, as much has come full circle in the last few weeks:

The Three Incan Laws ~ How to Create the New Earth

In Lak’ech ❤

Blythe Intaglios ~ A Journey Deeper Into Origins & a Message of Hope

Yesterday just before sunset we got to visit the Blythe Intaglios, which just happened to be only 15 minutes away from where we’re currently grounded on the Colorado River.

I had no idea that they were here and now it all comes together why we ended up being directed to this location, as at first we were headed to Lake Havasu, but when we discovered how packed it was right now and places were mostly booked, we decided that the Spring Break crowd wasn’t our thing and opted for something more peaceful.

That is what we’ve found here in Blythe on the river.

I’d heard mention of really spectacular geoglyphs in America in the past, but it didn’t register where they were until we got here.

These are giant, prehistoric and mysterious geoglyphs in the Colorado Desert often called America’s Nazca Lines – referring to the ancient geoglyphs in Peru. Their origin and age is still unknown, although thought they could be 2000 years old.intaglio.jpg

When I registered in the office there was a magazine on the counter the manager said I could take when she saw me flipping through it.

When I got it back to the RV I opened right up to a page talking about the Intaglios and we looked it up discovering how close we were.

So, we immediately knew we would be going there and that happened yesterday.

We left a little after 4pm and got there just before 4:30pm, leaving us about an hour of sunlight before the sun set behind the mountain range.

It was desolate and quiet. Not a soul around, which made it even more sacred.

The area they are located in is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but no one but us were there.

It isn’t marked with any huge sign post, just a little muted sign off the side of the road you’d have to be looking for that said “Blythe Intaglios” leading to a dirt road that turns into quite a rocky dirt road and continues far back in.

We went a good ways in, but decided that we should turn around to the two locations we drove past (which we did to take in the scope of things before exploring) in order to be able to see the geoglyphs before the sun disappeared.

So we turned around from this beautiful location out in the desert surrounded by mountain ranges where I got out to feel the energy of the area briefly.desert

We then stopped at the first sign to get out. Cars are not allowed except on the tire marked trail, in order to preserve the area. There are wood fences where you park with a little zig zag entrance you walk through and then takes you up to the metal fenced area for viewing.

This is all done for their protection and preservation, as over the years before they had been fenced off, vehicles had driven through the area. You can actually see the tire marks from aerial photographs of where this has occurred.

Anyway, we made our way up to the first fenced area. I had a surge of energy rushing through me of excitement.human figure 1

It was such a beautiful time of day…nobody there, gentle breeze, soft glow from the setting sun, and warm colors on the desert floor.

And there it was…the first of these giant geoglyphs that was in the form of a human figure, or as some believe it may be “the Creator”.first geoglyph.jpgfirst geoglyph2.jpgfirst geoglyph3

(Okay, brief pause to mention that while I’ve been writing this two things have taken place. My good friend Lynne sends me a message about Gaia, my tortoise, and a video she took several years ago of her saying she was coming to her today for some reason. I told her that’s synchronous, as she came to me yesterday at the site of the Intaglios. Right after she shows me a photo of a piece of bark from a tree on the ground where she’s visiting right now in Lake Tahoe, my beloved home, in the shape of a turtle. We both feel this is a message from her connected to my experience yesterday. Lynne has no idea what I’ll be writing yet and as to why this is significant. You’ll see what I mean soon.

And then, while this is going on and I just finish writing above about the gentle breeze in the desert and the human form or “Creator”, I receive three phone calls one after another on my cell phone from a number I’m not familiar with in Nevada. So I don’t answer, but each time a voicemail is left. The first time all I hear is the sound of wind. The second time wind again, but then a man’s voice in another language I can’t make out that is muffled, but briefly repeating a short word or phrase three times in what sounds ancient. Then is cut off with wind. And the third time more wind and a what seems like a woman and I catch something like “this is happening”. And then no more calls.)

While at this first site that we circled around to see at different angles, I felt called to look for some rocks on the ground and found several I was guided to bring back with me. Dave then went to one end of the geoglyph while I sat with my back to the fence, supporting me, facing the direction that the figure faces.

This photo below was taken by Dave without my knowing, while I sat softly tuning in against the fence. You can see just how big these figures are by my tiny size…or was it that I shrunk into Faery mode?


I just closed my eyes, took a few breaths and waited to see if anything would come through. I usually get visions of things and that is exactly what happened.

The first vision that came through was of an ancient, indigenous looking man, but his origins unknown. He was wearing a headdress and like I’ve seen sometimes in visions of an animal being part of the headdress, this was true in this vision, although I’d never seen this animal in a piece like this. And the animal was alive, not a head piece as part of decoration.

And that’s where the above side-note comes into context.

It was a turtle.

You’d have thought it would be a tortoise, being in the desert, but it was actually a sea turtle head with large dark and deep eyes.

The sea turtle image of this amazing ancient face is still very clear for me.

I began to wonder about this area at one time being covered in ocean water or surrounded by it. Or, if the people who came here were from another region by the ocean who created these geoglyphs. Or, if this was pointing to ancient origins in general and Gaia, my tortoise was guiding the way, as she once was a giant sea turtle in a life we shared long ago and works so closely with the core energies of Earth.

In a post I wrote several years ago, I shared the connection with the name Gaia, turtles, Earth, and these origins.

You can read the full article here: Gaia ~ Earth Mother and Turtle? Ancient Wisdom for Conscious Living

Here is an excerpt from it that feels connective to my vision and feelings from it:

“Far too coincidental and divinely synchronous, turtles are the most ancient, vertebrate creatures that also possess Gaia’s wisdom and mother energy and through such, have much to impart. Many ancient myths, such as those of the Indigenous North Americans, describe the world as resting on the turtle’s back and many still refer to North America as Turtle Island.

This is illustrated by their creation legends that tell of a time when Earth was covered by water and Turtle dove to the ocean’s depths to bring forth Earth on its back so the people could have a safe, dry home.”

Interesting I am looking at a figure some feel is “the Creator” and the ancient indigenous man with turtle upon his headdress shows up immediately.

Wikipedia shares:

“The name Turtle Island is used today by many Native tribes, Native rights activists, and environmental activists, especially since the 1970s when the term came into wider usage. In a later essay, published in At Home on the Earth, Gary Snyder claimed this title as a term referring to North America that synthesizes both indigenous and colonizer cultures by translating the indigenous name into the colonizer’s languages (the Spanish “Isla Tortuga” being proposed as a name as well). Snyder argues that understanding North America under the name of Turtle Island will help shift conceptions of the continent.”

Many Native tribes each have their origin stories that revolve around stories of the “Great Turtle,” how the Earth grew from dirt gathered on the back of a turtle, etc.

Regardless of the exact meaning to this vision, it simply feels to be a connection to our “origins,” which has been my focus lately on integrating and remembering.

These ancients are supporting the work being integrated and I imagine that this is deep knowledge and wisdom being processed and integrated through calling up this remembrance.

The rest will reveal itself when needed, or simply has been activated with my DNA as I retrace and retrieve parts of myself and our ancient origins collectively.

The phone messages through the wind and ancient voice felt to be reiterating this information that was accessed at the portal in this area yesterday.

A doorway has been opened and I imagine more ancients will be channeling through as I continue this RV journey that is much more than simply traveling about for leisure, as you likely surmised. I think most of you who know me would realize that following my heart is always deeply soul-connected with something simultaneously enriching on deep layers that is part of a return to collective consciousness, mySelf, and All That Is.

Anyway, I then had a vision after this first one of another indigenous man on a white horse and this time feeling some kind of big cat energy. Perhaps connected with the next geoglyph site we went to, as the animal figure some say could be connected to a mountain lion that changes into a person and helps the Creator create the Earth. Some also think it could be a horse, but that would date it much younger if then a horse and that’s not my take on the energy.

The white horse in my vision felt symbolic of spirit and not an actual living animal…perhaps that pure energy like that of a unicorn that embodies a gateway to the other realms.

The vision then changed into an indigenous woman, only seen from the back. Was this the woman’s voice in my voicemail? Was she an aspect of me, which I felt a connection through? Or was she the The White Buffalo Calf Woman I’ll post info on below?

The woman was cloaked all in white with a white hide that felt to be white buffalo. Again symbolic.

I found this information that feels totally connected and just like my vision on (there is also a video there on White Buffalo ~ An American Prophecy):

The Legend & Importance of the White Buffalo

“To Native Americans, the Bison or American Buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundance. This importance and symbolism was created from legend:

One summer a long time ago, the seven sacred council fires of the Lakota Sioux came together and camped. The sun was strong and the people were starving for there was no game. Two young men went out to hunt in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Along the way, a beautiful young woman dressed in white appeared to the warriors and said, “Return to your people and tell them I am coming.” This holy woman presented the Lakota people with the sacred pipe which showed how all things were connected. She taught the Lakota people the mysteries of the earth. She taught them to pray and follow the proper path while on earth. As the woman left the tribe, she rolled upon the earth four times, changing color each time, and finally turning into a white buffalo calf. Then she disappeared. Almost at the same time as her leaving, great herds of buffalo could be seen surrounding the camps. It is said that after that day, the Lakota honored their pipe, and buffalo were plentiful.

This story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman has immense importance to the Lakota and many other tribes. As John Lame Deer, a spiritual leader says, “A white buffalo is the most sacred living thing you could ever encounter.” The changing colors—like some white buffalo do as they age—have significance, too, which must be interpreted by a holy man.

The American Buffalo or Bison is a symbol of abundance and manifestation. The lesson learned by the Lakota is that one does not have to struggle to survive. This is especially true if the right action is joined by the right prayer. By learning to appropriately unite the mundane with the divine, all that will be needed will be provided.

The Native Americans see the birth of a white buffalo calf as the most significant of prophetic signs, equivalent to the weeping statues, bleeding icons, and crosses of light that are becoming prevalent within the Christian churches today. Where the Christian faithful who visit these signs see them as a renewal of God’s ongoing relationship with humanity, so do the Native Americans see the white buffalo calf as the sign to begin life’s sacred hoop.

“The arrival of the white buffalo is like the second coming of Christ,” says Floyd Hand Looks For Buffalo, an Oglala Medicine Man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. “It will bring about purity of mind, body, and spirit and unify all nations—black, red, yellow, and white.” He sees the birth of a white calf as an omen because they happen in the most unexpected places and often among the poorest people in the nation. The birth of the sacred white buffalo provides those within the Native American community with a sense of hope and an indication that good times are to come.

The telling of a story from one culture to another is complex; without living in the culture, we miss much of the story’s significance. However, it can still have meaning for us if we take the time to learn about the philosophy of the culture from which it came, perhaps meditating or reflecting on its place in our own lives.”

Back to my last voicemail with the woman’s voice, “this is happening,” creates more body chills through me than I already had with all that was unfolding this morning, in light of the above message.

A message of hope.

The last vision I had was of an extraterrestrial being handing something to an indigenous figure. Or at least both hands were reaching toward one another, so it may have just been a communion and transferring of information and connection and not literally a “thing” being transferred, but energy.

This of course indicates, since these geoglyphs are so large and can only be seen in fullness from the sky, that they are intended for reasons more than just Earthly, but also connecting the Cosmos and us to realize our star origins that unite and empower us in integrating and activating the wisdom deep within us.

We then got back in the car and went to the second location we had first seen on our way in. Here there were two sites fenced off to explore.human figure2.jpg

The first, another human looking figure, this time seemingly male as it has a phallus between its legs….or is this indicating a deeper energy associated with the divine male and does this indicate the other being female then? So many questions only answered by going within and retrieving the knowledge stored there.second geoglyph

The second was of a spiral symbol and an animal figure.animal figure and spiral.jpg

Again, no one knows for sure what kind of animal, and some believe the spiral could be a coiled snake, which has it’s own implications of kundalini or life force energy.third geoglyph.jpgthird geoglyph2.jpgthird geoglyph3.jpgthird geoglyph4third geoglyph5.jpg

At these sites I found a few more stones to bring back.

20160301_171409_resized.jpgAs we finished viewing these and made our way back to the car, the sun was just setting behind the mountain creating such an ethereal glow to everything and from my vantage point seeming like a dream and wandering through a vision quest.

Although there are supposedly six of the geoglyphs, we only saw three of them – of course the ones we were meant to see. We don’t know where the other three were. Perhaps much deeper into the desert of the rocky road? We tried looking at an aerial map on our cell phone to see, but couldn’t make anything out but these.

Again, we saw what we were meant to and that the sun’s glow divinely aligned with our seeing and my receiving the visions. Anything more or altered would have changed the course of things.


I snapped a shot of the sun setting and Dave ahead of me, revealing this altered glow in the atmosphere.sunset2

Right at the entrance to the fenced area before our car there was a cairn someone had created. Dave added a stone to the top on our way out.cairn by entrance as we left.jpg

And when I got in the car and took a look at my stone collection I had rolled in the bottom of my top I was wearing, there were 13.

I immediately thought of the 13 crystal skulls (crystal skull energy is big with me) that were said to have been hidden across the globe at ancient, sacred sites. Twelve of them said to be of the sacred planets of our origins and the thirteenth skull representing the collective consciousness of all the worlds, connecting the knowledge and wisdom of all of them.

Whether any of these things are true or not, whether they will happen or not, I take it all as a message of hope that as we continue to remember and return to the purity of our origins and return to natural harmony, we will understand our power as co-creators in a new reality reflecting this activation of our heart’s true song.

The journey continues.

Cosmic Egg of Boundless Potential


Spirit by Tania Marie ~ Element #5 in the series “In Lak’ech”


There is a place the Rabbit knows…of paradox and contradiction…humility and fertility.

Only one that is still enough, yet agile in Spirit can hear the whispers that they murmur.

The Ancients revered and sought this Mystery that only these Sacred Embodiments of the actual, Universal Creative Powers could mediate.

By the illumination of the Mother Star their Sacred Fire both destroys and recreates the Heart of All Life.

The Cosmic Egg birthed of their inspiration is the Jewel you seek.

And yet to See it, one must Be it.



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